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Campaigt Finance and Public Disclo sure B o ard

May 22,2012

Mr. Mike Dean Common Cause Minnesota 2323 East Franklin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55406 Re: Compiaint Regardrng ihe American Legisiaiive Exchange Council

Dear Mr. Dean:

The Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board received your complaini in the above matter on May 15, 2012. The Board will conduct an investigation regarding the allegations raised in the complaint. The Board or its staff may not disclose any information received from either party during this investigation, except as required to carry out the investigation or take action in the matter. You will be notified if the Board receives information that requires a response from you. The next Board meeting is June 5,2012. The Board will review the status of the investigation in executive session (not open to the public) at that time. The Board will likely lay the matler over to the July meeting.
When the investigation is complete the Board will issue Findings. Findings are first released to the public at noon the day following a Board meeting on the Board's web site: us
lf you have questions about this letter or the Board's investigation process, please call me at (651)



Jeff Sigurdson Assistant Executive Director

Suite 190 o Centennial Office Building o 658 Cedar Street o St. Paul, MN 55155-1603 651-296-5148 o 800-657-3889 o FAX 651-296-1722 o 800-357-4114 o cf For TTY/TDD communication contact us through the Minnesota Relay Service at 800-627-3529 AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER

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