Brief Overview 2. Regardless of organisation size or industry sector. they are powerful web platforms that will revolutionise the way your organisation does business. Corporate Social Networking Manager Management 1 Oa. Database Integration Support 7a. Compliance 9b. Intranet 3.claromentis. Deployment Sb. Document 11. Organisations worldwide are experiencing the numerous benefits associated with deploying a comprehensive intranet system. However Claromentis intranets are much more than information management systems. Content 8b.Brief Overview. Intranets that grow with your business. Cross Platform Z». intranets are contributing to the growth and success of many businesses by providing an efficient and cost-effective information management system. Permission 9a. Active Directory API 6a. Policy Management Management Interface System 8a. Claromentis Sa. Contact Us . Working Benefits with Claromentis Intranets 4. A complete 6b. Visual The Claromentis Team sales@claromentis. Contents 1.

project teams and individual information and co-ordinate with various users within your organisation. resulting intranet enables organisations benefiting in a more efficient organisation Increased Employee Productivity . Promoting Employee Self-Sufficiency .-JI oe.claromentis.An intelligent procedures. www.. Increased Collaboration .Intranet Benefits. to one 2 Cost Reduction . where employee thoughts and opinions are highly valued.Providing both new and existing users with an online information knowledge . to improve their processes and from significant cost savings. Policy and Audit manager applications organisation is adhering to company law and quality standards.Our Compliance.A collaborating whilst creating an open environment corporate community generates innovative ideas. allowing users to quickly access relevant information of topics.l>J'OlIllI' ~1~JO"C12'8 ~IIOIJ$ to increase their and awareness on a multitude Compliance . all ensure that your "".wqll •. applications.Publishing documents and important central location provides users with the ability to communicate departments.

We pride ourselves in our consultative support and custom development. GFI Group Serena Musgrove. www. Nectere "Claromentis stood out because they showed themselves to be very flexible and enthusiastic about delivering on our challenging requirements. Babcock Paul Sharp. the understanding of our business needs is excellent and the support is . in building.claromentis. the system is excellent. allows us to design exactly the software you need. followed by our Asian offices. creating a holistic environment Working closely with our customers and viewing every organisation Actively listening to your precise business needs and requirements as a unique entity sets us apart from the competition. designing and deploying intelligent intranets for large and small organisations. Corporate Marketing Manager. across a wide range of Our extensive experience coupled with high-class technical and expectations. our support l!i Oentend '3 y Matt Broadway. Director. •lectere® your business.Working With Cloromentis ." We have over twelve years of experience industry sectors. ensures that we meet and surpass all of your diverse needs which supports your business through continual growth approach." "I would recommend Claromentis to any organisation. and development." "After an initial launch in Europe we then implemented the intranet in our United States office. Web Development Manager.

giving you the reassurance security. expertise and experience applications provides in building as well as fulfilling intranets future goals and objectives can be a process. We have been fully penetration tested. www. Scalability. organisations any in around is a key requirement Providing administrators with the ability to control important aspects of their intra net.cloromentis. your brands identity visual interfaces allocated according roles within Single Sign On. intra net solutions in any as a and on a perpetual on Linux or Windows. MS SQL Server or MySQL databases. However we have extensive are superior information and designing that do just this. roles and location. to their groups or the organisation. Our ability to support language providing products.Cloromentis Intronets. Security. Our intranets community Our intranets platforms that contain powerful that will revolutionise your business processes. the globe with innovative licence model or as software service (SAAS). We deploy our open source extendable language. such as Microsoft each client can have multiple that can be users to different Active LDAP and Google. Choice. where ideas and knowledge encompass the following are openly features: shared. Localisation. Creating difficult an intelligent web platform that meets all of your precise business needs and . of high-level Permissions. Designed completely around and values. We currently support Oracle. A secure system allocating permissions based on individual users. knowledge. Visual Interface. groups. Providing users with the ability multiple systems software to access and control independent Directory. and ultimately users with an imperative 4 User Management. create a collaborative online resource.

payment provides you with software. allowing you to There are no upfront size enterprises. by corporate The system acts single sign to deploy our software either in the cloud. or on Active Directory For most . new employees We fully support Active Directory provides and exits from the business.Deployment We offer you the freedom your own server. information web platform. Active Directory.With the additional firewalls. start using the system and seeing results instantly.claromentis. as a single gateway to other web applications that also support Active Directory www. allowing authorised 5b a single point to manage administrators are appropriate or and to allocate users to and Samba. In the cloud . capital costs and this particularly their specific group and role. It can be deployed each user to add further within the Claromentis as required.A single monthly hardware and technical support. it can be integrated We also support a range of systems such as Novell e-Directory easily with Active Directory. on. rapidly. so that their permissions suits small to medium security provided On your server .

