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The Best Apps 53 Running and Walking Apps Get in supreme shape with these handy and smart apps. yum! OSX Apps Versus iOS Apps The similarities will only continue to grow. and the Book of Jobs iCloud 28 Getting Started with iTunes Match iPhone. News and Other Tidbits Get More at iPhoneLife. iPod Touch. and Apple Top Tips 32 18 Ways to Get the Most From Your iPhone.com Comics Social Media Report iView: Cheap Calls.. of the latest iPad. iPhone. March/April2012 --- "= Regular Departments 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 96 Editor's Message Meet our Writers iGallery iStats. The Coolest Gear for 2012 36 42 46 48 50 The Best From this Year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Cool Bluetooth Keyboards Essential Bluetooth Headsets Awesome iPhone Cases (that also charge your battery) Get These AirPlay Speakers (because docking is so 2011) Running Windows 8 on an iPad It's not perfect. but it's worth a look. iPad and iPod touch 20 22 The Personal Hotspot Taking a deeper look at a growing necessity.. Kindle Fire. 2 iPhone Life March-April 2012 . iPad 18 From the Rumor Mill A roundup rumors. 54 58 Let's Eat! Free Apps for Cooking Cook up a storm without breaking the bank.

iUse it 74 Living the iDream Something strange is happening across the Atlantic. 72 iPhoneography: Monochrome Tones Image Use these apps to give your iPhotos a vintage look. let these iUsers 31 45 52 69 78 Jacqueline Simens: College Student Barry Maher: Professional Speaker Yung Trang: Online Business Owner Lorne Craig: Creative Agency Owner Amanda Goodhue: Fashion Publicist 64 Apps for Special Needs These apps and devices help those with special needs interact and communicate. Founder of Camera+ iLove it. cool text iOS at Work 80 84 Apps to Organize Your Life A closer look at Personal Information Managers.61 Best Apps for Caregivers Caring for the chronically apps help. Creating Great Apps 87 Exclusive Interview with Lisa Bettany. 67 iPhoneography: Add Creative Text to your Images Make your photos stand out by embedding effects. From Capture to using some great apps and Day in the Life of a Sales Manager Apps and resources to help you and your sales team stay productive. iPhone life MarCh-April 2012 3 . ill is hard enough. 70 iPhoneography: Presentation Create a masterpiece simple tricks.

com the root of the innovative spirit. and iPod touches. looked at me and said. The fact of the matter is that Apple isn't Steve Jobs. winning course. He was an innovator with great business skills. The Apple future iPhone life magazine Will Apple use their loot to keep revolutionizing the way we communicate. or follow me on Twitter @alexcequea if you want to continue the conversation. consistency. It would have never occurred to her that water could come straight into the house through pipes. Don't get me wrong.com @iphonelife facebook. foolish. and less like himself.s Message Can Apple Stay Innovative? With the passing of Steve Jobs. Apple was Steve Jobs.com/iphonelifemagazine I iphonelife. and man. But without the consistent reminder to stay foolish. NikolaTesla. especially when they've got a good thing going. but he built Apple to be more like General Electric.Editor. "This is a miracle!" Apple needs to focus on creating future miracles. Have a happy 20121 iPhonelife. Has General Electric continued to innovate as relentlessly as Edison? I don't think so. could he sell.com. one of the biggest questions in everyone's mind is whether Apple will be able to continue its impressive streak of innovation. "If I had asked people what they wanted. and he certainly didn't leave a structured legacy of innovation bearing his name. I think it's an incredible feat. but this doesn't guarantee new inventions. As Henry Ford once famously said. But. My grandmother once told me that as a child growing up in Venezuela. to make the contrast clear. since these are the thoughts and questions that often occupy my mind. Shoot me an email at alex@iphonelife. He was a fantastic marketer. well. She happily turned on the faucet. Apple is Steve Jobs's legacy. but there's no denying its longevity. He was the relentless engine pushing teams to evergreater breakthroughs. people become. The Apple identity For many.They become afraid of change. and it gets to alex@iphonelife. I'm sure he would have hated that comparison. was considered a smarter and more talented inventor that Edison. so that they wouldn't have to walk for hours to collect drinking water. they would have said faster horses:' People want faster iPhones. and power (pun intended). tips and tricks. Apple has staying power and consistency. Any future innovations will be icing on a very stable cake.com/newsletters 4 iPhone Life March-April 2012 . "My way or the highway:' disagreements can easily give way to fragmentation. or will they use it to make better iPhones?This is an important question. best apps and more! The latest news and stories from iPhone Life magazine and iPhonelife. They want a better version of what they already have. very few inventors have been able to leave a legacy of innovation after they're gone. she dreamed of having a well right next to their house. Throughout history. iPads. it is something to look out for in the coming years. This is less likely to happen soon at Apple because the innovative culture is so well-ingrained. One example that comes to mind is Thomas Edison. and what remains of his efforts is a little company known as General Electric. and another will want to continue a stable. yet he died penniless and alone. I would love to hear your thoughts. but conservative in speed. by the way. only longevity. It seems like the best they can do is build a structure to support future innovations (like a business). One group will want to innovate relentlessly. and there goes Apple as we know it. not just faster horses. My prediction is that Apple will slowly become more and more like a big elephant: powerful in size. And without one person in front saying.com iPhone life App Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook Get our e-newsletter Apple news. Here we have a mammoth company that can move at the speed a cheetah.

www. Download the Pree iHome + Sleep app Por more alarm customlzotion and auto sleep/wokeupdates Pol' your social networks.speaker technology.h 3D sound and patented Resone. Plug in and charge your IPhone or IPod while you sleep. the tHome tAg) will ensure lihat you always wake up ahead oP the game.lhomeaudlo.comlhome Ihomeaudlo lIN. it-bre.i am what's next on your nightstand. Start your mornings smarter with the iHome IA91opp-enhanced dual alarm clock radio and speaker dock. then wake CiOyour sovonce tunes. Wlt. ~ Ml We l!lUd ~ .

{om 'I".. author & spea. 58 iPhone Life Staff David Averbach Senior Editor. founder Ilal@iphonelife.com I f' ((0.com/share Social Media Director phylli.(om Write for iPhone Life your name here Article page 50 iphonelife..com doug@jus1anotllermooilemonday.corn Artide page 54 Sales Manager for Paych'l<. 72 jonalhanmarks@jmarksphoto_com Article page 70 Aixa mudrcspanlshtv Article page 20 Tracy Sebastian ..(om Article page 74 rnlke@mlkerlley.48.@ipho"elife. . ::~~.l1athlete.com Article page 36 6 iPhone Life March-April 2012 .<om Articles page< t8.Meet ourWriters Jonathon Marks ~ Systems lest engineer Award-winning photographer Edttor-ln-CI1ie( JustAnotherMobileMooday.-.es.com Articles pages 67. i i soccer mom (@sg4mOlns.ker Sally.ge16 Online editor/columnist jim_karpen@iphonelif.com Articles pages 42. Publisher Arliclepage 28 I. 32.sJJ!. Editor in Chief alex@iphonelife. Article page 84 llber-rccl Article page61 Advanced (omputing Professional ProfessiOfl.cOffi Article page 80 Professional l.com Article page 96 davida@iphonelife.com Article p..com Article page 46 Radio I or four (reates aaps for Site K Studios kevln@!lteksludlos_com Article page 64 program host on KRUU FM 100.Edwards@heamo.' r~.In<.com Article page 53 Professional writer & speall'er writtenbymi<hael<arsot\@gmail." ""'_ W_ Writer at Sftdetoptay.. ~ .1 ktuufm.com Article paqe 22 Karenmesslckgiaol. .V Aixa Fenner it photographer (o-rrearor or the Mucha Spanish App naresrera@gmall. 36.87 Assodate Editor rlina@iphonelife.

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The percentage of mobile shoppflg that occurred through iOS devices (versus other mobile devices) in the 20tt holiday season. The study, conducted by retail analysis firm Rich Relevance, analyzed 3.4 billion shopping sessions from April to December. Total mobile online sales accounted for 3.74 % of total retail sales, with an average ordervalue of $123 from iOS devices, $101 from Android devices. and $87 from desktop computers. The retailers in the study included mass merchants. 25 largest retailers on the web. small and specialty retailers, and 10 of the

I just purdlased the digital version of iPhone Life and have not stopped reading it. Your iOS 5: 25 Tips and Tricks article is unbelievable. I feel like I've been wasting iOS 5 all this time. I review apps for the Morning Show I work on, so these tips are greatly appreciated. I will be sure to share with our listeners, and have already tweeted the magazine! -Carla Marie Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Alex, Your Editor's Message in the Jan/Feb 2012 iPhone Life was very impressive. I hope you are right. that "as our values change and grow, so will our main focus of innovation:' As an example of good values, I'd like to express my appreciation for the series by Hal Goldstein: "My iPhone Teaches Me Spanish:' While I think he missed a couple of great apps, having an article on learning a language is fantastic. I very much enjoy iPhone Life, and the efforts made by you, Hal, et al. -Gerry

The dollar amount

that Verizon wanted

to charge all customers

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telephone and online payments. The" convenience fee" was set to go into effect on Jan 15th, but an immediate outcry from the public prompted Verizon to reverse the decision only a couple of days after announcing it. A petition on change.org against the fees gathered over 57,000 signatures in less than 24 hours, and even the FCC said rt was concerned about Venzon's actions and was "looking into the matter:' BanI< of America and Netflix experienced similar outcries from public announcements last year, prompting both companies to reverse their previous decisions.



Well.ello there. Sir Jony Ive
Apple designer Jonathan Ive, responsible for the design of the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad, was named a Knight Commander of the British Empire (KBE) by the queen of England as part of England's New Year Honours List. The KBE is one of the two most prestigious classes, and carries with it the "Sir," or "Dame" designation. The queen can award honorary knighthoods to anyone, but only citizens of countries where Queen Elizabeth II is queen can use the "Sir" title.

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Is it just me, or is that a lot of iPhones?
USA Today parent company, Gannett Co.. has apparently purchased thousands of iPhones and iPads for their staff. The devices are meant to aid journalists with real-time reporting, social media engagement and video coverage. According to the leaked memo, the devices will also be used "to monitor the content experience we provide across digital channels - tablets and smart phones, in particular:' The devices were scheduled to arrive at newsrooms across the U.S. by early 2012.

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PRINTER Quad Graphics, 1700 James SavageRd Midland, Michigan 48640 USA B00-448-m8 NEWSSTAND DISTRIBUTION (urtisGrculation (ornpany 760 RiYer Road, New Milford, NeVIJe",y07646 USA 201-634·7400 NEWSSTAND COORDINATOR
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Silicon Valley entrepreneurs unimpressed by young Steve Jobs
This hand-written note, written in 1976 by Mike Rose, describes an early meeting with 21-year-old Steve Jobs. Rose, who ran an advertising agency, was contacted by Jobs to print the manual for the Apple I. Rose expresses concern to his business partner over "this joker," referring to Jobs, and tells him to "watch i1;' because it ..sounds flakev" Rose also mentions that Jobs "wants it for nothing" and "wouldn't trust me:'


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in his autobiocrapbv

about finally cracking the W. it didn't take long for designers and dreamers to start mocking up what this i1V could look like. Our bet is that Apple has a far more detailed plan regarding the next-generation iPhone and iPad than an Apple iTV Still, we are free to dream, so here's an ilV design rendition from Guilherme Schasiepen.

TightWire Adventures ($.99, app2.me/4315) He flips, he dances, and he smashes into the ground spectacularly. In this fun sequel to the game TightWire ($.99, app2.me/43161. you have to guide a fashionably dressed plump character across a tightrope using your device's accelerometer. The game gives you the option of using his feet or a unie)crs:-truNlt11~~,'Vb~iw~ 18see hiln fall.


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" robcotti ngha m.Sld..com geekandpoke. he'll be dragged to the trash. which pre5ident Grr. cal I-milil UI gaur iDS rellted Ilrtoln comics@iphonelife. And in accordance with his wishes.l I l1et a teacher eetved two non-con5ecutive came up with this thing! terms? Be prepared!! I "Mark was. rather than being buried or cremated. typepad.com iPhone Life March-April 2012 15 . a confirmed Mac user. of course.

So. We connected immediately. it is as if we live in the same area! Prior to establishing our company. TweetDeck (free. as we found we had similar philosophies on life and business. Within weeks we loaded more applications than we can list. it was on this (iPhone) call that Social Media Girlfriends and Girlfriends Productions were conceived.me/260). we set up a call and found that we had complementary skill sets and shared a passion for being online. we decided we could create a global impact in the world for women. Now you can say that our iPads have become a family affair in our homes on both the East and West Coasts! Phyllis: You have created an amazing marketing company. D & B: Forming a business together has been thrilling. and many others. I hope you'll check them out. including Facebook (free. We quickly discovered how useful they were for business and for keeping in touch with both our audience and each other. we had both purchased our first iPads for our children so that they could watch movies and play games when we traveled. founders of Social Media Girlfriends (socialmediagirlfriends. Initially. so I've combined the conversation. but it was hard to figure out who said what. How did it come about? Dabney and Britt: The creation of Girlfriends Productions actually all started on the iPhone. P:Since our magazine is all about how people use their iPhones and iPads in their personal and professionallives._ S'OC'IAtME01A R'EP'ORT ~ f~ Q & A With: Dabney Porte and Britt Michaelian by Phyllis Khare recently interviewed Dabney Porte (@DabneyPorte) and Britt Michaelian (@MamaBrittl.me/4290). The interview was extremely interactive and fun. app2. so we continued tweeting and having funny conversations on Twitter for several weeks after the chat.. One day. tell us how you use yours. Believing we could step out of the norm of what others were doing via Social Media.com) and Girlfriends Productions. but given the technology afforded to us via our Apple products. we thought living on separate coasts would be a challenge. as you'll see below. We decided that we worked so well together that we wanted to combine our energy to make a difference in 16 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . app2. #smmanners and #premierechat. Our friendship started when we were both panelists for a mom/entrepreneur online chat held on Twitter. I the world. especially on Twitter using these hashtags: #smgirlfriends.

P:What are some memorable moments from your Twitter events? D & B: Recently. YouTube and Ustream from wherever we are.me/2481l on our iPads and MacBook Pros. We love using Keynote ($9. app2me/3798).99. o & B: As we continue to grow. and the streamlined design of this product is amazing. from the iPhone. Recently a MacBook Air was added. we are big fans of playing Words with Friends ($0. We also take photos to post on our profiles. We love how we can share all of what we do between our devices in the iCloud.for all things Sodal Media. We captured priceless moments via photos and sent them out on all forms of social media. we are in LOVE. Having fun doing what you love is the secret to success for any entrepreneur. we held a live gathering of our online community. participate in many live online chats that allow us to connect with people who may be interested in joining our communities. and we find this application vital in the creation of our professional presentations. . instant images etc. Many members of our community were unable to make the event live. Twitter. We are beyond thrilled that we have tools that allow our team to bring fun to all of our promotions and productions while maintaining a high level of professional work and reliability in our company. We are thrilled with how our Apple tools help us with our work. Creativity is key in bringing fun to what we do. of course. which is fabulous. Aside from making phone calls. app2. at the Montage Beverly Hills and were able to interact with those who were unable to attend via our iPhones.99.me/2551l and Garage Band ($4.!J Phyllis Khare is iPhone Life~ Social Media Director. with our beloved Mac Book Air and Mac Book Pros.me/377l and staying connected with each other from both sides of the country. we find using many applications vital to our success. Running a global business brings daily changes in operations. We honestly don't know what we would do if iPhones ceased to exist. which means they can engage with our communities from anywhere. P: Do you think your audience is engaging with you through their iPhones and iPads. She isa speaker and large group trainer _. Social Media Girlfriends. We are able to engage our online communities via Facebook. We can see this at the bottom of their tweets. P: Have you ever used your devices to organize events before they go live? You do a lot of preevent buzz-this is something that I notice you do very well. Currently. and of course._ . Google or e-mail her at phyllis@iphonelife. and we are in negotiations with other studios to produce similar promotions.As for the iPhone.. too? D & B: Our audience is definitely using their iPhones and iPads to join the conversation on Social Media Girlfriends. taking pictures or videos that we can edit and upload straight to our website and blog. We are completely hooked on iMovies ($4. we are working with 20th CenturyTelevision to promote and engage online communities with programming. iPads. and if you see using your iOS devices in exciting ways (live video. at any time. We simply pullout our iPhone or iPad and send out our timely messages quickly. texting. D & B: We do a great deal of promotion and pre-event buzz building from our iPads and.99. but they were with us virtually because of our Mac devices! iPhone Life March-April 2012 17 . P:Tell us about your future plans with your company. we both have MacBook Pros that sit on our desks and are the workhorses of our company.). and. and we merge our creative videos and audio productions into all we do. Our iPhones are always in our hands. However. We use our iPhones to host and attend live events on Twitter (Tweet Chats) while on the go.(om. This is by far our favorite electronic device! In addition. of course. app2. watch and create YouTube videos. one thing we know will not change is this: We are Mac girls. updating our iCal. now and always! <. She is also one of the co-authors of Facebook Marketing AI/-in-One for Dummies and Sodai Media Marketing eLeaming Kit for Dummies.99.. and the response was overwhelming. app2. Everything from phone calls to texts to tweets and Facebook updates can be done on these devices.

I sure can't wait to get my iTree this fail. Probability: 70% A smaller design Rumors of a smaller iPad model have been circulating for a long time. For those of you who don't know. size. This typically happens at a dpi (dots per inch. It can directly compete against the Kindle Fire. From a product lineup point of view. Probability: 85% Better specs Rumors of an A6 quad-core processor. I also expect a whole new round of witty comebacks.by Alex Cequea you hear about the new solar-powered Apple device that converts carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen? It's going to be called the iTree! Actually. Apple isn't known to act solely with the desire to capture market share. it's likely that the newest iPad will sport a higher-resolution screen. Steve Jobs hated fragmentation. we do our best to help you sort fact from fiction. Unless this smaller iPad can significantly improve some aspect of the user experience . Probability: 90% Probability: 20% 18 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . it makes sense to have a smaller version of the iPad. or weight improvements. However. so upgrading to a retina display makes perfect sense for Apple. "The iTree will be just like a real tree. Siri on the iPad Given the successful reception of Siri. This is also very unlikely. and this rumor is dead on arrival. and similar reasoning was used to support rumors that Apple would release two versions of the iPhone. a retina display is a screen resolution that makes pixels Indistinguishable from each other at a distance of 10 to 12 inches. The theory is that Apple will try to capture a larger share of the market by releasing two separate models: one targeting the mid-to-high end of the market and another less expensive model to compete with the Kindle Fire. a measure of how many pixels can fit in a square inch) of 300 or more. Rival manufacturers have been releasing tablets with higher-resolution screens.for example. "Man. which would be an upgrade from the A5 dual-core processor found in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. but wireless!" Here at iPhone Life. that's a rumor I'm trying to start. and it could capture a larger entry-level market with a lower price tag. Apple's eerily intelligent. Steve Jobs was publicly against it but he was also opposed to letting thirdparty app developers develop for iOS. Probability: 5% Retina display Following the trend of previous releases.expect the same size we're accustomed to. You can just drop it in casually into conversations. Upgrading the processing speed is almost mandatory at this point. it only makes sense to bring it to the iPad. and even though you can never be completely sure of anything with Apple. and it would actually hurt Apple to release a new iPad with few speed. on par with the retina display of the iPhone 4S. D id More than one new model This rumor follows the same logic as the one above. Here are some of the latest rumors and predictions. voice-activated assistant. but I would appreciate it if you could help me spread it." or. a substantially longer battery life . you can often start to see the seeds of new trends well before they make an official announcement. even since before the release of the iPad 2. are already circulating.

and this is why the iTree is such an exciting. when it comes to Apple rumors. Probability: 100% 3D capability Interestingly enough. and dimbing mango trees. Imagine. Could that technology be ready for display this year? We'll have to wait and see. and many tech bloggers quickly expressed their disappointment. He holds an MBA in Sustainable Business. The absence of a new design in the iPhone 4S was almost a liability. could allow devices to operate "for days or even weeks" without having to recharge. However. Apple already holds millions of customer credit cards on file. will integrate Apple's existing infrastructure and offerings. Verizon's own mobile payment system. uh. improved LED flash.. Using fuel cells to power mobile devices. Probability: 95% Integration with iTunes. thinner. At the very least. take it all with a sizeable grain of salt. this is the way it'll be. Alex tequea is the Editor in Chief of iPhone Life magazine. Now that 4G speeds have been available for some time from some of the major wireless carriers.. and more. public speaking. 3D seems to be less appealing to the American audience. and is surprisingly much more popular in China. authenticity and creating a more inter-connected world. is coming in the near future in partnership with AT&T andT-Mobile. and sleeker model to feed our visual appetite. and you should expect to see a new round of inspired designs in the coming months. Oh. they filed a patent for "Power Management Circuitry and Solar Celis. If they don't upgrade. and that is one huge advantage should they incorporate NFC into the next iPhone. you can playa multi player iOS game and then ask Siri to switch to a movie you just rented from iTunes. You can contact him at alex@iphonelife. This is the one area in which you can almost always expect improvement. they'll run the risk of falling too far behind the slew of Android phones already capable of such speeds. you can tell Siri to go online to research a topic or show you pictures from last night's barbeque party. smart TVs are starting to pop up from some tech manufacturers. Probability: 25% Probability: 50% Better specs Like the newest iPad. Welcome to the future. iPhone Life March-April 2012 19 . If the iTV is really coming. armed only with a good sense of Photoshop. A few years ago. An Apple iT\/. Probablity: 30% The future is bright in the world of Apple.____ iPhone Rumors Radical Redesign but only Apple has the marketing power to truly make a splash in the ecosystem.. iDS and iCloud This is also a no-brainer.__ .. These tiny solar cells would essentially be embedded into the mobile device's exterior. new product. it makes sense for Apple to make their next-generation iPhone 4G/LTE compatible. A new iPhone design is a no-brainer for Apple. done correctly. and it is likely that Apple will hold off incorporating this feature into their iTV. Probability: 25% Solar-powered iDevices Apple has had an interest in renewable energy for some time.. 30 TVs have failed to catch on in the United States. Voice-controlled.. Google Wallet debuted this feature last year. He enjoys tennis. For that reason. have tried in vain to create a bigger. C> . Some Last Predictions _ Hugely improved battery life Apple filed a patent in late 2011 that raised the possibilitv of fuel cell-powered MacBooks. the next-generation iPhone is also rumored to sport an A6 quad-core processor. A short while later. ISIS. how we've waited for this iPhone 5 re-design. In short. Probability: 100% 4G/LTE Sometimes Apple waits for technology to mature and become reliable before they incorporate it into their products. and he writes and speaks about mobile technology. Remember. this is the technology that would allow you to pay through your mobile device at the checkout counter..Americans have seen a fair share of upgrades in picture quality in the last 10 years. Probability: 90% Apple TV Rumors Siri The key feature of an Apple iTV would be seamless integration with voice control that would aim to make the remote obsolete. allowing it to receive power from the sun. I especially like their pursuit of renewable energy solutions. Apple said.. we can expect a better battery life. Many fans. sustainability.com. Probability: 95% Near Field Communication (NFC) One potential new development is the emergence of NFC through 2012. improved front and back camera. L. Apple does hold a patent for a projector capable of showing 30 images without the audience having to wear those funny-looking glasses.." which notes that solar cells can be made into rigid materials.

me/2480). I knew I would be able to get a lot of work done while I was out. Which is better: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth? What are the advantages of each connection type? Wi-Fi will give you faster download and upload speeds. I had the following results: 25 20 15 10 V> = z = f::d V> 5 www. For $20 extra per month.vou can even hook up your friend's laptop or your kids' iPod touches on long car trips. plus the $130 extra that 3G + Wi-Fi iPads cost.H aveyou ever spent $3 or more at Starbucks. Also. Of course. both AT&T and Verizon will unlock the Personal Hotspot feature on your iPhone and give you an additional 2GB of bandwidth.iphonel~e.com. you're saving $250.The speed difference varies on the data connection your iPhone has in your area and at the specific moment of the day. Over a two-year upgrade cycle. although the 20MB-download-over-3G limit still apolies. Does it seem expensive? Consider this: AT&T's monthly 3G iPad plan for 2GB is $25 per month. But portability without an Internet connection means you don't have all your files accessible. That means now you will have 4 gigabytes between your iPhone and your iPad (2GB through the standard iPhone data plan plus 2GB through the Personal Hotspot). Those 4 GB are yours to use any way you like. I should take a moment to say that AT&T offers a $15-permonth option. both AT&T's and Verizen's 3G iPads allow you to pay just for the months you want to use the 3G connection. allowing anyWi-Fi enabled device to connect to the Internet. I had a molar removed) With apps like Pages (app2. which was invented as a low power personal area network. No access to Dropbox. either. tethering makes sense. This doesn't mean 2GB on each device. I bought mine on day two of the original iPad launch (on launch day. No way to back up your work. Apple calls it Personal Hotspot. it's a necessity. This makes the math murkier. but it will drain your iPhone's battery faster. The Personal Hotspot feature essentially turns your iPhone into a wireless Internet hotspot. will slow down your connection.com Upload Numbers spreadsheet to iWork. giving you 250MB. No access to email. just to connect yourWi-Fi iPad to the Internet ?There are times that a connection on the go isn't a luxury. the iPad is great because it is large enough to get some work done on and portable enough to fit in a bag. Financially speaking. Bluetooth. go with Wi-Fi.me/2412) and Numbers (app2. 954 KB 20 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . Cut back on your caffeine intake and give tethering a try. Verizon's iPad 3G plan costs $30 per month for 2GB. No Googlesearches. Is it time to head over to Starbucks? Not necessarily. If you are tethering two devices at the same time.

m. That's it." Your iPhone will display a blue status bar at the top of the screen. Also. Over AT&T's network. One thing you will notice with Wi-Fi tethering is that the iPhone will shut off Personal Hotspot after 90 seconds without use. Tap on your iPhone. On each device. (It's a good idea to check your data usage history. and slide it to "on. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. being online becomes even more essential. a half hour per day on my 14-month-old iPhone 4 hasn't affected its battery life too much. On your iPad.muchospanish. With AT&T. but I'll get to that in a minute. Your iPhone will appear in a list of devices you can pair it with. Google searches consistently took between 5 and 6 seconds.1gigabytes. my iPhone's 3G connection is slow. and I'm not a heavy iPhone user.com/Subscribe iPhone Life March-April 2012 21 .rn. but maybe that's because I'm using my iPhone less now. In my own tests. your financial situation. That feature is not available over Verizon's network. then your only hope is a battery case. tap Settings> General. Both of the sites listed above are image-rich sites. The differences between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth were minimal enough for me to make Bluetooth my preferred connection. If it's turned off. Is it right for you? That depends on your needs. which reduces Wi-Fi's advantage. you will be alerted about the pairing request from the other device. You'll only have to enter your password once. On your iPhone.) Now I'm tethering for 45 minutes a day. Personal Hotspot may be the best option for you. now available on the App Store. the speeds are better than these connection speeds would lead you to believe.tvorvisit www. Using the Personal Hotspot feature is a liberating feeling. you can talk on your iPhone while surfing the Web on your iPad. so you won't be replacing your home Internet service any time soon. and whether you're tethering via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Verizon's advantage is that you can share a Wi-Fi connection with up to five devices. These results were typical over a five-day testing period.I bet that cup of coffee would be nice while waiting for those pages to load! Actually. I still make it through the day. My average data usage over the past 12 months was just 1. and there's no place to plug it in. you'll see an icon that looks like two screens interlinked like a chain. If you wait too long between clicking links.. Tap "Allow. You can <ontact Aixa at Aixa@mu<hospanish. Choose Wi-Fi (note: the iPhone 3GS is not capable of sharing a connection over Wi-Fi). but it can easily become an inconvenience. you will have to turn it on now. Just log in to your account at AT&T or verizon. tap Settings> Wi-Fi. At the top of your connection list. Remember: Your bandwidth is limited. your priorities. tap on Bluetooth. and you'll need it to connect your iPad. You may have better results. Connecting to the Personal Hotspot Connecting to the Personal Hotspot via Wi-Fi: The setup is simple and download speeds are reasonably fast. The Drawbacks Personal Hotspot will reduce your iPhone's battery life. your iPhone will appear. but not as fast as your cable modem. The bottom line is this: if you want to stay connected on the go. Your iPad will remember it the next time. Next. www. tap on Settings> Personal Hotspot. The amount of battery drain depends on how much you use the personal hotspot feature.tv Connectingto the Personal Hotspot via Bluetooth: On your iPad. and you don't want to spend extra on a 3G + Wi-Fi iPad. I count on my iPhone to make it from 7 a. On your iPad.iPhoneLife. Follow these same steps to connect an iPod touch. indicating that you are sharing a connection. you can share a Wi-Fi connection with a maximum of three devices. Your password will appear. If you need your iPhone's charge to make it through the entire day. and maybe your spouse. If you don't want to lose your connection. Each year. until 7 p. you have a choice: Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. it seems." With an iPhone 4. connect via Bluetooth. you'll have to reconnect It's one of those nice features that Apple includes to conserve battery life. (I) Aix~ Fenner is the Co-creator of the Mucho Spansh App. Tap it and enter the password.

