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BUSI 3313 Case Study 5

BUSI 3313 Case Study 5

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Published by Ameen Almohsen

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Published by: Ameen Almohsen on May 29, 2012
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BUSI 3313: Human Resource Management Case Study 5 Submitted to: Candace Blayney Submitted by: Ameen Al-mohsen Date: March

27, 2012
1. As a human resource director, I would advise the supervisor to work more on his

communication skills, and try to explain the need of cleaning up to his employees in different ways, other than asking them to do it at the spot. Because some employees may not like it when their supervisor asking them to do something extra.
2. I would recommend that the supervisor should consult the human resource

department before setting new tasks and also should work with the HRs to create a work policy to force the employees to clean up their mess and prevent accidents, and offer rewards to employees that keep their station clean to motivate them.

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