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STR581 / STR 581 / Week 4 Discussion Questions

STR581 / STR 581 / Week 4 Discussion Questions

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STR581 / STR 581 / Week 4 Discussion Questions
STR581 / STR 581 / Week 4 Discussion Questions

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Week 4 DQs

Week 4 - Discussion Question 1 Identify an existing organization that established sustained market leadership by successfully leveraging a generic strategy. How did the organization successfully leverage this strategy?

Answer: Since 1980s, generic strategies had been well-known. To sustain an organization’s competitive advantage, there are three main strategic options. These generic strategies include cost leadership, differentiation, and focus. Dollar Tree is an organization that has leveraged generic strategy by lowering the dollar amount of their products. This they do to meet the expectation of their target market—the low to medium income earners. Some dollar stores have merged with larger ones in order to remain in the industry, while others maintain their stability because of their ideal location in Wal-Mart or Target. Dollar stores’ mass production helped them reduce overhead costs at a considerable level and employees are trained to do multi-tasking. They do duties of different nature like handling orders and being a teller.

complex competition in the industry. costs. less consideration of capitalists as sources of funds. and revenue generation.http://news. the volume category of Toyota cars has moderate sources of advantages. Using this approach simplify strategic planning and analysis. few alternatives in strategic planning.investors.htm Week 4 .com/Article/576802/201106291451/Variety-Helps-DiscountRetailer-Stay-Ahead-Of-The-Rest. BCG's Strategic Environments Matrix. But this approach has its limitations. As a specialized category. What critical success factors have they emphasized? Answer: Different variables exist in a portfolio of companies. unsupported assumptions on customers and earning capacity. Industry Attractiveness-Business Strength Matrix. The company may have used BCG's Strategic Environment Matrix to distinguish Toyota and Lexus cars. The company supports its decision by a careful analysis of its short term and long term plans. The boundaries of strategic planning and analysis result from less consideration given to the value chain. Lexus has many sources of advantages. precise matrices which are complex to develop. The management organized its employees with a certain degree of formality for them to best perform an standardized task to meet productivity levels. One organization that is doing well in the industry is Toyota.Discussion Question 2 What are the challenges in managing a portfolio of companies? Identify an organization that has been consistently successful. Specific strategic planning must be given priority. competitive advantage and disadvantage. Some of which are its internal and external environment. On the other hand. These include BCG Growth-Share Matrix. and dependence on past data in forecasting values. The entity addresses industry related issues rather than letting them pass without doing anything. market conditions. .

References: http://strategy-insight. They also have close out items like WII Nintendo gaming. Moreover.com/2009/07/toyotas-14-principles-keysuccess. It also maintains an organized and clean environment for its customers. (2010) Does Aldi's Low Prices Also Mean Low Quality? Retrieved from http://www. This is very useful in sending the grocery items to the customer’s car without causing dents (Kamer. B.blogspot. ALDI commonly maintains only 2 to 5 employees which does not include the baggers (Kamer. 2010). They do not have a brand name that is why quality of products is an essential element in their operations.html Week 4 . a procedure wherein a chained cart can be detached from the others. 2010). Product values in the market are maintained at a low level by reducing overhead costs without sacrificing product quality. How did the organization successfully leverage this discipline? Answer: ALDI Corporation is one company that has successfully promoted its value discipline. Resource: Kamer. The company has used efficient ways to do this promotion. These can greatly affect the dollar value of the products and services that the entity offers. A smaller area requires lesser cost of maintenance and utility expenses.associatedcontent.html?cat=46 . ALDI has adopted the quarter cart system. the store has a friendly ambiance as reflected in its store area and workforce.Discussion Question 3 Identify an existing organization that established sustained market leadership by successfully leveraging a value discipline.com/article/2946530/does_aldis_low_prices_also_m ean_lo w_pg2.

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