Monthly Newsletter June, 2012

THE RECTOR'S RAMBLINGS What do we do now? N ow that Mark has left to take on his own parish, this is a question I hear from all sides. Well, the first thing we do is to reflect on all that Mark has done and all that he has meant to St. Andrew's On-the-Sound and give thanks. We are a different church than we were when he came. His contribution to our life and ministry has been great, and will carry on long after he has settled deep into Westhampton Beach. The second thing is to pat ourselves on the back on what a good job we all did in nurturing Mark into the priesthood and parish ministry. He came with a lot of talent and energy and St. Andrew's met that with love and acceptance. It is no easy job to help someone to move from student to priest, but St. Andrew's has done it, and others have taken notice. Then we need to do nothing for a while. We need to take the time to miss Mark, and also to dream a bit. Not about whom we can find to replace Mark, which is an unfair question both for him and for whomever comes along, but what St. Andrew's needs in order to continue and grow our ministry. This will take some time, not only to reflect on who and what we need to look for, but also to find the right person. Remember it took over year to find Mark once we made the decision to look for an assistant. In the meantime we need to pick up the traces and continue the work. Each of the ministries which Mark founded, refounded or facilitated has talented and dedicated volunteers involved and working hard. In this interim period each of you can claim your own authority and carry on. After all, we are all the ministers the church. Let us send Mark forth with our best wishes and blessings move forward together at St. Andrew's On-the-Sound.

CELEBRATION SUNDAY St. Andrew's On-the-Sound designated May 20th as Celebration Sunday and we discovered that we truly have much to celebrate. The support of our Sound Future Capital Campaign is overwhelming. Many in shared voice a resoundmg YES to expanding our facilities! As a result we will be better able to welcome those who come our way. Celebration Sunday was also a reminder that St. Andrew's has much more to celebrate:

A SOUND FUTURE have stepp~d up

• Thanks to the past decade of Richard's strong leadership, our
growth in attendance which has made us one of the leading Episcopal churches in the nation.

Our growth in missions and programs under Mark's five years of service. volunteers.

• The strength we receive from our professional staff and many
• We celebrate Mark's call to be the Rector at St. Mark's church in Westhampton Beach, NY. Although we will miss him, we are happy for him and are honored to have been the first step on his journey in ministry.

SUMMER FAITH 2012 Our Mission is to bring women together to read books that not only inform but also transform through Christ and conform us to his image. Through reading and discussion we seek to integrate God's Word with spiritual practice and to move from inward change to outward witness in the process of fulfilling our deepest desire to be in God's presence and to become our true selves in light of God's grace. We are reading Mother Teresa: A Complete Authorized Biography by Kathryn Spink and Kisses From Katie by Katie J. Davis over the summer vacation. We will reconvene in September on Tuesdays from 9:30 to 11:30 in the patio room. Child care is provided. Please join us. Contact: Karla Blinn

Save-the- Date June 20 and 21 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. Details to follow!

FINANCIAL MEMO We are ahead of budget with $223,933 in collections and $220,493 in disbursements, resulting in an operating surplus of $3,440.

For the month of June, we will be collecting ranch salad dressing and pickle relish. Please place your items under The Table in the church. Thanks for all that you donate. Virginia Colantuono (910) 256-2954


....... Thanks

to the hospitality of the Carraway Family, their close proximity to the beach, and a beautiful sunny evening, the EYC Family Beach Party was bound to be a great time. We threw in yummy potluck contributions, fun games, and solid friendships creating a truly awesome and excellent memones. Thanks Katie and Erin for organizing this event and everything else you did for the EYC this past year!



~I M ~I ~ ~I M ~I

~J Date: June 22 M Time: 6:30-8:00 p.m. ~J Host: Larry and Patty Lisk M 137 King Arthur Drive ~J Wilmington, NC 28403 M This is another venue for building our fellowship ~J ~ community within our parish. M ~I Why do we meet outside the church? We feel it adds ~J M an option of meeting timefs), while not replacing any M ~~~ =~~



Mark's new calling leaves a big hole right in the center of our group -- let's do him proud by filling up that space with our love for God and each other. And good works - the EYC will be collecting gently used or new school uniforms items and board books to benefit Interfaith Refugee Ministries in Wilmington. Please place your items in the bin labeled yOUTh REACH in the breezeway. Thank you! Please contact Tracy Hanson at (910) 792-6849 with any questions. or

M Who is invited? Everyone ~I there are no age restrictions.

other fellowship opportunities.


and anyone is invited,


M =~~

:::~~~ When?: The fourth Friday of every month fromI!ZJ ..... _=" ~16:30 - 8:00 p.m.


Casual dress, bring a beverage of choice and a finger :;::M=" =;:;;; Enjoy an awesome group. Visit with old ~ friends and make new ones. Come see what the ~:=~==:; BUZZ is all about!~ :;:::==-=


M-=:::-..ii ..

