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Sankalp Institute of innovation and creation(CA-CS SHALINEE PANDYA) CS Test Paper (professional- Module III) PAPER-6 INDIECT TAXATION-INTRODUCTION

Multiple chice question Q.1 The contributio of indirect test is (a) 70% (b)30% (c)20% (d) none of above Q.2 Indirect tax is based on the princi[pal of (a) equity (b) revenue act (c)fair distribution (d) all of above Q.3 VAT act registerd under white paper (a) not compulsory for small dealers (b) consumption tax (c) state governments are free to to increase the lt upto 10 lac (d) its objective is not t0 burden on small dealers Q.3 VAT is based upon the (a). value addition to the goods (b).input tax credit (c) state governmets decision (d) none of above PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION

Q.2 Say true or false: (a). Vat will have 4 broad rates:1% for for unprocessed agricultural products (b) A white paper on The State level value added tax adopted in Novemebr,16,1999. (c)The tax reform committee headed by Dr. Raja .J. Q.3 Write answer in 30 words (A)Why was the TAX REFORM COMMITTEE formed? (B)Describe scheule vii of article 265 of finance act? (C) What is the objective of custom act? (D)What is the importace of Article 246? Q.4. Desribe in 60 words: (A)Write a short ote on constitutional provision regarding the bifercation of powers. (B) What is the difference in CEA and CETA? (C) What are the main rules and regulations of Custom Act? (D) write a short note on THe TAX reform committee. Q.5.Explain in 300 words (A) COnstitutional validity on service tax (B)COmputation of VAT