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Published by: kyoobum on May 30, 2012
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As you saw above the fuel remaining column is one of the most important for in-flight decision making.
When completing a nav-log you have two situations:

1. The fuel for the trip is specified in advance and you determine consequent reserve

2. You plan for a desired amount of contingency and reserve fuel and determine how much ramp
fuel you need for the flight

If situation 1 applies, begin by filling out the ramp fuel in the upper right corner of your nav-log. As you
complete each leg subtract the fuel used to get fuel remaining; whatever you have when you get to
reserve, which is always the last row, is your reserve. Assess reserve fuel value to confirm that it is
adequate before committing to the flight.

If situation 2 applies, leave ramp-fuel and fuel-remaining blank until all legs have been planned. Fill out the
reserve fuel and work backwards until you determine the required ramp fuel.

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