8 – 22 camps: June 1 Two
th nd rd 7 and July23 – 2 th

12 noon hursday 9am to Mon-T :30pm Friday 9am to 6 day at 6pm Performance Fri Public students) ner provided to (din th as of Fall rd grades 3 – 8 ents Open to All stud 2012


Eldorado Choir Alumni and current students will be working with the students all week teaching singing, dancing and having a great time! Participants will have the opportunity each day to sing in a large group in preparation for the concert Friday night. Singers will also get to work in smaller groups learning stage presence, solo singing, and dancing during break out sessions. The Camp fee per student is $65.00. This fee includes the workshops, performance T-shirt, Friday night’s pizza buffet, and the live stage performance. Students will learn 3 – 5 musical numbers along with choreography to perform in front of a live audience Friday night at 6pm. Students must provide their own lunch on Friday and transportation each day. All kids will need to have jeans for the final performance.

Registration information can be found on this flyer, at www.eldoradochoirs.org, or via email/phone Katie Gallegos at kt8298@yahoo.com (505)715-8298. Student Name_________________________________________ Age _____________ Grade & School name as of Fall 2012 ______________________ Parent phone# __________ Home address (including city, state, zip) __________________________________________ Parent email address __________________________________________ Emergency contact name ______________________________ Phone ______________

Special medical considerations and/or allergies (attach additional sheet if needed) T-shirt Size (Youth) T-shirt Size (Adult) XS S S M M L L XL Camp (circle one) 6/18 - 6/22 7/23 - 7/27

Applications should be completed and mailed with checks payable to: Eldorado High School Choir Boosters Attn: Most Amazing Singing Camp PO Box 21146 Albuquerque, NM 87154

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