Problems solved ill the Class
1. Usc a vacuum purging technique to reduce the oxygen concentration within a IOOO-gal vessel to 1 ppm. Determine the number of purges required and the total nitrogen used. The temperature is 75°F and the vessel in originally charged with air under ambient conditions. A vacuum pump is used that reaches 20 mmHg absolute, and the vacuum is subsequently relieved with pure nitrogen until the pressure returns to 1 atm absolute. 2. A storage vessel contains 100% air by volume and must be inerted with nitrogen until the oxygen concentration is below 1.25% by volume. The vessel is 1000 fr'. How much nitrogen must be added, assuming the nitrogen contains 0.01% oxygen? 3. 4. Estimate the capacitance of a 6ft tall person standing on a dry wooden floor.

Estimate the charge buildup and accumulated energy, as a result of a person (insulated from floor) charging 30 lb of a dry powder, using scoop, into a 20-0al insulated drum. You may consider person's capacitance as calculated earlier. Hint: It is sliding contact type of operation and gives a charge of 10-5 coulomb/kg.

5. A large vessel (50,000 gal) is being filled with toluene. Compute Q and J during the filling operation when the vessel is half full (25,000 gal) and where, flow rate is 100 gallons per minute, Is 1.5E-07 amp, liquid conductivity 10-14 mho em",

and dielectric constant 6.





8.8510.04 mhos/ern)

Determine the voltage developed between a charging nozzle and a ground tank (see figure below). Also compute the energy stored in the nozzle and the energy accumulated in the liquid. For a flow rate of I gallon per minute. Hose length is 20 It, hose diameter is 2 in, liquid conductivity: 10-8 mho/em, dielectric constant 25.7, and density 0.88 g/crn", £ (permittivity = 8.85* 1O-{)4 mho*s!em), capacitance between two plates 20* 10-12 farads, Capacitance ofliquid and vessel 100* 10-12 farads
Non-conducting hose Steel nozzle

300 gallon

grounded vessel

~ s 1 J f \ .f I ~.

. . 000/ ~'-~~~~~~ o / f f I j ''I v1 ( n ( f .

f 'I VI ( 1>1 ) r ! VI I .

.L J I I I ~. r I . s C1() o 0 I 10 ! .~¢ .J ! o \ ..

' f' ( ~ _- . il'.[ .i ! ·4 . < f z < ttl J f I ) ! D )1fo .

'! I :. / J c / ! LJ ! . f)I rV\iVl :..-f? r~~.

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