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Abatech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Flat No. 103, 96, Chandi Ghosh Road, Kolkata 700040 Ph : 33 3293-5204, 654 80509, 9830081122 email : Wednesday, May 23, 2012 To, Mr. Dipak Karki, M/s Hotel Todo, Near Mithun Gate, B-Sector Itanagar. (Arunachal Pradesh) Sir, We are hereby enclosing a price quotation for the Smart-card which will be linked with Check-in 7.01. SL 1 Particulars Smart-Card along with Printing Cost (The cost is for a minimum of 1000 Cards ordered) 3 Swipe-card Reader Machine @ 6,500 Amount(INR) 45.00/Pcs


CST of 14.00% will be charged on the bill amt. Payment Terms: 100% as advance along with order has to be given. Please let us know if you have any questions or require any additional information. If, all is in order, let us know how and when you wish us to proceed. Sincerely for Abatech Solutions Private Limited

(R.K. Verma) (Director)