That doesn't mean. Because of the excellent availability of remote desktop apps for iOS. If you use a PC and your iPad. I can see that now. I was one of the skeptical few to criticize the idea. and therefore not a practical tablet. however. it is positioned far and above any competing technology I have experienced. I said it would be merely an oversized iPod touch. I was able to experience the new Windows 8 developer's preview on my iPad! How sweet it is to have your cake and eat it too. The iPad. pretty bone headed prediction. and for this article. or that the iPad doesn't have limitations [both are certainly true). I know.I WANT WINDOWS 8 ON MY IPAD (AND YOU MIGHT TOOl BY NATE ADCOCK W hen the iPad was first announced. Yeah. I wanted to check out the competition: Windows 8. and with the success of iTunes and the App Store. like the iPhone. 22 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . The new Start menu screen (right) is much more touch-friendly than the old version (left). this article will show you how the cake is about to get even sweeter. that other products don't have great features. is nothing short of a superb computing device. The new OS is moving toward a more mobile look and feel. One key difference is in the monstrous number of apps built for iOS.

replaced by a completely new menu system that is much more touch-oriented. For iPad remote PC users. Tiles replace the old static shortcuts of previous versions of Windows. share. Apps that feature news feeds. and I think with it will influence the app landscape. and fonts. I think this is a big enabler. iPhone Life March-April 2012 23 . There is a very helpful synergy in the new menu system that couples app content to the new "charm" menu items (search. The preview included a lot of feed aggregation and social apps that will allow you to keep tabs on all your interests at a glance. The PC software ecosystem is a "Charms" now replace classic start menu items like Search. The main Start screen is now a matrix of dynamic tiles that allow the user to not only launch apps.One thing about Windows 8 is immediately clear: The old Start menu is dead. and from where you are trying to connect. simpler menus. (ontrols. and there will be some leveling up for Microsoft if indeed the MS Marketplace can attract support. Apps that launch and function in the new "Metro" Windows environment run fullscreen and feature bigger touch-friendly buttons. This is a win-win for iPad users (at least those that rely on remote connections to their Windows PCs). The apps all feature the same simple user control and menu system. In fact. a lot of iOS users still own PCs. and other consumable web content or images can be easily coded to include a launch tile and are more capable than simple static shortcuts. Your actual mileage may vary depending on your connection speed.) that appear in place of the older Start menu. as the improved User Interface will greatly cut down on the squinting and schlepping though menus when remotely accessing the desktop. but also quickly get updates on content. etc. Finding rontenr in Windows 8 is a lot easier with bigger. weather. Several new apps were included in the Windows 8 preview that show off the new features rather well Note: I tested the Windows 8 preview mainly on my home network connected to computers that were locally available. but Microsoft is bringing a similar store to Win 8 (not yet available at time of writing). helpful. with minimal clutter or confusing menus. Interest in the new Windows Phone OS and associated App Store has been pretty low. stocks. The preview apps baked into the early developer version of Windows 8 are also aimed at tablet or mobile computing. I think developer interest will be high. and intuitive. huge potential market.

but PaintPlay is a basic but effective drawing tool that worked quite well on my iPad. go to hr p:!!www.The new search capability will definitely make finding stuff-which is often what remote desktop sessions are needed for-easier within apps or even in the file system. you can still get to the good old trusty Windows desktop view (it even has its own tile). Well. but then you notice some Nate Adcock is a systems engineer with experience managing and administering a variety of computer environments. The full desktop PC version of Evernote.ndex. tiles. it is a good thing that the old desktop is still around. I'm sure this has happened to you: You visit your favorite web site. C) . widget you need access to just won't work in Safari. To learn more. _. One is really little more than a scratchpad. You should note. For many apps that aren't Metro-enabled.com!en/. for crying out loud! Windows 8 will have at least a couple (assuming the final version is like the preview). that the "ribbon" menu along the top of each window (noteworthy from more recent versions of Office) is prominent in the desktop explorer window now. and everything comes up fine. It looks pretty much like the mobile browser in the later Windows Phone OS. I really like drawing apps and think every tablet OS (including iOS) ought to have this capability built-in. If all these new widgets.~- Classic Windows desktop mode is still available for the die-hard traditional Windows user. it is obviously not written for the new Metro look. It can speed up multi-page navigation markedly. some apps will appear just as they did in previous versions. which I really like. iPad could be considered one of those-is simply a tool that helps us consume digital data. Note: I used my iPad for this review using the TeamViewer HD app (Free. It's a tablet.That's where having a remote PC (or Mac) to connect to can really be helpful. The "Metro" UI version will not support Flash. I've taken a look into Windows 8 for the benefit of those who might keep a PC around and want to access it from an iPad.blogspot. The notepad app will also allow you to add scribbles in your notes.aspx. Either way. I only hope Office apps will get some of the same Metro overhauls.. app2. I think you can count on the latest version of Windows to be more iPad-friendly. The iOS version of Evernote is not quite as full-featured. Maybe you are a multi-OS dabbler and connecting remotely in this way is old-school {I personally run Linux and about three different versions of Windows}. I know you can grab drawing apps from the App Store. for example. so having a remote version to connect to is handy. Any computer--and yes. but you can easily revert to the desktop version to get that back. and you never have to leave the comfort of your trusty iOS companion. As you start typing in the search input dialog. Nate has worked extensively with mobile gadgets of all shapes and sizes formany years. This looks pretty much like Windows 7. In addition to maintaining his own hobbyist blog (natescrap. He is also a former military weather forecaster. If you want to test the latest operating systems like Windows 8 (at the time of this writing. the new IE10 browser was one of my favorite experiences on the iPad. One is the easily accessible menu and tab preview that appears at the top and bottom.com). he is a regular contributer to our blogs. This means that at least until newly updated versions come out that support Metro. and though I can add a tile for Evernote. You can also use the "share" context menu to share content from inside the app. There are also a couple of smart features that enhance the Metro version nicely. especially before posting up.me/3942). but it ought to be native to the OS. however.teamvlewer. Each OS flavor has its own special mix of quirks and strengths. or Metro stuff is not to your liking. results are indicated in the list below and in the screen to the left for easy selection.(om 24 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . it's still in developer preview and freely available). and Windows 8 can interpret your handwriting.III!. You can e-mail Nate at nate@iPhonelife. you can do that easily.The context menu system is available (like in previous Windows versions) by quickly moving to or selecting the lower left corner of the screen. makes the publishing process easier. and an excellent free virtualization product from Oracle called Virtual Box to run Windows 8 on my PC (both products also available for Mac OS).

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Getting started with iTunes Match
by Jim Karpen
It has really helped me get control of my email. I always have my iPad with me, and whenever I'm in a situation where I have a few minutes to kill, I work on my email - deleting stuff I don't want, replying to emails, and reading interesting things that come through. Then, when I get home, all of those changes to my email are already incorporated into my email software on my computer. Similarly, I've found it a real convenience that I can make changes to my Calendar and Contacts, and have those changes automatically pushed to my computer. Cloud computing is a dream come true, and Apple has succeeded brilliantly in making it easy and bringing it to the masses via iCloud. It seems like the main complaint early on was the inability to delete individual photos from PhotoStream, but Apple fixed that.

I loveK I0Ud• ovel

[ Automatic downloads for newly purchased music


The advent of iCloud introduced a new feature to iTunes: automatic downloads. If you purchase a track in the iTunes Store, it automatically gets pushed to all the devices associated with your iTunes account. Buy it on your iPhone, and it automatically appears on your iPad.

lilt's important to understand the automatic downloads feature ofiTunes, because you may not need to spend the $24.99 per year for iTunes Match:'
Therefore, if you don't already have a large music library, you can just use this feature as your "music locker" rather than subscribing to iTunes Match. However, the automatic downloads only works for music you purchase AFTER you've enabled this feature.


iT_u _n_e_S_M_a_t_c_h_a_r_r_iv_e_s _


Late last fall, Apple finally released iTunes Match - the facet of iCloud that lets you store all your music in the cloud. You're no longer faced with the situation of having different music on your various devices or computers, and never seeming to have the particular music you want. With iTunes Match, all your music is available on all of them. And the neat part is, if you have a mammoth collection, you don't need to worry about it taking up all the space on your iPhone or iPad. It's stored in the cloud and available when you want it. In this article, I want to make sure you understand what iTunes Match offers, what some of the considerations are, and how you can get started. But before we jump in, it's important to understand the automatic downloads feature of iTunes, because you may not need to spend the $24.99 per year for iTunes Match.

Ifyou purchase music, apps, or books in the iTunes Store, they automatically get pushed to all your iDevices.






Shortly after that. that iTunes Match has a limit of 25. Similar services. Download.99/year to make them happy. select Download Previous Purchases. What if you have multiple computers? Your $24. you do have access to all your past iTunes Store purchases. but you first need to upload your collection to their servers. You'll need to access iTunes with a Mac or Pc. One consideration with iTunes Match is that you may want to set your device so that music doesn't download to it when Although this automatic download feature is only in effect for purchases you make after enabling it. but any music you've purchased in the iTunes Store doesn't count against this limit. iTunes Match. on the other hand. go to Settinqsc-Music and tap the On button for iTunes Match.99 lets you have up to 10 devices (including Apple TV) associated with your iTunes Match subscription as long as they share the same Apple 10. • iTunes Match "iTunes Match doesn't care whether you purchased the music in your iTunes Library or not. Then an alert will appear warning you that iTunes Match will replace all your music. If iTunes doesn't find a match in its catalog for specific songs in your collection. Those files are DRM-free. open your iTunes software and go to Store> Turn on iTunes Match. You can re-download your past purchases on your iOS device by going to the Music app and tapping Stores-Purchased. then your Music app will only list the tracks that are currently on your device. You'll also need to go to Settinqse-Store on your iOS device to make sure that the automatic downloads feature is enabled for Music. Then in the lower right corner. You can download specific playlists to your iPhone or iPad.iTunes Match for all your music ] Most people already have a library of tracks on their computer. In addition. If you tap the Off button for Show All Music. or you can simply stream your music from the cloud. then all of the music associated with your iTunes Match account will appear in your Music app on your device. a new switch appears that says Show All Music. [ Getting started with iTunes Match To enable this feature on your desktop computer (Mac or PC). It matches everything that's there:' Interestingly. To enable iTunes Match on your iOS devices. For the songs in your collection that match their library. your iCloud version will be Apple's higher quality ACC files. Getting started with automatic downloads To enable the automatic downloads feature so that any music you purchased is automatically downloaded to all your devices. Then tap Enable. and this is where iTunes Match comes in. though. A small iCloud icon appears next to those tracks that are in your iTunes library in iTunes Match but haven't been downloaded to your device. including TV shows. Now you're ready to go. and Books. To do it on your computer. meaning that there's no copy protection. It matches everything that's there and gives you a legit copy in your iCloud account.99 Per Year. Then type in your Apple 10 and password and click Subscribe. Apps. You can't subscribe to iTunes Match through your iOS device. The music labels receive a portion of your $24. It lets you put your entire music collection in your iCloud library. It's important to note. let you store your music collection in the cloud. iTunes Match doesn't care whether you purchased the music in your iTunes Library or not. from all your devices by accessing your purchase history in your iTunes account. simply checks your iTunes library on your computer against the iTunes catalog of 20 million audio files. such as Amazon's Cloud Drive. then click Subscribe for $24. but any music that you already have on your device that has been synced to your iTunes library on your computer won't be affected. go to Preferences in your iTunes application and select Store (on a Mac) and Edit (on a PC). iTunes then begins the process of examining the library on your computer and matching your tracks with the ones in its massive collection of millions of tracks. If you tap the On button. it then uploads those files to your iCloud library.000 tracks. All the music in your iTunes library on your computer is now available on your various devices and computers Note. and then find the song you want to download again and tap iPhone Life March-April 2012 29 . if you have songs that have been recorded at a poor-quality low bitrate. that this doesn't mean that all of the music in this list is on your device. iTunes Match adds those songs to your iCloud library directly from its catalog. go to your iTunes application and select Purchased in the left menu. though.

If you want to download the song without simultaneously playing it. In the case of iTunes Match.D. swipe the name of the song and then tap Delete. w\Vw. A typical collection.jimkarpen.vou're using your 3G data connection. (apple. things should go smoothly. and cloud computing in general. That may also be the case with really old music recorded at very low bitrates. Also. but any music you've purchased in the iTunes Store doesn't count against this limit.TridentCase. [~ Th_e_d_o_w_n_s_id_e_s ~J Getting through the matching process can take some time. in the same manner as you always have. the song immediately starts playing via streaming and downloads to your device at the same time. It's all or nothing.!> Jim Karpen Ph.com Using iTunes Match on your device ] Once you have iTunes Match set up.com. Tap the icon to download to your device. If you decide not to continue the service. there's no way to stream a song without having it download.com/icloud). if any of the files are corrupted. HisWeb site. it's a great way of getting control of your large music collection and having it always available to you. Also. it means that the track is in your iTunes Match library but not on your device.D. He has been interested in the revolutionary <onsequences of computer technology ever since writing his Ph.com/itunes/itunes-match) <. If you see this icon next to a music track. If you have a collection that's larger than 25. you'll get an error message and the song will be rejected. you're out of luck. iTunes Match has a limit of 25. otherwise it may eat up your monthly data allotment. jim_karpen@iphonelife. then tap the little iCloud icon next to the song title. Take Control of iCloud (www takecontrolbooks. with around 5. contains selected Internet columns written monthly for the Iowa Source magazine. If you tap the track name (and if you're connected to the Internet). might take an hour to match on a fast connection. you'll still be able to keep those higher-quality versions. Iowa. dissertation-a study of the 'digitiZed word" that anticipated the Internet revolution. For tracks already on your device. There's no way to designate some subset of your collection for matching. The gift of security never fails. www. But iTunes Match does put these songs in a cache and occasionally removes songs from your local device that you've rarely played in order to keep it from filling up. To delete a song from your device so that it's only in your iTunes Match account in your iTunes library.000 songs in your iTunes library. is on faculty at Maharishi Univerlity of Management in Fairfield. it means the track is in your iTunes Match library but not on your device. all the music currently on your devices will stay there . You can set your device to only allow downloads when you're connected via Wi-Fi by going to Settinqse-Store and turning off Use Cellular Data. TOUGH CASES. Tap the progress Icon if you want to stop a track from downloading. And you don't have to sync anymore! For more detailed information about iTunes Match. A larger collection with a lot of unique tracks would take considerably longer. WITH STVlE. you can find an introductory video and a list of frequently asked questions on Apple's iTunes Match website. And if iTunes Match upgraded the quality of some of your music. If the track has the little iCloud icon next to it. you simply tap it to play.com 30 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . [ For more information iCloud. He has been writing regularly about the Internet since 1994. But for the most part. Also.000 songs and only a small number of tracks unrecognized by iTunes Match.it will simply no longer be in iCloud. consider purchasing the excellent eBook. You can continue to use iTunes even as this matching process is taking place. is a wonderful step forward in the world of consumer technology. using it on your iOS device is very simple.000 tracks.

GPS Drive: I bought this app when I first moved to Colorado. and science that are submitted to their website. math. but I love having another option on my iPhone that is way more portable and with most of the same options available. It allows me to send her text messages for free even though she's going to university in Norway.Age: 20 Location: Golden. language. and now that there is an app lor it. iPhone Life March-April 2012 31 . • Xkcd: This app is a collection of comics based on sarcasm.com • TFLN: Texts From Last Night is another website that lets people submit funny text messages that they have received. It tells me everything I need to remember: flight number. I love it. WhatsApp: My roommate from boarding school in Switzerland convinced me to get this app. and it is great to be able to edit my homework assignments on the go. I specifically like the 'go home" option. FlightTrack: I don't get to use this app all the time. xkcd. who are living in Bangkok. Without Skype. but I've bought multiple games using this app. but when I do. Skype. CO One-line bio: Mathematics Student at Colorado School of Mines. I'd probably only talk to them once a semester. because when I first moved here I got lost all the time. but the Weather Channel app has more information about snow in neighboring cities. lanche teams play in Denver. I've only sports option. layover time. I use Skype about once every two weeks to talk to my parents. departure/landing time. used the tickets to including and Ava- Folder: • Post Secret: Post Secret is one of my favorite websites. and I love it. Facebook: Facebook is by far the easiest way to keep in touch with friends. GraphCalc: I usually use one of those large graphing calculators (TI-84). Rockies. now she is my closest friend here. delays. I only use the app. Pages: I just recently purchased Pages for my iPhone and for my iPad. • Sudoku: I like playing this game while waiting for class to start (I have lots of other games on my phone. TWC: I like the weather app that comes with the iPhone. etc. Thailand. Entertainment eSeats: This app is great for finding events in your area. just not on the main page). Movies (Flixster): I use this app to find out what movies are playing near me. One day I saw on my iPhone news feed that a girl I had met only twice in Bangkok had transferred to school in Boulder. seeing the Broncos. So far it is really easy to use.

. tap on the action button (looks like a box with an arrow coming out). "Send a message to my wife that says. If you want to customize the look of the icon. Bonus tip: If you're driving and can't see that Siri has made a mistake. There was a time. The icon will take whatever image you zoomed into.. you can customize the look of the shortcut icon. . "Read me back my reminder. Then Siri asked me. . we've covered how to set home screen shortcut icons for your favorite websites. just zoom into a part of the page before tapping on Add to Home Screen.Read me back my message. I successfully cut out that extra step by saying. you can ask Siri to read back to you what she understood. or it will take you through extra steps to complete a request. Simply say. "Change the reminder to . No more ugly-looking icons! Use Cue Words with Siri Sometimes Siri will completely miss what you're trying to say. Lock the Screen Orientation Locking the screen orientation prevents your device from wildly switching between portrait and landscape view while you're trying to read in bed.' or. This creates an icon on your device that leads directly to the page. " or. Don't fret. For example.. when you could lock the rotation of your Ifyou zoom into pages before adding them to Home Screen. 'Have you seen my keys?'" Siri understood perfectly and created the message. long ago.. "Change the email to .. iPad and iPod touch. but it's not perfect. Here are some of the best tips and tricks that can help you take full advantage of your Apple product. and tap on Add to Home Screen... if you were setting a reminder or composing an email. by Alex Cequea A whole world of possibilities hides inside each of your devices... I told Siri. Sometimes it will misunderstand one or two words. and this will effectively ruin your message. " Likewise. you can change it by saying.. " This also works for calendar events and notes. have you seen my keys?" Siri cut me off after I said. You can easily tell Siri to correct the mistakes by saying. "What do you want it to say?" Instead of taking this extra step. "Send a message to my wife .18 ways to get the most from your iPhone. You simply navigate to the site on Safari." Make your Safari bookmark icons look better In previous issues of iPhone Life.Change the message to . "Send a message to my wife:' and ignored the rest of my sentence. you can add a cue word or phrase such as "that says" to avoid confusion. but the icon is usually just a screenshot of the webpage. Enjoy! Tell Siri to fix mistakes Siri is certainly sassy. 32 iPhone Life March-April 2012 .

Speak your punctuation I get it." instead of saying your wife's name every time. To use it. While recording video. "Carlos is my brother" Siri will ask you for more clarification if you have several people with the same name and add the relationship to your profile. To tell Siri who you are: 1. and keep track of the location of the other devices through your iPhone or iPad. right! The credit for this tip goes to my brother. This will pull up all your contacts. when I edited the command to say "weather" instead of "leather. Unfortunately. It's still fun. The functionality of that switch became a Mute All feature with recent iOS upgrades.com and enter your Apple ID and Password. you have to first tell Siri who you are. 'Honey comma I'm testing out the punctuation comma and I would like to know colon do I sound excessively silly question mark. "Call my wife. I once forgot my iPad charging cable on a family trip. Simply open SettinqsoCloud and switch Find my iPhone to ON. and you'll get a little extra coverage along the edges (see how I managed to catch a snippet of the school bus 7). but I ended up discovering it by accident. if you don't speak out your punctuation with Siri. 2." Once you've set your own info. lock it remotely. "Not Charging"? Yeah.me/3724). you can make your device playa sound. Unfortunately. for this to work. Turn on the panoramic view to get a little extra coverage while you record video. However. With iOS 5. Find yourself. open an email with a PDF attachment. Go to iCloud. Siri didn't know what I meant by. You should be able to see your device under the Find My iPhone section of the site. and tap your contact info. the You can get Siri to recognize your relationships. and some of you may have forgotten how to lock the screen. and the only one I had was the USB cable that plugs into the computer. Additionally. Locate your iDevices This trick has saved me a few times. and select Open in iBooks. you can also get the Find My iPhone app (Free. Activate panoramic mode I'd heard about this one. This is how it worked for me: "Slri." Fun fact: Nearly 100% of your friends will pretend not to know you if you talk like this in public. When you retype a command. and proceed as if you'd spoken it. you can activate a "panoramic view" by double tapping on the screen.tj. try it! Set up your relationships Siri has the ability to "know" who your relatives are so you can simply say. Siri will know this is "You. some of your messages will sound like stream of consciousness essays that the recipient will likely not decipher. You'll see a gray icon on the bottom left with a circular arrow. and then tell her about your relationships. it doesn't work for pictures. or wipe all its data if it is lost or stolen. Siri will re-read your edited message. Manually edit Siri's messages You can manually edit Siri's mistakes by scrolling up until you see your previous command and tapping on the mistranslation. However. "How is the leather today?" But. you don't want to sound like a robot. Tap Settinqse-Generab-Sirb-Mv Info. you can activate Find My iPhone (it also works with the iPad and Mac). send a message to my wife that says.fiUthy screen by flipping the switch on the side of your device. tap and hold the link to the document. understand the command. Tap it to lock and unlock the orientation. when you plug that cable in. iPhone Life March-April 2012 33 . only video. app2. you can tell Siri something like. You'll immediately see the black bars along the top and bottom of the image. If you have several iDevices in your household. Happy reading! Open PDF files with iBooks It's easy to forget that iBooks also works as a PDF reader. Just double-tap the Home button and swipe the lower row of icons towards the right.' she understood perfectly. The PDF will be saved to your device under the iBooks app.

