Maintenance-free self-bearing plates for smooth expansion and contraction of structures and piping


------------- - - . lithium. etc. Since PI'FE does nOl absorb water. Water line bridges. thus assuring reliable performance over long periods. gangway bridges between buildings. and so on.4mrn thickness is Low FricUon A combination ofPTFE-to-PIH gives a lower friction coefficient than molybdenum disulfide. o . In the case of PJ'FE-lO-mel8l plate CODl8Ct. iodine pemefluoride. It gives an excellent wear reslsianee and compressibIlity. In lerms of several factors. Tanks. joints. etc. bromine trifluoride. used as a standard material for the sliding pad sheelS. Railway bridges.• NAFLON SUDING PAD Sliding self-bearing plates are utilized to facIlitate the structural expansion and contraction movements which occur on bridges.elc. and excellent chemical resistanl properties. Boilers. Heat exchangers. Sluice gateS. Maintenance*free Service The self-lubricIty of PI'FE means lubriealion. Dust collectors.and maintenance-free service. IS) Prohibitions Polished stainless steel or hard chromium plating steel is used for the sliding metal plate. Standan:I steel plate (SS400) should not be used for the sliding metal plate. is superior 10 conventional sliding devices such as rubber pads. such as sub-zero temperalures in which it may be frozen. because It may rust and. increase the friction coefficient. including low friction. etc. potassium. BUildings Crossing contacl pcints of girders. The periormance of the NAFLON SLIDING PAD. so caution is needed. Pressure vessels. fluorine gas (F:) in high temperamre) -Special compounds which give out activity fluorine gas in high temperatures (chlorine trifluoride. It is capable of standing up 10 severe conditions. Filler-added 1M ate rta liS· PTFE Sheet PTFE of2. OF:) -F1uoric acid Applications Generallndustr. the metal plate is placed at the upper side of the sliding surface section and the PI'FE is placed at the lower side. (Other materials are also available for the metal plate on order. Viaducts. etc. Exceillent Weather Resistance PTFE is applicable for a wide range of temperatures and humidity because of ilS excellent weather resistance. ete. Ducts. Sliding Surfaoe Materlal PTFE-to-PTFE is the most effective combination for the sliding surface material from the viewpoint of friction eoefficlent. u.ial uses Piping. PTFE does react with the following materials.) -Very powerful oxidizers (for example.tAlpJate Steel plate (SS400) is used as a standard material for the metal plate to which the PTFE is bonded. -Alkali metals (such as sodium. Cranes. in your design. as a result. Girder slip • TOMBO Is a registered trademart< of NICHIAS Corporation. Gas pipeline bridges. Connections of vibnuion pads and curlain wans. outdoors or under hlgh humidity_ &cellent Chemical Restatance PTFE is nOI affected by severely conosive atmospheric conditions. Moreover. Gangway bridges between buildings. high weather resistance. the lower PTFE plate must be in close contact with the upper meW plate without any floating gap over the entfre surface after sliding. it is necessary to use polished stainless steel plale (SUS304) or bani chromium plating steel plate. which utilizes a filler-added compounded fluorocarbon polymer (PTFE). However. metal plates. Bridges Highway bridges. Jn order 10 minimize the effects of foreign materials such as dust and SllDd on the friction surface. aod thus provides smooth sliding motions wilhout the sticking or slipping that occurs when using metal plates.) Stainless steel plate (SUS304) must be ordered for use. • All brand names and product names are trademarks or regislered 1rademarks of NICHIAS corporanon. roller bearings. thus it gives troublefree service even when it is used in chemical plants or near the sea. the self-lubricity of PTFE can assure maintenance-free service over long periods. Features Basic Construction The basic construction is mltr-added PTFE bonded 10 a meta1 plale.

