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Starfleet I Training Manual

Starfleet I Training Manual


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Published by: remow on Dec 28, 2008
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Now that you have experienced flying several missions, we can examine
some of the more detailed information, techniques, and tactics that can be
used to successfully complete your future missions.

In any war, the victor usually wins by acquiring some advantage over his
adversary. This advantage could be weapons, troops, better equipped and
trained forces, intelligence, position, etc. In short, there are many ways
one can gain an advantage over one's opponent. STAR FLEET I is no

In the Officer's Manual you will find descriptions of your weapons, ship's
systems, mines, and other means by which you can attack your opponent.
Not knowing how to use these "weapons" properly, or efficiently, can
make even the most superior weapon useless. You should already know
how to fire your torpedoes and phasers, use your marines, mines, etc. Now
you will be given some instruction on advanced tactics within the
quadrant to help gain an advantage over your opponent. Through this
discussion, you will see why it is better to sometimes use phasers instead
of torpedoes (and vice-versa), how to make use of the torpedo and phaser
auto and manual firing modes, and why there are different options in
Defensive Shields Control. The techniques and tactics presented here are
the results of the combined experiences of top fleet officers after many
battles with the enemy.

Do not be duped into thinking you have such an advantage over the
Krellans and Zaldrons that the missions are no challenge (just ask any
experienced player). The enemy is extremely mobile, sometimes making
you think torpedoes are completely useless. Their ships will make use of
available cover (e.g., star systems and star bases). They gang up on you
and, as a group, sometimes move closer or farther away, employing a
variety of battle formations and tactics. Then there is always that
dastardly intruder who always seems to damage the most necessary
system at the most critical point in the battle. However, for each enemy
weapon, you have a counter-weapon. How you use your weapons is the
key to a long and rewarding career as a Star Fleet officer.

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