You can ask. <!> .. tap the Reply icon and select Print. You can answer calls. and he writes and speaks about mobile technology. The only way to work around this is to actually visit the site through Safari. Create folders It's a newbie tip. It turns out that the iPad does indeed charge". and climbing mango trees. tap on Desktop version.buttons. hang up.Youcan contact him at alex@iphonelife. with Siri! First make sure whomever you're sharing the list with has an iCloud account. authenticity and creating a more inter-connected world. but a very useful one if you just got an Phone or iPad. Go to iCloud. photo.. but if you use your headset often. and through the Calendar. just incredibly slowly. This is easy in iOS 5.. there are apps that can do this. '_J~_ Alex Cequea is the Editor in Chief of iPhone life magazine. Here's a break down of the most common commands: Single Click: • Answer. Switch At a Location to the ON position. and the battery went from 5% to 30% by morning. just open the Reminders app. Enter their birthday and tap Done. To print a document. "Add mangoes to the Shopping List. Use Siri to share a shopping list Here's a cool way to keep your shopping list always updated". "Hey Siri. create a Reminders list called "Shopping" {or whatever you want to call it). You can't just tap and hold like everywhere else. and tap and hold the pictures like normal. To add someone's birthday to their contact info. or webpage. 34 iPhone Life March-April 2012 . r .iPad doesn't charge. tap on the plus sign to add a reminder. • Play/pause songs Double Click • Reject a call • Skip a song Triple Click • Play previous song Press Once and Hold • Activate SiriNoice Control • Hang up current call Press Twice and Hold • Fast forward song Press Three Times and Hold • Rewind Music You can also increase and decrease the volume of both calls and music with the headset's + and . you'll soon find yourself overwhelmed with pages of apps that are increasingly harder to find. they are super useful (especially while driving). Then. or swap between calls. Good enough for me! Print wirelessly If you have an AirPrint-enabled printer. Save images from Facebook The Facebook app doesn't make it easy to save images. Press the Home button when you're done creating folders.Then. To print an email. and it will open two new sets of options to turn on or off: On a Day and At a Location. Access people's birthdays easily Here's another cool Siri feature. Create a location-based reminder Sometimes you want to receive a reminder when you're leaving or arriving at a specific location. You can simply say.com. open Contacts> find the person you want> tap Edits-add field.' and your items will sync via iCloud with your significant other's. Control calls and music with your iPhone headset I always forget these commands. drag the app icon over another app. when isTim Cook's birthday?" and.. My brother left the iPad plugged in to the computer overnight. and It will bring up a set of options. Tap on the Remind Me tab. pause and play music. and you'll see a folder appear. simply tap and hold an app icon until they all start wiggllng. public speaking. but none with Siri. you can wirelessly print from your iPhone or iPad with a few taps. Now you're ready. and specify what type of reminder you would like. share the shopping list with the iCloud account of your significant other. To organize your apps into folders. He enjoys tennis.. provided you already have it recorded in your contacts. and scroll down to Birthday. Yes. type in your reminder and tap return.. He holds an MBA in Sustainable Business. sustainability. As you accumulate apps. Tap on the reminder again. tap the Action icon (looks like a rectangle with an arrow coming out) and select Print. and a message on the top right says "not charging:' This is apparently a big fat lie. send calls to voicemail and more. Your reminder will come in the form of a push notification. You can also edit the name of the folder.com. Siri will pull up his birthday info.

co. (1) OJ E ~ u c Q) "- OJ LU +oJ c.c +oJ o . +oJ QJ 0 > OJ X OJ ~ I -c w W CO I l- l £ 0' ~ ~ ] '0 -c l _g : '" ::> a...._.-c ._... !a- E QJ +oJ UJ C 'U :::J o .. X C OJ c ro .. e Z .

com/iphonelifemagazine). You can see their complete CES coverage at iphonelife. phones ran out of power. instead of abroad.you can watch their coverage on ourYouTube channel (youtube. and Imogen Webber at Zebra Media for filming the event .S. previewing the best gear to look out for in 2012. who tirelessly covered the event and filled our pages with Interesting products and news straight from the show. We would also like to thank Robbie Gongwer. There were 1. and we sent a brave team of bloggers to cover every inch. while others said that it didn't cost that much more to manufacture products in the U. Some attributed the trend to a collective effort to create more local jobs. What follows is an edited collection of their blogs. Feet suffered minor bleeding.86 million net square feet of exhibit space. was the overwhelming number of products that were made in the USA. and a change from last year's show. Special thanks go out to Todd Bernhard. and blogs were frantically posted. and Raphael Burnes. Enjoy! .The Consumer E ectronics Show Showcasing the Best Gear for 2012 Edited by Alex Cequea and Nina Benjamin his year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in LasVegas was the largest in the show's 44-year history. Either way. Nate Adcock. One noticeable trend. Mariam Daudi. Michael Carson. it's a trend to watch closely.com. Martyn Webber. David Averbach.

When you combine iRig MIX with the OJ Rig app.com) PureSoundTechnologies has created a remarkable earbud in ClarityOne.and mid-range audio CLARITY NE was bright and free of distortion.lQPc . Brilliant! Unique in its modern design and smooth. anti-tangle wires. imrnersrve sound. a mini mixing board that lets you scratch like a pro. This year they decided to turn one of these bases into an audio dock. usa.com) IK Multimedia specializes in cool music accessories and apps for iOS devices. and high-performance Bluetooth audio that connects to your iDevices. . including jukeboxes. and three sizes of custom silicone tips. com/music_section) IDAPT designs innovative. thanks to the revolutionary technology of the earbuds' PureSound Processor. (Nina BenJamin) rJwg\iQ h-A p r iI 2012 . featuring such clear sound and audio processing mojo that you might be convinced to shell out the necessary dough. My personal favorite was the iRig MIX. Pumping out the tunes were a 15W RMS subwoofer in the base of the helmet and two 7W RMS stereo speakers built into the top of the helmet. rich audio. .. universal bases that can charge multiple devices at the same time. . a built-in microphone with call-answer and call-end capabilities. (Nate Adcock) (PriceTBA. (Nate Adcock) iRig MIX ($99. featuring a robotic visor and blue LED-lit dock area. Though the bass response seemed a little thin (yet also less obnoxious)..com) Steepletone.l. Will fill the room With natural.philips. the IDAPT S1 features a built-in FM digital tuner. award-winning. Let the party begin! (Nate Adcock) Motorcycle Helmet Audio Dock (steepletone. letting it charge while it cranks out tunes. clarityoneaudio. the high. motorcycle enthusiasts. and includes a hoard of high-quality effects. Also featured was their OJ Rig app (free). rechargeable speaker with an aesthetically pleasing 36O-degree design and equally satisfying audio quality.99. this petite yet powerful device. ikmultimedia.com) A sleek. boasting four high-definition speaker drivers and !:j_8NSesR. tempo sync. or anyone looking to add a little personality or a splash of color to the home. You can dock your iDevice. and feature touch-sensitive track control. or stream your music using Apple's AirPlay wireless technology. a clock with a gentle wakeup function. . My favorite was the SHSS7 Motorcycle Helmet replica.. and more. a UK-based company showing at CES for the first time. You can charge up to three devices at the same time while simultaneously playing music from any of them. and other novelty or vintage-inspired designs. sexy speaker with crystal clear sound? We'll take it. (Nate Adcock) Philips Fidelio Sound Ring ($299. These buds use 8 ohms. The Fidelia SoundRing is a portable. These are great for kids.MUSIC TO YOUR EA~S Speakers & Accessories for Impeccable Audio IDAPT S1 ClarityOne Earbuds ($129. Mini Cooper models. a doubledeck mixer with a live turntable that lets you control the track samples.99. . as opposed to the typical battery-draining 16 or 32. you can unleash their full power and mix additional sounds and audio sources. Either way. had some of the coolest audio docks I've seen. pipe. idaptweb.

A portion of the proceeds of each case sale goes to Radio Shack's $5 million fund for Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation.com) When my phone ran out of power on the first day at CES. & More ($99.com) Ten One Design makes awesome accessories for your iOS devices. If you're in the market for a sleek. I had to awkwardly stand in a hallway for 20 minutes while my phone charged at an outlet. The case is available in assorted colors and is made in the USA. rokform. Ilike the sleek design and feel of the case. (Todd Bernhard) Magnus Magnetic Stand Third Rail Slim Case ($89. We have reviewed the Commuter Series before. Stands. water-resistant pouch. so you can easily stick the phone just about anywhere. minimalistic stand. They also sell a magnet insert. Sleek style.~ ~ ~~~~~!¥H'a(m FASHION MEETS FUNCTION Cool Cases. Second.com) Rokform has found a way to stand out with their Rokbed v3. you can also connect other devices to the battery pack to charge them. It is available in eight colors. But I was pleased to see that the Alfa aluminum case from EDGE Design features a polymer band that eliminates the hassle of taking the case apart and keeps the metal from touching the device and degrading the signal. in partnership with Radio Shack. so you can easily keep your phone on your wrist. and it comes with a clear. they came out with a specially labeled. while a super-streamlined silhouette takes your home office from so-so to sophisticated in no time. then this is definitely worth a look.com) Though there are some good-looking iPhone cases with aluminum components out there. the 1. and durable cases to protect your device.4-0z battery doesn't add too much bulk. they have a special mount called RMS (Remote Mount System) built in that lets you stick the phone on your dashboard (or wherever you use it most) and lock it in place. a rugged case that has several notable features. that is). and you don't have to attach it until you need it. The stand is made of light aluminum. The 1250mAh battery is removable. rugged. Strong magnets grip the iPad firmly.what's not to love? (Nate Adcock) Rokbed v3 Case ($39. Evenwhen attached. (Todd Bernhard) (Startingat $29. (Mariam Daudi) 38 iPhone Life MarCh-April (For iPad 2: $49."_"'-~"-j2012 . I've shied away from them because they often require special tools in order to insert or remove your phone.cornl OtterBox has a long history of making good looking.99. Bond had an iPad. Covers. "Livestrong" version of their Commuter Series case for the iPhone. and the silicone mid-layer and polycarbonate shell are as protective as ever. but adding the logo does make it look a little cooler. The Magnus is the stand I imagine James Bond might have on his desk (if Mr. First. otterbox. and it's nearly invisible when holding the iPad. That's when I decided to go search for a cool battery/case combo.95. tenonedesign. thirdrailmobility. Third Rail's Slim Case with Removable Smart Battery works really well and isn't bulky at ali. As a bonus. Lightweight yet strong. edqe-desiqn. the Alfa case offers great shock-absorbing protection. (Nate Adcock) "'--.95. This year they are releasing the Magnus Magnetic Stand. a good cause . there is a lanyard option. This year.

It comes in four colors. trading in the original mount design for a full leather case with sturdy Velcro backing. this beanbag-inspired holder dampens vibrations. braggables. while checking out the Vantage Point booth. (Todd Bernhard) Beanpad ($79. but the faux WetCroc is the most popular. Made for using your iPad 2 on uneven surfaces. and black(khaki. you know how frustrating It can be.a portion of their sales goes to support pediatric heart charities (also worth bragging about). and a common cause .They come in several colors: red/olive. which makes them more conductive. cocoa(aqua. All of these cases have two things in common: a clear pocket to insert the photo of your choice (hence the bragging).99.com have a line of iOS accessories that let you carry your gadgets in style and brag about your loved ones atthe same time!The iBrag iPad Case is a portfolio-style case that fits both the iPad and iPad 2.com) The nice folks at Braggables. I overheard a teacher commenting that it would be great for her class. since Ag ISthe symbol for Silver.com) If you've ever tried to use a touch screen while wearing gloves. They are knit with real silver. pinklkiwi. in fact. They feature a glove liner that keeps your hands toasty while stili allOWing you to use your device. making it great for avid screen typists. but not lose the ability to use your iPhone or iPad. It also looks super kid-friendly.95.com) The new Beanpad Portfolio by Vantage Point is even more lightweight and easy to use than last year's Beanpad.~~~ragcase ~ ($49. You want to keep your hands warm.The Agloves happily solve that problem. The name? Well. Agloves. (Mariam Daudi) ~ ~ Agloves ($17. They have several faux animal skin versions. (Mariam Daudi) .agloves. whether they're curled up on the couch or bumping along in the backseat of a car. thinkvp. the company decided to Incorporate It In the name as well Thus.

com) Leading RCA:slineup of power accessories at CES was the innovative. scosche. Spanish..yiM9~~6l"~ljltt:!cfIt=!~dsfree Assistant service. . and Tweets with your voice ne Lif. and a big rotary button for easy access.99. car chargers with no-tangle ribbon cables.com) Safe Plug is an outlet kit that can help you to reduce your home energy consumption by up to 30%. audiovox. from BlueTrek. and more. (Nina Benjamin) ~ CES ~ ~ \I) ~ AWAR[) ~'1 \vINN~R l Scosche backSTAGE pro II ($179.. and a battery status view right on your iPhone screen. which I imagine you are. iPods.0 lends ultra-quickconnectiontime. (Mariam Daudi) ($19. Facebook posts. 3: w (Kits starting at $69. video. then this is a great way to save money over the long run. the SuperTooth HD offers spectacular features so you can socialize while remaining focused on the road.Chargers. Just clip it to your visor and talk to your heart's content (while avoiding a ticket!). Road trips just got a lot more bearable! (Nina Benjamin) SuperTooth HD ($129. thus preventing the possibility for shocks and minimizing fire risks. you name it. lightweight (5. secure way to do just that.95. thanks to its rugged.The SafePlug kits only allow electricity to flow when a device is plugged in using their special tags. charge it.9 grams). The backSTAGE pro II from Scosche offers a safe. It features speedy charging for iPhones. emails.net) _!\ Y{_ARD WI Touted as the most powerful Bluetooth speakerphone on the market. If you're constantly charging your iDevices. and kitchen. rubberized textures. supertooth. (Nina Benjamin) . a lightweight (and light on the pocketbook) gadget no home or office should be without. Other features include four different earbud sizes. (Todd Bernhard) c « o 0:: w ::J: I- Bluetooth Headsets & Vehicle Gadgets for Safe Cruising BlueTrek Carbon ($69. presents a refreshing (and long-overdue) shift from their traditional (read: practical but boring) line of black and gray power accessories. featuring products that could easily find a home at the Museum of Modern Art. There are kits available for the bedroom. It includes a USB port and a soft pouch for safe storage. bluetrek. is the world's first carbon fiber Bluetooth headset. crash-test-approved aluminum construction. for putting the fun back in function. Cables & Power Accessories to Keep You Connected W I __ ~ o w w e. while Noise Lock™ provides wind and echo cancellation. Bright colors. eliminating the need for an over-the-ear hook (good news for glasses-wearers!). allowing you to literally Plug and Play. '{-shaped adapters that eliminate multi-cable tangling. home office. detach it. Bluetooth 3.99. Remarkably comfortable. voice alert in English. Equipped with dual microphones. safeplug. and funky names add pizzazz to this innovative collection. 1YLT. . notebooks. this superhero of a speakerphone stands above the rest Nf R in its ability to send SMS messages. Thanks. a removable pen clip for easy wear. there's no reason passengers shouldn't be able to enjoy hands-free viewing on their favorite device while lounging in the back.com) Carbon. thereby saving you money every month. this award-winning headset raises the bar for future models. and nearly unbreakable.. and more.com) Technocel's new product line. II gaming devices. and it automatically turns off "always-on" and "vampire" loads. With a plethora of audio.. resulting in wonderfully clear sound for both the caller and receiver. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? (Nina Benjamin) • Tylt Power Accessories (tylt. noise-cancelling technology. iPads. Technocel. and gaming features available on the iPad 2. or Mandarin.1YLT offers charging blocks with integrated cables. it identifies inefficient electrical equipment.99. 5W twin speakers.com) o Z Backseats aren't just for watching DVDs anymore. It has three main functions: it measures electrical consumption by appliance. ::J: ISafePlug Kit II • II • o I0:: o e. Tilt it. It converts any standard dual AC power outlet into a USB outlet within a matter of seconds. award-winning USB Wall Plate Charger.I RCA USB Wall Plate Charger e.

Their app replaces Safari with a web-filtering browser (based on 18 categories) that includes Safe Search. The app that enables the functionality of the board comes free with each GameChanger purchase. you know it can be a hassle. us._ EXCITING EXTRAS Innova t lve · Apps Clever Home Accessories. no wires. so you wake up feeling alert and wellrested. We've all had it happen .. store. HzO has come up with an ingenious solution called WaterBlock. (Mariam Daudilphone Life March-April 2012 . Young people are often easy targets. then wakes you up during the lightest part of your sleep cycle. so if you want to protect your family from online threats. (Mariam Daudi) xPrintServer ($149.~~~~~~. And as for corporate use . In addition to tracking play. a device roughly the size of an iPhone that detects network printers and makes them available to iOS devices. Not only could WaterBlock change the way we interact with our phones (imagine talking on your iPhone while you're in a pool or hot tubl). No apps. as a single xPrintServer can support 7 to 10 printers (and thousands of different models from all the leading brands). you may be interested in NetNanny's upcoming iOS services (coming in March 2012). beyond impractical. but it's ideal for the office.lantronixcom) If you've ever tried printing from your iPhone or iPad to your home printer. netnanny.com) The Renew Sleep Clock by Gear 4 is an innovative new alarm clock that not only knows when you're sleeping. a drop into the toilet. (Nate Adcock) GameChanger ($59. allowing use of your device even when submerged under water in the event of a car or boating accident. HzO is hoping that..99. the iPad asks questions and assigns tasks. reports. just plug and print! At $150. boardgamedhanger. (Todd Bernhard) NetNanny (Price TBA. but better. It is recommended for ages six and up.99. Enter the xPrintServerfrom Lantronix. NetNanny has a to-veer history of helping families with computer-related risks.95. Two additional games will be available in April 2012. the iPad interacts with the 48 pressure fields and comes to life. profanity masking. waterproof nano-coating that provides an invisible layer of protection over vital circuitry .a spilled glass of water. a thin.gear4.and all of a sudden. custom categories. but enables you to track your sleep patterns with an app on your iOS device. wouldn't result in much of a price increase for end users. and age-based profiles. but it has the potential to save lives. they maintain. you name it . and the ability to create white lists and blacklists. phone manufacturers will include this cutting-edge technoloqv in the production process.com) The GameChanger is an app-based accessory that turns into a living game board with the help of the iPad.com) A lot of parents falsely assume their kids are safer online because they mostly use their cell phones to browse the web. since WaterBlock isn't directly available to consumers. it is not for every home user. & More . protection from the inside out. GameChanger comes with six games (they are skins that you place on top of the board). (Mariam Daudi) Renew Sleep Clock ($199. our beloved device is out of commission. The ability to compare data over time allows you to adjust your sleeping habits in order to sleep not just longer. When you put the playing pieces on the board.basically. which. The full suite includes remote administration. It measures your breathing rate and movement with a non-contact sensor.

adonit. because of its Bluetooth connectivity. trying to keep the screen angled in a way that wouldn't make the keyboard slide downward proved to be a balancing act. If the hinges where the case shell clips onto the keyboard mount could be manually tightened. I've chosen to highlight some of the most diverse keyboard options available for the iPad today. The half-width keyboard also keeps the weight down compared to other cases. for iPad 2: $99. As it stands. Alas. it also works for the iPad. while others stand alone. The Adonit Writer is one of the smallest. one of these may be ideal for your digital lifestyle. The keys are spaced just right and have the same action as keyboards found in Apple laptops. Apple's Wireless model is missing the iPad Home Button key. this reduction in keyboard size worked against me. But if it's on a table without any vertical surface to rest it against. com/keyboard) **** ADONIT WRITER (For iPad: $79. but this roundup is by no means complete. apple. As my digital lifestyle shifts more and more toward using the iPad as an important communication portal. BY MIKE RILEY many things I like about the iPad. lightweight iPad or iPad 2 keyboard/case combination that almost succeeds. however. but the keyboard slides teo often. Depending on the task and working environment. most attractive Bluetooth keyboard cases in this roundup. APPLE WIRELESS KEYBOARD ($69. closing apps and returning to the home screen can all be done incredibly efficiently with a home key on the keyboard. It is small. the iPad home button is essential due to its basic functions. most other keyboards are just variations on the design themes presented here.j·H#ii. it is not the best solution for heavy users. lightweight. However. Compared to dedicated iPad keyboards. It's too bad that Apple's keyboard can't be smart enough to recognize when it's connected to an iPad and remap a function key as the home button. this could have been an Editor's Choice. If you're using it mainly in a cramped airline seat. THERE RRE then the slippage in the pivot could be avoided. the Adonit Writer is an attractive. but the on-screen keyboard IS not one of them. Apple's Wireless Keyboard was intentionally designed for the Mac Mini. but I can't help feeling like I'm boxed in when I use it. my need for faster and more accurate typing increases. If it hadn't been for that problem. the screen can rest on the seat back in front of you. Here I have identified some of the best portable Bluetooth keyboards available for iPad and iPad 2 users. and pleasantly tactile. 42 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . Some are designed into cases. I have tried to train myself to become more proficient with its virtual keyboard. Switching between apps. but since it's missing a Home button.net) *** The AdonitWriter is small and attractive. I had a hard time keeping the keyboard from sliding from the weight of the iPad pushing down on it. be prepared for a game of slip 'n slide.."Hil#. However. Apple's Wireless Keyboard can connect to the iPad. Unfortunately. Instead. effectively turning the iPad into a clamshell laptop. this omission knocks this otherwise fine product out of the running for any serious iPad keyboard enthusiast. iMac and Mac Pro computers. Like the Windows key on a Windows-centric keyboard.99.99. eliminating the slippage problem.

with a 70 hour operating time and an impressive 100-day standby time. since it has a rich. This keyboard material does a better job at keeping the iPad's display from getting marked up by the more rigid plastic alternatives. kensington.99. screenfriendly cloth along with these cases couldn't be that much more expensive. but it fails to deliver overall. and the keyboard action has a good (though not great) feel.com) Belkin's Keyboard Folio has a rich. the Kensington KeyFolio does hit a sweet spot of good design for a good price. the angle.trld#i"H#:h' BELKIN KEYBOARD FOLIO (iPad 2 only: $99. belkin. and it would go a long way toward preventing dirty. While better Bluetooth keyboards exist. Logitech! ($79. . distinct feel to it.I. and the price are just right. From the specially designated home key to the unobtrusive battery level indicator. the Logitech Tablet Keyboard really nails it. Logitech channeled their extensive experience with making PC keyboards into a product that immensely satisfies any keyboard-seeking iPad user. While not as high quality as some of its competitors. and hits all the right marks. it is sized to match the iPad's dimensions. logitech. Out of all the keyboards designed for the iPad.com) **** The KeyFolio strikes the right balance between design and price. If you're interested in an iPad keyboard. The logitech Tablet Keyboard is comfortable and versatile. the quality. the extra cost obviously went into the quality of the keyboard. The case supports both the iPad and iPad 2 and does a good job propping up both models in the landscape orientation. the Logitech Tablet Keyboard hits all the marks. Including a soft. Nice job. finger oil-painted keys from stamping keyboard outlines on the iPad screen. The keyboard has the typical 4-hour charge time. and the hard-shelled sleeve that houses the keyboard is made of plastic instead of padded leather.99. The plastic case was also sturdier and didn't flex when typing. **** economically pleasing and functional products in this roundup. this is not a keyboard/case combo. But the fact that it services the iPad and iPad 2 in landscape and portrait modes via a full-sized keyboard (sans the number pad) makes it one of the most versatile and comfortable wireless keyboards for iPad owners. the flexibility. the feel. The only drawback to this and a lot of other Bluetooth keyboard/case combos is the lack of a protective cloth between the keyboard and the iPad screen. but also give the keyboard a slightly cheapened feel. distinct feel. The case also does an effective job of snugly wrapping the iPad in a nice. The rubberized keys seal out any accidental coffee spills. compact package. Given how bulky some of these keyboard/case combinations can be. Admittedly. iPhone Life March-April 2012 43 . the Kensington KeyFolio succeeds at delivering form and function in an economical way. The weight. It has keys optimized for the iPad experience. it's the combination of keyboard and case that makes the Kensington model one of the most (For iPad 2 only: $129. While a bit more expensive than competing products.com) Belkin's Keyboard Folio (for iPad 2 only) is the first real contender in the iPad Bluetooth keyboard/case category.99.99. and you don't care if it is attached to an iPad case. Thumbs up! ***** ($69. logitech.com) *** The Logitech Fold-Up features a neat keyboard trick.

However. where the benefits of a QWERTY keyboard and speed of data entry beat the pants off anyon-screen simulation equivalents. And while the keyboard does indeed fold up. In addition. **** ($104.iConnectivity. and even lock the device straight from the keyboard. we continue to live in a digital age. the Fold-Up Keyboard is an iPad 2-only product. You can reach him at mike@mikeriley. rather than rely on a secondary case or mini-easel to make it stand up. but buying an iPad case like Case Logic's iPad Attache (read my review at iphonelife. The final sticking point is the price . I suspect this keyboard may be more popular among the iPhone crowd due to its compact size and the fact that the iPhone doesn't necessarily require a propping mechanism. but getting everything aligned and snapping into place takes a few tries. you can adjust the brightness. First.com) No keyboard is perfect. verbatim.com 44 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . Verbatim's design suffers from the crease in the middle where the keyboard folds. physical keyboards like these will continue to provide the data entry path of least resistance. I'm not a lead-fingered typist.com or following him on Twitter@mnley" Verbatim'S keyboard can fold into a small package and includes useful key functions specific to iDS devices. fullsized keyboard in a small package. it folds up underneath the display rather than covering it to protect the iPad's glass front. Until Siri comes to the iPad with a 99.99% voice dictation accuracy rating. But. perhaps that's why Apple opted to remove a physical keyboard from the iPad altogether. MIDI. C> Mike Riley is a long-time technology enthusiast and author of Programming Your Home. PC. would still cost less than this high-priced Fold-Up Keyboard. When the puzzle is assembled. published by Pragmatic Bookshelf. Instead of touching the screen to perform routine functions. The transformation from disassembled. But unlike the other keyboards in this roundup. Well. iPad. com). considering the cost of this keyboard. filtering. leaving it up to the typist to figure out how to safely stabilize the iPad. iConnectMIDllmconverged MIDI interface For IPod touch. I had high hopes for their upscale Fold-Up Keyboard. the connection points can be susceptible to breaking up during an intense typing session.nearly twice the cost of the Tablet Keyboard that I liked so much. iCoooectivity $ www. Verbatim's solution doesn't offer a way to prop up the iPad. Mac. compact sections into a fullsized interlocking keyboard (minus the number pad) is a neat trick. Those of you. Verbatim's Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard was designed for those discerning iPad users who prefer a tactilely pleasing. need a faster solution for entering data. I suppose this keyboard might appeal to those iPad owners who hate carrying an unattached keyboard.Given the glowing experience I had with the Logitech Tablet Keyboard. but I know people capable of demolishing this keyboard after a few days of key jabbing. MIDI thru. THE FUTURE IS NOW. unlike theirTablet Keyboard. like the Logitech Fold-Up keyboard. Unfortunately. play back audio. bring up the Home screen. iPhone. but the plastic shell encasement cheapens the experience. I can deal with that as long as it fits the iPad 2 like a nylon stocking. it would have been nice to at least have the option of a third fold-out panel with a lip that could hook and hold the iPad in place. Fine. However. like me. it does fit the contour of the iPad 2 nicely. merge. Twelve ports with extremely low latency. This isn't a problem as long as the surface is flat and sturdy. combined with a Logitech Tablet Keyboard. Conflgurable routing. USB and DIN MIDI bridging. who have elevated the iPad from a consumption device to a multi-purpose computing device. the keyboard sports a number of special function keys that help keep your fingers on the keyboard longer. it stumbles out of the gate with a few issues.

