Name : Zahra Chira – Ali Mehyiddine.

Course Title : Human Resource
Management .

Subject : McDonald's External

Instructor : Hussein El-Nabulsi .
Semester : Spring 2012 .

short listing will be time consuming.the result is pool of applications from which new employees are selected. -Money will have to pay in order to advertise the job. recruiters in consultation with Human Resources Division (HRD) will decide if external recruitment is the best option for filling a vacancy -External recruitment has often been viewed as a necessary evil in that it trades off the need for outside talent with incentives of inside workers -The external recruitment and proper campaign increase the popularity of the organization on the job market. In this case.´ ADVANTAGES: The following are some advantages of recruiting externally: -A larger variety of people will apply for the job. DEFINITION: ³ A process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment outside the organization the process begins when new recruits are sought and ends when applications are submitted . DISADVANTAGES: The following are some disadvantages of recruiting externally: -Hundreds of applications may be received. the external recruitment is expensive and takes a lot of energy from the HRM Function to handle all the job candidates in the selection process .Where vacancies have not been filled through an internal process or where it is known an eligible/ suitable candidate is not available internally.EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT INTRODUCTION: Firms cannot get all the employees they need from their current staff. and sometimes they just don't want to -As a result of this firms prefer to go for external recruitment . . -The person could bring new skills and ideas into the business. which helps to improve the position for further expansion -On the other hand.

computer operators. . The employees of McDonalds come from all walks of life. as are advertisements.Already they have provided employment opportunities to accountants. human resources etc. External recruitment in McDonalds is a long and difficult process. through to dealing with the response and presenting suitable candidates to your business. which suits the organization best. employee referrals and unsolicited application. recruiting consultants. The External Recruitment allows the organization : -to define the right requirements . Government employment agencies. They have a very strong support system .-Recruiting externally is a risk . real estate representatives. architects and many others in the areas of marketing. themselves and other employees and who have high standards of personal performance. often looking to more then one source. discussing the best cost options for advertising the role. head hunters. which can be a huge benefit for the organization.It managers in taking the initial job and personal specification.This is because in most cases.Brings new people to the organization. Recruiting . . educational institutions and professional organization are popular sources. -The organization can select the candidate. private employment agencies.This is because working at McDonald's is not restricted to restaurants alone. a business will not particularly know the candidates EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT AND MCDONALDS In case of McDonalds it is not very much involved in external recruitment for the operational level employees however for general and administrative employees McDonalds prefer external recruitment External recruitment plays a very important role . However while recruiting McDonald's value people with a positive attitude towards customers. SOURCES OF EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT HR department can use various approaches to locate and attract external candidates.

Depending on your requirements. Advertisement through local and national newspapers. we can advertise External advertisements are placed in other regional papers/journals. billboards is still used by many organizations. medical Colleges etc. The choice of advertising media depends on the job for which recruitment is being done. engineering colleges. many public and private organizations recruit directly from universities and colleges. as required. McDonalds use some of these approaches to attract the external candidates. Through different external sources they look for candidates who reflect a strong focus on customer and client service.. Moreover the advertisement must enhance the image of the organization as a good place to wok In case of McDonald's advertisement of jobs is : -on very small scale and it is .candidates from all the other sources (like outsourcing agencies etc. skills and abilities necessary for success. are known as the external sources of recruitment. magazines. Generally this done via a -University appointments board or career advisory service . Various management institutes. advertisers use a guide AIDA to construct ads An employment advertisement must have -attention grabbing headlines -Must be able to create the interest of the reader -Create the desire by highlighting interest factors -The ad should be able to prompt action Advertisement must specify the personal qualities. formal qualifications and knowledge. UNIVERSITY RECRUITING: University Recruiting refers to attracting young professionals and management trainees. These sources are described as follows: 1-ADVERTISEMENT: Although online recruiting is changing the way the HR managers approach of recruiting. To be effective.are a good source of recruiting. The reason behind that they are well known the organizations culture and environment.based on needs This is because they mostly recruit employees internally.

Online recruitment techniques . RECRUITING VIA INTERNET/ELECTRONIC RECRUITING: Electronic recruiting. McDonald's directs applicants towards applying on line.rozee. This source is known as Campus Recruitment.Prizes and cash bonuses may be given to who . Wherever possible. Notice vacancies with request of referrals can be posted on the organizations bulletin board . cyber recruiting or recruiting on the internet present a major change to the way in which companies traditionally recruit personnel. *The McDonald's is having a contract with e-recruiting firm a detailed job description and job specifications in the job postings to attract candidates with the right skill sets and qualifications at the first stage -A well defined and structured applicant tracking system should be integrated and the system should have a back-end support.-Vacancies are advertised on notice boards and campus interviews are arranged -Career fairs and career carnivals are arranged for this purpose -Interested candidates are given a chance McDonald's recruits *fresh graduates from the Universities *For this purpose the company goes to the career carnivals and career fairs of the universities *Interviews are conducted on the spot *After interview and criteria test the selected candidates are hired for the job *It helps to create effective talent pool and to source the right talent as per job requirement They provide facilities for campus interviews and placements. *McDonald's does not have its own website in Pakistan *They collect online cvc through Rozee The Human Resources Department (HR) of McDonald's usually handles job application. EMPLOYEE REFERRALS: Recommendation made by current employees can be a useful source of applicants. Online Recruitment technique is relatively a new concept in Pakistani Job Market but McDonald's prefer this technique due to its importance of time saving and effective tool to make quality hiring decision.

