Oracle Order Management/Advanced Pricing Pricing Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

An Oracle White Paper December 2002


Contents Section-A Common Advanced Pricing Setup Issues
A.1 Common Price List Setup Issues A.2. Common Modifier Setup Issues A.3. Concurrent Program: QP: Maintains the Denormalized data In QP Qualifiers A.4. Integration/ Attributes Mapping Messages/Errors A.5. Freight Charges Integration A.6. Other Common Setup Issues


Common OM-Advanced Pricing Integration Setup Issues
B.1 Understanding Calculate Price Flag in Order Management B.2 Common OM-Pricing Integration/Pricing Issues


Getting Debug and Troubleshooting


Blank dates mean no restriction (pricing effectivity date can be checked in the Pricing tab of Sales Order window). the user may need to understand the cause or required setup to change the behavior. The price list line is ineffective as of the pricing date. Check active dates on the Price List Lines window. 3 . Recommendation Check active flag on price list header. Check active dates on the price list header window. A. Blank dates mean no restriction (pricing effectivity date can be checked in the Pricing tab of Sales Order window).Section-A Common Advanced Pricing Setup Issues This section summarizes the common errors encountered while using Advanced Pricing and their reasons. Verify request type. As you will notice that most of these errors are valid pricing errors.1 Item and UOM not on Price List Problem Symptom The price list header is inactive.1. The source system code on price list is not correct. source system code mapping to make sure that appropriate source system codes are attached to the request type code.1 Common Price List Setup Issues A. The price list header is ineffective as of the pricing date.

Make sure that context volume and attribute Line quantity is sourced properly.The qualifiers for the price list are not met or not passed to the pricing engine (attributes mapping). An unusual error causes pricing performance related columns to be out of sync. Check currency. Run the QP: Maintain de-normalized data concurrent program to correct this situation. The UOM on the Sales Order line does not match the UOM on the Price List and UOM conversion is not defined in the price list. Refer Pricing Engine Request Viewer window for that. Check the Pricing Engine Request Viewer window to make sure that the correct UOM is passed. You may get ‘An item not found on the price list’ error if engine is not able to find the price list due to unavailability of pricing attribute.2 Cannot Resolve Incompatibility Between Price List X and Price list Y 4 .sql shows that the columns are not properly updated. Using the Pricing Engine Request Viewer window to verify that the pricing attributes are sourced. Verify that the line is saved before making a call to the pricing engine. The price break conditions are not met based on item quantity and item amount. Pricing engine call is made before the pricing attribute in the database is saved.1. Use Pricing Engine Request Viewer window to verify this. Occasionally a qualifier is unintentionally created for a price list which prevents use of that price list. Choose a price list with same base currency as the Sales Order or. if multicurrency price lists are being used. one that has a conversion defined. Qp_list_line_detail. A. verify that the qualifier is passed to the engine by checking the attributes those are passed. The pricing attributes for price list are not met. resulting in an error. Price list header currency is different from the order currency. If the price list has a qualifier.

There is no other matching price list line having primary UOM flag checked. Determine if one of the lines is selected unnecessarily due to missing pricing attributes. Using the Pricing Engine Request Viewer window or the debug script. then verify that the primary flag of the price list line is checked. If you use a factor list. Recommendation Check the UOM on the order.Calculate Problem Symptom User does not use NVL in the expression and a step number (formula line) has null value. verify that the function does not return a null value.3 Invalid UOM Problem Symptom The pricing engine can not find the price list in the ordered UOM.4 Invalid Formula. If user intends to define price list in primary UOM and expects the engine to convert pricing quantity. find the list line information of the selected list lines.1. Also verify that the price list is active. If you use get_custom_price. A. verify that appropriate pricing attributes are being 5 . Engine found multiple matching price list lines with the same precedence. Recommendation In the price list window determine if there are qualifiers for the passed-in price list.Problem Symptom Engine could not use the passed-in Price List and found multiple matching price list lines while attempting to search other price lists. If not then update the precedence appropriately.1..1. Verify that the required pricing attributes are passed to the engine. then debug this issue based on suggestions in 1. If the user intends engine to use the passed in price list. A. Error Returned by QP_FORMULA_PRICE_CALC_PVT. Recommendation Verify that the pricing engine is selecting the expected price list line by using the debug window or debug script. Open the price list window and search the price list to find out if the price is defined in the ordered UOM.

