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A History of Chatham, Massachusetts (1909)

A History of Chatham, Massachusetts (1909)

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A History of Chatham, Massachusetts (1909)
A History of Chatham, Massachusetts (1909)

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Published by: teamnickerson on May 29, 2012
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go to his mother Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John Torlton. Dr.

Fuller of Plymouth attended him and the watchers in his

illness were remembered in his will. The number of his

servants indicates that lie was a gentleman of means and

breeding. Capt. John Timelier and Elisha Hedge, both of

Yarmouth, were his executors. One of his creditors w;is

the "widdow Eldred," who was doubtless the widow of

Robert Eldredge.37

Quitnesset Island later came into the

possession of Morris Farris, who lived there many years,

and from whom its present name is derived.

These were the times in which pirates in tested the seas.


Plymouth Court records, under date of October 28,

L684, say: "William Nicarson and Samuell Bryant being

hound over to the Court to answare for carrying of from the

Hand of Nantuckett John Grayham, a pirate that was there

under theire custody, they heer appeering * * *


cleared," no sufficient evidence being produced against


On August 22, 1689, the lino Merrimack of

Newbury, Capt. John Kent, master, was captured by pirates

in Martha's Vineyard Sound."'


"Xflf-/?Oi-4Z. M(),U)m°it l' :l(

' now been set-


, ^f^^j^^K tied over twenty-five years.

It was still but little more than a Nickerson neighborhood.

During this period the founder and leader of the place had

been preserved to guide its destinies, but henceforth it was

to go forward without his counsel. The exact date of his

death is not known. There is no settlement of his estate,

87. Barnstable Prob. Bee., I, l

38. "Morres Farla of lull age testlfleth

September Thomas Doan and James Eldridge came over to my hous-' on quenttnosset

island where was .indaii Paddock, and I beard much discourse about Paddock releasing


Doan *• * * * *."

Date of testimony, July 4, 1722. Files Superior Court of Judicature, No. 16,846

39. I'hm Col Bee., VI, 145.

40. Coffin's Hist, ot Newbury



hut recitals in ancient deeds show that he must have died

between August 30, 1689, and September 8, 1690.41

Several years before this time he had arranged his affairs

so that the management of his domain should pass into the

hands of his daughter, Sarah Covell, and his son, William

Nickerson, Jr. As early as February 1685-6, he had con-

veyed to the former all his property of every name and


hut afterwards had changed his plans, and by deed

dated December 2, 1687, had joined with his daughter in

conveying to William Nickerson, Jr., the tract of land

called Monamessel Neck and one half interest in all his

other lands, both purchased and unpurchased, save only his

luune farm, to which his daughter retained exclusive title.43

41. These facts appeal from deeds, William Nickerson Sen. and Sarah Covell to

William Nickerson Jr (note 43) and Sarah Covell to Hugh Stewart dated Sept", s, 1690,

(certified copy in M. L. Luce papers.)

42. "To all people to whom these presents shall come, that William Nickerson Senr

of Manamoy In ye Government of New Plymouth in New England, in America, weaver,

Sendeth Greeting * * know ye yt I ye saitl William Nickerson for and in considera-

tion of ye sum of a hundred pounds to me in hand paid by my daughter Sarah Covel of
Manamoy In ye Government aforesd * * * *

by these presents do give, grant, bar

gain, sell, enfeoff, and confirm unto my daughter, ye sd Sarah Covel, her heirs and as-

signs forever. All that mj houses and lands purcbassed or nnpnrchassed &meadows, sail

and fresh, cattel, movables. Debts, lying & being in Manamoy or elsewhere "
To Have .V To Hold * * *

Hated Feb. 12 1685, acknowledged May IS, KJSfi, by Mr Nickerson and Anne, his wife

and recorded May 2, 1691. Witnesses, Hugh Steward, William Grlffeth.

Files Superior Court ot Judicature No. 2,605.

i'A. "To all Christian People to whom this present writing shall come, William Nick-

erson Senr A' Sarah Covel widow both of Monamoy in New England in the County of

Barnstable Send Greeting ; Know ye that we the said William Nickerson Senr& Sarah

Covel, widow, both of the aforesd Manamoy have sold unto William Nickerson Junr of

sd Monamoy a neck ot land Lying A- being in ye sd Monamoy commonly called Manam-

set butted

Beginning at the first salt pond upon the said

neck next to Joseph Nickerson and from the head of the said pond It Rangeth by
marked trees where there was a fence formerly across the said neck of land to the Hay

which Lyeth upon ye North west side of the Sd Neck, where there Lyeth a parcel of

stones by the water side where there was a stone wall Formerly & from thence Bangetb

Inward bj the water all round the said Neck till you come to the Salt Pond aforesd—all

the upland within the sd bounds (V also all die meadow Lands which is not Expressed

In Joseph Nickerson's Deed—and also one-half of all the other of our lands which is

not yet Disposed which the said William Nickerson Senr bought of Mattaqnason it John

Qnason Indians both of sd Manamoy which Doth appear by a Deed from the sd Indians
and also by another Deed winch the sd William Nickerson Senr hath from Mr. Josiah

Winslow, formerlj Governourol the Colony of New Plymouth A Nathaniel Bacon* John
Freeman in the behalf of the Best of tbetr partners, and also liberty to purchase one


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