MySQL. as well as training classes to enable your technical staff to develop applications using the API we provide.What are your current back up procedures? . MSSQLand Oracle.The cost and availability of each database 6b Our comprehensive API allows for rapid custom development to meet your When choosing the most appropriate database that fits the needs of your We offer an accelerated prototyping service and end-to-end development from our custom team.Which database is your in-house technical support familiar with? - lSI HTML @SS ® \$ jQuerr' M Y SQ1\L SQL Server' "~-~ ORACLE' www. We have delivered a wide range of applications from major comprehensive systems to smaller . . organisation.A Complete API specific requirements. there are three main factors to consider: .cloromentis. 68 Dotcocse Integotion Claromentis fully supports .

0 ~~~~~ ".Cross Platform Support Claromentis Linux: Claromentis installed on Linux can have the database running supports both Windows & Linux Operating Systems: 78 Visual Interface Our innovative an interface identity.<_.)D)tI«lOr>r~"O o u_ .. 7b with you to produce around your organisation's to the highest in and KPls and efficiently well as MySQL. .". MSSQL and MySQL databases when hosted on a Windows that can be allocated to different to their groups or roles.claromentis. Windows: Claromentis fully supports OS. The intranet interfaces according can also contain multiple visual users Our interfaces dashboards._-"'" --- www. on Oracle as While our interfaces aesthetic standard. ._. been created with usability users can easily access all the applications can be designed to include effectively.. ~~::~=~ .. mind..- + . components. ~~~~I$ :::-="0 crmt-HS<wo<IK.. therefore are visually appealing they have ultimately and designed design team work in close partnership and designed that is branded brand and values.

including channels..I ~:""-. IP Ranges . to coincide with Corporate Social Networking Claromentis containing has developed numerous a corporate social networking features... roles and extra net areas. community.I~ ~ a news artk] _ x "'Mplrnnnp to Innovate. The cool new GJ replies corporate social networking application from Claromentis ... 8a system ensuring to be allocated information.Security levels can be automatically the users location..claromentis. the office'.Permission System The Claromentis framework contains a secure permission that the correct information is made available to the correct users. groups. ~ 3 people like this! www. can instantly social networking and department an organisation..Permissions can be overlaid with security levels to further restrict access to certain confidential communication crucial employee and feedback.. enabling access requirements adjusted such as 'only avaiable in Example: Documents only available to users in marketing.. while also improving team spirit and productivity.The framework according to individual allows permissions which multiple collaborate Adopting interaction users within engage and users..:=~===--. in an online corporate this two-flow Additional Security Levels . style generates 8b news feeds and for application live updates on employee It is a platform Main Permissions .com . I.

claromentis. Policy manager and Audit manager applications all ensure that your organisation can demonstrably adhere to company law and quality standards. This application allows you to create. www. into one powerful tool. It eliminates the need to alter or create complicated coding to make important changes to internal web . Our compliance application. Compliance is an increasingly critical issue for many companies. manage and update web pages with the use of the WYSIWYGeditor (What You See Is What You Get).Compliance Manager 98 Content Management 9b The Claromentis Content Management application has been designed to integrate elements of both simplicity and efficiency.

com . permissions. is a comprehensive to a corporate environment 10a policy management can be automatically to be categorised and made available to Document Monogment We provide an industry-strength. document options searching. record types. indexing. users with in specific lists which can then be filtered customisation as well as the essential ability to store. full where policies can be It provides When new policies are created certain employees asked to review or contribute The application resulting the appropriate new information. contributing proactively and efficiently application managed. 10[) management tagging. disposal schedules and also allows for policies and procedures departments.cloromentis. retrieve and in version controlled manage information A complete management range of file types can be managed system. management system provides files.Policy Management The Policy Management tool. software as a product within enterprise-level document our intra net framework. content customisable Claromentis' robust version control. metadata. by our document www. workflows.

East Sussex JheGf( www. 44 N Rd Brighton. United Kingdom 01273666355 claromentis. i <f 'i if & & BN1 1 YR Phone +44 (0) 1273666355 Email . For more information please visit our web site: saleseeclarornentis.'_ill 1 e § > 0 " Intranet & Extranet Software for your Business. business process management software and custom applications.Contact . intranet www.claromentis.s " il Clifton Gardens • f &9. Claromentis provides a secure web platform for your business that includes our framework.1 Clock TO'l«!f Cameras Komedia I) il. SIBartholomew'slAI 1 Churdl Claromentis Ltd For more information visit our web site: please Claro mentis Ltd Tower Address Claromentis Ltd Tower Point 44 North Road Brighton East Sussex t .claromentis.


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