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Atari-System Reference Manual

Atari-System Reference Manual

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Published by: Николай Николай on May 31, 2012
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DLIs are not used by the operating system. However, other programs can initiate and use them.
Use the following steps to set up display list interrupts.

Setting up DLIs

1. Set bit 7 of the display list instruction for the line before you want the interrupt to occur.
(The interrupt routine should set WSYNC and wait for the next line to execute.)

2. Set bit 7 of NMIEN [$D40E (54286)] to enable DLIs.

3. Set the DLI routine vector, VDSLST [$0200,2 (512)] to point to your machine language
DLI routine.

Your DLI routine should set WSYNC [$D40A (54282)]. STA WSYNC will do. This will cause
the 6502 to wait for the next horizontal sync. This will keep the DLI routine from changing
something in the middle of a T.V. line. The DLI routine must end with an RTI instruction.

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