temporarily remove the incompatibility group from the modifier 6 . Formula is not a valid mathematical expression supported by the database sql Verify that the formula is a valid expression. Qualifiers in -1 group are added to all are satisfied.2.1.1. Recommendation If the user does not expect the pricing engine to do the conversion. A.sourced. Evaluate the reasons why the price list line with the ordered UOM is not getting selected based on the previous table: Table A. Modifier is eliminated in incompatibility. Expected Modifier Not Selected by the Engine Problem Symptom Similar to message: Item and UOM not found. Recommendation Refer to previous table: Table A Item and UOM not on Price List. A.5 Invalid UOM conversion Problem Symptom The ordered UOM does not match the UOM on the price list line. then verify that the primary flag on the price list line is not set. Common Modifier Setup Issues A. groups. There is no conversion defined in mtl_uom_conversions. If user expects pricing to convert the pricing quantity from ordered UOM to the pricing UOM. As a test. Qualifiers for discount list and line are not Make sure that qualifiers in the -1 group met.2. verify that proper conversion is defined in Oracle Inventory. (Item and UOM not on Price List. between ordered UOM and primary UOM. and that there is a matching factor line.

sourced item attribute. Check Asked For flag on the modifier. The qualifier. An unusual user error can cause the qp_list_header_phases to populate incorrectly to include all phases.line. however. There is no record in the qp_list_header_phases. Check automatic flag on the modifier. Modifier is manual. Run the QP: Maintain Denormalized Data concurrent program for this header to resolve the issue. QP Build Sourcing concurrent program has not been run. Use caution with the event-phase setup because it can impact the pricing of the entire organization. If the user has asked for the modifier then use debug window/output to verify that Asked For is passed to the engine. Check modifier currency. If this is a new type of attribute then run the concurrent program. sourced pricing attribute have been setup recently. Verify that the pricing phase on the modifier is attached to the appropriate event. Asked_For flag is Y and the modifier is not asked for. then execute the engine call and verify that the modifier is selected. then determine whether Asked For was validated. it is not automatically set. If not passed. Also determine if there is any modifier in the exclusive incompatibility group. Modifier header currency is different from the order currency. Pricing phase for the modifier line is not attached to the appropriate pricing event. Determine in the Pricing Engine Request Viewer window/debug file whether the qualifier/pricing/item attributes are sourced. determine whether the qualifiers are matched. If yes then check which other modifier is selected from the same incompatibility group. Determine if the precedence must be changed. If passed. 7 .

Overtype the unit selling price and increase the price. this causes Oracle Order Management to fire the pricing engine modifier phase. Oracle Advanced Pricing customers can choose to resolve the incompatibility processing by best price or by precedence. Customer has not licensed Oracle Advanced Pricing. A. Check calculate price flag value on the order lines. Order level adjustments are not applied if any lines in an order has a calculate price flag of partial price or freeze price. Oracle Order Management (basic pricing) customers only have the best price option.2.2 Modifiers: Incompatibility does not consider best price/precedence Problem Symptom Incompatibility resolution code is set incorrectly.2.4 Calculation: Back Calculation Error 8 . The unit selling price and modifier LOVs only show unapplied manual adjustments. This applies overridable surcharges.2.3 Modifiers: Unable to override selling price/manual adjustments Problem Symptom Manual discounts are not available. Recommendation Save the order line or move the cursor out of the line and back.A. Recommendation Refer to Table 1. whereas decreasing the price applies overridable discounts. Item and UOM not on Price List. A. Order level adjustments are not applied.

