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Marshmallow Eyeballs

Marshmallow Eyeballs

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Published by: Powerhouse Museum on May 29, 2012
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make & do activity kit

Marshmallow eyeballs

Match up your white marshmallow into pairs. Pinch out small amounts of marshmallow so that the sticky inside can be used to stick the smartie.


This activity kit contains:
1. Make and do activity steps 1 - 3 Visit http://play.powerhousemuseum.com to download any missing elements.

Pair up your blue, green and brown smarties.

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Push the smarties into the marshmallow holes.

Paint a pupil onto the middle of each eye using a tiny drop of food dye and a paintbrush. Arrange in pairs on a plate that has been covered in shredded paper.

Things you need:
white marshmallows smarties, M&M’s or similar (blue, green & brown) black or blue food colouring little paintbrush shredded orange, red or black tissue paper

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