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Karen Ellemann,Minister of Environment Department Environment of Hojbro Plads4 1200Copenhagen K

30 JLrNE20111 Date Randers, June 29 201l/erkjs

Dear Karen Ellemann, my Following previouscorrespondence,am writing this letter to express concernregardingthe limits for low I frequencynoise from wind turbinesnow being proposed. your announcement the new regulations regardinglow frequencynoise Back in January2011 we applauded of that thoseregulationswould not be tightened and that it was a and the fact that you also then emphasised questionof improving the securityin connectionwith the installationof wind turbines.Accordingly, the reaction from the industrybranchback in January2011 was positive,althoughas an industrywe were uneasyabout having heavierdemands imposedon us than other industries. When the new regulationswere then publishedon 26.05.2011, were of courseconvincedof your initial point we new regulationsdo in fact include a of view. As a result,we were extremelysurprisedto find that the proposed significantand severe tighteningof the previousnoiseregulations. In fac! accordingto our analyses, most economicalturbines,the 3 MW category,arethe onesthat will be the stronglyaffectedby the new rules.This appliesto openterrain in particular,where in future low frequencynoise requirements neighbours closeto half ofthe projectsthat we are to for will dictateand increase distance the alreadyawareof over the next 2to 3 years. In a small country suchas Denmarkthis meansthat a significantnumberof projectswill not be viable asthe outcomefor the increased requirements cannotbe met whilst maintaininga satisfactory business distance investor. The Danishmarketfor wind turbinesis of minor importancefor Vestasin termsof sales,typically lessthan 17o of our salesper year.However,the Danishmarketprovidesa numberof other functionsfor Vestaswhich are of point of view. By meansof its high wind penetration,24a/o 2010 - still a in considerable value from a business world record- Denmarkhas a role as a forerunnercountry anda full scalelaboratorvfor conversionto renewableenergy. This meansthat other countriesoften look to Denmarkwhen adjustingtheir legislationregardingwind energy. Danishregulationsfor low We are thereforeconcerned justifiably so as history shows- that the proposed frequencynoisefrom wind turbineswill spread a largenumberof other marketswith much higher to commercialimpact for Vestasand consequently employmentin the business. for The Danishwind turbine industry employsapprox.25,000peoplein Denmarkand boastsan exportwhich is Denmark has about 8.5o/o total Danishexports.Such"over-proportional"presence becomepossiblebecause of
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2/2 hasbeenable to createthe conditionsfor good correlationbetweendemonstration, educationand industry research development. reality we fear that the demonstration and In elementwill suffer irreparable damagg a as result of the new regulationsregardinglow frequencynoise.When combinedwith the imminent dangertllat important markets will copy the new Danishregulations, consider new regulations be extremely I the to damagingto the prospects further popularisation land-based of of wind energy. At this point you may haveaskedyourselfwhy it is that Vestas doesnot just makechanges the wind turbines to sothat they produce lessnoise? The simpleansweris that at the momentit is not technically possible do so, to and it requirestime and resources presentlywe areat the forefront of what is technicallypossiblefor because our largewind turbines, andthey arethe mostefficientof all. In the light of this it seems strange the wind turbineindustryis beingdiscriminated that against compared to other industries. other industriesare subjectto differential noiserequirements All regardinglow frequencynoise for night and day (20, respectively25 dB), whereas wind turbine industryare subjectto requirements 20 the of dB 24 hoursa day. The proposed frequency low limit valuesmay hinderthe development onshore of wind in Denmark, including meetingour commitments relationto the EEC. Ultimately,we consider in thereis a danger thatthe regul4tions will be copiedby othercountries accordingly will providean obstacle the popularisation wind and this to of energyat a globallevel.Both issues will damage Vestas a business, as includingaffectingDanishactivities. Yours sincerely, VestasWind systems A/S ISignature] Ditlev Engel Chief ExecutiveOfficer
Alsvej 2l,DK-8940 Dir. +45 9730 0000,

A copy of this letterwas sentto Lykke Friis, Minister for Climateand Energy

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