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Chalmers check list

Please make sure that you arrange the documents in the same order as indicated below. Tick off the documents enclosed in your application package and add this check list to the package before sending it. Required documents (mandatory)

1. Cover sheet (exempted/not accessible to applicants with Swedish civic registration number) 2. Diplomas from previous university studies or certificate of ongoing studies (if a Degree is not yet awarded) 3. Transcripts of records (including grades) and syllabus (when required) 4. Documentation of English language proficiency (As for a test sent directly from test center submit a copy of test score or receipt/proof of notification.) 5. Proof that you meet the specific entry requirements (i.e. documents according to the sections 2-4 and 8 are included) 6. Relevant pages of your passport (or other valid identification document) with citizenship clearly visible. 7. Curriculum Vitae (CV) 8. Project Portfolio has been submitted separately according to instructions at (The portfolio must not be enclosed in this package but is a specific required for some Masters programs.)

Optional documents 9. Letter of intent / motivation

10. Relevant work experience 11. Letters of recommendation 12. Certificate of cumulative average grade (also called cumulative grade point average). 13. Check list (The check list does not replace the cover sheet listed as required document nr 1.)

Given name and surname (in BLOCK LETTERS):

Application number at

Degree (name of Bachelors Degree) and major subject (if any):

Degree (name of Masters Degree) (if any) and major subject (if any):

University name (full name) and abbreviation (if any):

Country of the University where your Degree was (or will be) issued:

Home university (cumulative) grade point average (CGPA or GPA-scale) including min and max values: