Media Player Classic - Home Cinema (MPC-HC) is a free and open source audio and video player for

Windows. MPC-HC is based on the original Guliverkli project and contains additional features and bug fixes. Main Features: --------------* Option to remove tearing * Better support for Windows Vista/7, including a 64-bit build * Support for EVR/EVR CP (Enhanced Video Renderer) * Supports most types of subtitles including BD .sup files * Playback and recording of television, if a supported TV tuner is installed * OSD info (On Screen Display) * Multi-Monitor support * Various pixel shaders * Color management * 22 translations available Supported Operating Systems: ----------------------------* Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7 32bit/64bit System Requirements: --------------------* An SSE capable CPU * The latest DirectX 9.0c runtime (June 2010). Install it regardless of the operating system, they all need it. Web installer: Full: Links: ------Website: Project Page: Mirror (faster): Help and Support: IRC Channel: Donations: #mpc-hc / #mpc-hc-dev at Freenode

For the people involved in the development, see Authors.txt. MPC-HC's code is licensed under GPL v3 (see COPYING.txt). Translations are done by various translators (see Authors.txt). MPC-HC makes use of the following 3rd party code: Project License Website -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------ATL Server Ms-LPL Bento4 GPLv2 4 CFileVersionInfo CLineNumberEdit CSizingControlBar GPLv2

com/KB/GDI Detours MSR-SSLA us/projects/detours/ ffmpeg GPLv2 liba52 GPLv2 libav GPLv2 libdca GPLv2 s/ http://www.aspx mpeg2dec GPLv2 pngdib ib/ QuickTime SDK RealMedia SDK ResizableLib Artistic License esizablelib/ SoundTouch LGPLv2.1 TreePropSheet VirtualDub GPLv2 ZenLib Simplified BSD License enlib/ zlib zlib License http://entropymine.html libflac GPLv2 / New BSD License libogg New BSD License libpng libpng License Little CMS MIT License Logitech SDK MediaInfoLib LGPLv3 MultiMon CPOL / http://mediainfo.

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