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Grade 2 & 3

Websites: Customized lessons design just for your child; ask your teacher for the your child's username and password (Username:______________________6-digit # & password: BPS1) Online resource handbook that goes with Investigations (ask your child's teacher for the codes) Learn your math facts with a customized website based on your needs National Council of Teachers of Mathematics website Engaging logic puzzles that encourage deductive thinking and problem solving Interactive math quests Logic and arcade games for all levels Interactive math games to teach all of the operations Check out Fox Hill's website for the latest information of apps and websites Check out the district's website for the latest apps


Splash Math All

Math Garden Operations

Motion Math: Hungry Fish Operations

Park Math HD Duck Duck Moose Operations

Kakooma Addition

Mc Graw-Hill Baseball Operations

Coin Math Money

Motion Math Zoom Number line

Tric-Trac Addition

Zoologic Logic

Dinosaur Kids Math Opreations

Number Sense Numbers

Math Bingo Operations

Easy Charts Data

Pop Math Operations

Show Me Interactive Whiteboard

Pattern Blocks Geometry

Bubble Ball Problem Solving

Rush Hour Logic

Master Code Logic