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Waterview Assesment IMP

Waterview Assesment IMP

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Published by: Mahesh Khupse on May 30, 2012
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The Waterview Connection Project is proposed to construct a 6-lane motorway along SH20, and widen the
existing SH16 to provide additional lanes. SH20 will include north facing ramps at the Maioro Street
Interchange (the south facing ramps and bridge are assumed to have been constructed before 2016). The
motorway will extend north, both at grade and within a tunnel, joining to SH16 at the Great North Road
Interchange with east and west facing ramps. SH16 will be widened to provide additional lanes in each
direction from St Lukes Interchange through to west of the Te Atatu Road Interchange. Further detail of the
roading proposals in each of the sectors is described below.


Sector 1 – Te Atatu Interchange

The western end of Sector 1 begins at the mainline with three lanes in each direction with bus shoulder lanes
west of Te Atatu Interchange, which connects with projects subject to separate assessment to the west of
Henderson Creek. The Te Atatu South loop on-ramp joins the motorway as a lane gain with the Peninsula On-
ramp merging into a fourth lane. In the westbound direction, there are four lanes on the approach to the
interchange with a lane drop and a diverge of the lane reducing the mainline lanes to three. All of the ramps,

Waterview Connection



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August 2010

Document Reference No. 20.1.11-R-C-904

G.18 Assessment of Transport Effects

excluding the loop on-ramp eastbound, have bus shoulder lane provision. The existing eastbound and
westbound off-ramps will be extended at the Te Atatu Interchange.


Sector 2 – Whau River

The bridge over the Whau River will be widened in both eastbound and westbound directions. This will allow
for an extra lane in each direction, resulting in four lanes in each direction.


Sector 3 – Rosebank – Terrestrial and Sector 4 – Reclamation

Through these two sectors the causeway will be widened to allow for an additional lane in each direction.
From the Whau River Crossing to the Rosebank Road Interchange, both directions will have four lanes of traffic.
The eastbound carriageway will continue to have four lanes over the causeway to the Great North Road
Interchange. In the westbound direction, there will be five lanes of traffic with a lane drop at the Rosebank
Road westbound off-ramp.


Sector 5 – Great North Road Interchange

The mainline carriageway of SH16 through the Great North Road Interchange will consist of three lanes in each
direction. This interchange will allow for all movements with the existing on-ramps in both directions and the
off-ramp in the eastbound direction remaining mainly in their current configuration.

However, the diverge of the eastbound off-ramp will be modified, as it will form the exit from the mainline for
both the SH16 eastbound off-ramp and the SH16 motorway to SH20 motorway connection to the south. The
off-ramp will consist of a lane drop and a diverge from the mainline, with the eastbound off-ramp to Great
North Road again diverging from the left while a two lane flyover continues over SH16 and into the cut and
cover tunnel on SH20.

In the westbound direction the Great North Road off-ramp will be a lane drop from SH16. The SH20
southbound motorway to motorway connection exit, diverges from the nearside lane approximately 100m
after the Great North Road exit, and will also provide a through lane for westbound traffic on SH16. The off-
ramp at Great North Road diverge for the right turning traffic with the main movement as a lane gain on Great
North Road southbound. The SH20 motorway to motorway link is a one lane link which merges with the two
lane link from SH16 westbound to form three lanes in the southbound direction.

In the northbound direction on SH20, three lanes diverge into a two lane westbound connection and two lanes
diverge to a one lane at the merge with SH16 in the eastbound direction. The Great North Road westbound on-
ramp to SH16 will remain in the same location with the SH20 northbound link merging with the mainline after
the on-ramp merge. The two lane motorway to motorway connection in the northbound direction on SH20 will
form two additional lanes with SH16 westbound. The motorway to motorway connection from SH20
northbound to SH16 eastbound will initially be two lanes merging to one before the merge with SH16
eastbound under the Carrington Road Bridge.

Waterview Connection



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August 2010

Document Reference No. 20.1.11-R-C-904

G.18 Assessment of Transport Effects


Sector 6 – SH16 to St Lukes

The proposed layout for this sector is an additional lane in each direction resulting in an eight lane


Sector 7 – Great North Road Underpass and Sector 8 - Avondale Heights Tunnel

As described above, SH20 will be formed in a ‘cut and cover’ tunnel crossing under Great North Road
approximately between Oakley Avenue and Herdman Street. Two tunnels will be cut, one in each direction,
with three lanes in each tunnel. These ‘cut and cover’ tunnels will continue to the start of the ‘deep’ tunnels
within Oakley Creek Esplanade. SH20 will continue underground under Phyllis Reserve and under New North


Sector 9 – Alan Wood Reserve

The deep tunnels continue into Alan Wood Reserve where the southern portal is located. From here, the two
carriageways will rise to ground level and be adjacent to each other. Three lanes will be provided in each
direction within this sector with a lane drop to two lanes at the Maioro Street Interchange north facing ramps.

SH20 will continue under Richardson Road with Richardson Road forming a bridge over the top. The
Richardson Road Bridge will allow for two lanes of traffic, the potential for parking and a shared pedestrian and
cycle path separated by landscaping from the main carriageway, as well as the potential future rail designation
corridor. Realignment of Valonia Street is required to provide for the SH20 connection under Richardson Road.

Once the motorway passes under Richardson Road, it will continue to join up with the motorway section under
the proposed Maioro Street Half Diamond. The north facing ramps will be built to create a full diamond
interchange at Maioro Street and complete the Waterview Connection Project and the WRR.

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