Notes: When those small inspirations happen during a presentation. that you don't have the clicker to bring up the visual punch line. or that great idea strikes in the shower.Featured iUser: 'Ban7J'1nakr Age: 64 Location: Corona. Besides. he just can't figure out what it is. in the midst of your opening story. Reminders: There's nothing like discovering. Map: I spend my life in strange cities. Videos: When the CEO sitting next to me on the plane asks me what I can do for his company. if I could just figure out why hotels that are never cooler than 68 degrees have a bed quilt appropriate only for an arctic expedition. Newsstand: If you want to stay successful as a speaker. sometimes I'm not quite sure just what it is I do. CA One-line bio: There's a reason why Barry Maher is considered one of country's leading keynote speakers. a "portable" the size and weight of a suitcase full of concrete. It couldn't even dream of doing what any of these apps can do. sound checks I've got to attend and. I need to get in down in black and white as soon as possible. it's not a bad idea to actually show up for that keynote speech I've been preparing for. Sometimes dreams do come true. I can plan just how I'll modify my presentation to take full advantage of it. Calendar: I've got flights I've got to catch. Clock: Is it too late to call that client in Muscat? iTunes: When I was young. you need to stay on top of everything. and the rental car doesn't know the way. If I can see a shot of the meeting room before I ever arrive. It had 64k of RAM and two 195k floppy drives. iPhone life March-April 2012 45 . The iPhone does. showing him a highlights video is far more powerful than just trying to tell him. Weather: How am I going to pack for Tuesday in Palm Beach and Wednesday in Poughkeepsie? Now. I used to dream of being able to carryall my music with me. App Store: My first computer was a Kaypro. oh yes. ~ ~fI \j Photos: Planning a session is about being on top of the details.

This feature alone is a big reason to recommend the headset. More importantly.n fyou're frequently on the go. Unfortunately (and in direct contrast to the earbuds).Bluetooth Audio 3 Great Picks by Jason D'Aprile @iStodq:)i"lcto. the actual mono headset audio is of a noticeably lesser quality. though this feature is sadly lacking on the iOS side. The first two picks are a pair of Bluetooth headsets from Samsung. letting you easily switch from talk to stereo listening. the ability to pair with multiple devices. these amenities can make a big difference in your quality of life.comJMO:1oI1BIBlBclcbt. and voice prompting for hands-free control. This Samsung unit offers plenty of bells and whistles for a bargain price. it even has an app to control it. Both feature unique and innovative design features that are sure to appeal to different users. the fidelity of the stereo earbuds is excellent. We've seen many of these iOSfriendly devices over the years. then Bluetooth audio devices have probably become integral in your day-to-day life. Whether it's a reliable headset to use while driving or a decent pair of compact speakers.especially since the street price of the HM3700 is a steal at around $30. Amazon. For Android users. while the stereo headset will suck the juice up about an hour sooner. but a few goodies came across our desks recently that are worth a look. since the headset syncs and works just fine with any Bluetooth device. as 46 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . Sam sung's Modus HM6450 and WEP 870). The talk quality isn't bad enough to discount the unit by any means.99. The HM3700 offers some other nice bells and whistles. however. Samsung HM3700 ($28. I it's previously only been seen in higher-end headsets (namely.com) The Samsung HM3700 has the terrific addition of a microUSB stereo headset that plugs right into the main Bluetooth headset. including dual-mic noise reduction. Talk-time battery life is around five hours. It's not too much of a loss. It all charges through a standard micro-USB port.

iHome has released the iDM15 portable Bluetooth stereo speakers. Padvance. These handy little speakers come in a small box (about 4x3x6 inches) that travels easily.com) For times when you want to veg out in private but don't want the hassle of sticking things in your ears. but the case allows you to charge it for another two or so uses. the HM3700 might seem a bit pricey. The noise reduction is excellent.On the Go tH.com) The Samsung HM7000 is more business-like in looks and doesn't come with a stereo headset. and the audio quality packs a decent punch for the size. enabling the headset to keep charging even when no outlets are nearby. the included USB cable also splits off to a mini-plug. The headset has about four hours of constant talk time. this is one of the best sounding and most feature-laden headsets on the market. movies. but the quality and features make it worth the price. and entertainment for the last three decades. among others. but both Samsung headsets at least offer interchangeable speaker cushioning to adapt to whatever ear size you might have. but it does include a small travel case containing a built-in battery. what impressed us the most is the exceptional audio quality. The iOM15 also supports speakerphone usage for voice and video chatting. gaming. At just under $100. The headset is sleek and fairly low profile. and PlayStation: the Official Magazine. The left speaker gets powered through a standard (and included) mini-plug audio cable. The storage box lid has a slot on the top for holding your iPad. movies. and music. iPhone Life March-April 2012 47 . When not wrestling the iPad away from his preschooler or wife. Comfort for any of these in-ear sets is always an iffy thing. but it's worth the cost. the iOM 15 has decent bass and provides a good listening range for games. Blastmagazine. there are certainly a bevy of cheaper speakers out there. only the right speaker charges. and other handy features as the HM3700.. and call quality for both the talker and listener are superb.The speakers are charged through a standard micro-USB port.. and it's great for travelers who want decent sound without compromising precious cargo space. For travelers in particular. <!> • . For non-Bluetooth usage. but you generally get what you pay for. While these certainly won't replace more advanced full-range speakers. ihomeaudio. so you can use the speakers with virtually any source.com. Jason covers games.com. Listing at $100. though it's certainly not the smallest headset around.jjjjlHjihr Samsung HM7000 ($93. iHome has managed to pack a surprising amount of sound in a tiny package here.com. Jason D'Aprile has been writing about tech. Amazon. These speakers are very portable. but we found the box to be too unstable to reliably hold the tablet securely. Syncing to your iPad or iPhone is simple. text-to-speech. iHome iDM15 ($99. While most Bluetooth headsets offer the same top-notch voice controls. and uses voice cancellation technology to prevent unseemly echoing. though oddly. The HM7000 may seem pricey. and the sound quality packs a decent punch. and gadgets for Slidetoplay.

however. and I can see most people confusing it for just another iPhone case. The color choices are nice. it's a solid case that delivers in a big way when it counts. and packs an impressive amount of power. mophie. it also seems to double the size of your iPhone. though! ***~ ****i Solar Powered A-Solar Power Pack http://www. This case is a decent solution for users who want a little extra kick for their battery life without extra bulk.95. while it may double your iPhone's battery life.6g **** Mophie Juice Pack Air This case is slick. and you want the battery to last as long as possible. PowerSkin T two hours.com) Power capacity: 1600mAh Weight: 90grams **** 48 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 .OCfY\I\JlTAA. This is pretty much the only downside.com) Power Capacity: 2000mAh Weight: 81. which remain well-hidden when you're not charging and only appear when you press the power button. has good shock absorption.com) Power Capacity: 2100mAh Weight: 79g This case manages to fit a serious amount of power into a slim. power-skin.eu/ ($77.com) Power Capacity: 1500 mAh Weight: 71g This case is the lightest in terms of weight.. It says it can double your if'hone's battery life.a-solar. The Elite can fully charge your iPhone in about ($79. Here are some of the best out there. and fast-charging unit. chargeit247.GENERIC here are probably two things you care about most when you first start using the iPhone: You don't want it to break. and it features two small slots in the front that help with sound quality. PhoneSuit Elite ($79. and it takes roughly five hours to charge the case itself. Unfortunately. However. The clean design carries through to the status LED lights.99.5 Great iPhone Cases (that also charge your battery) by Alex Cequea e. they are absolutely right. phonesuit. and as far as I can tell. ($69. it has a hard time competing with the equally priced (but thinner and more powerful) PhoneSuit Elite. It's impressive. All in all.Slo:kpllclO. so power users are going to have to decide whether this much extra power is worth the extra bulkiness. including some solar-powered solutions. but it also has the least amount of power. It is almost as thin as the PhoneSuit Elite.95. Using a case that's ALSO a battery charger is a no-brainer. good-looking.

but its power capacity is greater than the Power Pack's. but you'll need to be careful since it doesn't offer a lot of protection from bumps and scratches. You can also charge the unit through AC power or via a USB connection. Flipswap your iPhone or iPad to help pay for it Yup.-ad#i'·H#:!j' The A-Solar Power Pack has a 5. mysolarlife. from mysolarlife. and climbing mango trees.The case charges with sunlight and just natural daylight if you're indoors.com. Shipping Isfree & payment arrives 2-3 weeks after you send it in_ iPhone Life March-April 2012 49 . **** to get the Tra • one FOR LESS! In The iPhone 5 iscoming. <!> . The case doesn't really offer much front side protection for your iPhone. This case works best for keeping your iPhone juiced while doing outdoor activities. but with the added bonus of solar power. tainable Business. Flipswap has an A+ rating with the BBB.. it takes 3-4 hours to charge the iPhone. authenticity and creating a more inter-connected world. The Power Packalso includes a protective screen cover for your iPhone. public speaking... It'sthat simple. You can contact him at alex@iphonelife. is a cool little unit.com) Power capacity: 2000mAh Weight: 79grams The iSolarPlus charger.. Alex Cequea is the Editor in Chief of iPhone Ufe magazine. but comparable in weight to the other non-solarpowered chargers.5V mini solar panel that can charge fully through sunlight in 10-14 hours. The price is similar to the previous battery-charging cases..com . iSolarPlus ($89. He holds an MBA in Sus. tenns . and he writes and speaks about mobile technology.uSlainability. He enjoy. Once the case is fully charged. The only downside is the weight: it's the heaviest case featured in this article. It's a little bulky.

This feature is only available when streaming from your computer. 50 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . it's a lot easier to connect your device to a speaker. I wrote about a new technology called Apple AirPlay. especially at lower price points. and iTunes on your computer. as long as they are on the same wireless network. which takes a while and is a bit of a hassle. which means. The final advantage of Bluetooth is that it doesn't require Wi-Fi. AirPlay is still very new. but it isn't rocket science. It's also important to know that almost every AirPlay speaker also allows you to plug your device directly into it. Bluetooth only works when the device is less than 30 feet away. Hopefully. With AirPlay. o you still dock your iPhone to your speakers? If so. Setup can be a bit cumbersome. you might as well be living in the dark ages. Finally. and speakers. you can play music from multiple speakers. You can use AirPlay to stream movies. As mentioned earlier. the nicer the router. causing your music to cut out. For people who may want to stream from software other than iTunes. photos. Bluetooth technology can also connect your device to your speakers. The biggest challenge with AirPlay is its instability. you have to pair with the device. The sound quality is noticeably better. but the drops seem to be a universal problem right now. not just Apple devices. and there are more Bluetooth speakers to choose from. You should be playing music within 30 minutes of opening the speakers. Each speaker company has its own system for connecting speakers to Wi-Fi. the less likely it is to crash. but it's annoying to have to reconnect to the speaker and restart your music. and some of the bugs have not yet been worked out. and others make you connect the speakers to your computer. so if Wi-Fi is not available. Apple is using the technology to wirelessly stream media between iOS devices. In last year's March-April issue. First you have to connect your speakers to your wireless network. There are several advantages and disadvantages to each technology. Android (gasp!). this can sometimes crash your router. it doesn't compress your music. It is so liberating to be able to stream music from your pocket as you walk around the house. It also means that every time you want to play music. or God forbid. Apple will fix this bug soon. Apple Tv. It makes it easy to switch from playing music from your iPhone to playing music from your iPad (or any other Apple device). BLUETOOTH Airplay is not the only technology that allows you to stream music between your device and your speakers. This means you can connect to your speakers outdoors or in the car. SETUP Airplay speakers are not plug and play like regular speakers. it's important that you have a high-quality router. Obviously. The router usually comes back up in a matter of seconds. Airplay lets you connect to a speaker from any distance. The frequency of the dropout depends on what kind of router you have.THE BEST GEAR AIRPLAY SPEAKERS Because docking is so 2011 by David Averbach BlUETOOTH The biggest advantage to Bluetooth is the price. Another big advantage is connectivity. you can always use it as a normal speaker. A new technology is taking over that makes docking your iPhone (or iPad) obsolete. This means that you can only play music from one speaker at a time. AIRPLAY SPEAKERS After a year of waiting. iPod touch. AirPlay allows you to stream data between devices using WiFi. Bluetooth technology is cheaper than AirPlay. music. this is a big deal. and even games from your iOS device and your Apple lV. the first speakers featuring AirPlay technology have finally come to market. Some use iPhone apps. they take a while to set up. One of the coolest things about AirPlay is that if you have more than one AirPlay speaker. You can also stream between your Apple device and AirPlay-ready speakers. Another advantage of Bluetooth is that you can connect it to any device. AirPlay speakers can be controlled by your iPhone. iPad. AirPlay uses lossless streaming. your music will be dropping frequently. AIRPLAY VS. AirPlay also lets you play from multiple speakers. Bluetooth pairs one device to one speaker. AIRPLAY The biggest advantage of AirPlay is sound quality. unlike Bluetooth. If it isn't a good router. Streaming music over Wi-Fi uses an extremely large amount of bandwidth.

particularly at low volumes. However. including some cheaper models. your prayers have finally been answered. but they are not as impressive as some other speakers in that price range that do not include AirPlay. making it simple to carry from room to room. but if sound quality is your only concern. However. ($599. These speakers have a beautiful. and they are packed with features. which also rock). "I wish my speakers were covered in cashmere"? If so. minimalist design. The iWls have great sound.it's great! The speakers sound bigger than they actually are and have a surprisingly nice bass. especially at high volumes. and the sound distorts slightly at high levels.The speakers feature Bongiovi Acoustics (not to be confused with Bon Jovi acoustics. As you would expect at this price point. which means they aren't available to connect via Airplay without ~T \ j~ **** I Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air JUST THE BEGINNING AirPlay technology is the future. 2 davida@iphonelife. The speakers have a beautiful. industrial design. they have a classy chrome handle. the iWl s are a great choice. Conclusion: If you want AirPlay speakers that don't break the bank. The first AirPlay-readyspeakers are relatively expensive. the Libratone Live does not have quite as good sound quality. there are many more models coming to market soon.trldjjl'Hj:!jr SPEAKERS REVIEWED Here are some recommendations for Airplay speakers. Conclusion: These speakers are easy to use (especially with the app) and take the award for best-looking speakers on the market. However. ihomeaudio. In the next couple of years. In addition to being covered in cashmere. The unusually tall triangular shape of the speakers was designed to fill a room and play music in 360 degrees. The other unique thing about these speakers is their sound. One other minor annoyance is that the speakers go idle after a few hours. The speakers easily dock and undock.com) Have you ever thought to yourself. libratone. The Zeppelin Air is one of the most unique-looking speakers I've ever seen. It looks more like a football than a sound system.S. The speakers also have an accompanying app that allows you to customize their sound to any room. enjoys ackpacking David b andultimate risbee. iHome iW1 ($299. **** **** Libratone Live ($699. They also had the first luxury iPhone/iPod speakers (the original Zeppelin).com) The iWl is one of the most affordable AirPlay speakers on the market. despite being more expensive than the Zeppelins. I recommend you invest in AirPlay-enabled speakers.com iPhone Life March-April 2012 51 . The Scandinavian company Libratone has finally started importing their highend speakers to the U. worthy of your Apple products and a space on your shelf. the sound quality on these lower-end AirPlay speakers is a little bit sacrificed. the shape of the speakers prevents them from having clear stereoseparated sound.com) ~ Bowers & Wilkins (formerly B&W) were the first I'll to bring AirPlay speakers to market. so that you don't get left behind as the technology develops. the sound is clear and crisp. we will start to see a plethora of AirPlay-enabled speakers coming to market. walking over and waking them up (which kind of defeats the purpose of AirPlay). bowers-wilkins. the bass becomes a little flat. At high volumes. has F David traveled toover 0 countries. While the technology is still maturing. then these are the speakers for you. They are also one of the only AirPlay speakers that have a rechargeable battery. Inaddition toall things iPhone. the bass in the speakers is a little weak. They have good sound and great looks. The setup for the speakers was also more difficult than with other AirPlay speakers. Because AirPlay is such an expensive feature.The Bongiovi Acoustics equalize the bass and treble and improve the sound. ~ David verbach CEO andPublisher A isthe ofiPhoneLife. Conclusion: The Zeppelins don't have as many features as some speakers.

Notes: Quickest and easiest way to jot down thoughts when they pop into your head at random times. in my opinion.Featured iUser: ~lmff r~ T Age: 39 Location: Emeryville. 52 iPhone Life March-April 2012 . you can find a video on nearly everything. Youtube: I use it to watch videos of cats all day. Flashlig ht: Allows you to use your Camera flash as a flashlight. Yahoo and Gmail email accounts 24/7. Netflix: The Netflix app still has the best selection of streaming content. CA One-line bio: I am the Editor in Chief and President of TechBargains. and I think this is one of the best. which is critical given the hit-or-miss phone coverage with AT&T. Navigon: Helps me to not get lost. A GPS app with text to speech is a must have. com. You can see a Doppler radar map and get hourly info. Seriously. Messages: Helps me connect with friends quickly without having to make calls. Clock: The alarm keeps me from waking up at noon every day. HoldEm: This Texas Hold 'em game helps me practice my bluffing skills without having to worry about my poker tells. not just holidays. which is both fortunate and unfortunate. I re-watched the old-school cartoon Star Blazers the other day. Chase: It's the best banking app. Sometimes I wish I didn't check this app so often. On numerous occasions this has prevented ugly falls in dark rooms. a deal site that helps consumers find the best prices on technology gadgets. I use it to overdose on Christmas music at all times of the year. It actually allows you to deposit checks using your camera. Stocks: Best way to keep track of your portfolio in this crazy market. TechBargains. Pulse News: Aggregates my RSS feeds forTechBargains and more. Pandora: One of the best music apps ever invented. Goodbye ATMs! Monopoly: You can't beat this classic game for endless playability.com: Our web app allows me to keep track of the best technology product deals on the Internet at any given moment. Mail: Allows me to access myTechBargains. The Weather Channel: Much better than the standard weather app.

me/4273) In October of 2009. She is a professional triathlete.THE BEST RUNNING APPS BY SALLY EDWARDS here are now over 1. It has a pep talk feature to keep you motivated. According to support team member Manolis.me/42701. With 20 different features. this new running app provides a new feature: it uses both GPS and the built-in accelerometer. Be a Better Runner. If you like competition with your friends or against yourself. app2. Heart Rate Monitor GUidebook and the new book. Runtastic (Free. combined with the App Store's weak search features. you can really motivate people. add your interval workouts and let iSmoothRun guide you.me/4269). 17li__ iilI Sally Edwards is an athlete. along with your friend's workouts." Enjoy these fresh new features and innovative iPhone apps. app2. the developer of iMobilelntervals." Endomondo Sports Tracker (Free. and lifestyle living. Check out the Ghost Run feature.99. the app tracks your running rhythm using the built-in metronome. app reviewers often turn to the route of least resistance and avoid the new apps in favor of older apps like Nike+ ($1. app2. Jog Log {$. here are a couple of running apps that I really like: and more. In the last year.. which are supported by the Wahoo Fitness API. this might be the running app for you. California. You can use it for cycling. According to Jakob Nordenhof . logging. or if you follow a training plan... and entrepreneur. She'sone of America's leading experts in business. speaker. you can embed the widget .. It is the first app to integrate all the interoperable protocols known as ANT + and their sensors. check out this post (bit.me/42681.99. Endomondo Sports Tracker launched. Map· MyRun (Free. exercise science. unique. two new features have become popular: The ability to insert a dongle for adding a heart rate display and storing the data The ability to upload to social sites automatically or email results to share your workout with friends.ly/gEZjX3).. This proliferation of running apps. a member of the Triathlon Hall of Fame. when you couple fun and social in a meaningful way. app2.99.. app2.:_-_. app2..me/4271). Log Your Run {$2.me/4274) This app was first released in January 2010. Most running apps share the same core feature set: GPS with route views and elevation. and the IMional Spokeswoman for the TrekWomen's Triathlon Series. "iSmoothRun offers a set of features that are very advanced.. and Runmeter ($4. iMobilelntervals telemetry has a unique aspect: you can embed the telemetry widget anywhere you like. It also can use Facebook to notify your friends when and how to see your telemetry.lI·. which helps you become a better runner. makes it tough to choose one that fits most runners' needs. and your workouts.com. and it isn't limited only to running. She lives an active healthy lifestyle in Sacramento. It was also the first app with telemetry (now copied by others). it's fun to challenge yourself with it..99. This allows you to switch between the two automatically if you warm up indoors on a treadmill and then head outdoors for your workouts..000 running apps in the iTunes App Store.me/4272) Focused on providing runners with the best in its class. <!> ****"1 iMobilelntervals ****~ . I like to give newer apps a chance to gain some traction and buzz. The data is yours to easily export or store with Run Keeper (the online fitness community). hiking. on your team's website or personal blog. get auto-saved to the Endomondo. so you can track a friend's location during a run. and speed/distance/voice cues.. app2. According to Ransom Weaver. and when and how to see your workout results." ($4. iPhone Life March-April 2012 53 . Plus. The app has strong social features. they'll make your workouts more fun. app2. One of the features that I like the least is the voice cue about pace-it usually tells me I am slow.com site. " . from Tim Adam's blog at blog.indieiphonedev.me/2541. author.me/3103). shuffled music. so I just turn it off. and differentiate it from the average GPS tracker that can be found on the App store.99. app2. For those of you interested in a well-researched comparison chart of the established GPS enabled running apps. the free lite or fee versions. T Now that you know my favorite features.me/36511. ***** iSmoothRun ($5.. What I like the most is coached workouts during the run.Jenck from Endonomondo.99. RunKeeper {Free. The telemetry feature also shows your location and performance to your coach or to anyone you want to share this information with. skating. One of the features that I love in a running app is the inclusion of some form of motivation or inspiration. and you'll find it easier to stick to a running program for the rest of your life. and it has some cool new features. app2. It's a powerhouse app. Sheis also a best-selling authorwith more than 20 boeksand 500 articles on health and fitness including the popular book. That can come from a power song or a positive voice cue that isn't corny.

and ingredient list.me/2639. From there. T (Free. The rating tab has a "Would make it again" listing. make a restaurant reservation. "Lunches Kids Love. It's critical to create a free BigOven account in the app in order to take advantage of its many features. so I typed that in and was rewarded with 14 very different recipes. as most free food apps offer paid. app2. Whether you want to browse recipes. and there is an extensive body of reviews. keyword. **** Epicurious Large Recipe Databases Three key apps for large recipe databases are Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List. app2. An efficient way to tackle the adventure of loading up your iOS device with "go-to" culinary information is to start by making a list of your own food essentials.me/4027) BigOven contains a mega database of over 170. and step-by-step instructions.000 recipes. **** BigOven 54 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . and Allrecipes . or at a restaurant. including a recipe appropriate for diabetics.000+ Recipes BigOven. though. which is a helpful element. course. a classic French appetizer. and Self.Your Kitchen Inspiration." and "I Can Barely Cook. Gourmet.000 recipes. Each recipe page is visually simple to follow and includes an image of the dish. don't worry. it's all possible through the App Store for free. upgraded versions. If your cash is burning that proverbial hole in your pocket. You can search by title. take advantage of the developer's generosity and see if the following technoculinary tools might prove useful in your kitchen. it's overwhelming in scope and can easily lead to endless wandering in the aisles. or ingredient. 170. at the grocery store." are a few of the many category choices. that expand the app's capabilities. it's easy to search the App Store or Google for just the right item.he universe of food apps is as diverse as the food available on the shelves of the grocery megastores.me/2637) Epicurious has over 30." "I Cook Like a Pro. I wanted to make Gouqeres. find specifics on a particular cuisine. It relies on its users to continually expand the choices. or create a grocery list. many of them compiled from the archives of Conde Nast magazines Bon Appetite. iPad version: app2. (Free." "Vegetarian Mains. First.

me/4297) My favorite general recipe finder app is Punchfork. The number of calories per serving is also listed. Occasion. app2. list gluten-free ingredients. it's no wonder there is a plethora of apps that focus on food education. data was provided about the health benefits of almonds. app2. you can create a personalized profile of each dish you eat. grains. app2. These apps can improve our food knowledge and eating habits. Serious Eats. grocery stores. It also shows user ratings. Simple and direct. time needed to cook. and the ever-escalating cost of health care. and other products. The restaurants listed fall into one or more of the following categories: they have a gluten-free menu. The results include a food grade based on the fats. and protein content. exponential growth in cases of type 2 diabetes and other obesityrelated diseases.me/4300) Wild Edibles Lite is fairly limited. a link to the original post (hint: an Internet connection is critical).000 items.me/4294) This app lets the user scan product barcodes. and protein levels are displayed along with a bar graph showing your intake for a period of 7-30 days.t:'ii'. ***-j For Finding local Food Local food economies are one of the fastest-growing segments of the food market. harvest. and the opportunity to share the info in an email. fats. Epicurious. the next screen provides a list of ingredients. With it. Punchfork combines the ability to mine many of the top food sites and blogs for toprated and trending recipes.000 common items and 20. Locavore ***1 (Free. and more sustainably. along with what site it came from. app2. and David Lebovitz. The" More Like This" feature expands your choices once you've narrowed your search to a particular dish.000 restaurant foods. The app looks through sites like Smitten Kitchen. and other venues. or as a snack.me/4299) If you are concerned about what is in your food. **** All recipes GoMeals (Free. app2. They are powered by the need and desire to eat healthier. Method. including the serving size and whether the food was consumed at breakfast. and poor man's ***-. Wild Edibles lite (Free. comparable products. and prepare plants that might be growing in your yard. but it can be used by anyone tracking his or her eating habits. or accommodate people with this type of dietary restriction. *** Find Me Gluten Free *** iPhone Life March-April 2012 55 .me/4296) GoMeals has over 40. Using the browse feature. It also includes a comprehensive listing of farmer's markets. Learn to identify. True Food (Free. carbs. **** Punchfork (Free.me/4293) The Allrecipes app combines gorgeous design elements with more than 45. agritourism vacation spots. Thousands of food products contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Time. This app includes a shopper's guide featuring news stories about this issue and a detailed look at fruits. The app is comprised of items found at major restaurant chains. lunch. Food Education With 58 million overweight people in the United States. purslane. The main page highlights a photo of each dish. dinner. Use the menu bar at the bottom of the page to customize your recipe search through the available categories: Course. in-depth information about 20 easy-to-find edible plants. The app was specifically designed for diabetics.me/4295) Find Me Gluten Free is the perfect app if you are in unfamiliar surroundings and need a safe place to eat. (Free. like the common dandelion. and more.me/4298) Harvest to Hand includes farmer's market listings and data for community supported agriculture (CSA) programs. and Cuisine. app2. coffee shops. It also includes lists of manufacturers that do or do not use GMOs. carbohydrates. vegetables. Calories.lngredient. garlic mustard. 101 Cookbooks. special food events.lOU" (iPad only: Free. After you make a choice. fiber. beans.000 recipes submitted by users. Harvest to Hand (Free. then True Food from the Center for Food Safety is a key app to pick up. app2. and whether the dish is vegetarian or not. on Twitter. and the option to compare one product versus another. and its database currently contains over 200. sodium. or on Facebook. you can search for a particular item and find producers who might have it available. One important tip: It's always good to call ahead and verify that the restaurant can handle your particular dietary needs. fiber. Turn on the phone's Location Services and nearby restaurants will pop up. app2. app2.me/2334) Locavore identifies which fruits and vegetables are in season based on your location. leading to a healthier lifestyle. When I scanned a package of roasted almonds. but author and environmental educator "Wildman" Steve Brill still provides terrific. ***-j Fooducate ***1 (Free. and that information is not found on food labels.