8-3 .1 for design allowable contact pressure at more than 25"C TYpe A-3. ' I A: Bonded type 8: Male-female type E: Special type ·1: Reter to peae 3 of Fig.• NAFLON SUDING PAD -- - Types .A4.

or ~. this can be effectively prevented by provjding rubber or felt rings as dust seals (Fig.rg':2_'Dliamre!riJ9I. 'IYpe E-l (containing beat insulating material) is recommended so that the temperature of the bonded surface is limited to isot. thicknesses and anticorrosive coating and paint for the metal plate other than those listed in Table 2. section). f.(l(I:l]V!e!d.~I_!5lI!~:gj~~lat~ . Standard Materials Refer to Table 2 for the standard materials used for the pad. Refer to Table 1 10 confirm the requirements and application types. polished stainless steel plate (SUS304) or han! chromium plating steel plste is recommended. The heat insulating layer (urethane) shall be used also for low temperature piping. In the case of severe lempcl1llUrC requirements.~lflg'. 2). Heat reslstaace of the bonded surface is -50 to ] sot. Design allowable contact pressure The contact area of PI'FE should be determined so as to ensure that the contact pressure is less IbIU1 the design allowable contact pressure (see Fig. I). The design allowllble contact psessure is set 10 ]12 (safety factor of2) of the allowable contact pressure. When a metal is used for the sliding plate. etc. The dust seal should be designed so that it is separated from the weld by at least 15 mm. in consideration of asymmetric contact states. Please consult us for special sizes greater than the standard maximum size. 3). Please consult us for specifications such as materials. Heat Resistance Materials for Sliding Plate PTFE-to-PTFE sliding parts ~ advantageous in terms of the friction coefficient.ndard size is SOOmm (W) x SOOmm at the maximum size (This is the size of the PTFE. In order to prevent scratches the PTFE surface during installation process. If there is 11 possibility of sand or dust being trapped in the lOUdingplate.~!1ru=e)"iiill:~1.---~- ---------- -------------- Standard size Sw.------- --- - - - -- --- DESIGN ----- -------- Type Selection The type of sliding pad should be 51: leered Dccording to the application and requirements. chamfering or"curved R" machining is required (see Fig.

.ai_~liQJIi11 Bonding Stren'gtli! The bonding strength of PI'FE sheet-to-steel plate is indicated in Table 4.22. CompreaslbUlty of the Sheet 80th the ratio of compressive defonnation (Fig.iDOl 'I~ f~ 1~~JtT~h~ Fig. lQ 'flaila~I~~\l'1w)1 '. bonding strength obtained by pulling the specimen in the direction shown in Fig. 7). the PTFE sheet peels off from the metal plate. for 24 hours. After that. The friction coefficient increases as the sliding speed increases.5~C~~. phenomena such as flow occur in the PTFE. wear resislllnce. but are for ref- .. 4) and the railo of creep deronnation (Fig. so it is necessary to provide II finer surface state. .-9. bonding strength is obtained by pulling the specimen in the direction shown in Fig. The test conditions are as follows: Nonnal state: Under condition of at temperalure of20t ±3t and humidity of S5%±S'f. S) were obtained from leSl results on II PTFE sheet of 2. '. :Tensi~'~~$beat'~!ten.~ ~ --------- .4mm thickness. however it is iOdependenl of temptllltUn: cbange. While the initial deformation rate is relatively high.tTablo 3> IP'JrI!_. erence only..9.prop.S and Fig. 9. 6. and surface finish slate.- ··18g.d PTFIE . When II high pressure is appUed to PTFE. I" '. ~t!lipa ~~. . and heat resistance are superior to pure PI'FE (see Table 3). the friction coefficient decreases as the conlaCl pressure increases.t1Jlfi. it rapidly decreases and subsequently the defonnalion (creep) decreases over time. moving speed. as shown in Fig.~tI . it is momentarily deformed. and the NAFLON SLIDING PAD loses its functional ability (see Fig.-. 'The relation of an exponential function is fonned between time and creep defonnation rate.'pm:.. lis compressibility. creep defonnalion proceeds as shown in Fig. • Values indicated in the above tables or graphs are not standard values. This phenomenon is greater in the case of II low contact pressure zone.I:'5trerH!!h'TeS~ . ilg. Peel-strength 01 bonded part When temperature and load 1m applied to the NAFLON SLIDING PAD. :3J:! Frtctlon Coeffictant The friction coefficient of the NAFLON SLIDING PAD changes according to its contact pressure. -'. .-a -.JS IF!"iI_Hi. S.ON SUDING PAD.• NAFLON SUDING PAD ! --_---- - Performance -- _ __ _ __ -- --I Phy-sical Properties of ~heSheet Filler-added PTFB is used for the NAfl. If the flow force exceeds the bonding sltength. As shown in Fig.cnJ:ndEl. 4.~U'~~~~~'u:rir~~-~~~i:llr:ll cCI_mp. Heat Cycle: After SOO cycles of -JOt for two hours and 80t for two hours..g'~h'-'fes:l '90-.-~reji~2p'CDefomJ. . and also increases lIS the surface condition is less fine.

