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Internship Report on Unilever Bangladesh Limited

Internship Report on Unilever Bangladesh Limited

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Published by: Tanzina Tanisha Ahamed on May 30, 2012
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Unilever globally divides the Brands function into Brand Development and Brand Building.
UBL is responsible for only the Brand Building part, since brands are developed regionally.
The product range of Unilever can be divided into two broad divisions: Household and
Personal Care, and Foods. Detailed breakdown of the different product categories and
brands under them are shown below:

1. Fabric Wash

o Wheel Laundry Soap
o Wheel Washing Powder


o Wheel Power White


2. House Hold Care

o Vim Scourer
o Vim Bar
o Vim Liquid

3. Skin Cleansing

o Peach Milk
o Strawberry
o Crystal Shine
o Aqua Sparkle


o LB Regular
o LB Gold

o Care
o Nourish
o LB Liquid Hand wash:
o Total
o Care


Dove Beauty Cream Bar

o Pink
o White
o Dove Body Wash
o Beauty Moisture
o Fresh Moist

4. Skin Care

Fair and Lovely:
o FAL Cream


o Multivitamin
o Ayurvedic
o Skin Clarity
o FAL Menz Active
o FAL Body Fairness Milk


o Ponds Dream Flower Talc
o Ponds Vanishing Cream
o Ponds Cold cream
o Ponds Dream Flower Lotion
o Ponds Face wash
o Ponds Facial scrub
o Ponds Premium Range:
o Pond's Perfect Matte Oil Control Cleansing Foam
o Pond's WB Pinkish - White Glow Lightening Facial Foam
o Pond's WB Pinkish - White Glow Lightening Cream
o Pond's Perfect Result Multi Benefit Illuminating Cream
o Pond's Flawless White Deep Whitening Facial foam
o Pond's Beauty Pinkish - White Glow Lightening Facial Foam
o Pond's Age Miracle Daily Regenerating Facial Foam
o Pond's Age Miracle Dual Eye Therapy UV
o Pond's Age Miracle Overnight Repairing Cream
o Pond's Age Miracle Daily Resurfacing Cream
o Pond's Age Miracle Concentrated Resurfacing Cream
o Pond's Flawless White Light Infusing Under-Eye Cream


Sunscreen Lotion
Winter Care Moisturizer
Peach Milk Moisturizer
Deep Pore Cleansing Milk
Strawberry Silk Splash Face Wash
MATTeffect Purifying Face Wash
MATTeffect Icy Fresh Gel
MATTeffect Mattifying Fluid

Dove Skin:

o Dove Facial Foam


o Beauty Moisture
o Gentle Exfoliating


o Vaseline Petroleum Jelly
o Vaseline Lotion
o Cool and Fresh
o Total Moisture

5. Hair Care


o All Clear

o Complete Soft Care
o Anti Dandruff
o Hair Fall Defense
o Ice Cool
o Clear Menz:

o Hair Fall Defense
o Style Express
o Active Sports

o Clear Hair Oil


o Shampoo:
o Anti Dandruff
o Black
o Hair Fall Defense
o Thick and Long
o Soft and Smooth

o Conditioner
o Scalp Lotion
o Hair treatment

Dove Hair

o Shampoo:
o Daily
o Dry
o Breakage Therapy
o Hair Fall Therapy


o Conditioner
o Leave on Lotion
o Treatment

6. Oral Care


o Pepsodent Toothpaste
o Germicheck
o Herbal
o Pepsodent Toothpowder
o Germicheck
o Neem

Close up

• Minty Chill
• Red Hot
• Close Up Crystal
• Close Up Milk Calcium

7. Foods


o Danadar
o Tea Bag


o Chicken Noodle
o Cream of Chicken
o Hot and Sour
o Tomato

8. Deodorant


o Ice Cool
o Silk
o Power


o Ionic


o Dark Temptation
o Vice
o Click
o Pulse

9. Color Cosmetics

o Lakme Color Cosmetics

Personal care products like skin care and hair care contribute high in terms of margin;
whereas categories like fabric wash and skin cleansing make the highest volume
contribution. Following is a brief description of some of the major categories and brands.

Hair Care

60% of the business comes from Tk. 1 sachet in the rural area. In the urban area the
scenario is complete reverse with 60% of the business coming from bottle and 40% coming
from sachet.

Penetration in the shampoo market is high but frequency of use or consumption is very low.
So, there is a huge scope for growth in the shampoo market if the frequency of use can be

Skin Care

Fair and Lovely is one of the biggest brands in Unilever Bangladesh. It was the pioneer in the
category and is still the market leader by large.

Most of pond’s product range is highly seasonal in nature. Talc and Vanishing cream have
sales only in summer months, while cold cream is strictly a winter product. This requires a


hugely delicate task of balancing the sales and volume projections to avoid unsold stock at
the end of the season or vice versa.

Pond’s Premium Range is a very new addition to the portfolio, and is targeted to the very
upscale market. It is still too new to add much contribution to the business- but is already
outperforming expectations

Lakme has the highest SKU list in the entire company portfolio, with Lakme SKU number
totaling the sum of all SKUs of all other brands combined together. 70% of the total Lakme
products are manufactured locally (creams and lotion are filled in locally, though packages
are imported) and about 30% is imported from India (mainly color cosmetics). Since its
introduction, Lakme has been seeing good growth, with especially the face-wash growing

Vaseline has only been introduced this year. The lotion is currently it is being imported from
India, while petroleum jelly used to be imported. Now the petroleum jelly is going for local

House Hold Care

The 3 Vim variants are in ascending order of sophistication. The company aims at moving
people up this in this list, i.e., convert non users to powder users, powder users to bar users,
and finally get them to use Vim liquid.


Lipton Taaza is one of the very few brands that are market followers to another brand. The
price premium charged by UBL is often the reason claimed behind it. It is mainly targeted to
urban areas, to more upscale consumers. It has tried to venture into the budget market, but
has not been able to do so successfully. Local brands had already established a too strong
foothold there already. Traders don’t associate Taaza with budget.


Knorr is only a new addition to UBL’s portfolio, currently being imported from Pakistan. It
has sold quite well, even better than expectations, and in future there are lots of potentials
for it, since the only competitor here is Maggi from Nestle. In other Unilever operating
companies Knorr has proved to be hugely successful.


Rexona is available in different forms: Roll on, Tubes, and Sachets – to drive penetration
through low income groups. Brand relevance is very low for deodorants in Bangladesh. So,
there is a huge potential if it can be developed properly.

Axe has just been launched in Unilever Bangladesh. It already has a very strong foothold in
Bangladesh due to product infiltration through the grey market. Now the challenge remains
in removing illegal importers from the market completely, and claim all of Axe sales for
Unilever Bangladesh. Ltd itself.


The following table summarizes the competitive scenario for UBL:

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