Locating them is simple with the TruxMap app. app2. a glossary of plant terms. The coolest part of the app is the customization dial on each recipe that automatically adjusts the ingredient list for 1-300 servings.me/4304) Chefs Feed profiles some of the top kitchen personalities in eight cities (and growing): New York. and a game for kids. or moving from location to location. Don't forget to share them with me.me/4301) Stone Barns takes the user on a tour of the non-profit. *** Extra Goodies At its essence. fresh food at these venues. food -whether cooking it or eating it . Twitter **** Write for iPhone Life (Free. app2. Whether you live in or travel to these spots. Even better.me/4306) If you happen to live in one of the 19 major cities covered by this app. and Seattle.com.. Don't stop there . get food delivered or order takeout right from your iPhone using GrubHub.me/4302) Food carts and trucks are popping up everywhere.and v l streaming worldwide kruufm. and you'll unearth a treasure trove of interesting personalities to add to your follow list. Facebook.. depending on your individual food interests and needs. AroundMe (app2. Let's take a look at a few fun apps that can enhance that experience in a myriad of ways.com ***-1 TruxMap Lite (Free.. iPad version: app2.. " CHEFS FEED Chefs Feed **** ***.pepper. And when you have a few extra minutes. this app is perfect for the food voyeur.. Whether the cart or truck is open now.A. and other general foraging information. Anthony Bourdain. Philadelphia. too! <.1broadcastingiasolarpowerin Fairfield.me/4303) Ever feel lost when you are looking at the menu at a sushi restaurant? Get this app and confidence will reign. Keep up with the chefs' tweets on the app's live Twitter feed. and Giada di Laurentis are just a few of the top culinary personalities active on Twitter. Mario Batali.:. Grant Achatz. OpenTable (app2... explore all the amazing styles that are part of this culinary subculture. app2. New York. and wherever food lovers are found.. Jamie Oliver. Los Angeles. A plethora of choices awaits through a simple and fast interface. app2. at Steve alsopostsregularly at kitchenempowerment. San Francisco. and you can find some of the best local. There is a seemingly endless number of free apps available. Steve . Sushipedia (Free. Yelp (app2.me/3919). and Canada. app2._ . a few recipes.. com/twitter/chef. Marc Vetri. Foursquare. **** your name here iphonelife. Facebook (app2. Chicago. use the embedded live Twitter feed to keep current.provides a remarkable sensory experience. Boss isthehostof theweeklyGreat aste T radioprogram on KRUU FM100...me/155). and Foursquare (app2. app2..com/share 56 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . open later.me/102) Why not follow your favorite chefs and see the food world through their tweets? You can easily locate many chefs who tweet at wefollow.me/4305) This app is limited in its scope. Boston. 80-acre farm and educational center located in Westchester County. Stone Barns (Free. Rick Bayless. on their individual profiles.com. Chef Ref *** (iPad only: Free. Foodspotting (app2. Menus and reviews assist the process. but the recipes it contains are solid.me/236). me/2737.check to see who the chefs are following.S. the chefs discuss their favorite dishes at local restaurants.me/260). Information is currently available for 37 cities in the U. and many of them come from chefs. me/160) are all integral to the cyber-food world adventurer. GrubHub Food Delivery (Free.. Put together your own list of personal favorites to share on Twitter.me/4307). (Free. app2. Features include a video. grubHub. Also included is a guide to assist in identifying poisonous plants.!> .

anytime. on your iPhone.powered by ~ ~ zinio Read iPhone Life anywhere. www. Mac or PC.com/zinio . iPad.iphonelife.

M face looks and behaves the same as the landscape view of Pulp on the iPad. considering the societal impact that the iPhone has had on user interfaces. This article takes a look at some of the most notable products available for iDS and OSX that offer a seamless experience between both platforms by leveraging the interactive interface." On OSX. third-party iOS developers are now able to leverage their investment to the desktop market. Fortunately. The OSX inter- Pulp Pulp "' I. there is no way to mark all RSS feeds as "Read. but its visual indication is nevertheless a dysfunctional distraction that I could do without. but it requires the user to create a new account during the installation. Lion). you only have to enter these account credentials once on each operating system during the initial configuration process. determining which sections should receive maximum exposure and which should be relegated to the last page. iPad: app2.99.~ [ill~ (ill [JJ (JJ~ ~ lliJ rnrnu [ill~ W BY MIKE RILEY ith the release of Apple's OSX 10. Article bookmarking and read-status syncing works via Acrylic's own cloud-based service.me/2908).99 Mac: Acrylicapps.com/pulp For the longest time. my RSS reader of choice on the iPad was The Early Edition ($4. and computing capacities unique to each hardware platform. 58 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . The other criticism is that the number badge that attempts to tally the number of unread news items on a tab is almost always incorrect.7 [a. You can enter RSS feeds manually. And because there are no menu bars on iOS devices.k. a menu option to "Mark All Articles As Read" only marks those visible on the current tab. With more people using iOS devices than Apple desktop computers.The OSX version also supports lion-specific features such as the full-screen mode and multi-touch Trackpad/Magic Mouse gestures. screen real estate. Pulp for iPad surpassed it. longtime iPhone and IPad users can't help but recognize the influences of iOS throughout Apple's desktop computing platform. Even with these small $4. With the iOS-ification of Apple's desktop operating system.99. First. or import them via an OPML file or a Google Reader account Columns can be displayed in several different views. What makes this an even more remarkable feat is the fact that the iPhone itself is only four years old.a. this level of functionality on the OSX version isn't even available as an option on the iPad. not all stories on all tabs. thanks to its seamless integration and article syncing with Pulp for OSX. I have learned to simply avoid this badge given its inaccuracies.me/3499. $9. And while it still is one of the better RSS readers on the iPad. I would prefer to have an option that allows me to mark all feeds read in one click or command. courtesy of Apple's App Store for desktop applications. There are just a few minor quibbles I have with the version I reviewed. This flexibility made me feel like a newspaper layout editor. it's a natural evolution. compared to the decades/ old Apple personal computer. app2. depending on the graphic richness of the feed.

- _ _-.n.. Mac: iawriter... anything on the Internet knows the value of security. auto-saving....me/4214....___ . ' .99.... intuitive interface to sort.... This application quickly became a top seller for the iPad.com/onepassword Anyone who has purchased ... .. But it would also be just as foolish to place them in a single iOS application that has no desktop counterpart to decrypt the encrypted data. OmniOutliner $19..com Unlike a few of the developers featured in this article. iPhone Life March-April 2012 59 . thanks to the mouse. .. word count...... credit card details. iPad: app2. check boxes. ~ . but a sophisticated thought processor that organizes document structures.. close to that of Apple's own commercial iOS applications.. widgets. Mac: agilebits...99. and pop-up lists.-_ .. menus. c... and the exquisite custom font exclusively designed for this application work the same way on the iPad edition.!oh.. the company responsible for the program. you lose your stored passwords.. ~.. and anything else that can be placed into a hierarchical tree of information.....l . I anticipate that their products will leverage the promise of Apple's iCloud syncing in future releases. The program also leverages OSX services like spelling auto-correction and dictionary lookups. uncluttered writing screen... - OmniOutliner for the iPad (left) and for the Mac (right) . n.. The simple elegance of the application is what makes iA Writer such a notable product on both the iOS and OSX platform.t:lfil. .. .p . $9. It has a well-organized.' criticisms.. One stumbling block was synchronizing the iPad file with its Mac counterpart. Information Architects. The same is possible on the iPad edition... I found the OSX version easier to work with.. Pulp's impressive features have won me over enough to banish The Early Edition from my iPad and place Pulp's icon on the iPad dock where Early Edition's icon once sat..... '·. iPad: app2... . There were neat features such as the smart use of custom onscreen keyboard keys that advanced the cursor a word at a time. _ ..... since Omni Group is so closely aligned with Apple's cutting edge technology..99..... notes..._...99. 1Password $9.. reading time.. 1Password runs on iOS. _QJ iA Writer $4. and the ability to format the list interfaces with buttons.... iPad: app2. If you lose your phone and don't have a backup of the encrypted data file.. I found that the ideal workflow was to design the list layout... and functions on the Mac and then send that file to the iPad for process execution... Instead. is an ideal app for organizing quick lists. agendas. _.lUU.me/3501. and quickly locate login information._ . secure notes.... its singular..99. $49. and no doubt you've amassed a notable number of account credentials (login names and passwords). write -... OmniOutliner is not just a fancy to-do list maker.. tasks. OSX and even Android and Windows. ... and other digital wallet data. Mac: omnigroup. When the iPad was released. decided to seek the same level of success on the OSX platform and released a version that took advantage of Lion's application program interface (API).... their products were some of the most polished and professional.. w __ . Fortunately. ft6 .. Consequently.. but the flow suffers without a physical mouse and keyboard... they have garnered a significant following of satisfied customers. However........ particularly those with a smaller screen size such as the Mac Book Air. One of these products...99.. ...me/2522.. and its subtle 'focus mode" effect... Features such as full screen.. enter... __ . . Keeping this sensitive information in an unencrypted text file or Word document is just plain stupid. markdown support. $39.. OmniOutliner. Omni Group first made its name on the Mac platform and then replicated its portfolio on the iPad. I found that the OSX version works best on a Mac laptop. ·'-·'If'.. _ . not the other way around. iA Writer was one of the first word processing applications that captured the attention and admiration of iOS users...com After the release of Apple's Pages for the iPad.

Things can replicate its data wirelessly between other iOS devices and the OSX desktop edition as long as they are all running on the same local area network. OSX is no slouch either Indeed. The rules are simple: Use well-placed explosives to topple erected beams. they mentioned to me that they do not plan on relying on iCloud. and they will instead handle syncing via their own servers in a future release. you won't mind replaying levels on either the iOS or OSX editions of this game. appmania.The interface on the OSX version is identical to the iPad version. included in iOS 5. Unlike most app developers. Mac: $4. etc. In the meantime. Or. the version I reviewed lacked any level and scoring synchronization between the iOS and OSX versions.com To-do list applications for iOS are nearly as numerous as Sudoku apps in the App Store. culturedcode. Regardless. keeps players entertained for hours on either platform. <!> Mike Riley is a long-time technology enthusiast and author of Programming Your Home. Youcan reach him at mike@mikeriley. $19. as well as the touch interface can successfully cross the chasm between the two platforms. 1Password is a must-have. published by Pragmatic Bookshelf.) and due dates. iPad: app2. The OSX version also features a Safari browser extension that automatically handles decryption of stored login credentials when the appropriate web page-like the trusted home page of your favorite online banking website-is rendered. Mac: galaxyonfire. people in the near future will wonder how they ever lived without such fundamental services.org/dm3d While not really 3D (and no. Apple will no doubt create an iCloud-managed game synchronization API for these needs. an amalgamation of such classics as Elite and Wing Commander. This space battle and trading game. location. more products will no doubt share traits across platforms. As more multi-Apple device games like Demolition Masters 3D improvise their own code to handle such requests. Things fortheiPad (left)andforthe Mac (right) Galaxy on Fire 2 $9. Demolition Masters 3D is nevertheless an entertaining puzzle game that looks and plays identically on both iOS and OSX platforms. As iOS devices continue to proliferate and further generate a halo effect around Apple's desktop computer products.99.99. target zones. I'll happily welcome this reliable. iPad: app2. maybe it's because they want to eventually service Android and other mobile platforms on which iCloud will likely never run. Everyone benefits There's no doubt that developers and customers benefit from similar hardware and software architectures. Perhaps this has something to do with Apple's own to-do list manager.me/2510. easy-sync feature when it shows up in a future version of the program. iPad: app2.me/3536.99. you can't wear 3D glasses to see the game's puzzle elements extruded from the screen). Reminders.me/4215. What helps make Things stand out among this overcrowded category is the simple elegance and synchronization capabilities with its OSX desktop companion. 1Password fortheiPad (left)fortheMac (right) Things $19. Tasks can be categorized based on assigned tags (project name. GalaxynFire foriPad o 2 (left)andfor Mac (right) Demolition Master 3D $0.99. the mouse and keyboard make interacting with Mac games far more effortless than on the iPad. and other constraints keep each level fresh and more challenging than the last. And with the introduction of iCloud and the pervasiveness of data synchronization across multiple devices.com While iOS rules the game space. Like Galaxy on Fire 2. Galaxy on Fire 2 is one such game.99. I hope that future releases of the game support iCloud so that players can playa few rounds on the identical-looking OSX version and pick up the game on their iPad from where they last left their ship docked. priority levels. Tasks due that day show up in the application's Inbox.99. A variety of objects like timed charges. Only the games that make a special effort to optimize for traditional keyboard and mouse interface 60 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 .com or following him on Twiner@mriley" ----------. Applications like these are pioneering this new space and will continue to blaze an innovative trail ahead. concrete posts. There is a reason why 1Password is one of the most popular utilities available for the Apple platform. classification. Mac: $49.

me/4240) iHealthTrax ($4. prevention. such as a physician. knowledge is power. Remember: In the world of medical care. you can keep all your important cal endar dates. Online Research You can use Safari on your device to research doctors' backgrounds. If your doctor asks. send a text or an email. healing process. An individual.me/4241) These apps help you track and chart symptoms. Helpful Apps: Evernote (Free. etc. The built-in features and applications on your iPhone. and HAL:s name is Siri. foster parent. child. pain. "Did the cough sound like a seal. you lessen the possibility of misinterpretation.99. In doing so. set an alarm. you don't want to spend your time and energy remembering to take important information with you. schedule reminders. parent. find information. and more. Siri is a brilliant voice-response artificial intelligence service only available on Apple's new iPhone 4S. doctor's notes. get information on medication. and contact information synced and readily Health Manager ($4. take a picture of your wounds. or social worker. identify loose pills. Siri For those of you not old enough to remember HAL 9000 from Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey. At some point in our lives. check symptoms. iPad.99. all with a wicked sense of humor. prescriptions. Let's look at how you can use your iDevice to become a better caregiver. available. who assists in the identification. This feature is extremely useful while driving. x-rays. app2.lUO'Y Using your iPhone. You get the picture! Make sure to store the photos onto Evernote (see full description of Evernote in article). 2. parking spot. Photos Use your camera to scan documents. You can customize what you need on your device by complementing free features with paid applications. It's now 2011. who attends to the needs of a child or dependent adult. remind you where you parked the car. helping you remember anything and everything that happens in your life. The information is displayed in an easy-to-read format with charts. which allows for a quicker assessment of symptoms. or head of a household. notes. Siri will manage your calendar. despite what some doctors will tell you. iCloud Through the iCloud service. app2. HAL was a talking. By "talking" to Siri using voice commands. dog. or find support groups. locate medical facilities. then a video is worth millions. Siri is a "no-talk back. The stress of this role can add up quickly. An individual. Videos If a picture is worth a thousand words. such as a parent. put it all into Evernote and watch as it instantly synchronizes from your iPhone to your Mac or Windows desktop. or a cat coughing up a hairball?" or your child is snoring and momentarily stops breathing. As a caregiver. nurse. iPhone Life March-April 2012 61 . literally. or iPod touch can ease the burden of being a caregiver. app2. iPad or iPod touch to help you be a better caregiver by Tracy Sebastian Care·giv·er I'ke(a)r. it's easier to show your doctor a quick video than to try to describe it in words. responsive computer personality.' smart computer assistant. for easy access from anywhere. get directions. make calls. for the sight impaired. From notes to ideas to snapshots to recordings. iPod touch. or those with limited hand use due to injury or arthritis. check the weather. and iPad into an extension of your brain. or treatment of an illness or disability. and more. fevers.givarl noun 1. making everyday tasks more difficult.t:l}il.me/130) Evernote turns the iPhone. or other family member. at your fingertips. most of us will become a caregiver to a spouse. You have the world.

app2. app2. app2.me/134) Mindwave2 ($1.me/4Q75) Use these apps to keep your friends and family updated.app2. and more. hospitals. or family. and medical suppliers. and more. pp2. app2.me/2482) Buy a current best seller or a free public domain book to help pass the time.me/2378) FaceTime (Free.me/2956) Pop on your headphones and listen to one of 24 isochronic tones to relax. keep an extra battery around or find a power source.app2. You'll find restaurants.99. These apps help with the diagnosis and treatment of ailments.:J$1. app2.000 drugs.99. w iBooks (Free. Pocket Pharmacist ($2.99.me/155) If you are visiting a new clinic or hospital that you are not familiar with. app2.me/260) Twitter (Free.99. Built-in) Use these to video chat with doctors. Games Don't just watch the clock in the waiting room-play some games I Games are a great way to distract yourself and others from the doldrums of waiting around for an appointment..99. app2.me/l02) Google + (Free. check out craigslist first. reduce high blood pressure. friends. It also lets you keep track of your medications and doctors. ATMs.99.me/2403) Kindle (Free. use 'Around Me" to see what's nearby.99. Passing the time Skype (Free. therapists. gas stations. A word of caution: games (and other apps) quickly deplete your battery's power supply. app2. app2. walker. this app summarizes the top 800 prescription medications in the United States.me(3739) Ming's Memory Words with Friends ($1. app2. pharmacies.IUU. relieve headaches.me/4242) Craigslist ($1. Other Ways to Pass the Time Business Card Reader ($4. WebMD (Free.me/4243) (Free. you can find items at a fraction of the cost-even with medical insurance. app2. bookstores.me/2620) Use this app and your device's camera to easily scan and import contact information for your doctors. You do not want to be left communication-less just from playing games.me/2791) Pocket Peds ($2.me/4010) Created by a pharmacist. app2. or crutches.99. In most cases. For drugs that aren't in the database. individually or all at once. 62 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . app2.me(3013) Angry Birds ($. Fruit Ninja ($. app2. Sometimes it's nice to see a smiling face to energize you when the stress starts wearing you down.me/2749) Tiny Wings ($. fall asleep. clinics.app2.me/2647) If you need to find a wheelchair.:Around Me (Free.99..me/2499) a Doodle Jump ($. there are links to information databases with over 25. So. This app is a perfect resource companion for all caregivers. app2. pharmacy. Some of my favorite games are: FaceBook (Free.99.

. and can charge multiple items at one time via USB connections. and supportive videos about many illnesses..com or contact her at t@sg4moms. diseases. It comes in handy when you want to listen to music or watch a movie with a significant other while sitting in a hospital or waiting in a waiting room. or support of almost every ailment or condition. Now you can buy all our favorite qear at the iPhone Life Store Information. or to simply have a laugh. and your "patient" during the challenges of your situation. Being a caregiver is exhausting and stressful. They are hands-free with no charging required. information. Dual Jacks This is an adapter that allows two headsets to be plugged into one device.. Visit her site at strategyguideformoms..com iPhone Life March-April 2012 63 . or lead walls can weaken Wi-Fi or 3G signals. store. Reduce fear and uncertainty by staying informed and organized. medical professionals. Having cool gadgets and apps makes it even easier. treatment. \. Support Groups These are an invaluable source of advice. Downloading podcasts and video for purchase (or sometimes rentl via iTunes is always a great backup for when streaming is interrupted or not available.com). monitors.' mobile device to educate yourself and reduce the stress of caring for a chronically ill person. Podcasts Podcasts are a free way to download audio or video on any subject under the sun. YouTube Many foundations. I use the i. your family.com. <!> Tracy Sebastian is an uber-cool soccer mom of four who tries to brighten the lives of moms via wit and technology. informative.corm.lUU. Just knowing that you are doing everything you can to make a difference in your loved one's life makes it all worth it. and patients' families have created educational. apple.t:Jfil. Amazon. Many battery "bricks" are affordable. so having a backup battery is crucial. You can use your store.iphonelife. . and medical procedures. organizations. but it can also be very rewarding. or your "patient:' You can find support groups online via Facebook. There are podcasts to teach you to meditate. With both the podcasts and the streaming video apps. but any other will also do. the downside is that medical equipment. will hold up to 30 hours of charging.Sound DGIPAD-4544 ($75. operate a computer. Back-up battery Hanging around in waiting rooms can drain you and your battery.) Videos Subscription-based apps that allow streaming video are a great way to catch up on television shows or movies that you may have missed.. speak another language. Accessories Headset with microphone The Apple corded headset with microphone is a good choice ($29. Do a search on YouTube for specific illnesses or cases. __ ___". iBooks or Kindle Many books are available about the care. and support for you as the caregiver. charitable foundations. or individual web sites or blogs. groups. Education and Support It is important to educate yourself.

aid. can provide non-verbal folks with an effective way of communicating their wants and needs through cause and effect. 2. 64 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . They can range from a simple button to a specially designed head switch. Automatic Scanning . and express themselves. Why is that? Well.My daughter Lillie and I watching the Notre Dame game. before we get into that. There are two types of scanning options. the switch interface falls short most of the time. Wireless iPad Switch Accessories Bluetooth Switch Interface ($99. For example. and they serve different purposes and individual needs. learn. iPhone. Ask any special needs parent (like myself).one to move through choices and the other to select. Step Scanning .each choice is highlighted and moved in a timed manner through the program and only one switch is needed to select the choice. Bluetooth. communicate. Special Needs: Switch-[nabled bv Kevin Sitek witch-enabled apps and wireless switches for the iPad are revolutionizing the special needs community. The reason they are so revolutionary is because they are giving individuals who are verbally and physically limited one of the greatest gifts that most people take for granted: the gift of communication. The second is that most of them are unreliable and extremely frustrating to use. and iPod touch RJ Cooper's switch interface is the most popular in terms of turning an ordinary switch that has a standard jack into one that is Wi-Fi. medical professional. These two options can also have auditory scanning capabilities that speak the message while scanning through the options This option is good for the visually impaired or as an edditionel auditory prompt before selecting. A switch. iPod. and they will tell you the same. What is scanning1 According to Speech Therapist Alicia Ciaravino. etc. It recharges through a standard USB AC charger. " What is a switch1 A switch is an accessory that aids a person with special needs in the area of communication. combined with the right software and/or other technology (AKA . Lillie has severe cerebral palsy and (VI. There are two common characteristics among these apps and devices. when an individual hits a switch (cause).. caregiver.using two switches. However. The second is a Bluetooth-enabled switch that has a transmitter already inside of it that does the same thing. MA. and iPad compatible. it then activates a response (effect) depending upon what is displayed on the switch/screen and what the switch is connected to. educator. 1. but without any cords. The switch interface is a small black box that has two inputs that connect to 2 standard switches for use with an iPad via Bluetooth. A switch empowers a person with special needs to make decisions. What is a switch-enabled aDD? A switch-enabled app is an application that is programmed specifically to communicate with a wireless switch via Bluetooth. let's cover some of the basics about switches and switch-enabled apps. or iPhone up to 50 feet away. The reason why switches are so important is because not everyone is fortunate enough to have control of their hands or are given the gift of speech. The first is that all of these apps and accessories carry extremely high price tags. The first is a simple everyday switch that connects to a Bluetooth-enabled transmitter that communicates with the iPad and the switch-enabled app. Aops & Accessories S There are two different ways this can occur. Switches come in all sorts of sizes and configurations.a switchenabled appl. therapist. This is why switches are so powerful. rjcooper. The switch interface can wirelessly communicate with an iPad. CCC-SLP "Scanning is the ability to highlight and move sequentially through message choices of a switch-enabled app either manually or automatically. A switch-enabled app consists of choices and prompts that require the user to make a decision through scanning.com) Compatible with iPad.