A.This error happens when user tries to override the selling price on a quote and the pricing engine is not able to find a suitable manual overrideable adjustment to give the overridden selling price. Program has been running for a long time. If this is a custom API then correct the API. Integration/ Attributes Mapping Messages/Errors Problem Symptom QP_Attr_Mapping_PUB. line 1445 ORA-20000: ORA-04021: timeout 9 . Recommendation Check dba_errors for this package in or to determine which attribute sourcing API is causing the error. Check with Support for an ARU to correct this. Recommendation This is caused due to mismatch in the parameters sequence. If this is the seeded API then determine whether a correction patch is available.QP_ATTR_MAPPING_PUB. then the program takes time. Getting error while running Build Sourcing Rules concurrent program ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small ORA-06512: at APPS. Execute following statement and examine the output: select text from dba_errors where name ='QP_BUILD_SOURCING_PVT' Verify that custom sourcing causes the error. Concurrent Program Build Sourcing Rules failed with error.3.Build_Contexts package is invalid due to incorrect sourcing data attributes mapping. A. Concurrent Program: QP: Maintains the denormalized data In QP qualifiers Problem Symptom FDPSTP failed due to ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character to number conversion error. 4. This program updates rows in qp_qualifiers table. If user has selected ALL headers. Do not run the Build Sourcing Rules concurrent program when active users are calling pricing engine. This occurs when someone makes a pricing call while the concurrent program is running.

occurred while waiting. Run qp_list_line_detail. Pricing engine now returns only the maximum freight charge modifier for every charge name. A. If the error is “Encountered the symbol ‘_’ when expecting…” then determine the relevant patch to be applied.5. Execute following statement and examine the output: select text from dba_errors where name ='QP_BUILD_SOURCING_PVT'. Make sure if the freight charge that you expect is the maximum freight charge or deactivate other freight charges higher than this freight charge or see if you can put this freight charge in a different charge name. While entering the order line in sales order PAD receives an error: FND_AS_UNEXPECTED_ERROR (PKG_NAME=oe_order_adj_pvt) (PROCEDURE_NAME=oe_line_adj. Verify that the same charge type/cost type is used in Oracle Shipping Execution and Oracle Advanced Pricing. Pricing engine does not return a specific freight charge A. If the seeded sourcing rule causes this error.sql script for the expected freight modifier and verify that all the qualifiers are being passed to the engine. Freight Charges Integration Problem Symptom The charge does not show up. determine whether there is a patch available to correct the seeded rule.6. Recommendation There may be qualifiers attached to the freight charge header or line. Other Common Setup Issues 10 . Determine whether any custom sourcing causes the errors.calcul ate_adjustments) (ERROR_TEXT=calculate_adjustments#1 30 ORA-06508: PL/SQL: could not find program unit being called). Oracle Shipping Execution passed a different charge type than setup in the engine.

To add a pricing report to the Oracle Order Management responsibility request group. There are currently five reports related to Oracle Advanced Pricing: QPPRCST.rdf for qualifier grouping QPXPRMLS.rdf for accrual details All other reports related to pricing are no longer used. Each of the mentioned operations is a concurrent program that has its own window that submits a request. Navigate to: Security > Responsibility > Request Query your request group. through Standard Request Submission LOV for product attribute value on the price list window does not display any values (items).rdf for pricing formulas QPXPRQFS. adjust price list. Recommendation Determine if obsolete reports are running. Also verify under Setup > Parameters that organization Vision Operations.Problem Symptom No values in LOVs occur while running pricing reports in Oracle Order Management.rdf for price lists QPXPRFOR. navigate to: Security > Responsibility > Define Query the Oracle Order Management responsibility.rdf for modifier details QPXPACRL. login under System Administrator responsibility. or update formula prices. Re-compile the flex field for item categories. The view mtl_categories_kfv is not properly regenerated. To determine which request group is attached to the Oracle Order Management responsibility. The forms have checks for mandatory parameters which are not found in the Standard Request Submission window. Cannot add a new report in pricing Problems occurs while running copy price list. You can locate these forms in the sub menus for Oracle Advanced Pricing Verify that the value for profile option QP: Item Validation Organization (Oracle Order Management SuperUser responsibility. Product attribute values (when product attribute is item category) change to X automatically on list line in price list/ modifier window after querying a price list/ 11 . add items to price list. Requests must be submitted through those forms and not Standard Request Submission. Setup > Profiles) is Vision Operations. Add the request from the Application Oracle Advanced Pricing.

