BA (Hons.

Module Code Module Title OUGD303 FMP


Doc. Code Semester OUGD303

BRIEF TITLE: Student Handbooks

Brief 04 Background / Considerations Proposed design directions, branding, layout suggestions and visual content for the Leeds College of Art programme handbooks given to all 1st year students on the nine degree programmes. The intention is to distribute the publications electronically in pdf. format but consider needs to be given for potential print specifications. The program handbook contains important information relating to the three years of study and therefore needs to be clearly presented in an accessible and readable format. Consider what students need to know, but what they would want to read. Mandatory Requirements Proposed designs should be produced to a square 200mm x 200mm format. Proposal should be for 2 colour production. Designs should be typographic, diagrammatic and vector based content- no photographic content should be included. Mock up layouts should be included and digital versions of proposed artworks included on supplementary disk. Proposal should be supported by a concept, rationale and costing for completion of the brief. Deliverables 5 x A2 pitch boards (plus pdf versions) communicating concept, layouts, visual content page and colour specifications.

Studio Deadline 27th April

Module Deadline 30th May

This brief should be read in conjunction with the module brief. Please refer to module information at E-STUDIO for module brief, submission deadline, graded outcomes and further reading.

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