This was very helpful. and having it work inconsistently shouldn't be one of them. It definitely beats RJ Cooper's switch interface. iPhone and iPod touch The Blue2 from Ablenet is an ell-in-one dual pedal switch. Some of the folks that I spoke to at my daughter's school are frustrated that it will recognize one iPad but not others. ~ ~ final Thoughts These are the challenges I have with what's currently out in the App Store and the marketplace today: 1. If you are a therapist or educator using it with several iPads.com) Compatible with iPad. A person with special needs already has enough challenges using this expensive piece of hardware. Some of them have a complicated setup. especially with all of the features and the ability to plug in your own switches. they will definitely have a winner. webstore.99. reminiscent of an video game controller. The tiny buttons that have the numbers next to them are extremely hard to see and are also hard to press. you lose access to the keyboard on your device. Though they have some great concepts. If they can fix the reliability of the switch interface. my daughter would have a hard time using either the left or the right pedal switch.:j$1. you should not waste your money on them. For instance. they are horribly designed and extremely clunky.. It can be very frustrating when you need to rely on these apps for communication with an individual with special needs. I cannot recommend it. a reset button.com). but the Blue2 comes with two ports into which you can connect any standard switches. and the ability to page up and down and left to right. These are the main reasons why I do not use them more with my daughter. I don't think any of the vendors can do anything about this. I am not alone in thinking this. and responding..me/4310). Some days the iPad would recognize it. ~"""""""""""""""""""". but most of these apps don't meet this criteria. but not with all of the switch-enabled apps. When you open up an app. It took several tries before my iPad would recognize it. but until the reliability factor and setup issues are addressed. app2. If you lose the instructions and forget how to pair it with your iDS device. it should be as intuitive and easy to use as any Apple product. this will be a bonus. they are simply not worth it.99. and other times it would not. it is unreliable and extremely frustrating to set up.99. she desperately needs them. switch. The price tag on all of these apps is extremely high. The Blue2 uses two AA batteries and comes with a USB dongle to connect to a computer. Coupled with their high price points. 17% of Americans will experience a communication disorder at some point in their life. I haven't used any of the paging options yet. but I am sure that for the more advanced user. ablenetinc. Blue2 Bluetooth Switch ($149. especially since all switch-enabled app developers are programming their apps to work with it. Bottom line: For such a high price tag. I wish I could sing its praises. interpreting. Bottom line: The Blue2 is not bad for an all-in-one wireless switch.. be warned that it will be frustrating to use. This is a great feature. I have no issue paying top dollar for a product as long as it runs smoothly and is easy to navigate. It should. It also has a slew of other buttons for powering on and off the 2_ Besides being extremely clunky to use. Setting it up and pairing it with my iPad was a little tricky and frustrating. and they lack reliability (TapSpeak apps) and a polished interface. just pair up with the iPad and work every time. What I like most about the Blue2 is the versatility of options. Unlike RJ Cooper's switch interface. ~""""1""""'" Did You Know? ~ ~ I ~ ~ According to the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCDl. me/4309) and Predictable ($159. their reliability factor is extremely low. which includes sensing. but it is frustrating if you need to access the keyboard. and iPod touch via Bluetooth. you have iPhone Life March-April 2012 65 . Speech therapist Alicia Ciaravino had this to say: "The few switch-enabled apps currently available are inconsistent at this time and are not always reliable. such as Scene and Heard ($49. app2. but definitely worth it. It definitely took me a couple of tries. RJ Cooper also makes a few switch-enabled apps. ideally. ~ ~ . iPhone. that wirelessly connects to your iPad. but in my opinion. but they need to make sure they are polished and reliable.ablenetinc. instructions are printed on the bottom of the switch. And trust me. I understand it is a niche market and that the developers need to turn a profit. you have to enter a 4-digit number on the Blue2 in order to pair it properly. In order to access it. It works seamlessly with Ablenet's Sounding Board switchenabled app ($49. It is $50 more than RJ Cooper's switch interface.IOO" Setting it up with my iPad was extremely frustrating. It seems that when you use a Bluetooth switch with your iPad.. The only downside is that not all switch-enabled apps support the Blue2." 3. when you connect to your iOS device via Bluetooth.

. Cl By day. Website and Email and Website Email and Website VouTube Video Channel VouTube Video Channel iOS Device(s) Universal iPad Universal iPad Universal Universal Universal . . .com. Please email them to me along with any questions or suggestions at contact@lilliespad. this is simply unacceptable.99 Switch That $29. then developers have failed at their core mission. and Diane Callari. If you really need to purchase a switchenabled app and switch. So. he works on his own educational apps for the iPad. . I Program Reliability Very Buggy Very Buggy Very Buggy Very Buggy Reliable Reliable . . and don't forget to visit my blog for everything special needsrelated for the iPad and iPhone at lilliespad. In my view. Website VouTubeVideo Channel and Email.99 Simple Switch That Simple $49.99 "MCMsual Boards with Text to Speech Generation $49. Sounding Board is not perfect. this article wouldn't have been possible. but if the interface is confusing and hard to understand (did I mention I'm an interface designer?). . Website VouTubeVideo Channel and Email. . Single Direct Selection Auditory & Single ~ . Website and VouTube Video Channel Email. Kevin also has his own spedal needs blog. By night. . CCC-SLP Without their help and generous time.com. Website and Email. It's hard enough to have a child sit still long enough to engage with an app. MA. . . Exports Data No No Yes No Yes Yes Yes ~ ~ ~ . . lillie's Pad (www. line Drawings & Emoticons ~ Access (Switch Scanning) Options Use! Colors & Photos Photos & Video ~ . Use Only Use Only & Dual Switch & Dual Switch Switch ~"""""""""""""""""""""""""'"""""""""""""""""""'~ to leave the app you are currently in. Ablenet definitely needs to make an iPad-only version of Sounding Board. . ~ ~ . . .lilliespad. . but the frustration is only doubled when the apps and the switches don't work by themselves or in unison. I would like to give a big thank you to speech therapists Alicia Ciaravino. Purpose of App 'MerText to Speech Records & Plays Messages Records & Plays Messages ~ Sequences with Audio Messages Generation Reliable ~ ~ .99 ~ ~ ~ I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . ~ . ~ ~ ~ .Developer Conley Solutions Conley Solutions Conley Solutions Conley Solutions AbleNet Tbcx Apps TboxApps ~ Cost ~ $14. ~ ~ . Single Auditory. since you can only use the app in landscape mode. ~ . I would reluctantly recommend that you purchase Ablenet's SoundingBoard app and its Blue2 Bluetooth pedal switch. Graphics Used Choice of 4 Button Only Full PCS Symbol library & Photos Colored Shapes Full PCS Symbol Library & Photos Line Drawings & Photos Widget Symbols. . ~ ~ . MA. CCC-SLP. go into Settings to turn off your Bluetooth. 66 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . I want to hear your thoughts on switch-enabled apps and switch accessories for the iPad. especially since it is an iPhone app and is stuck in landscape view. Kevin designs iPad apps for Fortune 500 companies in the healthrare industry. No Single Switch Single Switch Auditory.99 *AACNisual $159. I would also like to thank all of the developers and vendors who were gracious enough to provide samples of their apps and devices. I would hold off purchasing any switchenabled apps or devices.99 'AACNisual Sequences with Audio Messages $149.com)thatisaspffial needs resource for the iPad and iPhone. Developer Support Email. . . . . and then go back into the app. I don't think that I am a dumb guy (others might argue this tact). . as it stands now. But it is one of the most reliable and easy to use.99 *AACNisual Sequences with Audio Messages $49. . ~ r Compatible with Switch Bluetooth Rj Cooper Interface Switch Rj Cooper Interface Switch Rj Cooper Interface Switch Rj Cooper Interface Switch Ablenet Only Blue2 RJ Cooper Switch Interface Only RJ Cooper Switch Interface Only & Ablenet & Ablenet & Ablanet & Ablenet Blue2 Blue2 Blue2 Blue2 . .

99. She wrote: "I am just starting to shoot photos. I enjoyed receiving the following inquiry from a visitor in Zurich who follows my iPhone photo blog. Beginning with from Hipstamatic of 1936 x 1936 several apps and a straight shot at a resolution (left). Combining words and images is a long-practiced art. I wonder if you know an app where I can put text over my image." Simone Berger I had the same enthusiasm when I first started transforming iPhone images with all the cool apps. and tilts. but they are not all equal. app2. Photo apps either maintain the image size (which is preferable). Some of his best-known works include a mixture of words and images. I'd like to add a message to my image. then the second image will be resized to fit the first image you're blending. With these techniques.me/3917) has a fine captioning text option with many fonts and styles for straight captioning. I use the feature turned off because I want to maintain the original image scale. as well as a small text box in the image. but instead of adding it in a standard way.hey say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Her question got me thinking about the differences in the text apps I have been using. I add text to my images for artistic purposes. colors.me/4216) Phonto gives you options to add text or 11styles of Comic Balloons to photos. I already downloaded 13 different apps in just 2 days! And it is an addiction already. The file is saved with the resolution of the original image. me/4217) for layering and Flowpaper ($0. But a picture that includes words can be even more beautiful. and the painter Rene Magritte utilized this technique extensively.me/4150) to check the resolution of my images. Thanks so much for your blog and inspiration. You can then select from many fonts.me/3952) for creating plain backgrounds onto which you can type text. app2. tap your image and the selections for text will pop up. But there are a few creative text apps that you can use to add interesting effects to your images.99. I use the app PhotoSize (Free. app2.me/4218) WordFoto is another app for adding text. Once you have typed in the text. it transforms the image into a collage of words. There are many apps that add text to images. It can be fun or truly artistic. Phonto lets you add text that's artstk orfun. Crop'n'Frame ($1. you can move the text box around your image by touching and dragging. you I used Image Blender to layer the original image with an imagel created In Flowpaper. You can change the default screen by tapping Settings and activating the menus. For more artistic options. app2. You can scale your image or turn off this feature. app2.99.99. background iPhone Life March-April 2012 67 . If you choose the image with the highest resolution first in Blender. sizes. It's quite fun! Below is the original image modified with this app. can create even more options for using text in your images. To activate the text. try using Image Blender ($1. It has lots of options for changing the font. I tested their features. app2. or they affect the image size by reducing the resolution (which is not a good thing). 1 Phonto (Free. WordFoto ($1.

I post regularly to my iPhone Blog.. and I will try to get back to you. Using the original base image in Juxtaposer.com. I use it for creative overlay possibilities. I was also able to restore the original resolution of 1936 x 1936 (see below). and it saved this image at a resolution of 2240 x 2240._a r-at.iphonelife. She teaches lntro to Digital Photography at Johns Hopkinsin the Odyssey Program and is a lecturer and field workshop leader for Penn Qlmera.blogspot. app2.oom WordFoto transfonns your words into a neat collage. the Baltimore Gallery...com..99..color. it lays down words according to your movement. This app allows you to blend two or more images and then apply a line pattern to it. store. and word shapes. I decided to blend the Word Foto image with the original file again using an app called Interlacer ($0.. \!) karenmessickiphone. Youcan contact her at Karenmessick@aol. Below is the image that I created with TypeDrawing. No. increasing the file size from the original image size of 1936 x 1936... so I opened the app Grungetastic ($. As you can see.. Creatively combining the two brings power and meaning to your images. Youcan find out more about Karen at karenlmessickphotography.me/390S) and added these effects (see left). Pictures and words go together. Leave a comment or a question. app2. _. saturation. color. I chose Juxtaposer ($2. and I wanted to fade the type. HerlYorkhas been on display at the OlympicRiverFestival.and a variety of other locations..99.com 68 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . However.me/422Q) Type Drawing is a fun app with many options for font size. app2. I wanted to use the full image. It takes some effort to get predictable results.99. Art festival..99. '-""1 I used Interlacer to blend the WordFoto image with the original once again. TypeDrawing ($1. but it produces smallresolution files and will not work with square images.. it is the only app I know that is fluid with type. so drop in and see what I am doing with my images and the amazing assortment of iPhone apps. but it can be a lot of fun. • __ .our favo rite·ge.mej4221) because I needed to erase some of the edges.me/4219). the app cropped the original square image and changed the image ratio to 2x3. They both convey meaning and help us to get our intended message across to the viewer. When you move your finger over the photo. Karen Messick is an award-winning photographer that has lead photo workshops and lectured on composition and design..wyou·caO·buy·:aU.. WordFoto saves a large resolution file. so I needed to blend this file back with the original square file. t he iPhone Life Store TypeDrawing lets you control the shape of the words with your finger. contrast. app2.the Towson . I wanted to add some texture to the image for an aged look... It crops images to a 2x3 image ratio and resolution of 320 x 480.. and style.

. . Canada One-line bio: Unicycle-riding. All you can handle. Avalanche!: This Avvy report improves my chances of coming back from skiing. artist guitarist Dad. comHold the iPad close it's an 80' screen. Unicycle Creative. Does anyone else feel socially inadequate? Keynote: Perfect client distraction app. This app tracks mileage. Still waiting for offers from Disney. iBiker.- Age: 49 Location: Vancouver. CBC News: All green marketers need a steady feed of environmental and political news. creative-agency-owning green marketing blogger. Pages: Lets me write for my company. Whistler Blackcomb LIVE: Living a few hours from North America's most epic ski hill means always feeling like I should BETHERE! Star Walk: At our cabin in the woods. as one of those irritating people who works from coffee shops all the time. Go2Car: If my wife has the car and it's too far to bike. and it posts to YouTube. . write and post a GreenBriefs. maybe I can get $12. No corporate greenwashers are safe! Hootsuite: Trying to be cleverly relevant 24-7 with my @GreenBriefs Twitterfeed. this smart-car sniffer finds an eco-smug ride for me to share. drummer.~ . First Aid: Cutting firewood with a chainsaw is fun. BC. designer. chainsaw-wielding. I bike or unicycle everywhere. so if the tax department ever lets me claim it for work. so I can look smart to an l1-year-old. This app shows real-time constellations. or draw cartoons if the meeting is boring. Notes Plus: Lets me write or type on the screen to capture quick ideas.ca blog from anywhere. NetfUx: Th is the episodes mercial-free. enough. we stare at stars a lot. Canada / Lillooet Lake. Blogpress: I can shoot.~. BC.. Sometimes I practice flipping to the 'severe bleeding" section of this app using only my left knuckle. backcountry skier and Zen wannabe trying to hold it all together with technology and duct tape. and is how to wa tch TV. iBooks: Here's where I get to pay to read Steve Jobs' book on the Steve Jobs device I bought hmmm. ThumbJam: What's not to like about 30 instruments and drums under your thumbs? Use to busk for beer money in a pinch. AnimationDesk: My kid makes supercool cartoons in about 10 minutes with this. iPhone Life March-April 2012 69 . My ideas look so much cooler when the slide presentation does that slick page-flop move.

app2. I took the image into Dynamic Light for a quick spin with the Orton effect. these will all make sense when you start using the app .me/41451. A lovely.. Having adjusted the contrast (as guided by my preconceived vision).:· From by Jonathan Marks Capture to Presentation Creating and Editing iPhone Photography as Fine Art nother day.99. vistas to enjoy. and gardens to behold. To think I can do that on my iPhone within seconds. Here I opted for the Scuffed Effect with the Gig style.o. provides an opportunity . 70 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . Dynamic Light ($. but also to document it and record it in photos and video along the way. a fun one for sure. and sharpened it a bit in preparation for the next app. a phone on the go.. one of my favorite grunge apps. my initial step is always to crop every picture as a square. no matter how grand or seemingly insignificant. resulting in a distinctive mix of high and low detail areas within the same photo.not only to experience the journey. immensely challenging. With that thought in mind. It's a format that I find I then opened the image in Pic Grunger ($. Tumblr. The starting shot used as the basis for this article is something I knew right away was destined to become more than a colorful little structure with an off-center chair. instead of waiting hours after shooting and using Photos hop. app2me/316). and yet. This mindset emanates from my days of shooting mediumformat film.. boosted the contrast using Curves.me/3915).d. And to think we once thought the mobile phone was merely that. another decision! It's such a joy to have endless image choices in front of me as I wander out and about with my iPhone. Preview ~ Creation Because I plan to process every image with the ultimate goal of making it my Daily Mobile Photo Upload (which you can follow on Facebook. is pure heaven! ~ ErI.99. and Flickr). Twitter. every adventure upon which we embark. I began the process by using Photo Forge ($.99. there were numerous sights to savor. Inception Along the way to the winery-rich town of Sonoma. in which I cropped the image. app2. As I do with every image I take. at times. California. where I was to spend a relaxing weekend. every step we take. The Orton effect is a photography tedlnique that blends two completely different photos of the same scene. All this is done with a modicum of effort compared to the days before smartphones. and I took a number of starting shots using the CameraPlusPro app ($1. This shot was begging to be heard. Trust me.99. Now look what we have! Everywhere we go. off I went out one beautiful November day.'*I'1I.me/328).IU. app2.

and Japan. And there you have it: the transition from the beginning image to the final piece.99. Bear in mind that this process is not the only way to bring out the voice in the image. the goal of all noteworthy fine art photographs.com. I invite you to follow my images on Tumblr (jmarksphoto. which is generally my penultimate step as I near the final presentation. Looking at the image coming out of CoolFX.iPhonelife. available in limited editions of five.tumblr. iPad version: $2. and play with reckless artistic abandon! Presentation As has been the case for nearly two years.me/2436l. I added the frame as you see it here. explore. enjoy. I believe that for most images. I was looking for a softer.comorjlllilrksphoto. It related to my initial vision of the shot and the mood I was in when I began. Europe. Should you have any questions about anything you see here. I then took the image into CoolFX ($1.99.S. me/326. I highly advocate adding a very soft vignette to nearly every photo for the reason just stated. a basic black or white frame allows the true voice of the image to emerge with minimal distraction .com. You'll see for yourself. my goal with my iPhone photography is to share the images through many different sites.. final step with everyone of my images. I added the oft-used and nearly mandatory Vignette to help subtly direct the viewer's vision to the middle of the frame.. Last but not least. One thing I note as I develop more and more images is my choice of the addition of a simple frame as opposed to the vast array of outlandish and complicated frames that are available in so many apps. www. com/jo natha ndavi dmarks) .99. canada.lU$' Happy at this point.a must-do. it's just my way..I.. happy shooting! <!> Jonathan's wort< has been exhibited in the U. Given the nearly complete feel of it. app2. please feel free to contact me at jonathan@jmarksphoto.s.com). Jonathan iHUrrently at wort< on a gallery ~hibltion using his iPhone images as the basis for mixed media pieces utilizing purified beeswax and Damar resin. smoother transition between the hard colors of the little house and the surroundings in which it sat. and . In Photogene. I felt a comfort level with it.:'£1·. Twitter (@Jmarksphoto). You <an contact Jonathan at jonathanmarl<5@jmark5photo.1pan and is in plivate collections in the U. And until next time. or on Facebook {facebook. Once I was happy with a subtle Halo effect. I opened the image once more in PhotoForge simply to resave it in the highest resolution they offer . app2.com/Subscribe iPhone Life March-April 2012 71 . It does make a difference to ever so slightly darken the corners. where I decided to further enhance the prior Orton look by adding the Halo effect for a bit more edge glow. app2. With that I say go. AdditiOnally. I then opened it in Photogene ($1.me/36541.

I used the same file and applied different presets.99. but I prefer making image conversions with dedicated monochrome apps. so when I'm thinking of using monochrome effects.me/4148). ****i ($1. app2.99.me/2589.me/4277).99. app2. app2.99. All my images start in color.99. app2.me/4140). app2. Another one of my favorites is Simply Black and White.99. For converting color images to monochrome. You can see the difference in filter application. Many apps have monochrome shooting features built into their app menus. app2. after applying the preset. I also like OldPhotoPro (Free.99.me/4140) As a fan of the classic monochrome photographers of the early-to-mid 1900s. such as Filterstorm ($3. For a special "old photo" look.me/39071. The traditional Red Filter. choose the tab on top for Photo. Photocopier layer of the original file with one made in AutoPainter ($. There are many presets with thumbnail representations of what to expect. me/3910).99. for example.me/4276). It was a blue-skied. I had already combined the BracketMode files in TrueHDR ($1. It also features color filter. iPad version: $1. Once you open the app. late afternoon. All of these apps will retain high-resolution files. and tone. and Simply Black and White ($. and I added a slight blur effect and texture in Snapseed ($4. AO BW film. I keep a separate folder with my favorite monochrome apps. Claunch 72. I frequently use Photocopier ($1. Hipstamatic ($. This app is also useful for turning blue skies black. border.me/3474) and Iris ($1. you can make further adjustments to color. CameraPlusPro ($1. Many processing apps. app2. app2.me/316). **** - Photocopier features plenty of adjustment options I made the image below while I was in Nashville.99. and a long list of options will appear.99. I also combined a 72 . app2.99.me/4149).me/4147).me/2584). vignette.me/4148).IN ONE COLOR Apps for creating monochrome image tones by Karen Messick onochrome photography apps on the iPhone are as diverse as apps for color photography. MonoPhix ($.99. I can just go to that folder. me/4275).Phone Life March-April 2012 . app2.me/3912). which produces high contrast. texture. Dramatic Black and White ($. For purposes of demonstrating the monochrome options in Photocopier. and vignette options. app2. app2.99. has monochrome options such as Black Keys. To capture images.99. I recommend Photocopier for a classic look.me/4129). BracketMode ($1.me/4057).me(322). I wanted to convert the image to monochrome. app2. The image below is at a beach with some windblown sand. is the one I chose to make the sand pattern pop. and then I make the monochrome conversion in the same way I would make conversions with my DSLR images. and I chose Simply Black & White. app2. app2.99. M Simply Black and White ($.99. app2. brightness match. have filters designed for black-and-white conversion. app2. but if that's not enough. I use shooting apps like 6x6 ($. Noir ($2. and more. app2. I like this app for its filters. app2.99. or ClassicPan ($1.99.

and posterization.. join me for an all-day iPhone photography workshop with Horizon Photography Workshops in Chesapeake City. Maryland. app2. adjustments. app2.. app2.. ****. app2. It has sliders that control Dark Shade intensity and Light Shade intensity. **** Noir Old Photo Pro (Free.. from grad to circle. on March 10 or June 9. vignette.. <!> Karen Messick is an award-winning photographer that has lead photo workshops and lectured on composition and design. You can contact her at Karenmessick@aol.__ iPhone Life March-April 2012 73 ..99. brightness. bleach or burn. and contrast The screenshots below give you an idea of what you can do with this app. app2. grain. ***~ Dramatic Black and White ($. Please visit my iPhone photography blog (karenmessickiphone. This app offers a few scratched textures. Lastly.. in thtOdysseyProgram and isa lecturerand field workshop leader for Penn Camera. And if you can't quite seem to find the right combo. soften. It has a totally customizable vignette function.me/4277) Dramatic Black and White is also a fantastic monochrome app. there are a few choices from Old Photo Pro. iPad version: $1.. It is also iPad compatible.me/4276) MonoPhix is another great black-and-white app. ***.com.com).99. color filters. _ . It offers styles ranging from Infrared to Dramatic. She teaches intro to digital photography at Johns Hopkins. and cyanotype color filters. sepia. edge treatments.me/4147) For those desiring old-fashioned-style monochrome images. contrast..com (search for Karen Messick).::__ Art Festival. and a variety of other locations.99.com. MonoPhix ($2. brightness. sharpness. You can also see my stock iPhone photos at auroraphotos.me/2589..blogspotcom) for more ideas and images.99.. It also has a noise-grain generator and options for color filtering and toning. It also features vignettes. allowing you to make significant adjustments to the image.__. if you find yourself in Maryland. tone strength. Several presets control tone and vignette style. You can find out more about Karen at karenlmessickphotography. and three roller dials that control Outer Exposure. Inner Exposure and Contrast.. you can always click on the dice in the upper right corner and see what the app comes up with randomly.. the Icwscn .($.me/4149) Noir is another great app for working in monochrome tones. the Baltimore Gallery. including tone. 2012 (Horizonworkshops. Herworkhas been on display at the Olympic RiverFestival.