modifier window. 12 .

Split could be User initiated or System Initiated.1. Behaviour of the flag is documented below. Pricing for each line during the split will be controlled by the “after split” value of the calculate price flag as shown in the table below.Section. Do not calculate price or freight charges. Calculate price and freight charges at the time of pricing. change your Calculate Price Flag to either: Freeze Price or Partial Price before initiating a user split. Calculate Price Flag Original Line before split: Calculate Price Calculate Price Original line before split: Partial Price Partial Price Original line before split: Freeze Price Freeze Price Original line after user initiated split New line after Calculate Price Partial Price Freeze Price 13 . Calculate only freight charges at the time of pricing.B Common OM-Pricing Integration Setup Issues B.1 Understanding Calculate Price Flag in Order Management - This section will help users understand the usage of calculate price flag. The values of the Calculate Price flag are as follows Calculate Price: Use the pricing engine to determine price.1 Split Operation and calculate price flag Many issues were noticed because of the incorrect setting of the flag or customers not understanding what should be the value of this column during Split operation. If you split an order line into multiple lines and want to retain the original price on both the original line and new lines. The Calculate Price Flag on the order line entity controls if pricing/charge calculations should be done on the line. B. Freeze Price: Never use the pricing engine to determine price. The following table shows the value of the Calculate Price Flag before and after a user or system initiated split. Partial Price: Use the pricing engine to determine price.

B. Problem Symptom Order Lines are booked. set the calculate_price_flag to either Partial Price or Freeze Price. Listed below are the most commonly reported problems in Order Management around Pricing Integration and Advanced Pricing.user initiated split Original line after system initiated split New line after system initiated split Partial Price Partial Price Freeze Price Freeze Price Freeze Price Freeze Price If the after split value of the calculate price flag is Calculate Price: Automatic Fixed Amount adjustments get re-calculated Automatic Percent Based adjustments get re-calculated Manual Fixed Amount adjustments get Pro-rated Manual Percent based adjustments get duplicated If the after split value of the calculate price flag is Partial Price: Automatic Fixed Amount adjustments: charges get re-calculated. price adjustments get duplicated Manual Fixed Amount adjustments get Pro-rated Manual Percent based adjustments get duplicated If the after split’ value of the calculate price flag is Freeze Price: Automatic Fixed Amount adjustments get Pro-rated Automatic Percent Based adjustments get duplicated Manual Fixed Amount adjustments get Pro-rated Manual Percent based adjustments get duplicated. To ensure that no other adjustments are applied to that line. Note : The calculate_price_flag remains Calculate Price after manual adjustments are applied to the line. price adjustments get Pro-rated Automatic Percent Based adjustments: charges get re-calculated. it anyway fails to book the order. closed with no unit selling price Recommendation If the price on line becomes null before booking.2 Common OM-Pricing Integration / Pricing Issues In this section we will be discussing the issues reported by customers and recommendations for correcting those problem. But many customers noticed unit selling price becoming null 14 .

