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News Release #12-010 May 30, 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Krista A. Kittle (315) 785-4504

Watertown, New York ---- On Thursday, May 31st, Jefferson Countys new air medical service will conduct a demonstration of the aircraft and a landing on the SMC helipad. This pre-launch event will enable the community to witness the helicopter landing. Additionally, the event will provide an opportunity for an up-close view of the aircraft and its life-saving equipment one day prior to being officially activated for emergency response. As announced on March 14th, the new air medical transport service, which will be operating locally as LifeNet of New York, will be placed into active service on Friday, June 1st. Headquartered at the Watertown International Airport, the new service will extend air ambulance service to North Country communities to ensure faster medical response. The landing will take place at 3:15 p.m. on the hospitals helipad, which is located on the roof of the parking garage at the corner of Woodruff and Washington Streets. A viewing area for the landing will be set up in front of the hospitals main lobby on Washington Street. Once the aircraft has landed, the crew will conduct tours on the helipad and answer questions about the new service. They will remain on-site through 5 p.m.