JUMANJI 2 OFFICIAL TRAILER BLACK SCREEN Jungle drums can be heard in the background. VOICE-OVER Many years ago...there was a game... CUT TO A young man with brown hair, ALAN PARRISH, opens the game Jumanji opposite a pretty young girl, SARAH WHITTLE. BLACK SCREEN VOICE-OVER ...but this was no ordinary game... CUT TO Alan and Sarah look down at the board with confusion written all over their faces. ALAN Oh, no. The game thinks I rolled. SARAH What do you mean "the game thinks"? CUT TO Sarah running from the house with bats chasing her out. CUT TO A young girl, JUDY SHEPHERD, and her younger brother PETER SHEPHERD, look down at the board game in the attic. PETER His fangs are sharp...he likes your taste...your party better move post haste. Sarah screams as a lion walks across the piano keys and runs at them. CUT TO A policeman, CARL, and a middle aged woman, NORA, scream in terror as a large vine drags his police car into the bushes.




CARL (screaming) Aah! Aah! CUT TO An older Sarah and Alan are stuck in the floor with the game, as large black spiders slowly crawl towards them. CUT TO An odd looking man in an old style hunter’s outfit, VAN PELT, holds a massive gun pointing at a middle aged man with brown hair, an older ALAN PARRISH. VAN PELT Any last words? ALAN (whipsering) Jumanji. VAN PELT Huh? ALAN (louder) Jumanji... The hunter shoots and Sarah jumps in front of Alan. BLACK SCREEN CUT TO The man being sucked into the board game as Alan and Sarah look on in amazement. CUT TO Two children, a young Sarah and Alan, lug a heavy chest onto a bridge. They throw it into the water, and the drums stop. VOICE-OVER ...a game not ordinarily vanquished...and now...it wants revenge... CUT TO Two divers in the ocean swimming towards the chest containing the game. One is a pretty blonde teenager, CHLOE LAMBERT, and the other is the skinny JORDAN EVANS. (CONTINUED)



Chloe’s brother, the strong and stern looking MARK LAMBERT, swings a hand axe and breaks open the chest. His girlfriend, the stunning MICHELLE HELDT, looks at the game with glee. MICHELLE Ooh! A game! Can we play? MARK I haven’t played board games since I was twelve. MICHELLE (pouting) Please? JORDAN Couldn’t hurt, could it? CUT TO Michelle rolling the dice in slow motion, and the others looking at the board. VOICE-OVER And this time...the game has changed. Jordan looks at the clue, puzzled. JORDAN What does that mean? Uprising by Muse begins to play in the background CUT TO The boat rocking in the waves, with the four screaming as they fall overboard. CUT TO The four running through the bushes, Jordan falling over. CHLOE Jordan! CUT TO Michelle crying, creeping forward with the game in one hand and a bloody knife in the other. CUT TO (CONTINUED)



Jordan and Chloe grabbing onto Michelle’s hands as she is being dragged away by some unseen force. MICHELLE Help! Help! JORDAN Hold on! CUT TO The group sit in a circle, bloodied and bruised, with Chloe rolling the dice in her hands. Mark grins to himself. MARK Look on the bright side...there’s no way whatever comes out next can we worse than that... Chloe rolls the dice, and then looks up in horror. CHLOE ...run. FLASH ON SCREEN JUMANJI 2 4.6.12 END TRAILER.

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