&. ~!.t"qjly flu· ids.6mm or . so as not to exceed a temperature of lSO't while welding (Fig.g~.~f~\. In iliis case. 10) (2) Welded installation (Fig. (1) Bolted or screwed installation (Fig. r'l1.~hiri ------ Cautions during Installation Welding The NAFLON SUDING PAD uses special heat resistant adhesives. Spot welding is recommended. after welding one side it is ncccssary to wait until the welded parts have cooled down sufficiently before welding the next opel31i(:'!).. --- How to Order . Do nol weld it by gas welding. 2. Pay special attention to the following items to eorurol the temperature.*". I. 2. so it is capable of providing a heat resistance of up to J sot. Use a welding electrode for soft steel ( q. material. laking beat effeclS on PTFE into consideration. If this product is exposed 10 a temperature more.~ th'(!li f' ~\lk!!"l~!I:~. ~ !.Kme a. ---. 3. be careful not 10 inhale the ga s." and never carry OUI incineration ~~'~ ·~IifI'. product under condition.a~ded !ri~~a~I:ii.nil for .-----------------------------------------------Tn-~ - When ordering the NAFLON SLIDING PAD. 6. I. Do not allow the heads of sc~WlI or boilS 10 project from the sliding surfllC:ewhen the sliding pad is screwed or bolted. II) ---- - -- 'Fig.~l/iil.·br~~~ikm ~-~_~i!!oll . S.utions must be observed for maintaining proper peliol'!I1\!!. 4. specify your requirements or specificalions as shown in the following examples • For atandilrd matartal8 and thickness For nons1andard types.- ~--- INSTALLATION 1\vo metbods are available for installation of lhc NAFLON SLIDING PAD. which cQllhl C)('~U!\!. ete. or living body tissue. 01 P'Tl'E$8CIlIIn (mm) .' - 'W. Never use rhi. An anticorrosive coal.-----------------------SiIe r------------NlA TOMBO No. In the case of full welding. Never use gas cutling or shearing. -j. shOUld be fully applied after welding. it lniW give !1ft a ~. Precautions wh-:!! handling the products This product utilizes brown compounded nuorocarbon poll!mer '\F7H11~ l'iiJ~following..2mm). 3.i~!:!a. 3. perform the dispm~I]1~=~mqiJli"M~rlli~ "~'~U~iIJ'~'l'iiIil"uhl[~ Cleansing Law.mum leropcriltlml it1d1i~ 1111100 iCA!iilog:.wo dN~illQ. Use a contour machine or sawing machine for cuning. Never use this product for applications in which it mit)' iO'Ii'l". 12). place the PrFE sheet ] 2mm or more (approximately 2Omm) away from the end of the metal plate. pre·ca. 9017-A 2-100X50 . 4.o. WlJen disposing of this product.OOl'Ilnm~~I. Weld the sliding pad to the rnating metal by electric welding. such as size.~pr+\1. lion facilities equipped with suitable processing unlii. 2. 3. below and include a drawing. 2. specify your requirements or specifications. In the case of full welding. Soak the PI'FE protective paper (wadding paper) with water or cover the wbole surface of PTFE with wei colton waste before welding. - -- OtMrCeutions 1. tbarl :l~'C.