Interface Trip Stop fails for pricing A common error is error “The status code IPL . However user might be missing important code 15 . you can put the different price list on the header while you enter the new model and configure it .Invalid Item/Price List combination “ When user encounter this issue user need to make sure that the item is valid and it exists in the price list being use. This problem is about inheriting the price list on the options from its parent model line. Relevant ER 2595445 will place an invoicing activity hold on order lines with this problem. The OM application prevents order from being booked if the price becomes null (due to some setup errors) before booking. And setup errors. if it becomes null in ship confirm. is a very common reason why prices got nulled out. Price List on the header is just a defaulting source. the option lines also get a default price list from the header (some customers like this behavior ). The reason of having null prices is mainly due to setup errors. Relevant ER 2344369. User can enter a new price list and a model item and its qty for a new line without error. When user config option lines on a booked order. To get around this error. However. Patch 2539217 will help users to know the errors that caused the selling price to become null. .during ship confirm and system did not raise any error.” The way this functionality works is that application default the price list on the lines from the header. but encounters below notes and fails to configure the model when they press 'Configurator' button “No Valid Price lists where found for item <item name> and UOM EA not on <pricelistname> Unit List Price is required on a booked order line. you can change it any time. especially formula setup. we do not stop the process currently. This functionality is not available now. Cannot add configuration item into booked order if use different price list User tries to add new line to a booked order which have price list that is different from header's one.

. when you run interface trip stop the item is no longer in the price list. (Round selling price and adjustments) Additive = round(list _price + adjustments). If you are on pack H or OM Consolidated Patch 2 and finding issues regarding rounding of unit selling price then first check the profile option 16 . The relevant patch is 2347958.fixes that fixes errors noticed during Interface Trip stop.. Some of these fixes issues are 1. does not Match Order header currency code (currency code name)'. and hence the first error. (No rounding) Individual = round(list price) + round(adjustments). We used to validate the price list currency combination even though price list in OM has not changed during interface tripstop. New profile option “QP: Selling Price Rounding Options” directs the pricing engine to round prices.'Error Item (actual item name displays) and EA not on Price List' 2. The second error happens when user changes price list currency at the setup before OM interface. adjustments and freight charges sent back to the calling application.Error ' Currency code (currency code name) . The values of the profile include: No = unrounded list price + unrounded adjustments. However.. (Round selling price after adding unrounded list price and adjustments) This new profile replaces the profile in Order Management OM: Round Unit Selling Price. This validation is no longer performed unless the price list is changed.. The reason for which these occur are as follows At the time entering the Sales Order if the item was still valid and was in the price list. It is included in pack H. Incorrect Rounding of Unit Selling Price The new QP profile is available with OM family pack H or OM Consolidated Family Patch 2 [2425009].

price list specific.5. Customers are recommended to 1. 2. After upgrade from 11. This is incorrect setup and worked in 11. Verify whether a correct price list is getting defaulted on the sales order line.5.H to an 11. User is getting the following message when using a price list line that has qualifiers : “ <Item> and <UOM> are not in Price List” User is getting messages: “ <Item> and <UOM> are not in Price List” and then the message: “QP No Valid Price List found for Item and UOM” Verify that you have not set up mutually repulsive qualifiers with same grouping number. user get the following message : “<Item> and <UOM> not on Price List“ Recommended Patch is 2502849.5. 2. Verify whether the customer is defining non overlapping price break ranges in two different price lists and the search flag is set to ‘N’. After upgrading to 11. Verify whether the user has enabled the attachment functionality on this price list form. Apply Patch 2243420. Recommended Patch is 2490074.5. customers are recommended to apply Patch 2637869 if all setup are correct. Uploading large number of price list lines. It is recommended that the user should use a single price list to define the two non overlapping price breaks in the same price list. Performance problem while 1.6 instance the user gets 1) “ <ITEM> AND <UOM> ARE NOT IN PRICE LIST” 2) Not able to resolve incompatibility between two price lists. User gets “OE_LOCK_ROW_CHANGED” error message in Price List Form 17 .4 due to a bug.7. this old incorrect setup will stop working since Oracle Development has fixed a bug that allowed this in 11.7.4 to 11.4.5. For second message.setting and also verify if the price is getting rounded as per the profile setting or not. Disable attachments functionality on the Price List form which is not supported for this form. Verify whether the customer is using modlists as qualifiers on the price lists to make the modifiers. Querying a price list with large number of lines.5. After applying OM. The mutually repulsive / opposite qualifiers should always have different qualifier grouping numbers as same qualifier grouping numbers form an ‘AND’ condition and thus the modifier or the price list won’t get applied. Customers are recommended to avoid using this setup.

