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Excelcomindo raises service quality in a multi-vendor network with Nokia Siemens Networks NetAct™ Optimizer

In major cities throughout Indonesia, competition among the cellular mobile operators is increasingly fierce.

I would personally recommend the service using this efficient and effective tool to other operators if they asked me. Anton Perwira Putra, Network Optimization Manager, Central Area, XL

The three biggest GSM operators in Indonesia, including Excelcomindo (XL), have to work hard to retain their customer base, and one way of lowering churn is to optimize service quality. In the hilly Bandung area, one of XL’s major service areas, the geographical topology makes it difficult to achieve and maintain the performance targets. Nokia Siemens Networks helped the operator optimize its network operation with Nokia Siemens Networks NetAct™ Optimizer and today XL is delighted with its current network KPIs in Bandung. Indonesia’s cellular operator XL has been a technology leader. Quietly, it has experienced fast subscriber growth. The key to this accomplishment is its aggressive promotion campaigns and relentless effort to retain its customers. It means making sure that they get consistently high quality of services.

Nokia Siemens Networks was asked to perform the optimization for XL’s network in Bandung. Specifically, the tasks focused on optimizing key performance indicators (KPIs) such as failure rates in getting connections, call drop rates, quality of calls and strength of received signals. Before contacting us, XL underwent routine drive-testing to get the network statistics and perform onsite fine-tuning. Subscriber complaints were also taken by phone and XL would then try to identify whether the problem was hardware or radiorelated. If it was the latter, then the Network Operation Center (NOC) would have to switch the channels or change the radio parameters based on suggestions from the Optimization Team. Another drivetest would be required to verify that the problem had been rectified. “Every day we usually receive up to

10 orders,” said Anton Perwira Putra, Network Optimization Manager, Central Area, XL, “And the task used to take a lot of time and resources.” Working in a challenging terrain Bandung is a popular weekend destination for thousands of people from Jakarta, which means that during weekends there can be an increase of up to 50% in call traffic. However, what is more challenging is the topology of the terrain. “In Bandung, you can have the radio signal propagate easily about 10 km from an elevation of 1200 m north of Bandung to 700 m in the center of the city, making it very difficult to contain,” explained Jaime Castillo, Radio Planning Manager, Nokia Siemens Networks, who led our team in the project. “It is a huge challenge to prevent the radio signal from one cell from interfering into another.”

Nokia Siemens Networks Corporation. this results in an efficient and effective way of doing RF optimization to reduce time. In addition. costs and money. the orientation of the antennas and compared them with the original design. Nokia Siemens Networks and the wave logo are registered trademarks of Nokia Siemens Networks. Other company and product names mentioned herein may be trademarks or trade names of their respective owners. the amount of data was extremely large. Subsequently. Our holistic approach Different vendors use different methods for optimization. as XL sees it. we set ourselves a very tight . We also audited the core network. it then postprocessed all data collected over a period of a few days when there was no network growth or systems parameter changes. This represents efficiency and reduction of the overall timeline. Thus. XL was able to create the frequency plan and fine tune the final optimal plan in a fraction of the time. minimize our operating expenses through automation and increase our subscriber loyalty through speedy response and high service quality. but we are able to cover all bases-not just the radio access portion. It replaces the traditional drive testing method of Radio Frequency (RF) optimization. is the far shorter cycle time. Efficiency gains One of the greatest advantages of NetAct Optimizer. It consists of the following phases: Measurement of parameters. With NetAct Optimizer. Karaportti 3. FI-02610 ESPOO. Every time a new cell is added. Normally. Subsequently. KPI improvement using NetAct Optimizer At the end of the network optimization service. A lot of fine-tuning is required until the performance is optimal once again. The team checked the height of the towers. In the optimization project in Bandung. it causes temporary instability to the entire network. it further analyzed the current network performance data and displayed the results on a geographical map. with a different set of tools with the same level of effectiveness as NetAct Optimizer. This ensured that all activities were carried out on schedule. Benefits • Drive-testing has been eliminated. Nokia Siemens Networks NetAct™ Optimizer truly shines in helping us maximize our capital efficiency. evaluated the transmission network and evaluated the data performance of XL’s General Packet Radio Service (GPRS). use of optimizer. Challenges • Bandung’s geographical topology makes it difficult to achieve and maintain performance targets • Frequent drive-testing consumed considerable time and resources • Much fine-tuning is needed to restore network performance following the addition of a new network cell XL is also rapidly expanding its network in the area. the project would take up to three months. making RF optimization faster and more cost-effective • Optimization that conventionally takes up to three months took just seven days with NetAct Optimizer • Operating expenses have been cut through automation Excelcomindo’s Anton Perwira Putra has this to add: “Optimized network performance is crucial to our business success. but we completed the phases in 7 days due to the complete cooperation and coordination that XL provided. During the first month.nokiasiemensnetworks. A further benefit of NetAct Optimizer is that it works exceptionally well in a multi-vendor environment-including XL’s Ericsson-supplied infrastructure in Bandung. Finland Product code C401-00121-R-200710-1-EN – Indivisual www.” KPI OSS Average Daily Drop Call Rate Average SDCCH Drop TCH Drive Test Drop Call Rate Handover Success Rate -OSS After Optimization 36% Relative improvement 36% Relative improvement 78% Relative improvement 2. Products and solutions herein are subject to change without notice. we undertook a site audit on each of around 200 sites that XL had in the region.6% Absolute improvement Copyright © 2007 Nokia Siemens Networks.NetAct Optimizer used the data effectively to generate the optimal frequency plan. It is worth noting that the data was obtained from every active mobile subscriber in the network every five seconds. Thus. These phases can normally take 2–3 weeks. plan checking and implementation. NetAct Optimizer was employed to speed up the optimization of the network by first obtaining a complete and accurate picture of the network. basically reducing the project time from three months to seven to ten days. All rights reserved. the KPI improvements that were achieved are described in the table on the right. it also proposed either a new optimal frequency plan configuration or the necessary changes to an existing frequency plan.

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