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Published by Braam Van Tonder
There are a few links on the newsletter so click on the bottom icons to see more
There are a few links on the newsletter so click on the bottom icons to see more

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Published by: Braam Van Tonder on May 29, 2012
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Braam van Tonder

Newsletter #12


rev·e·la·tion Noun 1. A surprising and previously unknown fact, esp. one made in a dramatic way. In my experience I’ve found that a 2. The making known of a secret or the revelation doesn’t mean anything unknown. unless it’s constantly maintained. It should be engraved in your heart and brain to really Whenever I think about having take effect. Like I have a revelation I imagine opensaid so many times before, ing a treasure chest after try“This will change my life, ing to find it for quite some what a revelation”, but still time and wondering what it it fades and the default that could hold. It could be someI used to live by slowly thing that could better my life or creeps back. even something that could help me get through a tough time. How to make it a part of your life still puzzles me. . . I am someone that occasionally gets inspired by a revelation when finally realizing that what was right in front of me all this time brings a kind of peace. It usually carries me for about a week, but gradually escapes and I forget about it as I carry on with my daily routine. How can you be so motivated and so driven by an idea, something that You might find this as a revelation. Only one question remains. Will you let it slip away and carry on with your life without growing or will you make an effort of maintaining it and bare the fruits?

made you change your ways, made you see things differently and then let it slip away in no time without any effort?

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