Baile Felix Resort

Baile Felix is located in the northwest of Romania, at 8km from Oradea and is one of the well-known balneo-climateric resort from Romania, famous for its thermal waters. Situated in Crisurilor Plain at an altitude of 150 meters, the resort has a continental climate with mild winters and temperate summers with Mediterranean influence, ideal for spa.

At your disposal the whole year, Felix spa provides a relaxing vacation, rest and recuperation. Felix has an excellent base treatment, thermal baths, guest houses (Connyland, Carmen, Sebastian), swimming pools (Apollo). Discovered in ancient time the geo-thermal springs at temperatures of 45 and 112 ° C have curative properties certified as oligometalice, bicarbonate, calcium and sodium, and the sludge have sapropelic properties (rich in colloidal iron hidrosulfura ).

indoor and outdoor medical gyms. electric and water facilities for therapy. facilities for elongations under water.Felix has a rich base of treatment which includes: equipment for bathing in tub installations for applications with hot mud and paraffin. . sauna. pools with thermal water.

cinema.Leisure resort has indoor and open. modern games. One of the beauties of this region is Nymphaea lotus which is the only case in which a tropical plant species lives in a temperate climate in the Natural Reserve. Formed by penetration of surface water until the cracked triassic limestones at depths exceeding 1. White lily can be seen Felix spa was one of the beauties of the area. disco. sports. . so rain or winter cold is not an impediment to a water bath thermal outdoors. which give the resort an ideal atmosphere for every season. making it conducive for relaxation and treatment. favors the existence of a large deciduous forests. etc. Climate with mild winters and moderate summers.000 feet and back where heated thermal waters from Felix have reduced the natural flow after an earthquake that took place 1834.

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