I sometimes get these random requests to speak in front of large crowds of eager writers looking to put their indelible stamp on the literary world of fiction. I introduced myself to "Amy:' I explained to her that this was not just any case. I'm what you might call a serial "case-ist" The Powerbag Deluxe Backpack includes a 6000mAh built -in battery system for charging on the go. and all the cases I planned on using during my stay with the Brits . they certainly weren't going to take responsibility for Angelina leaving Brad. among other things.m. iPad. the Powerbag Deluxe Backpack includes a 6000mAh built-in battery system for charging on the go. I pulled out my iPad and tapped the mail icon. I heard a soft voice asking me what it was I had my iPad wrapped in.\V\3 ClDOut LoV\d. After a brief run-in with an Air Marshall who mistook my urgency for that of a possible terrorist (I'm sure the look of extreme panic on my face didn't help . I decided to check my email.. Portenzo. 74 iPhone Life March-April 2012 .e Qw\Cll\V\3 tVl. you see. whatever it is..000 feet and hit our cruising speed of 600 mph. . I noticed a young woman with beautiful blue eyes and a smile that could light up New York City. Once we had leveled out at 20.Clve feoJly In addition to holding all my iDevices. enjoying a Filet Mignon and a bottle of Perrier while bantering back and forth with Angelina Jolie about our plans to run off and start a new life together now that she had decided to leave Brad Pitt for me but that's not what happened. tVl.99. I'd love to tell you I was sitting in First Class. I managed to retrieve my possessions and settle in for the 14hour flight to Londontown. and I was screaming loudly that I had left my Powerbag full of devices in the terminal).. Turning to my left._oV\ \~ . mypowerbag. did I mention I'm a famous writer? I'm not)..com) hand-tooled Italian leather "Limited Edi- Having a background in creative writing..\Vl. now it's taking me to London.ey Vl.95. after spending 2 hours going through all the security steps required to hop a plane across the pond. As I tried unsuccessfully to appear suave and sophisticated. Why? I'm not sure. At just the same moment the list of unread emails populated the screen. it was a Portenzo (Starting at $89. including my iPhone. so I was seated in the "economy" class section.. I boarded my flight about 6 p..ef. perhaps it has something to do with all the time I put in staring at the stars late at night. Although there were kind folks who were footing the bill to have me ramble on about whatever came to mind (which is basically what I do when I talk about writing . That's about when I realized I left my Powerbag Deluxe Backpack ($169..• lou~y weoJVl.com) at the check-in counter with all my gear inside.

served hot. and as I turned to my left to slide the iPad into my messenger. text. Of course.. I was looking forward to resting my weary head on a pillow. sausage and mashed potatoes.. At that very moment. which allows the sleeping iPad nestled inside to "magically" awaken upon opening . Introducing myself. I lifted the iPad out of the Powerbag Messenger and handed it to Mark. (II elbowe. in this case. I opted for that one. and Mrs. "Fish and Chips:' Having never even heard of Bangers and Mash. a really long moment. The Portenzo bonded leather cases are hand-made in the U..cL oV\ly There was a long moment of silence. the waiter was bringing my much-ballyhooed Bangers and Mash to the table.rn.99. though. As the waiter seated us. She thought it odd that I would bring a messenger bag to dinner. I explained that I used it as a "man-purse.com).. "AHHHHHHHHHrrrrGGGGGG!' Margaret's scream was so gutturally high-pitched and loud that the entire restaurant ground to a halt . I stood up and reached over in front of Margaret to grasp it. I had just enough time to shower and shave before I was due to be interrogated about America and all things pertaining thereof. after all. Gerondale about whether to order me a dish called "Bangers and Mash" or the more familiar to Americans. I elbowed the waiter in the most sensitive region I possibly could have. Gerondale) was staring at my Power bag Messenger ($139. I arrived at the restaurant around 8:30 p. as he was thinking of purchasing one (Thank goodness I still had It wrapped in my Portenzo "Limited Edition 76" .. I glanced at my iPhone and noticed I was scheduled to have dinner with two of the event organizers and their wives. email. "That had to hurt:' Duh. or even a slip-of-the-grip trip. the ensuing ruckus was nothing short of comedic genius.. I noticed that Margaret (Mrs. shockproof. I could tell she was impressed because she was still awake. iPhone Life March-April 2012 75 . really hot. . another in the arsenal I had brought along in my Powerbag. mypowerbag. we engaged in a long conversation covering subjects all the way from ex-boyfriends (not mine!) to our favorite magazines.V\~itive ('e. I remember thinking. .. I told her my favorite magazine was iPhone Life.. which in turn caused him to double over in the kind of pain that only a man can understand. snow-proof and shockproof. ClV\cL he Ove.com) case. sending both my plate and Mark's into Margaret's lap. I thought to myself.~iOV\.. I was in . complete silence.S. wcute(' iV\ hi~ W\o~t ~e.' so to speak. I didn't like her that much anyway... I checked in to the Premiere Inn Hotel about 6 pm local London time. Margaret's husband Mark then asked about my iPad.waterproof.(' iV\ the t. my iPhone was covered in all its glory by the good folks at Life Proof. Standiford were arguing with Mr. Definitively sublime. Mark raced to his wife's side and began scooping off the Bangers and Mash with his bare hands. After dinner was served. There would be 10 more hours to seal the deal with Amy. and being the brave soul that I am. and . I was ready for anything that circumstance could possibly throw my way.. and that I carried my iPhone and iPad in it (as stylish as the flJl-designed Powerbag Messenger is. and Mrs. snowQ proof. I came to find out Mr.and they feature an assortment ofItalian leather cloths tochoose from. And then. I could tell she liked me by the way she suddenly got up and nervously excused herself to the restroom. His scream was almost comparable to Margaret's.tion 76" with the Magna-Cover option.iV\cL o~ ~QiV\ thClt W\ClV\ (_ClV\ uV\cLe('~ tClV\L ({ This is where the sleep that I lost on the flight would have been a plus. dirt-proof. When Mark had finished with his iPad inquisition. that it sure was taking Amy a long time in the restroom . This was not to be the case. Not wearing my glasses and feeling a bit fuzzy.most important for London's famously wet climate . . The LifeProof case is dirt-proof.. Having gotten little in the way of shuteye on the flight over. as the pilot announced our impending landing. just in time to witness a heated debate between the two couples with whom I was about to have dinner. except more in the range of a tenor rather than a soprano. cLouble. whether it be a phone call. Bangers and Mash is English comfort food ... I readied my iPhone by dressing her down in a black LifeProof (Iifeproof. first impressions are everything!). he handed it back to me. kinda like an old Marx brothers movie with English accents. I was also looking to make an impression). lifeProof cases are waterproof. Once we landed at Heathrow.cL the. nonetheless.. but I wasn't worried..

f~ iV\ Q_V\ my oyster . Maureen McCormick's characI closed the handcrafted cherry wood BRUDAcase and began (II '" II 76 iPhone Life March-April 2012 . . and hand.m. The Brady Bunch was the most popular thus far. including Buckingham Palace. Given that I had about an hour before I was scheduled to make a mockery of Just then. a pair of Clark's.. I tapped the Keynote ($9.I.. I spent the day exploring the city's many tourist attractions. sentation capabilities to augment my poorly developed public speaking skills. enabling me to use my now Pad Upon entering the small shop. he was standing. padandquill.. In one there might be a story here worth telling . As I had already planned on using my iPad's preBirch.. that's not it. when I was a kid. smiled. when you hop the pond from the States to England.if I had decided to hit 3 topic the magical arts" guidebook in his (I points: Inspiration. slightly & Quill LBB ($44..com) wrapped iPhone as a balding man standing in the corner waving a stick back and forth mutremote. of the more popular episodes. I can honestly tell Oops. Monetization. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a few of secret little black book containing all my scribbled musings of the literary arts. I arrived back at the Hotel just before 7 p.I.~. which I thought appropriate for the theme. " sociated with J." I replied.l~ the. I was stuttering.Four score and forty years ago .. I extended my hand and introduced myself. most of America was brudacase. show on television. Donning my favorite Sevens. I suddenly felt as if I had lost conversation on my Pad & Quill-wrapped iPad. Stepping to the podium tering some kind of quasi-Muqqle I and surveying the masses that incantation that sounded strangely WOft. I thought to myself. and an Italian-bonded leather cover. at least I thought so.'IV\ l.I.The next day I was scheduled to speak at the Creative Writers of London conference. Even before "Charles" had icon enabling my BRUDAcase-enshrined iPad to post the first a chance to answer. I was expecting Dumbledore to pop in remember thinking to myself whether or not I turned off the lights and ask me what my purpose was. ui~) WfitiV\3 I. Cool.Of Othe. I noticed a gray-bearded. it was more like" My name is Michael you. I like "The Star-Spangled Banner" As I edged closer to the corner where truly felt as though the world was the. Nope.~ had gathered to hear me blather. ~tOfie.Qf~ 3u~t to ~Q. I was strolling down Charing Cross Road when I spied a Harry Potter-themed store.. We spent the next 2 hours talking about everything you would want to know about Harry Potter.Od to he. the gift of gab that got me here in the first place.iV\i~h the. Thankfully I had my iPad sitting in a black. I as surreally magical. including the English pride asMy opening line was classic. Around 3:45 p. Every Friday at 8 p. Execution. he looked up at me. The beautiful BRUDAcase protects your iPad and lets you prop it in the two most popular positions: typing and viewing. Rowling's seminal works. "What would Marsha do?" You the fine art of Literary Science.Of ~e.e.com) enshrined iPad in the corner by the window tuned to ABC to witness the comedy series that would inspire overlooking the street below As I recounted the initial events a psychological condition known as the Brady Bunch Syndrome of my journey abroad in semi-chronological order. app2.99..99.K. "Can I help you?" Quill LBB as if it were some sort "Yes. of many visual aids on the screen above and behind the podium where I stood. more on that later. I decided to set up said iPad in my BRUDAcase to the left of the podium.O-..m.m. and a well-worn henley crew. Italian leather-bound Pad & Quill ($89. you Carson and I'm a writer:' I could hear a little chuckle down in front really do get a sense of Muggleness that can only be described as I struggled to remember anything about what I actually do. I decided to write about my visit see. I arrived at London's Albert Hall a full 15 minutes ahead of schedule and proceeded to survey This Pad & Quill "(onteqa" case frames your iPad between a rugged but lightweight Baltic my kingdom. preparations for my historically insignificant speech.. I had recorded the entire in my hotel room .me/2481) questions about your shop. I felt as if for its unrealistic portrayal of second-marriage family life. Opening the Pad & and asked. I felt as if I were appropriately underdressed for my tour de force literary debut. I had set up my new BRUDAcase (Starting at $120. I heard more laughter and then about 10 seconds of silence. I noticed he had a "practical spells for practitioners of e.com) "Contega" case. padandquill..99..

was preparing for an upcoming class speech. Carson. I thanked the organizers for their hospitality and graciousness. Having expressed concern for her ability to remain calm during her presentation. and the smile that could light up New York City. Everyone was looking at me. • Many more features along with the crispy clear sound quality. and expressed my sincerest desire that the members of the audience find their muses. I opened my eyes and there in front of me were those beautiful blue eyes. I started talking about the different ways I use my iOS devices to help me in my daily search for the perfect group of words that will enthrall and engage my readers. "Dear Lord.. Amy. "It's time to fasten your seatbelt. completely oblivious to the now constant shaking in the auditorium. I enjoyed my work immensely .ter. writing for others in an effort to help them finish their stories. • 2. she was advised to picture her audience in their underwear. iPhone Life March-April 2012 77 . • Fully functional remote control. • Rechargeable built in battery for 5+ hours of play. remember to keep your tray in the upright position . and talking. Don't get me wrong. but at the end of the day... no thanks.1 Stereo Speaker System with 20W Subwoofer. and how they have affected my writing. I felt a trembling in the floor that began to vibrate through my whole body. • Plays and charges your iDevice. Then I started talking about my current fascination with technology. so that they might experience the joy and happiness that writing creatively of- fers. one word at a time.. I was surprised to see that no one was moving. as well as my career-making bid for immortality as a confidentially bound storyblocker. I began recounting all the reasons I wanted to be a writer. it wasn't my dream passion to be a storyblocker. "There are no earthquakes in London.. Would you like some coffee before we land?" "Uh . Marsha. " Huh? I could smell coffee. I remember thinking to myself. I lifted my iPhone 4S out of the Pad & Quill LBB and held it up to the audience. in fact.. Coffee gives me weird dreams when I sleep:' <!J Michael (arson is a Professional Writer/ArtistJActivistiMusician/X·treme Sports Enthusiast/SocialMedia (onsultantandCommentatorliving in a world of chaos and insecurity tempered by a dose of sarcasm that only a mother could love With a bent towards psychology and a religious philosophy based in logic and the power of the written word only to be contractually bound to a secrecy that borders on inlanity with occasional forays into reality and other terrifying places of hi we at ion. especially the Apple iPhone and iPad. thereby reducing the intimidation factor.. are there?" Looking out at my audience. I touched on my feelings about how truly powerful the written word is and how important it is to have fun in whatever you choose to do. It worked . At the close of my speech.... and talking. I worked for years just to pay the bills. I closed my eyes and began to pray.com • No more large or heavy speakers or wires to limit your enjoyment. This wasn't anything I would normally have expected to be happening. You can reach him at writtenbymichael· carlon@gmail. from the prototypical Jack Kerouac lifestyle answer to my sincerest desires to change the world for the better. That's key. Just as I heard myself repeating my hopes for all the aspiring writers in the audience. Mr. and thinking about it made me laugh so hard that I just started talking . I spoke of my initial eHorts to monetize my chosen profession in the guise of a struggling copywriter. no one was even talking. not at all anything I would expect.

It even keeps track of all the items I have ever entered. You can set dates and times for tasks. I love to build words and play this against my friends. CA One-line bio: Amanda Goodhue. so my followers know exactly where they can purchase the piece! Pageonce: This app helps me keep track of my bills. works with a social media marketing company based in Los Angeles and enjoys using free apps to save money and support free services. so I can remember to get the items I use the most! BigOven: This is a recipe database: I love being able to have my iPad next to me while cooking! 78 iPhone Life March-April 2012 . and set reminders. Twitter and Linkedln) all at once. or if there are changes to my flight. RTM: RememberThe Milk is a great app for keeping track of to-do's.&oo£b Age: 26 Location: Manhattan Beach. Words With Friends: When I'm bored or have some free time. and even re-pin them to my boards. Avon's beauty and fashion trend brand. HootSuite: HootSuite is a social media dashboard that allows rne to see all of my social media streams (Facebook. quotes. Twitter:The Twitter app is great because I can stay updated with the accounts I follow (especially new posts from fashion bloggers) and share tweets and photos. I can like the pins. a fashion publicist and avid iPad user. Mobile: I am a mentor for mark. and price. ShopShop: I use this app for my grocery list. or other accessory and tag the designer. store (it will link to e-stores). credit cards. and it's great to have it on my iPad to access files when I'm on the go. photos. Their mobile app allows me to easily browse and shop for products for customers or myself. Pandora: Who doesn't use Pandora? I learn about new music that way.Featured iUser: ~a. even my Starbucks card! It notifies me when bills are due. Mark. Dropbox: We use Dropbox file sharing system at the office. clothing. I follow some of my favorite fashion bloggers and fashion brands on Instagram. It is then shared through my social media accounts. Kindle: I use the Kindle app to read e-books that I have checked out from the county library-free reading material and no touching used books! Pinterest: Highly addicting-I can see the items. Instagram: Another one of my favorite apps. and tips my friends pin to boards. Pose: I am able to take a photo of a piece of jewelry. I love seeing the different style ideas and sharing my own (with cool vintage photo effects!).

Even shows you where you popped tops on map & more.Counts the bottle and can tops popped. when you open a bottle or can! . Twitter & FourSquare. Plays a song or sound. posts to FaceBook. displays a picture.

Those ancient devices were little more than digital versions of the traditional paper planner. including calendars. and phone book. app2. app2. Today.Oot( INFoRJ'lATION MANAGERS 8Y DOUCiU\S s. and phone books (now called contacts). Main Interface Although the user interface has little to do with the actual functionality of the app. At the bottom of the screen. the interface has everything to do with your use and enjoyment of the app.99. Notes. the more things change. replicating a paper planner. because it allows you to quickly and easily view the most important information immediately upon opening the app. but little more. As they say. As advanced and connected as today's digital devices have become. however. and were nothing like the tiny. That is probably why I very distinctly remember some of the first palm-sized devices. W Pocket Informant maintains the early paper-planner style interface. of course. you tend to remember and appreciate the way things used to be. Inc. there is an expanded view of the day's appointments. me/4278) opens to your monthly calendar. which is really nice. Pocket Informant ($14. of course.A GIJJSfT( L. Those.. and Settings. Extreme Agenda's tabbed interface makes navigating throughout the app easy. fully functional computers found in today's smartphones and tablets. particularly for those who are coming to the iPad directly from a paper planner. were manufactured by the now defunct Palm. the more they stay the same. This intersection between the original purpose of these devices and today's modern technology may be among the most fascinating areas in the genre today. showing all of your upcoming appointments at a glance. This seemed to be a pretty good place to start before we get into the real nuts and bolts of the apps. tasks.99. Tasks. The layout and design feels extremely familiar. devices have advanced beyond the wildest dreams of those original visionaries. (iOW1(JN(i' AT OUT( PfT(SONA~ Calendar. like me. Contacts. me/291) takes you back to the days before digital devices took over our lives. tasks. one of their most important functions remains personal information management (PIM). hen you get older. You can use the tabs on the right side to toggle between various views: Today. Trying to create a data connection on one of those devices? Don't even think about it. They could handle your calendar. The main interface is extremely well designed. Once in 80 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . Extreme Agenda ($6. I thought this was a terrific interface.

a calendar is a calendar.. - - _.~O ----... Contacts._ r I I I -. as we will see. it allows you to mix and match the tabs on each side of the screen in order to display the information you need to see. and Calendars By far. I really enjoyed this interface. . projects... and assignments that I must complete. and Extreme Agenda also make it easy to jump to a particular date.. On the right. Pocket Informant and CalPad feature similar calendar interfaces. ~ SmartPad color-codes your tasksby their assiqned categories.. Use the slider on the bottom to select another date. but it is still just as functional as any PIM app. notes. allowing you to jump to any date. All of these activities involve various projects.99.. SmartPad. I was not impressed by this calendar. On the left is the calendar interface that can be toggled between the day view and the month view..the app.. including: Day. You can even hop into the settings to rearrange the order of the tabs or change the default view to any of the other tabs. All four apps perform extremely well with syncing your tasks online with Toodledo (toodledo. tasks. which shows any appointments and tasks you have coming up that day.. . thisZenlikeloading creen putyou s might inabetterrame f ofmind toplan therest fyour ay. Week.. Not only does it show you the birthdays on each date. and day views. ~ 11 . it offered fewer features than the default iPad calendar. app2. There are two halves to this interface.. app2. The only problem I had with this interface was that the tabs far outweigh the available space.me/4280) If Pocket Informant is a day planner. andnotesnone i place. Although does it notserve afunctional purpose. week. the differences can be both significant and subtle.. but the app will include a picture of the contact. I also really appreciated the detail that went into the calendar boxes in Extreme Agenda. or month quickly and easily.. CalPadffered easy-to-use o an calendar interface with mUltipleoptionsfor accessingnd organizing a your appointments events. you can use the tabs at the bottom of the screen to switch to any view. . Month.-. iPhone Life March-April 2012 81 .99. Instead of a single screen with buttons to jump between views.. I am involved with a wide variety of activities. which is why a good task manager is critically important. CalPad and -------------alike a good desk blotter. alPad C putsall ofyourevents.. Just use the slider on the bottom of the screen in SmartPad or CalPad.. In Extreme Agenda. I really appreciated the customized feel of the interface. Now. offers only two views in its tabbed interface (Today and Month). then CalPad is the desk blotter of PIMs . both at home and at work. and more. Although I found this interface to be a bit cluttered and bulky. Extreme Agenda also offers similar calendar views.---. without the complication of skipping between tabs. and even Year. How much difference can there possibly be?" Well. The iPad already has a pretty good one. you can double tap any tab to bring up the scroller. II J. on the other hand. Tasks Like many of you. the most important function of the apps in this category is how they handle appointments and calendars.me/4279) adds a little Zen into the mix by starting with what appears to be a Japanese meditation room. which can be swapped between multiple views.~ .•. Extreme Agenda offers a tabbed interface with each tab representing a separate view. 0: - _. or . I know what you are thinking: "What's the big deal. tasks. with buttons across the top allowing you to jump between the various calendar views. CalPad (iPadonly: $9. including Tasks. SmartPad. \ I -- . On the right-hand side. This opens to reveal your Today Screen. The interface may appear a bit more Spartan than some of the other apps featured in this article. Cal Pad. o d SmartPad ($9. . On the left is your calendar.. week. history. Extreme Agenda auniquelider llowingou offers sa y tojump instantly toany selected date. If one is available. Additionally. Keeping track of all of this can be complicated and confusing.It shows everything on one main screen. you can use the tabs to toggle between the tasks. month. meaning several tabs will get shuffled off to the "More" tab where they become significantly less visible and accessible. It allows you to see everything at once.com). you will find your tasks and notes.. and there are about eleventy-billion calendar apps in the iPad App Store on iTunes..

though they took different paths to get the Job done. Notes This is a relatively new addition to the apps in this genre. or link them to particular dates and only show the day's notes. but I love the idea and the direction in which this appears to be heading. so you could select to add a task or appointment directly from the popup. her straight from the app. Pocket Informant and Extreme Agenda take a slightly different approach. CalPad is also the only app I reviewed that Adding new Tasks and Events All four apps offer a similar popup screen for adding new tasks and events. with its ability to accept either typed or hand-written notes. which is really impressive. notes are linked to a specific date on the calendar. not only for backing up your data. The original Palm devices never included note sections ill their PIM functionality. though notes are rumored to be coming soon. This makes it easy to recognize which projects need immediate attention at a quick glance. The biggest difference really comes from how this screen is accessed. In Cal Pad. and allowing you to email or message him or Pocket Informant (shown here) and Extreme Agenda both feature a"smarr'new button that will change functionality to match the context inwhich it is pressed. This probably works fine for some people. you can choose to display all of your notes at once. I had a few issues with this view not working properly. Extreme Agenda also eschews color-coding in favor of small icons denoting each category. they each take different approaches to on-screen organization. SmartPad and CalPad allow you to add either a calendar event or task from any view in the app. For me. the icons on the screen were just too small to be helpful at a glance. Extreme Agenda is following this traditional approach for now. and you can create folders and tabs for them. As a bonus. As such. Both apps also feature a popup window when a contact is selected from the list. Both apps feature a single. This is a great way to add ideas associated with a specific date or appointment that you may need to remember. The notes in Pocket Informant are also robust and sortable. task. 16 19 CalPad handles notes better than any of the other apps. placing notes in their own independent tab. In SmartPad. allows you to sort by any number of factors. You can choose to assign notes to an event. adding. I liked Cal Pad's approach to notes the best because of its flexibility. However. with smart buttons that changed depending upon the context. Extreme Agenda also includes the option of viewing your contacts in a Cover Flow. There is no way to go back and search or sort your notes without scrolling through the whole calendar. tabbed popup. allowing you to add new tasks or appointments from any screen. Both also rely on the contacts database on your device to display this data. this includes much of the functionality of a stand-alone notes app. but does not offer color-coding for your tasks (though it will mark overdue tasks red). I really liked the fact that Smartpad and CalPad color-code your tasks by categories and folders. whatever you are viewing automatically controls the functionality of the new button. including folder or context. rather than syncing with an online service. CalPad (shown here) and SmartPad both offer a tabbed popup. showing all of the information associated with that individual. Pocket Informant. but also if you frequently access this information from my multiple devices. as notes would frequently get lost once the date passed. I found it a bit limiting. The other three apps all offer notes. but you do not have to do so. Despite the fact that the three apps handle tasks similarly. In both apps. calendar. on the other hand. This means you never have to think about what you are 82 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . you can add new appointments from the calendar screens Jump to Tasks and the new button will become New Task (likewise for Contacts and Notes).Pocket Informant will both sync with Google Tasks as well. Pocket Informant (shown here) and Extreme Agenda both offer clean and easy access to your contact llsts. which is now called Contacts. Pocket Informant takes a more universal approach. rather than list-style view. Extreme Agenda and Pocket Informant both handle contacts terrifically and with a very similar interface (CalPad and SmartPad do not offer access to contacts). there is not a significant difference in the data displayed in either app. or contact. Change the date on the calendar and a new note page will appear. This ability to sync to an online service is critical. Contacts The third of the three classic features from the original PIM devices was the phone book. regardless of your starting screen. Essentially.

Making a single recommendation from all of these is difficult. Finally. for example... At this point in a review. Sprint. that you will not find a better value anywhere in the App Store than Extreme Agenda which clocks in at a mere In addition to everything else featured in the app. CalPad did the best job with their flexible note-taking interface. however. While our readers generally prefer some kind of recommendation or "winner: I have found that picking the "best" app often comes down to personal preference or needs. Other Features In addition to these traditional features. ~iC'~~_ t""CIO~t..> "Find Your Sweet Spot... DC. With that in mind.. <!.. In this case. All of the apps included in this article were provided by the developers for the purpose of evaluation. I preferred Pocket Informant. though I felt CalPad and SmartPad handled tasks better with their color-coded entries.me/4308).bodydock. each of these apps offered an array of extra little features. '-- _ __". fI'kI.J Wrapping It Up Personal information managers really do mark the genesis of mobile devices .." Contest Doug Goldring II an attorney in Washington.99. The failure of CalPad and SmartPad to include a calendar does count as a strike against them for many users. their raison d'etre.. though I will say Pocket Informant's tabbed screen ran an extremely close second. (incorporating Birdsoft's Jot List app (free. verizon iPhone 4. I would not expect you to spend a total of over $30 to purchase and BoliiilAicKTM MAGNETIC 5YSTEM www.. includes a list-making section..I'I:¥K'i''''OIItifN!II'&.IfIfI/MtI. History (SmartPadl.:lo. Extreme Agenda also offers a unique list-making function. For contacts... though the difference between that and Extreme Agenda amounted to little more than personal preference. They have remained a relevant part of these devices. •• """'_''''GIO''''''''''_(~ iPhone Life March-April 2012 83 . . app2. This feature seems to be a natural addition to the functions already included in the basic PIM app. I loved the crisp and accessible interface offered by Cal Pad.. however. This ability to write your notes instead of typing gives the process a much more natural feel. I will say. even as the world of mobility has grown far beyond that original purpose. com. Extreme Agenda offered the best access to calendars. I have really enjoyed watching them develop.allows you to choose between the keyboard and a stylus when making notes..1 test all 4 apps on your own. if you will..com and has written about mobile technology on numerous websites. . $6... AT&T. and even an "advanced tips" newsletter (Pocket Informant). I usually explain that I hate recommending one app over another.. _.com DOCKING [!) ) • ~ 'I ~iFREE INTRO PROMO CODE' IPLM123P gift with purchase POlen! Pending -:! '.. all three allow you to share your notes via email. 45. Youcan contact Doug at doug@justanothermobile monday... Regardless of which app you choose.He is the editoremerilusofJustAnotherMobileMonday. Extreme Agenda.. Pocket Informant and Extreme Agenda were evaluated based upon pre-release versions of upcoming releases. Other features include Project View {SmartPadl.AttlfAn""""" . The one you purchase will really depend upon your personal preferences and needs.

