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Lecture 14 (Brand)

Lecture 14 (Brand)

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Published by: Rajnish Singh on May 30, 2012
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Branding of an egg

 

Think of a brand name Identify and establish positioning theme Plan marketing programs


Brand levels
   

Attribute brands Benefit brands Emotional brands Value brands


    .3 so he is not reluctant to pay extra price for it. Though most of consumers didn’t know anything about ZPTO and its benefit. Company promoted unique ZPTO in their advertising. ZPTO short form of Zink Pyrithione. Don’t you prefer PC or Laptop with “Intel Inside” tag on it? It is because of brand identity created by Intel for its microprocessors. it really created wonders for the brands. Why Ingredient Branding? Ingredient branding gives boost to the host brand when ingredient brand has its own brand identity.Attribute brands  Clinic All Clear with ZPTO HLL introduced Clinic All Clear ZPTO in 1999. Remember. Amul is pioneer in pro-biotic foods in India and same strategy has been followed by MNC behemoth like Nestle (NesVita Curd) and HUL (Moo – Calcium Enriched Ice-cream). Many times consumer perceives ingredient as an added advantage 1. Proctor and Gamble also used same strategy to promote Head & Shoulder shampoo with ZPTO. a chemical compound used as anti-fungal and antibacterial agent. (Intel is a classic case of ingredient branding) Ingredient also helps product if product is creating new category.

Benefit brands  Voltas. waisa India ka AC 1. Jaisa India ka dil.4 .

Benefit brands  HAPPYDENT – Whitens teeth 1.5 .

6 . shut it and forget it Public ka naya transport 1.Benefit brands   Fill it.

                                                                                                           1.7 .

8 .                                                                 1.

9 .Emotion brands    Chocolates Beverages Apparels 1.

10 .                                                                                                           1.

11 .                                                                                    1.

12 .                                                                 1.

Value brands    Parker pens – Esteem Health foods – Staying fit Peter England – Honest shirts 1.13 .

14 .                                                                                                           1.

15 .                                                                                                           1.

16 .                                                                     1.

and manage brand equity.17 Strategic Brand Management  . measure. Identifying and establishing brand positioning and values 2. The Strategic Brand Management Process is defined as involving four main steps: 1. Planning and implementing brand marketing programs 1. It involves the design and implementation of marketing programs and activities to build.

Strategic Brand Management Process Steps Identify and establish brand positioning and values Key Concepts Mental maps Competitive frame of reference Points-of-parity and points-of-difference Core brand values Brand mantra Mixing and matching of brand elements Integrating brand marketing activities Leveraging of secondary associations Brand value chain Brand audits Brand tracking Brand equity management system Brand-product matrix Brand portfolios and hierarchies Brand expansion strategies Brand reinforcement and revitalization Plan and implement    brand marketing programs Measure and interpret brand performance Grow and sustain brand equity 1.18 .

Brand Evolution       Unbranded goods Brand as reference Brand as personality Brand as Icon Brand as company Brand as policy 1.19 .

Unbranded goods Various commodities such as Eggs. agricultural produce Demand exceeds supply 1.20 .

g Power by HPCL and SPEED from IOC 1. e.21 .Brand as reference  When turnover slows down. need is felt to differentiate the product from rivals in the category.

22 .g.Brand as personality When brands in the category become similar in terms of product offered. Raymond – The complete man Reid and Taylor  1. the need arises to discover and attend to non-fictional needs. e.

Pepsi is the icon that stands for young and rebel generation. 1. Icons signify values that consumers identify with and want to relate to.Brand as Icon  Brand becomes a sign that represents an idea valued by the target customers.g. e.23 .

e.Brand as company  Vigilant buyers want to know more than brands.24 . Corporate branding shifts focus to product plus service .g Dell computers 1.

Customer commitment is based on ideological congrence. e. political and ethical issues.g Tata tea Jaago re 1.25 .Brand as policy  Brand evolves beyond the business concerns to identify with social.

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