Ifood item.

~J M



Hope to see you there, Donna Grice ~


I hope some guys in our congregation will consider a stewardship opportunity in the Adult Choir this fall. Due to retirement and a college graduation, we will say good-bye to a couple of great guys-David Parker and Eric Forbis. Perhaps you sang in a high school or college choir? Had a few piano lessons once upon a time? We rehearse on Thursday evenings 6:30-8:00 and warm up on Sunday morning before the 11:00 a.m. service. Rehearsals will begin again in September. You might also consider trying out the summer choir beginning in June. We warm up at 10:15 a.m. on Sunday morning. This option is open to anyone high school and older. We welcome singers in ALL sections of the Adult choir. We also have a graduate leaving the Bell Choir and would love at least two more hands to join us. Middle School, High School, Adult with some degree of music reading from piano lessons or band helps. We meet on Tuesdays evenings starting in September at 6:15 p.m. Also resuming in September the Jr. Choristers will meet on Wednesday afternoons at 4:00 p.m. for second graders and up. I'd like to start a new group of kindergarten and first grade singers and I am suggesting Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. or 4:00 p.m., whichever is convenient.






The next Men's Breakfast will be Saturday, JUNE 16, ~ at 8:30 a.m. in the parish hall. Team 2 will be our • hosts. All men are welcome, so please join us for a ~ GREAT breakfast and fellowship. \:.}'

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY ECUMENICAL HOUSE BUILD The construction has progressed well with St. James and St. Andrew's On-the-Sound volunteers building and setting up the walls for the house on April 21. We will prime paint the interior of the home on June 16, and lastly St. Andrew's volunteers will provide the lunch for 15 workers on June 30. Please contact Frank Dolezal at 399-1823, or Joe Clem at 686-2657 if you would like to help finish the home.

A SOUND FuTURE A Sound Future's steering team would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support of our campaign. Over the past six months it has been powerful to witness the deep passion and commitment that our parishioners have toward St. Andrew's Onthe-Sound. We truly have a Sound Future here at our church. Over the next few months the finance committee and vestry will be working on a timeline for our project. Once a sequence of events is determined all aspects of the project will be communicated with the congregation.






Friday 1 Sabbath day for the Rector 8:00PMAA

Saturday 2 9:00AM Altar Guild Meetiug


Civil War Round Table, open to everyone Men's Spiritual Youth Church Formation, Community, Women, open to all men grades 6-12 open to all women Episcopal Episcopal Daughters Open Open Fourth

of the King, open to all women years old Gathering, open to all

to those who are 50+ to those 20-50 Friday Fellowship

3 Senior Sunday 7:30 AM HE at Lebanon Chapel 9:00 & 11:00 AM HE at St. A.'s 12:00 PM Coffee Hour

4 7:00 AM MSF Group 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 8:00PMAA

5 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 10:45 AM Healing Service

9 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 11:00 AM Knitting in office 8:00PMAA

7 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 9:30 AM AI-Anon

7 Sabbath day for the Rector 8:00PMAA


10 7:30 AM HE at Lebanon Chapel 9:00 & 11:00 AM HE at St. A.'s 12:00 PM Coffee Hour 12:15 PM Daughters of the King

11 7:00 AM MSF Group 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 8:00PMAA

12 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 10:45 AM Healing Service

13 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 11:00 AM Knitting in office 8:00PMAA

14 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 9:30 AM Al-Anon 7:00PMCWRT

15 Sabbath day for the Rector 8:00PMAA

16 8:30AM Men's Breakfast

10:00 AM ECWMeeting

17 Father's Day 7:30 AM HE at Lebanon Chapel 9:00 & 11:00 AM HE at St. A.'s 12:00 PM Coffee Hour 5:00 PM Capers

18 7:00 AM MSF Group 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 8:00PMAA

19 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 10:45 AM Healing Service 6:00 PM Vestty Meeting

20 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 11:00 AM Knitting in office 5:30 PM Good Shepherd Night 5:30 PM Summer Faith 8:00PMAA

21 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 9:30 AM Al-Anon 5:30 PM Summer Faith

22 Sabbath day for the Rector


6:30 PM FFFG 8:00PMAA

24 7:30 AM HE at Lebanon Chapel 9:00 & 11:00 AM HE at St. A.'s 12:00 PM Coffee Hour

25 7:00 AM MSF Group 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 8:00PMAA

26 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 10:45 AM Healing Service

27 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 11:00 AM Knitting in office 8:00PMAA

