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Tutorial 2 1. Three hundreds kilograms of a mixture containing 75.0wt% ethanol and 25% water (mixture S.G. = 0.877) and a quantity of a 40.0 wt% ethanol-60% water mixture (S.G. 0.952) are blended to produce a mixture containing 60.0wt% ethanol. The objective of this problem is to determine V40, the required volume of the 40% mixture. a) Draw and label a flowchart of the mixing volume of the 40% mixture. b) Calculate V40 2. Two aqueous sulphuric acid solutions containing 20.0 wt% H 2SO4 (SG 1.139) and 60.0 wt% H2SO4 (SG=1.498) are mixed to form a 4.00 molar solution (SG=1.213). a) Calculate the mass fraction of sulphuric acid in the product solution. b) draw and label a flowchart solution). c) What feed rate of the 60% solution (L/h) would be required to produce 1250 kg/h of the product? of this process, labelling both masses and volumes, Calculate the feed ratio (litres 20% solution/litres 60%


A paint mixture containing 25.0 wt% of a pigment and the balance water sells for RM 18.00/kg, and a mixture containing 12.0 wt% pigment sells for RM 10.00/kg. If a paint retailer produces a blend containing 17 wt% pigment, how much (RM/kg) should it be sold to yield a 10% profit?


Wet sugar that contains one-fifth water by mass is conveyed through an evaporator in which 85 wt% of the entering water is vaporized.

a) Taking the basis of 100 kg/ feed, calculate (i) x w, the mass fraction of
water in the wet sugar leaving the evaporator, and (ii) the ratio (kg H 2O vaporized/ kg wet sugar leaving the evaporator).

b) If 1000 tons/day of wet sugar is fed to the evaporator, how much

additional water must be removed from the outlet sugar to dry it completely, and what annual revenue can be expected if dry sugar sells for RM 0.15/lbm?