NleHIAS METALWORKSINDONESIA "''' NlCHlAS FOS NICHIAS FGB SDN.. Factories NICHIAS ~NGAPORE PTE. LTD. Fax: 85-62657681 CO. Off Jellan SS1313.T. Room 205.- ~ pUrpOM. City Centllr of Shanghai. LTD • ~19 No. NICHIAS SUNIJAVA .... • .. &cauUon. LTD.C 1OOIItI• .T. .Overseas SlnlJAJ)Oro NICHIAS Singapore "1..~ .. Homsin. 5) WhIIoIIho uInMmI care I'IlIII bMn IIMCIln _...--eel and ~ wIthDuI prior permIsIIon 01 NICHlAS CarpaaIIan.s1netls Park.. http://www..I:JUIUnIlMd. ..pIIng CIIIaIog.. Shanghai. ' . LTD. Phone: 86-21-62381793 Fax: 86-21-62361781 (...niChias.:"~'''~ .. NICHIAS ROCKWOOL INDONESIA P. lhe J)RIper producII couIdnIlIUIt In pRII*1y daIMga Mdlor aeo1aus penonaIlnjury. SHD. subjeclio "* . ThaIland Phone: 66-38-570-600 Fax: 66-38-570-601 CttIM Chachoeng$aD Chlnll SUZHOU SUZHOU (IJHIII~~) SHANGHAI SHANGHAI Illtil. HlCHIAS CU<:IJ NICHIAS NICHIAS NICHIAS • mlDi t.OVerseaa Sales Companies P. HHD. 4) F'IufOormencIIIIItIIIIcBtIan under adIaI. NT RUSBER-5EALS SoN. 91.. 1) The fnIom1aIion and ~ rn NIetIan ID 11M _. Jl. 25 International Bualnesa Parte. (~EirJW"Mnl~~) INDUSTRIAL Czech •• PRODUCTS PVT. .11I P.. and no JIabiIIIy"'" be ~ 2) ~ _In IhiI caIaIag am typ1cti 11te praducIa IIIaWn In IhIIIcatalog JhaQ nat bllIMld b any IlIIfPC*I otIMr!han pracdbed appIIo:IdIcn.. raletlO!he _..4 Construction CompanIes ~NGAPORE 609919 Parlin Ute Center.) ._ In IhII catalog &111 dMIIoped !ram In-hI>wuI tn1Ing andfor IieId r. LTD.t1l" ••• NICMIAS (SHANGHAI) TRAOING CO. GASKET CO. We. Malaysia 4! Huaypong Nongbon Road. -". ..Head OffIce 1-26. SHD.-_' .:. Thailand Phone: 660aa.. 'Ot-15117 GERMAN CENTRE. an IhII cetaIog INII' nat be capIed. .ilWJ) BOVU AUTO PARTS CO.. Bu.' . Fax: 85-62657881 CO.l00 Zun Vi Rd •• (8HIIIUnMWIlfUO) SEAL MATERIALS CO.01-15117 Singapore 809916 Phone: 6!HI2886588 thailand NICHIAS cntAiLAND) 1F1dD. Mi~~ll So~r[~~ .raIIng ccndlliDnlll _lor Ihe IIppIkmIlan IIIaWn In IhII cataJasI..t.::... .OVersells GERMAN CENTRE.-. ... P. 7) ... ID . INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS CO. SHD.. amty cIIIIII-'-' (MSOS) III ud1 pnIdud. any handing ~ pu1 oIlhe ~ and hMIIh ~ . LTD.. Lelnan Jenderal S. Shibadaimon l·ChQme.. r.. Indonesia Phone: 62-21-56958207 Fax: 62-21·56956208156956209 Mllhor.._iliad -a 6) F"ot .... . P81a11ngJaya.. 2nd Floor. Subang Jaya Industrtal Area.1111&1'... Parman Kav.. an fIIqIIIISI.:. J:j FSC -' 1 ..R.8110 85 Moo 1.. In lID catalog _ buecI an OW' ~_ 01~ lind gMIn In good ld1 _-. LTD. 47500 Subang Jaya. 1rIlm~. dupIated. Selllngor Oarlll Ehsan. LTD. 3) PertonnancII dew ..e&2·242 Fax: 66-38-691·156 Phone: 60-3-56364067 SInllBP""' Fax: 60-3-56364078 .T... Hllaypong Rayong International Tokyo 105-8555. Bangpakong 241 80.. XlNBSHENGI 211» Building A. 1mIIaled. _. Jakarta 11420. 200051.. LTD.. .a.. at c:f\Br9 whIlOUI prtor -.NICIIAS Corporation .. Yltltn8lTl H1CHIAB HAlPHONB CO.. A.o. Phone: 65·62686568 THM-NICHIAS ENGINEERING Lot 3.cta. Japan MerluItIllII and Salee GI'llIIP Phone: 81·3-3433-7281/7282 FBlC:81·3-3438-0670 ... NICHIAS AUTOPAATS(U) 09.. . .. Minato-ku. we __ no _...':' '.port.grow lndustNJ Estate T. 25 International PTE.tbIOIy lOr _ Thill" edIIIon prwIow __ end __ 01"* ClltaIg . LTD. Lorong SS 13130.LTD.

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