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56637365 Kuvempu Univeristy BSc IT 3rd Semester Exercise Answer Personality Development 31

56637365 Kuvempu Univeristy BSc IT 3rd Semester Exercise Answer Personality Development 31

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Published by Ajith Konikal

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Published by: Ajith Konikal on May 29, 2012
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Television is one of the latest wonders of science. Television provides the facility to hear as well as view the person
presenting the program. Television has become one of the most important means of recreation, propaganda and
national integration. At the same time it leaves influence on the children also. It influences both children's prosocial and
antisocial behaviors. Although it is a suitable medium for mass communication and education, but in addition to this
their attitudes about race and gender rises. Children's ideas about how the world works come from their experiences
and from the attitudes and behaviors they see around them. If it is used for motivating students, which can help them
out in their career growth then it can be considered as the important and useful media of communication. It can be
used by the government to give wide publicity to its views and to the development work done by it. Television is not only
a mere medium of entertainment, it also has educational and cultural significance, if applied in the right way in the right
order. While some children's programming has come under attack for being violent, irrelevant, or sexist, other programs
for children, such as "Sesame Street," are regularly lauded for attempting to meet children's developmental needs.


Coordinator Guide – Personality Development Programme - II 63

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