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Wire Antenna D see text L1 C3 30pf C10 50pf C2 S 24pf C1 10pf L2 100uh rfc C4 330pf C6 .22uf 1

Q1 2N4416 G C9 22uf 16v + EPH1 R1 470K D1 TL431CLP R3 1K 2 High Z earphone 3

C5 .01uf

C7 .005uf R2 1K

R4 10K

R5 1M

R6 100

S1 +

BT1 9v

C8 .001

L1: Wind 12 turns of # 18 solid wire on something round that will give you a 3/8 inch diameter. Keep the windings close together. Solder C2 somewhere near the middle of the coil. Solder C1 3/4 of one turn from the end (the end that connects to C5).

case 3 2 1 gate

source drain

TL431 Bottom View

2N4416 Bottom View The case lead should be grounded.

Title Simple CB Radio by Andrew Mitz, LTJ Designs Size A Date:


Q1 can also be: J310 J308


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