Many jobseekers visit the office of McDonalds. The report finds that McDonald's gives people opportunities to progress that they might otherwise not have had including aspiration. JOB CENTERS: Another way of external recruitment is Job Centers. on their own. In some organizations these are formal agreements to give priority in recruitment to the candidates recommended by the trade union. But as mentioned above McDonalds focuses on internal recruitment this is done rarely. Such callers are considered nuisance to the daily work routine of the enterprise.Also. ³Walk ins´ is people who approach HR department seeking a job. The existing employees recommended their friends and relatives for the vacant vacancy. This type of cvs are also welcome. RECRUITMENT PROCESS . skills and progression. McDonalds also has the policy of recruiting employees with referrals. the office bearers of trade unions are often aware of the suitability of candidates. ³Write ins´ is those who submit a written enquiry about job opportunities.. But can help in creating the talent pool or the database of the probable candidates for the organization. In McDonalds candidates are given the opportunity of an onsite work trial at a McDonald's restaurant as part of their recruitment process. Job Centre refers that there are candidates are given the opportunity of an onsite work trial at the work place. Management can inquire these leaders for suitable jobs. This will gives candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their personal qualities in action. In McDonalds people normally drop their resume or cv while visiting the restaurant. UNSOLICITED APPLICATIONS: Unsolicited applications often called ³walk ins´ and ³write ins´ can also be a source of qualified personnel.recommend a candidate who is subsequently hired . when in different circumstances they might not be considered for employment on the strength of their CV or an interview with other employers.

which involves many parties and the clear follow up of the individual process steps is essential. The majority are µWhat if fictional scenarios with others being direct questions . The HRM Function is responsible for setting and defining the external recruitment process and it has to be sure to solve several success factors in the external recruitment process.Each question or scenario will be followed by possible responses from which you need to choose which is the most appropriate action / response.This can be done trough a number of ways depending upon the job and depending upon the organization. 1. This process plays a very in recruiting those employees For recruiting external employees McDonald's follows several steps. 3. the candidate also need to be a logical thinker who can apply common sense as well as relevant background experience to different situations. 2. 4. education and work availability. The vacancy may arise due to retiring member of the staff .MANAGING THE RESPONSE: .ADVERTISING THE VACANCY: The next step in the recruitment process is to advertise that vacancy for which the recruitment is required. people living locally and/or friends of existing employees. skills and abilities needed to carry out the job.PREPARE JOB DESCRIPTION AND PERSON SPECIFICATION: The job description is updated and an employee specification is written. To join as a Trainee Business Manager in McDonald's. In McDonald's. The company's recruitment history shows this is the best method of hiring quality staff e. The application covers general information about yourself. Besides this the external recruitment is mostly used for the General and Administrative staff . There will then be a series of multiple choice questions for you to answer at the end. for operational staff the recruitment is only for the vacancy Trainee Manager. In case of McDonalds.g. it mostly advertise the through the internet. your contact details. The job description lists the duties of the job whilst the employee specification gives details of the experience.IDENTIFY VACANCY: The first step in the recruitment process is to identify the vacancy. work experience. Application forms are sent out along with copies of the job description and employee specification and must be returned on or before the closing date that has been set.The recruitment process is a very complex HR Process.

All application forms are pre-screened against A shortlist is compiled of applicants who are going to be invited to attend for interview. .CONDUCT INTERVIEW: Interviews are held. The panel will use the same set of questions with each Feedback can be provided (upon request) to those not shortlisted and applicants have the right to complain if they feel they have been unfairly treated. This is done by the recruitment panel who compare each application form with the requirements of the employee specification. 7. at www. This process is always conducted by authorized person. uk/careers After the closing date. 5.ARRANGE PRELIMINARY INTERVIEWS: Once the final list of short-listed candidates has been agreed McDonalds arrange preliminary interviews for the candidates. Feedback can be provided (upon request) and unsuccessful applicants have the right to complain if they feel they have been unfairly treated. The recruitment process of McDonalds is then followed by selection process that is the final interview and the decision makers convey decision and appointment formalities. If candidates have any queries regarding a vacancy they can contact the McDonalds at www. 6. the McDonalds collate and go through all the application forms and pre-screen decentralizes its recruitment process. Online The interview may include a selection test. are screened for evidence of team-working skills and an understanding of customer service. as outlined in the person specification.

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