28 8:30 AM Morning Prayer 9:30 AM AI-Anon

29 Sabbath day for the Rector 8:00PMAA


June 3 Vestry Persons of the Month: Amy Lease and Bill Salter Lay Readers 7:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m. Mary Thomson Muf£Y Pepper Missy Kennedy Bob Remillard Norma Knight 11:00 a.m. Bob Royce Melinda Rider Ann Lees Acolytes 9:00 a.m. Trey Carraway Cody Reiman Cameron Reiman Chase Carraway 11:00 a.m. Aaron Lease Steve Lease Hailey Lewis Zack Lewis Ushers 7:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. Greeters 7:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. Altar Guild Bill Salter Kathy Cormier Bill Sowers Team 2 Laing Alice Schauf Bobbie Gibson Mary Benedetto Mary Schumacher Bobbie Gibson Dave Bramley Tom Colantuono Alexis Nunes Taylor Nunes Donny Ross Julia Ross Daniel Gay Kellen Hanson Sid Brooks Bob Suddith

June 10

June 17 Father's Day Elizabeth Woodside Sally Vasilevich Natalie Sherwood Mary Evans Mark Zeigler Scott Lander David Cordle Willie Scholz Steven Lease Aaron Lease

June 24

Linda Brown Muf£Y Pepper Bobbie Gibson Steve Coons Mary Mobley George Earnhart Scott Lander Jeanne Kendig Cody Rieman Cameron Rieman Kelley Kinlaw

Francis Goodman Stephanie Kraybill Don Ross Robin Wetherington Cathy Miller Kellen Hanson

Alan Wells Wilker Ballantine Cody Reiman Cameron Reiman Bob Thomson Paul Farley Sam Green Bill Briggs George Myers Carol Nasca June Clem Rosemary O'Hayer Team 4 Drewry

Lauren Hedrick Wilker Ballantine

N athanial Hanson Zack Lewis Jim Otley and Ron Foster Joe Clem Steve Coons Curtis Gregory Hubert Bordeaux

David Brown Leslie Owen James Clinard Billy Sowers

Ophelia Hart Kathy Laing Martha McCain Team 1 Royce/Reabold

Team 3 Shore




Preschool has finished another great year! We are now 10 years old and still going strong. This is because we are blessed to have the best teachers in the world and a parish that loves the energy that young children bring to it. We still have some spaces in our summer camps. Please go to our website or get a form from The T able in the church. Have a wonderful summer. Thank you for your and support, Catharine Hedrick www.standrewspreschooLorg

Please pick up a bag for our

Brand does not matterHome Depot, Wal-Mart, Harris Teeter, TJ Maxx, etc. Reason: The students at Newton Gove have decided to reuse the book bags that we gave them last year. YAY! The only new bags that are needed are for the Kindergarteners! Supplies: Yet, they still need school supplies. The reusable bags will be our delivery system and speak volumes about recycling. Place: Please put the bags in the container under The T able in the church. Thank you: Contact Kathy Laing for more information 256-2480.



JUNE CANDLE DEDICATIONS Altar Candles are given in loving memory of Sheila Pigman & Lee P. Vanstory II by Stan & Karen Pigman. Sanctuary Candles are given in memory of Eunice and Ting. We all loved them dearly.

In the early 1830s, Dr. Wright paid for the construction Lebanon Chapel. The chapel was to serve those members of St. J ames who lived in the vicinity of the Greenville, Wrightsville, Masonboro and Middle Sounds neighborhoods, and those who vacationed in the area during the summer months. The land was part of a 320-acre tract known as "Mount Lebanon," named for the surrounding cedar trees that recalled the biblical "Cedars of Lebanon." In 1875 the property was deeded to St. James Parish for the sum of one dollar by the guardian of Dr. Wright's son (Adam Empie Wright). When St. Andrew's On-the-Sound chapel was abandoned. was built in 1923, the little

In 1972, the Rev. Herbert L. Aman, Rector of St. Andrew's Onthe-Sound, met with the Rt. Rev. Thomas H. Wright, Bishop East Carolina (and great, great grandson of the original owner the property now known as Airlie Gardens), to discuss what to do with Lebanon Chapel since vandals had nearly destroyed the property. The mutual feeling was that it should be restored as a living monument to the past, an inspiration for those yet to come, and above all, to the Glory of God. Work began in 1973, and services were conducted by the clergy of St. Andrews On-theSound in the summer of 1974. St. Andrew's still has Sunday morning summer services at 7:30. After 70 years, St. James Parish returned to summer worship at Lebanon Chapel in the year 2000. St. James Parish has two Sunday summer services, 8:30 and ... ""!1!!111 9:30 a.m., as well as special services throughout the year.

Will be meeting June 17 at 5:00 p.m. Hosted by Gloria Meder.

The office will be closed on Fridays until Labor Day. Mon- Thurs 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

For a more complete history visit






Chad and Katherine McEwen

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June 29 June 30 Julia Kennedy, Georgie Bramley Diana Chamblee, Bob Suddith









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