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Starfleet I Training Manual

Starfleet I Training Manual


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Published by: remow on Dec 28, 2008
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This option allocates one quarter of the total input power to each of the
four shields. This option is identical to the Maximum Strength configura
tion, except here you choose the total shield power. This option provides
your ship with maximum protection from enemy weapons, while leaving
as much power in your main reserves as you decide. Thus, you can ma
neuver in the central portion of your quadrant with plenty of power avail
able for phasers, movement, tractor beam, etc. This is the usual choice
when you are running low on power, or need maximum protection with
lots of power in your reserves in case the enemy gets the better of you.

INDIVIDUAL (Manual Setting)
This last option allows you to adjust your shields in any configuration
with any power setting (within the shield limitations) you desire. With
this option you can raise one, two, three, or all four shields to whatever
power setting you input.

Now that all the options have been discussed in detail, some examples are
provided on the following pages to illustrate how they can be used.


STAR FLEET I Officers Academy Training Manual

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