he may get this error. Even if the price list has a rounding factor the decimal number does not round to the rounding factor but keeps on growing. Example nvl(1. Verify that all numbers that areused directly in the formula expression are valid step numbers. Price list lines become invisible after applying certain patch or cannot be queried back properly after a patch. This is an intended functionality for “Basic” pricing users. Customer cannot attach more than one secondary price list to a primary price list User gets following formula error in sales order: “Error in evaluating formula. If user uses a number that is not a step number.” The rounding factor specified on the price list is not effective. If it is still not resolved. One can attach multiple secondary price lists to a primary price list only by fully licensing “Advanced Pricing”. Or alternatively. 18 . check if all steps used in the formula have been setup as formula lines. apply Patch 2601274 Verify whether the repricing of individual lines is working fine. use NVL in formula for steps that may potentially have null value. Apply QP Patch 2412549 and OM patch 2454550. If the lines are repriced correctly individually but the order is not repriced properly customers are recommended to apply Patch 2470364 Verify whether the customer is a “Basic” or “Advanced” pricing customer.2. Also. Verify the formula set up. Verify the datatype is not null. The qp_list_line detail sql indicate wrong values for qualification_ind columns User gets following error message when a pricing attribute is used to calculate the formula value - Run “QP: Maintain Denormalized Data for Qualifiers” concurrent program Verify whether a datatype is defined for the pricing attribute that is used for the formula calculation. Check all pricing attributes that may be required by the Formula. Formula API needs a valid datatype to convert the value to a number.2)*3 Verify that the formula has all the three steps (1. Repricing orders drives the price to negative value Customers are recommended to run “QP: Maintain Denormalized Qualifiers” concurrent program.A new line added to the price list cannot be queried OR Duplicate Price list message appears even if same line does not appear on the price list.3) defined.

Verify that the grouping number of the qualifier price list definition in the qualifiers screen. 19 . They should not be the same as then it would form an AND condition and then modifier would not qualify to order line as order line has a single price list associated to it. when the item is defined in the price list. Running Build Sourcing Rules concurrent program will correct the issue in most of the cases. Verify whether the price list line has any pricing attributes and that they are properly sourced. use NVL in formula for steps that may potentially have null value. Or alternatively.“Error in evaluating formula. check if all steps used in the formula have been setup as formula lines” User gets an error ‘Item and UOM not on XYZ price list’ . Also. Customers are recommended apply OM Family Consolidated Patch 2 [2425009]. Customers are recommended apply OM Family Consolidated Patch 2 [2425009]. Automatic modifiers with multiple price lists as qualifiers do not get applied Customers are recommended to define a valid datatype for the pricing attribute that is used for the formula calculation. User get the following error: “ORA-01476 Divisor id equal to zero” The rounding of unit price does not work properly. Please supply any Pricing Attributes that may be required by the Formula.

