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A History of Chatham, Massachusetts (1909)

A History of Chatham, Massachusetts (1909)

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A History of Chatham, Massachusetts (1909)
A History of Chatham, Massachusetts (1909)

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the middle of the valley lying north of Barn Hill, so called.

Mr. Hedges also had woodland on the Great Hill extend-

ing over to Emery's pond By deed dated September

14, 1694, he conveyed to his son-in-law Samuel

Eldredge and his daughter Elizabeth, wife of Samuel,

a parcel of upland and meadow on the westerly side

of this neck adjoining Buck's Creek.75

At the

March term 1710 his recognizance to appear and give

evidence in the case of William and Ruhamah Nickerson

was forfeited and at the March term 1711, judgment of 30

lbs. for the forfeiture was awarded against him.76

It is not

known when he or his wife died. There is no settlement

of his estate. The family must not be confounded with the

Hedge family of Yarmouth."

Samuel Nickerson, son of William and Anne (Busby)

Nickerson, born in New England, married Mary, daughter

of John Bell of Yarmouth, about 1660.78

Bell lived in the

southeast part of Old Yarmouth on the West side of Her-

ring river (now West Harwich). Removing to Monomoit,

Nickerson built and settled on the south side of Crow's

pond between it and Ryder's Cove (Alcwife river) and near

Nathaniel Covell. He received from his father a deed of

the farm he occupied dated Feb. 12, 1673-4.79

He also had

75. M. L. Luce papers.

76. Records Superior Court of Judicature III, 247, 257.

77. Children of Tristram and Ann (Nickerson) Hedges: 1. Grace, b. Aug. 20, 1651),

In Boston; d. there Jan. 4, 1660. (Boston Rec.) 2. Elizabeth, b.

, in. Samuel

Eldredge, son ol Robert, and probably moved to Duck Creek, Del., In 1711. 8. Others


78 Barnstable Probate Records, estate of John Bell.

79. William Nickerson conveys to Sani'l Nickerson by deed bearing date 12th day of

February. 1673 [4].


"Forty Acres of Upland and ten acres of meadow bounded as followeth, his House

Lot lying andbeing by the Alewife River, butting Southerly upon the highway that is

laid out between the Alewife Hiver and his House Lot and Westerly it buts upon Nathl

Covel's House Lot, where there is a Tree marked on the four Bides, that is the Bound

between them, and northerly near to a Swamp where there are marked Trees, as he

has fenced it, and other lands that lye in the neck of land that we call the Alewife

Hiver Neck, butting Westerly upon the highway that lye between the Swamp

where there are Trees marked for his bounds and Southerly upon the highway to

Nath' Covel's ditch, that way is between their meadows to come into the Neck to fetch



six acres of upland at the Oyster Pond furlong and upland

and meadow on the south side of the Oyster Pond.80


was of Harwich as early as ll>96, having sold his

Monomoit property, and purchased a farm near Coy's Brook

of William Cahoon in that year. The statement in the

petition of William Merrick (State Archives Vol. 113, 351)

that Nickerson signed a petition in 1694 for the incorpora-

tion of Harwich, is not correct, as an inspection of the

original petition (State Archives Vol. 113, 59) will show.

He was then of Monomoit. He bought more land near

Coy's Brook in August, 1717. Administration on his estate

was granted to his widow Mary on Sept. 3, 1719.sl

John Nickerson, son of William and Anne (Busby)

Nickerson, married Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Eliza-

beth (Tart) Williams of Eastham.82

He settled and built

his house on an irregular lot of land, lying between the

White pond and Black pond on the south, and Emery's

pond on the north. He had six acres at the Oyster Pond

furlong, twenty acres on Stage Neck, and ten acres of

meadow at Seaquanset or Buck's Creek, all by deed from

out their Hay or Wood, and not to trespass odc the other, and Easterly his land but

upon Nath'l Covel's ditch and range Northerly upon a straight line to the Harbour and

there are Trees marked upon the line between Nath'l Covel & Sani'l Nickerson, and bis

land range from thence Westerly by the Harbour to a way that I have, set out for a

landing place for to come to the Harbour for to fetch any Goods that is landed there,

without Trespassing upon him." A true copy as appears by the 2d Book of Records for

the County of Barnstable, Folio 228, Attest Ebenr Bacon Regr. (M. L. Luce papers.)

80. See deed William Nickerson to Robert Nickerson dated Oct. 13, 1707. (Files Su-

perior Court of Judicature No. 7723) ; also notes 83 and 90 Infra.

81. Children of Samuel and Mary (Bell) Nickerson: 1. Samuel, b.

, m. Hannah

Hall, dau. of Benjamin of Harwich, about 1707. 2. Daughter (mentioned in the in-

ventory of the estate of John Bell, but name not given.) 3. Nicholas, b.

, m.


about 1720. 4. Others unknown. As this family continued to live in

Harwich and therefore will not again appear in this work, the following grandchildren

according to Harwich records, are here given for convenience of reference. Children

of Samuel and Hannah- 1. Mehltable, b. Jan. 30, 17(>8-'J. 2. Shaber, b. Aug. 20,

1710. 3. Samuel, b. Feb. 22, 1711-2. 4. Benjamin, b. Sept. 1714. 5. Barnabas, b.

Nov. 7, 1716. 6. Joshua, b. June 16, 1719. Children of Nicholas and Lydia: 1. Seth,

b. Jan. 21, 1722. 2. Mary, b. Oct. 20, 1724. 3. Prince, b July 8, 1728. 4. Elizabeth,

b. Jan. 30. 1731. 5. Lydia, 1>. Mar. 1, 1734. Eunice, b. Sept. 17, 1736.

82. Barnstable Probate Records, estate of Thomas Williams.


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