Nothing I have used rivals the power and capabilities of my iPhone 4. I am confident I can head out the door knowing I will be able to pull up the event on my iPhone or iPad Calendar to see who we will be meeting and where. I download The Columbus Dispatch {free. I have loved technology ever since I bought my first bag phone in 1993. my hometown paper. and the dozens of apps I use each day in my life as a sales manager. try Penultimate {iPad only: $.me/4282I. I scribe the sales numbers on a whiteboard and take a picture on my iPhone. In the Field We use Outlook at my organization. when I started selling the golf balls I found in the woods at Community Golf Course in Dayton. we are always looking for new leads. app2. At the end of each meeting. onto my iPad and start reading about yesterday's events. You can project your iPad on a wall or screen with the Apple VGA Adaptor that plugs your iPhone or iPad directly into most projectors (store. I have the numbers at my fingertips all week long.me/42831. It starts the moment I wake up. app2. and it syncs to my iPhone using Microsoft Exchange. I email the notes to my rep for future meetings. I usemy iPhonetotake pictures of our ssles numbers (left). On the way to the shower. and potential salesleads (rightl. I used to read the "paper" and clip articles to share with my reps and colleagues. iPad version: app2.A Day in the life of a Sales Manager by Jim McElwain have been in sales or sales management ever since the age of ten. and trust that the native Map app will take me there! The native Notes app on iPad helps me take down details from every meeting with prospects and clients.99. and Palm handheld in 1996. PC in 1994. click the address. Like every sales force. 84 iPhone Life March-April 2012 . Simply snapping a photo of the building directory in the lobby of an office complex gives us dozens of new opportunities to contact! If you want to take notes by hand. Ohio. When I get to the car. iPad 2.com/us/product/MC5521.apple. I Starting the Week I start my week by meeting with my 14-member sales team first thing Monday morning. app2. Now I instantly email articles directly from the app to anyone in the world. so the built-in Calendar app reminds me 30 minutes before a meeting that it is time to go. or draw sketches and flow charts freehand. This way. me/32121 or Dry Erase (iPad only: free. and I can email the results to my assistant. I spend a lot of time in the field with my reps.me/4281.

me/2899).tchlng FI. try Rest Area Finder (free. and The Power Formula for Linkedln Success by Wayne Breitbarth.. the number one app I use is AroundMe (free. I have used a couple of business card scanning apps like Camcard ($6..- . me/4284) is also good if you are signing up customers and clients in the field on a regular basis.-. me/2924)..me/4287). a particular bank.me/2373.. app2.. Form Entry (free.. me/2925. app2. and I can fire them off via email in Besides helping me store important documents. me/4285). _lw_ Private Autobiography of Mar _.. ria.me/2542).me/228) to find the nearest restroom. When you arrive. or any business by name. app2. including The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon. . _ _...o-=. This app helps me do more with my day and makes me more efficient.. app2. Face-to-face contact makes such a difference. app2. it was on my Kindle app within seconds..gov. to keep up on what is going on at home.. If I am looking for gas.me/4288) and Weatherbug (free. app2.me/2960) to capture information using the camera and sync the information to Contacts and Outlook. I sometimes refer to my iPhone and iPad as my "mobile university:' I use the Kindle app (free. so you know what to pack. Some of my favorite experts to listen to include Zig Ziglar.-. for 20 minutes to catch up on their day.uscis. h. On iTunes. You scan the card. . One of my reps had recent success using CardMunch (free. Check out Overdrive as well (free. iPad version: app2. If I read or hear about a great book.. I can own it 30 seconds later by downloading it from Amazon. I type it into AroundMe and 99% of the time I find what I am looking for. I keep all of my contacts on my iPhone and iPad. Ohio._. app2. app2. and the Overdrive app (right) lets me"borrow"booksfrom mylocallihrary and downloads straight into myKindleapp. FaceTime is a great way to stay in touch with your family. These apps make the world so much smaller! ~CaIIIoI C. If your travel takes you on the highway. {_s. iHeartFladio The Kindle app (left) helps me stay educated about my favorite topics.99.. My sales reps often need these forms. me/2482) and Nook app (free. .gov or an 1-9from www. Big Impact: Power of trie Elevator Speech by Terri Sjodin. iPad version: app2. app2. Before you leave. Keeping Up and Staying In Touch I am a student of sales and sales management. service agreements. My company's sales conference last September took me to the Atlantis in the Bahamas. phone. Ohio. and I can tap the address to route me there. I am in the payroll business.99. pull the info you need like email. 610 WTVN... but I have experienced mixed results. Use your iPhone and the aux plug in your car to listen and learn as you travel each day.. Barnes and Noble or iTunes. and Gas Buddy (free. and tax agency applications at my fingertips on my iPad.. iheartradio (free. and title. app2.me/2814. . me/2816) allows me to listen to my hometown station. When traveling.. as well as the native iBooksand iTunes.. ..-~. mostly on Goodreader ($4. presentation tools. You can always improve when you find ways to keep learning! On the Road Whether my travels take me across town or across the country. seconds over Verizon's 3G Goodreader lets me make annotations on PDFs network. I use iheartradio to listen to the Cincinnati Bengals and Ohio State Buckeyes when I'm not in the listening area.. . it allows you to "borrow" books from your local library electronically on your Apple device for 14 days. ""'_"''''-ll!''tQll m:m:!lI . Most nights around dinnertime.me/4289). I can tap the phone number to call. -... Sit Or Squat (free.-~ I ~ .me/3685). .. app2. I have hundreds of self-help and sales classics that I have purchased online or borrowed from the library. 1 .. app2.irs. and you can be a hero to a new business when you use Safari to grab a W-4 from www. the weather radar on all three apps is indispensable if you're planning on attending any outdoor events.. app2.1 have dozens of books on sales and sales management on my iPad... app2. and visit with the whole family in Columbus. iPad version: app2. "dial" my 12-year-old son's iPod touch. app2.. They claim to read the card. Public Library. name.. Small Message.I also keep all of my price lists..me/4286) to save money finding the cheapest gas..me/155).. check the weather! You can get pretty good 10-day forecasts on Weather Channel ($3. If you travel overnight. . Goodreader is great and gather signatures on forms. but I love to read fiction as well. Brian Tracy and Robert Kiyosaki. Accuweather (free. a place to eat... I would set up my iPad on the desk in my room.99. and a real person actually reads the card and makes sure accurate information is captured and returned back iPhone Life March-April 2012 85 . Iter for annotation on PDFs as well as getting signatures on forms. I just borrowed The 700 Simple Secrets of Happv People by David Niven from the Upper Arlington.

me/115) to create. participate in Webex conferences.99. plan. I envision at some time in the future having one in every sales rep and sales manager's hands so they can sign up clients. update CRM. me/4292. you may be surprised! I also connect with hundreds of people using the Linkedln [free. review. Hehas been in sales and sales management for 21 years with Payche~. Paid version: $9. Good luck and good selling! ~ Jim McElwain lsa graduateofWright State University in Dayton. and the words are on my screen. In fact. app2. address. meet via video conference.com/inIJimMcElwain "My iPad 2 has almost completely replaced my HP laptop" At my company. I wrote this article on my iPad using Quickoffice! to meet a new contact. White Pages (free.lsimply say what I want to text. app2. Keyboard-challenged people like me LOVE using Dragon Dictation (free. I've had mixed success with their app. I prefer to log directly into salesforce. There are also a couple of very inexpensive simple CRMs available on the iPad and iPhone. I research them on Linkedln before the meeting. Inc.me/4291). learn. there are two apps that help me find people and stay connected.me/2634) app.me/111) to send short emailsortexts. ready to send with amazing accuracy. connect. You can search by name. create proposals. app2. Jim lives in Upper Arlington. and edit Word. Etlen. in just a few seconds.coml. map out their day {batchgeo. Ohio. find prospects. dictate memos. I also use Ouickoffice ($4. if it makes sense (read Wayne Breitbarth's book I mentioned earlier). app2. app2. save money. create expense reports. we use Salesforce (free.S. When I am getting ready 86 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . I have to say.to your CardMunch contacts within a short time. stay connected. Don't believe me? Search for your name. lyww. and four children. Afterward. conduct presentations.me/3021) as our CRM. app2. Finally. including Sales CRM EZi (Lite version: free. compose. I invite them to join my network on Linkedln. my iPad 2 has almost completely replaced my HP laptop for much of what I need to do in my day. and PowerPoint files. app2. and more.me/3197) can find almost any person or business in the U. Ohio with his wife. travel. or do a reverse look up on a phone number.99. Excel.com with my iPad to keep up with my reps' activities and access client data securely. email.linkedin. as a sales manager.

99. "Let's do that for the iPhone. It was this totally new thing. They actually asked me to be part of Mac Heist. I've always been an Apple fangirl. app2. I didn't even own an iPhone because I was in Canada and couldn't get one. Nine little buttons that were the scene modes. so during that time. When I started. At the time. This was new and nobody had done this. "Ok. I was that geeky kid building robots with Legos.Interview with Lisa Bettany by Alex Cequea n December 2. O photography. I had no exposure to Silicon Valley and the crazy. So. I was really fortunate to work with such an amazing team. This was back in the day of the [iPhone]3G. L: It was 2007-2008. Tap tap tap had done some pretty great apps before that such as Classics ($2. Some people have been following me for 5 years. I started going down to San Francisco to guest host on This Week in Tech. There were no apps to make your photos look good on an iPhone. and this sort of crushed my dreams. A: So. and we make apps. ow was Camera+ revious ex enence creatm Lisa: No. I saw it as an opportunity to use blogging and social media. and you have no idea about the time and effort and the design and everything else that goes into it. I was really into iPhone Life March-April 2012 87 . so I started getting connected with these developers.me/168). I took my calculator apart and put it back together. and they were looking into what kind of app they could create that would be the next [big] thing. but growing up in Canada. that was them! Working with them meant taking everything that I knew about photography and figuring out how we could make photography accessible to people. We thought. My background was in competitive figure skating in Canada. When I started with tap tap tap. you already had built a bit of a followinq through your blog? Yeah. their challenges. I had a chance to chat with Lisa Bettany. At that time.. and MacBreak. I've always been interested in technology. And because I was a photographer and well-versed in Photoshop. I started a blog. it's weird what people know about me. Once I started getting involved in technology and social networking. I was obviously a bit down. I actually went there in 2008. So. And besides seeing how many iPad cases there were [laughs]. and make them look cool. My dad was a computer professor and worked exclusively on Apple computers. and what's next for iPhone photography. I looked at people like iJustine and Veronica Belmont and Cali Lewis and saw that women were becoming more of a force in tech and more visible. In fact. I didn't." and I created all the effects filters based on stuff that I used in my own photography. and I met the developers of [the app company] tap tap tap.99. The original concept was based on how point-and-shoot cameras have different scene modes. and I started taking pictures. They said. That's the original book app that had the shelves. and some people have never heard of me. You just see these apps. I was injured and bedridden for about 7 years. by the time they approached you. I asked her about their start. Camera+ was ranked #3 overall in the entire App Store. let's add these filters. I didn't really have any idea about what was involved in creating an app. let's make a camera app!" The original concept was literally one screen with nine buttons. you're a photographer. so I literally was brought up on an Apple computer (laughs]. We thought. one of the founders and creators of the popular photography app Camera+ ($1. 2011. That bookshelf idea . I knew nothing about iPhone app development. there was nothing. and it was the #1 non-game app. I went to Macworld..me/2583). "Hey. amazing things that were happening there. When I was starting." People can take their bland-looking photos. At the time of the interview. tap one button. I was really interested in technology. I was one of those kids [laughs]. I was an aspiring Olympic skater. I started to meet people. I came up with the idea of adding filters. and I had a really bad accident that completely changed the focus of my life. That's how I got really interested in technology and blogging. app2.

That was a very. It's hard to look back. but in another way. Karl Baron.. But he had to create all that from scratch. Initially. We have this amazing designer. At the time.' "Here's my kid. it got to where it is now. and that was a very big day of sales. A: How many people do you have on your team? L: Our designer and lead producer is John Casasanta. Don't ever do that! [laughs) It was the worst idea. I was destitute. We jumped up the charts. and I was like. We all had tickets for it. and then we have another guy. A: What was the onqinal reception like? is released. and Apple made the feature a core update In lOS 5. One is in Spain. or anything. very happy day. how long was it until you got back In the App Store? L: We were put back on the App Store on Christmas Eve that year. L: Yeah. Karl. We started with him. and he's working on a secret project. Many tears were shed throughout the ordeal. "Oh. there weren't a lot a lot of users. As soon as we'd gotten into the App Store. He lives between Sweden and Tokyo. Camera+ updated their app With a feature that allowed users to snap photos With the IPhone's volume controls. Every time a new iPhone 88 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . and we would fall. Volume Snaps Incident: In early August of 2010. Applel L: Our original design wasn't as easy to use as it is now. I mean we weren't really successful. We'd worked a year for free to get the app out. A: Nice. including all the web design. and the camera . during the keynote.. We would fall as low as 150th. that's crazy! L: And these things still stand in our app today. which was just John. Wolfgang Bartelme. I remember we launched during WWDC. and I feel like that was the end of it. We got kicked out because of the Volume Snaps incident [See sidebar]. But in the early days. but photography gigs pay like 200 dollars. When we got kicked out I wasn't able to say anything for the 4 months that we were out. it wasn't like that It wasn't as "in fashion. "Make this picture blurry. who is kind of a nomad. we would jump up. Obviously. Everyone goes. an Auto mode. Now everyone takes a picture of their sandwich [laughs) and shares it on Facebook. Their reason: Apps cannot modify the function of the volume controls because It can potentially cause "user confusion" Eventually Camera+ was reinstated. or blog. I was taking photography gigs. it was literally a screen with nine different buttons on it like Beach Mode. Now there's code that says.' but we actually had to go research white papers and work from MIT grads to create an algorithm for "blurriness:' A: Wow. we're successful!" and I moved down to San Francisco . _that's it. We've brought on another development team to work on other aspects of the app that we're building out. and we all just got together and started throwing out ideas. and we jump up. we gain millions more users." In one way. we've been thinking about switching over. And how often was I getting those? I was broke. So. We just recently got Volume Snaps back on. A: Was there any reason why you would jump up? Was It something that you were doing? L: In the early days. it was just four days of pure insanity. and Scott Meinzer is another producer who leads the development teams. Apple rejected the update and removed Camera+ from the App Store. and personally. I actually didn't tweet. I don't know if the whole iPhoneography concept was as popular as now. we didn't necessarily have the momentum of a lot of people having the device. Scott. And then we got kicked out. but none of us went because we were so busy trying to get the app out I didn't sleep for four days. A: By Apple? Or by your team? L: By both. but he's the mastermind behind how it works [laughs].. the actual process took about a year of development On board from the very beginning was Karl von Randow. A: You weren't allowed to say anything about why you were pulled? L:Yeah. living the life. we were devastated." and shares it on Facebook. We were only in the App Store for 4 months before we got kicked out When we got kicked out. I'm the face of the app. we were like. we wanted to watch the keynote. So. Because we are all nerds. who has designed everything. but we were also trying to launch our app. we've expanded from the original team. It was this rocky road. it was a Christmas present I L: It really we«. "Here's my dog. We did have our fair share of controversy. and we would fall. In the early days.A: But the anginal Idea was only a few buttons. No hard feelings. 'Crap!" A: So. you can just create them. That was our original concept. A: What was the process of creating the app? L: Well. we didn't have a lot of competitors. and me. there was less talk about those things." "Here's my vacation. who is our lead programmer from New Zealanc. I couldn't pay my rent. Because it's available now in Core Image [a newer image processing technology]. We probably went top 10. there wasn't any easy way to create these filters. The Volume Snaps thing was really traumatic. Now it's just in there. Karl doesn't get a lot of credit. we were actually number 2. From there.

but really it's just him. especially when people are sharing on Facebook or tweeting. and I was like. it's been in the top 5. "Who are these people who have this many followers. I saw that on your blog. Every time I post a photo. we stop. When we have bugs in our app. "They're not the best that!" L: Yeah. it's like part of their life. They've been working on another kind of secret project.. no. but it definitely helps. I don't think we've dropped lower than 20. I feel like social media is a game. You just cannot have people losing photos or anything like that. less when you count the time that we've been out for. you know. when we launch a new version. and word of mouth Every day we look at the charts and we see who's above us. we'll do giveaways.does playa huge part in that. that will definitely help promote the app L: Yeah. Those apps are just flashes in the pan. and you play them once. In the original launch. "Oh man." A: What are some of your marketing efforts? L: Well.' or something.000 followers. A: So 5 million in about two years . we gave away my dream photography rig. I think it's creating a useful tool and creating a tool that looks good and works well. but they are not useful tools. it's the iTunes Store game. It's the same thing with having a successful app. "Stupidness II. he'll bring on a couple of people. If it were up to me. L: Well. I think that the overall success is really the combination of having a great app that's useful. and now I have. which is something really understated in the App Store right now. the first four months were up and down.. A: You said you had another development team. and there are lots of different ways to do that: through contests. A lot of our users are just really passionate. And then we have Jorge and Pedro who are in Spain. Games are fun. L: I've been having this debate with people. "Hey. every time we hit a milestone. Once you're in the top 10. But we created a tool. but when we came back. iPhone Life March-April 2012 89 .000 views. it consumes a lot of my day:' /1 And they're not playing the game. and you have to figure out how to win at the game. The thing that I did recently that got the most attention was when the iPhone 4S came out. But I got in trouble for that [laughs) just because I'm so excited about things. A: Sounds like the support from the big blogs and the big tech blogs . and they might outsource some little projects. It's really just keeping the community engaged. and I'm genuinely using it. and it was covered on everything. But Karl Randow. We're very secretive about what's coming up for us. but really promotion happens with me getting featured in Entrepreneur magazine or Fast Company or getting TechCrunch to cover us. People who love Camera+ use It every single day. and they're just struggling to get traction because the people behind them are not good at marketing or promoting.' and "They're not the best photographers!" Or. they're giving this a" away!" So. even doing things like stunts. "They're not the best this!" Or. so would you say that your development team has doubled? L: Um. I guess I can't say. You see some apps that are like. we did that. I don't know what the main thing is. we'll do something. Instead of putting more and more features in every new version. I shot all these comparison photos. So. who's below us. or helping them out. we actually spend a lot of times fixing bugs. I genuinely love the app.. And there's been this backlash in that community with people saying. you know? So. L: Yeah! And that got like 38. I'd probably blab a lot of things. We've got some huge announcements that will be coming in the next 6 months. I'm not really sure how big of an impact these have. who's the competition . that's essentially promotion.. I think if you give your users value by giving them tips. A: How many downloads have you guys had? L: We are a few days away from five million. through video. In the last 3 months. I was fortunate enough to meet with Google before they launched Google+. or engaging with them. We have other teams. through getting blogs to promote you. and in the last month. The most popular apps in the App Store are games. who is in New Zealand. and we would do iPad giveaways. I took this picture with Camera-s. A: Yeah. I was so jealous because I didn't own any of it [laughs]. we've been in the top 10.. And it's genuine. 300. A We see so many apps that are really good apps. has his own development house there. You have to get into the top 10.. I think that's how things are spread.

I had a user email me and said. where they are trying to be a sharing network. Being able to take a shot. for instance. "How much time do I want to spend creating and producing the app versus promoting the app?" It's a balancing act for me."That's really exciting because it means you don't need $10. You know. and that we seem to collectively value entertainment and games much more than. Some of it is good. and some of it is amazing moments. but they're not necessarily accepting it. it consumes a lot of my day [laughs). Now that person is everyone. For example. "Ooooh. and I just shot an entire wedding with an iPhone. I don't know if somebody would accept that. That geeky girl was me [laughs). In the next 5 years. Then it's a game about how to stay up there. it's like a photography game. I mean. and I think this photography and sharing of photos is bridging what we call education and games. So. Definitely with the iPhone 4S. Hipstamatic. Just the fact that these pictures are being published and used in a meaningful way is bringing a lot of validity to using this as a tool to capture professional pictures. edit the shot. there have been a few magazine covers that have been shot with an iPhone. they're not gOing to shoot their Vogue cover shot with an iPhone. Organizations like National Geographic or People magazine are using iPhone pictures. I think that professional photographers really can't ignore that. but my team isn't. what they are doing. I ask myself. I'm the most social. We were trying to be the best tool to take the best photo. say. A lot of the photos on Instagram used Camera+ and used ourfilters. "Look at all these amazing pictures taken with Instagram!" But they were really taken with Camera+ and shared to Instagram. Especially for news stuff . "I'm a wedding photographer. For an additional inside look into tap tap tap. there was like one geeky person with a camera. I'm really impressed with this camera. They would have to be pretty forward thinking to let someone shoot their wedding with an iPhone. Every day. we've had this for like 3 years. And what is photography if it's not shared and enjoyed by people?That's the whole point. education. I just looked at my Facebook feed. I honestly see a world where everyone has a mobile phone that takes pictures. L: Yeah.all breaking news stories are generally broken with a tweet pic. It's a visual art form. and sharing it.. but some people say.000 to start a photography career. I always feel like Instagram isn't even a competitor to us because they are a free app. Camera-e. It's like saying. and I know Android users are saying. If you think back to your high school years. some of it is the sandwiches. A: [laughs] If my wedding photographer had shown up With an iPhone. they are now taking these amazing pictures. I don't know that I would have been very excited about that! L: [Laughs) But I think you'll start to see it. We really have always focused on utility. we look at the charts and we see who's above us. Maybe it's because we're all so antisocial [laughs). I think most photographers aren't ignoring it. A: One last question before we go . and they're trying to do something different. and share it. who shot her album cover with Camera+. who's the competition. A: What do you see as the future of iPhoneography? L: I think it's heading towards every single person shooting pictures with their iPhone versus an actual camera. I mean. we didn't really think of the social aspect. I see something like Instagram. or didn't want to spend $5. and Lisa Bettany go to taptaptap. But it's a very concerted effort. I think in the next couple years.what do you love about I Phone photography? I think it's the immediacy of it. It's something that we're really trying to catch up on.com/bloq..! I ') Dealer InQuiries Welcome razon (om 90 iPhone Life MarCh-April 2012 . "Look at all these amazing pictures taken with Flickr' When we started. we've seen huge improvements in quality.000 for a DSLR. and what we are doing. I guess we really missed that bus. who's below us." A: How do you think this will impact professional photographers? L: I think we're seeing more and more people accept the validity of iPhone shots as quality pictures. that's why we're doing it. A: I recently wrote about this idea of value. and we're seeing so many different aspects of people's lives.you just get this rush of users. There was that indie artist Rachael Yamagata. parts that we wouldn't ordinarily see. And for people who are intimidated by photography. e A sound enhanCing IPhone stand HEAR HE D F ER CE eee THESE COLORS Lo P ollie AVAilABLE IN crau Ie wave. Every single person is documenting their entire life. we will see things like the Vogue photo shoot shot with an iPhone. whether we like it or not.

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At the same 96 . my wife's birthplace. from Uruguay. for better and worse. the Skype interface is different Kindle Fire For the months prior to its launch. and other content are automatically swapped back and forth to the Amazon cloud. All in all. unlike the iPad. iPod touch. That meant that anyone could call me in Uruguay using that U. apps. We did this all for $2. It actually has far fewer features than the app on black-andwhite Kindles. The effort resulted in usable.S. who does not yel use the iPhone. a Kindle/Amazon shopping machine. browse the web. play music and movies. for many. I started to get annoyed with the book's basic theme that Jobs was a jerk. iPhone. but given its pricing competitors. which was perfect for our 2-hour teleconferences from Slcype. Actually. (Note that due to frequent Skype sales.S. there are limitations. given the Fire's price. Book of Jobs While in Uruguay. I read biographies to learn about what makes humans excel. I could not use Skype on it. Jobs first turned around an almost bankrupt Apple and then produced "universe-denting" products such as the iPod. It is no wonder that end users tend to be much more delighted with Apple's fully integrated and vetted devices. we regularly used Skype on our iPad. Overall. With Internet in our rented home. phone calls and a 2-hour weekly call. department opment cycle and in the product itself. and Fire to read Walter Isaacson's book on Steve Jobs. Kindle Fire. iPad. I used the Kindle app on the iPhone. Fortunately. consumer software. with his wife Rita Goldstein and grandson Rio. He had his top design.50 a month. Although a good read. and games. During our stay. It was inspiring to read about Jobs who. and laptop. Thaddeus Computing in 1985. since there is no mic. which makes a real difference for video. For example. size. campaign were skillfully woven together. I took it as a sign from above that I could order the new Kindle and receive it the day before I left for Uruguay. shop at Amazon. For example. Hal and Rita founded iPhone life'soriginal publishing company. Hal Goldstein. apps.iView Telecommunications on the cheap in Uruguay to stay Pictured: Senior Editor. for $2. like a great artist. However. and the Book of Jobs time. packaging.S. an excellent iDevice alternative. phone number interface. about halfway through. the tone of the book changed when Isaacson starting describing Jobs's return to Apple in 1997. The Kindle App on the Fire is no better than the Kindle app on the iPad or iPhone. pricing changes often. Most view the Fire as a competitor to the iPad.) While Skype's functionality and pricing are great. However. We also took a telecourse. and. and iPad while battling cancer. a more consistent experience. of course. playful. read books. engineering. Cheap Overseas Calls. That integration Apple competitors of both process and product stands in contrast to the fragmented approach taken by most of Apple's create phones disjointedly and in a linto ear way. and market- For another $2. it was easy and inexpensive in touch with our family and my business partners. and elegance and practicality of design. and functionality. number.Phone Life March-April 2012 . I am extremely impressed with the Kindle. the Kindle Fire is T his winter I spent six weeks in Uruguay. For more apps. you get a fully functioning Android tablet. user I am not fond of Skvpe's often unintuitive on the iPhone. one can call any U. Worse.99 a month! Audio or video calls to fellow Skype users are free. my interest in the Kindle Fire grew. and C> and size. an Android product is passed from department iDevices in which hardware. I had a much greater appreciation for Jobs's contribution approach by the time I finished reading the biography. ing people meet almost daily to first define and then refine products. minimal storage space and no cellular option means one must have access to Wi-Fi to use many of its features books. but alsowith theiPodtouch. could focus on the minutest details in the context of wholeness. For $199. and the marketing TheKindleFirepartlycompetes onlywith the iPad. number for any amount of time from anywhere. the Kindle Fire is first. I was able to get a valid U. iPad. get email. the Fire is still small enough to fit in many a purse and jacket pocket.5-inch iPod touch screen. The Fire's 7-inch display is larger than the 3. email. As justification to buy the new toy. Also. with the ability to install apps.99 a month. I think the Fire competes at least as much with the iPod touch. a tablet and second. not and from company to company before it reaches the con- sumer. wholeness That manifested itself in the product develproduction. what surprised me was that. Better. Although the many examples of Jobs's eccentric behavior were fun to read about in a tabloid kind of way. iOS devices win (the Fire is quite brick ish). and iPhone for calls and which required daily 30-minute meetings.


faster data and longer battery life 65% of smartphone owners experience indoor dead zones .Wi-Ex. Learn more at www...zBoost® Brings Your iPhone to Life with improved signal.com Available online and at major retailers.com €jRJ ----------------------_ . including: amazon. zBoost users don't I.

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