Search the output file in the directory mentioned in above profile based on time-stamp. If the instance do not have Oracle Order Management Installed Set Profile “QP:Debug” to Yes. It provides information such as the list line selected and deleted by the engine during processing. C. and the reason for deletion. it is highly recommended that these debugs are kept disabled unless debug file is being captured for diagnostics.Section-C Getting Debug and Troubleshooting This section contains information about diagnosing and troubleshooting of problems in OM(Pricing int.1 Generating OM/ QP Debug File If the instance has Oracle Order Management Installed Set Profile “OM: Debug Directory” to directory listed in util_file_dir in init.ora. This method determines whether the 20 . It does not provide information on why the list line is not selected by the engine (qp_list_line_detail.)/Pricing. This is a quick and useful method to verify the data passed to the pricing engine and data that was returned by the pricing engine. This method provides a subset of information as compared to the debug output file. Warning : As enabling these debugs adds significant overhead on system performance.ora.8).sql is a useful mechanism for this).2 Pricing Engine Request Viewer window Pricing Engine Request Viewer window can be used from Oracle Order Management starting with Order Management Family Pack H (11. Set Profile “OM: Debug_Level” to 5. This debug is normally required by Oracle Support and Development to examine the code flow and failure point if any. C. The navigation path is: Sales Order window > Tools > Pricing Engine Request Viewer. Profile “QP: Debug” should also be set to ‘No’ unless it is required.5. Set Profile “OM:Debug Directory” to directory listed in util_file_dir in init. The following table provides a summary of various methods of diagnosing and troubleshooting the results of the pricing engine.

sql. users can query previous pricing debug requests also.sql This script provides information about how the price list line or modifier is setup and can be used when the expected price list line/ modifier line has not been selected by the engine. Navigate to : Help > Diagnostics > Examine > Pick the LIST_LINE_ID field from the Field LOV Note the value. How to use this script : 1.sql and get all the Price List line/ Modifier line information. 4. Script will generate outputs in <list line id>.3 Script qp_list_line_detail. This list_line_id value must be provided as input to the script qp_list_line_detail. Obtain the Price List line ID/ Modifier line ID from the Price List/ Modifier setup window. Open the Price List/ Modifiers window. Automatic_flag. Warning : As the Pricing Engine Request Viewer consumes a large amount of system resources. Verify that the following columns have appropriate values: Incompatibility Resolve Code in event phase . it is recommended that it is turned off unless debug is being generated.4 Other Important Notes C. 21 . Position the Cursor on the Price List Line/ Modifier Line In Question. which takes list line ID as input. C. 3.expected qualifiers and pricing attributes are sourced. Search_flag in event phase. Run the script $qp/patch/115/sql/qp_list_line_detail. Since the Pricing Engine Request Viewer requests are stored in the permanent pricing debug tables.lst file. C. 2.1 Important Setups and Parameters Many setup information has impact on pricing engine process. active_flag in modifiers and price lists Pricing Phase in modifier. Login to apps/apps@sid.4.

sql_text from v$open_cursor where sql_text like '%QP_PREQ%'.8) are recommended to apply this consolidated patch to get most of the important fixes from the OM family.2 Important Consolidated Patch Order Management Family has recently released a family level consolidated patch which included important fixes from Order Management. C. or drop an index on temporary table already in use Make sure that no concurrent program (example: Order Import) is started before applying the patch. ORA-14452: Attempt to create.3 Patch Application Patches involving any operation on temporary tables are not applied correctly if any user is holding a lock on the temporary table. alter. verify that no user has a lock on Oracle Advanced Pricing temporary tables by executing the following sql statement (this statement should not return any rows) Select sid. If the patch failed with the following error then bounce the database and reapply the patch.0 Last Update Date : Dec.Verify that the following important profiles are appropriately set: QP: Get Custom Price Customized QP: Blind Discount Option QP: Verify GSA Violations QP: Return Manual Discounts C. Customers who are not on OM Family Pack H (or 11. Check the adpatch worker log to verify that the pricing patch application is successful without any errors. Subhra Datta Reviewed By : Charlene Chandonia. Advanced Pricing and Shipping into a single patch 2425009. White Paper Name : Pricing And Pricing Integration Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Version : 1. Praveen Sahni. Kanan Tarakad. Nitin Hase 22 . While applying QP patches. 2002 Written By : Rajendra Badadare.4.5.4.

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