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Victoria Sandwich 150g margarine 150g sugar 150g SR flour 3 eggs 2tbs jam Decorate with caster or icing

sugar 2x 15.5cm sandwich tins Mixing bowl electric whisk Sieve Scales Tablespoon Basin or jug Fork Oven cloth Cooling rack Prepare self. Prepare area Oven on 180C fan 170C Check shelves Grease and line 2 17.5 cm sandwich tins. Beat eggs in a basin. CREAM marg and sugar until fluffy. Add egg 1 tbs at a time and whisk well between each addition. Sieve in flour. Fold in until just mixed. Divide evenly between the two tins and spread. Bake 20-30 mins. Test for readiness, golden, shrinking from edge and spring back to the touch at centre. Cool Fill with jam and present