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EXCEL -erate Your Energy

10 Microsoft Excel Shortcuts to Super Charge Your Life!

Teresa Bell

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Excel-erate your Energy:

10 Microsoft Excel Shortcuts to Super Charge Your Life!

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Teresa Bell, is a Toronto born author, speaker and Microsoft Office coach who has scoured the globe from Alaska to Australia teaching attendees in her workshops topics such as Time Management, Stress Management, Microsoft Office and many other professional development skills.

Here is what clients have said:

Very energetic and a great teacher. I enjoyed the class

-Marriot International

Beyond learning Excel tips and tricks, Teresa is also a gifted coach.
-The Jupiter Corporation

She has a "knack" for building long lasting relationships.

-Rockhurst University

Out of 20 sessions all 3 of yours ranked in the top 6!

-RFMA Conference Las Vegas

Since your class, I have become a Pivot Table Maniac

-Blood Bank of Hawaii

Lots of Oohs and Awws at the Onsite Class

-Kohler Co.

Trainer was very energetic and kept our attention all day.
-Capital One

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Lets Get Ready To EXCEL.

1. CTRL + ALT + DEL: Decide to Reboot 2. F11: Chart Out Your Energized Life 3. F2: Go Back to See Your Patterns 4. Ctrl + H: -Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones 5. CTRL+X: Cut Out the Negative People, Places, and Things. 6. 3D Formulas: Mind Body Spirit 7. CTRL+C: Copy What Energized People Do 8. CTRL + Z, CTRL + Y: If You Dont Learn From Mistakes You Will Repeat Them. 9. CTRL + B: Challenge Yourself - Be Bold 10. CTRL + S: -Journal/Congratulate Yourself

Now, pour your favorite beverage, get a comfy chair and get ready to EXCEL-erate Your Energy!

Dedications This book is dedicated to: My Mum who taught me about to have faith in the Spirit My Dad who taught me about to have faith in education My sisters who taught me to have faith in myself And to My husband who taught me to have faith in love.


I put my Dodge Neon into Park position in the company driveway, opened the driver side door and threw up! It must be Monday morning. It actually didnt have to be Monday morning for me to feel sick to my stomach but it was certainly Monday to Friday. And especially on Sunday nights. Oh, those Sunday night blues! I marvel at how, now, people ask me before my class even starts in the morning, What did you have for breakfast? or Where do you get all of this energy?, because my mornings werent always this energized. As the saying goes, Ive come a long way baby. This book is dedicated to anyone and everyone who has every felt stuck. Stuck in a job. Stuck in a friendship. Stuck in a relationship. Stuck with a decision made that you believe has impacted your life forever. Weve all felt stuck in a rut, at one time or another. But you dont have to live in it for the rest of your life. Being stuck can impact your health, relationships and zap your energy. When you lose your energy, you lose focus. When you lose your energy, you lose you. My hope is that this book will help you get unstuck and let your energy shine through. Peace, Teresa

Ready to Super Charge Your Life! 10 Microsoft Excel Shortcuts to Super Charge Your Life

By Author and Speaker: Teresa Bell

The number one question that Teresa Bell is asked each training day isnt about a formula in Microsoft Excel. Its Where do you get your ENERGY? Those who have attended Teresa Bell's powerful workshops wanted to learn what her magic formula was for her constant enthusiasm and unwavering natural energy. Now, Teresa opens up in EXCEL-erate your Energy to share the personal obstacles she faced in a lifeless career, personal life and now to a life that is energy filled with authentic happiness. If you have ever felt:

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stuck in a job. stuck in a friendship. stuck in a relationship. stuck with a decision that you made that you believe has impacted your life forever then

Teresa's 10 Microsoft Shortcuts to Super Charge Your Life are designed to not only give you mini tips in Microsoft Excel but also give you the formula to success and happiness however YOU CHOOSE to define it. Each shortcut has a Energy Boosting Exercise to keep you motivated and on the right track.

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