This assignment is based on what you have learned during lab sessions. It is mainly to evaluate your understanding on the application statistical software when making data analysis and subsequently interpreting results. You are given with basic information of asset price namely the price of direct property market and indirect property market known as All Property Index and Property Companies Index, respectively. This information can be downloaded from e-learning web site, AUTHOR by a link name INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT DATA. Based on the given information, you are required to look for additional information that you think relevant. Relevant information refers to information that may have significant effect on changes in prices. There is no particular assumption on price indices given, however you may state any assumption i.e. the price indices are derived from global transaction of property market, or it could be specific country property price indices. The assumption will late reflect on your additional information. For example if the assumption that the property price indices are for Malaysia market, the additional information must be derived from Malaysia’s market. For each of the information that has been selected, justification is require possibly in reference to the relevant theory that show its linkages. Next step is to conduct statistical analysis on the given data and information that have been selected. In this part you are require to conduct appropriate statistical analysis that shows the relationship between dependent and independent variable(s). Again any results from such analysis must be taken within context of your justification in selecting the relevant variables/information. In writing the analysis results you need to report the significance of the relationship and explain the effect of such results. You are required to show the model of such relationship. In general, table of content for this assignment will have introduction, variables/information use in this assignment, descriptive analysis of return and volatility (time trend analysis etc.), statistical analysis and relationship modelling, result discussion and summary. This assignment must be returned on Monday, 11th April 2011 before 5 pm.

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