IRC Guidelines for Pavement and Materials

S. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Code No. IRC:14-2004 IRC:15-2011 IRC:16-2008 IRC:19-2005 IRC:34-2011 IRC:36-2010 IRC:37-2001 IRC:44-2008 IRC:50-1973 IRC:51-1992 IRC:56-2011 IRC:57-2006 IRC:58-2011 IRC:60-1976 IRC:61-1976 Title of the Publication Category Recommended Practice for Open Graded Premix Carpets (Third Materials Revision) Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Construction of construction & Concrete Roads (Fourth Revision) Maintenance Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Prime and Tack Materials Coat (Second Revision) Standard Specification and Code of Practice for Water Bound Materials Macadam (Third Revision) Recommendations for Road Construction in Areas Affected by construction & Water Logging, Flooding and/or Salts Infestation (First Revision) Maintenance Recommended Practice for Construction of Earth Embankments and Sub-Grade for Road Works (First Revision) Guidelines for the Design of Flexible Pavements (Second Revision) Guidelines for Cement Concrete Mix Design for Pavements (Second Revision) Recommended Design Criteria for the Use of Cement Modified Soil in Road Construction Guidelines for the Use of Soil Lime Mixes in Road Construction (First Revision) Recommended Practices for Treatment of Embankment and Roadside Slopes for Erosion Control (First Revision) Recommended Practice for Sealing of Joints in Concrete Pavements (First Revision) Guidelines for the Design of Plain Jointed Rigid Pavements for Highways (Third Revision) Tentative Guidelines for the Use of Lime- Fly Ash Concrete as Pavement Base or Sub-Base Tentative Guidelines for the Construction of Cement Concrete Pavements in Hot Weather construction & Maintenance Design Materials Materials Materials Materials Materials Design Materials construction & Maintenance Sub-Category Pav. Layer Concrete Pav. Layer Pav. Layer Embankment Embankment Flexible Pav. Cement Concrete Stabilization Stabilization Embankment Cement Concrete Rigid pav. Flyash -Cement Cement Concrete IRC-58-2011.pdf IRC-60-1976.pdf IRC-61-1976.pdf IRC-50-1973.pdf IRC-51-1992.pdf IRC-36-2010.pdf IRC-37-2001.pdf IRC-19-2005.pdf Hyperlink IRC-14-2004.pdf IRC-15-2011.pdf

Airfield Pavements Guidelines for Strengthening of Flexible Road Pavements Using Flexible IRC:81-1997 Design Benkelman Beam Deflection Technique (First Revision) Overlay Code of Practice for Maintenance of Bituminous Surfaces of construction & IRC:82-1982 Bitumenous Highways Maintenance construction & Cement IRC:84-1983 Code of Practice for Curing of Cement Concrete Pavements Maintenance Concrete Recommended Practice for Accelerated Strength Testing & IRC:85-1983 Pav.pdf IRC-75-1979.pdf IRC-SP-17-1977. Evaluvation Rigid pav.pdf IRC-101-1988. Evaluvation Rigid pav. Pavement with Elastic Joints Tentative Specification for Bituminous Concrete (Asphaltic IRC:105-1988 Materials Bitumenous Concrete) for Airfield Pavements IRC:107-1992 Tentative Specifications for Bitumen Mastic Wearing Courses Materials Bitumenous IRC:109-1997 Guidelines for Wet Mix Macadam Materials Pav.pdf IRC-111-2009.pdf IRC-110-2005.pdf IRC-107-1992.pdf IRC-90-2010.pdf IRC-81-1997.16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 Tentative Guidelines for the Use of Low Grade Aggregates and Materials aggregates Soil Aggregates Mixtures in Road Pavement Construction Tentative Guidelines for Lean-Cement Concrete and LeanCement IRC:74-1979 Materials Cement Fly Ash Concrete as a Pavement Base or Sub-Base Concrete IRC:75-1979 Guidelines for the Design of High Embankments Design Embankment Tentative Guidelines for Structural Strength Evaluation of Rigid IRC:76-1979 Pav.pdf IRC-76-1979.pdf IRC-SP-34-1989.pdf IRC-84-1983.pdf IRC-82-1982.pdf . Layer Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Design and IRC:110-2005 Materials Bitumenous Construction of Surface Dressing IRC:111-2009 Specifications for Dense Graded Bituminous Mixes Materials Bitumenous Recommendations About Overlays on Cement Concrete IRC:SP:17-1977 Design Rigid Overlay Pavements General Guidelines About the Equipment for Bituminous Surface construction & IRC:SP:34-1989 Equipment Dressing Maintenance IRC:63-1976 IRC-63-1976.pdf IRC-91-1985. Evaluation of Concrete for Road and Airfield Constructions Recommended Practice for Lime Flyash Stabilised Soil Base/SubIRC:88-1984 Materials Stabilization Base in Pavement Construction Guidelines of Selection.pdf IRC-74-1979.pdf IRC-85-1983. Operation and Maintenance of construction & IRC:90-2010 Bitumenous Bituminous Hot Mix Plant (First Revision) Maintenance Tentative Guidelines for Construction of Cement Concrete construction & Cement IRC:91-1985 Pavements in Cold Weather Maintenance Concrete Guidelines for Design of Continuously Reinforced Concrete IRC:101-1988 Design Rigid pav.pdf IRC-109 -1997.pdf IRC-88-1984.pdf IRC-105-1988.

Pav.pdf IRC-SP-49-1998.pdf .pdf IRC-SP-46-1997.pdf IRC:SP:77-2008 Manual for Design Construction & Maintenance of Gravel Roads Specifications for Mix Seal Surfacing (MSS) Close-Graded Premix Surfacing (CGPS) IRC:SP:79-2008 Tentative Specifications for Stone Matrix Asphalt Guidelines for Maintenance.pdf IRC-SP-59-2002. Layer Bitumenous Bitumenous Cement Concrete Four Laning IRC-SP-39-1992.pdf Guidelines for Use of Geotextiles in Road Pavements and Associated Works Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Cement Concrete IRC:SP:62-2004 Pavement for Rural Roads IRC:SP:63-2004 Guidelines for the Use of Interlocking Concrete Block Pavement IRC:SP:68-2005 IRC:SP:69-2011 IRC:SP:72-2007 IRC:SP:73-2007 IRC:SP:76-2008 Guidelines for Construction of Roller Compacted Concrete Pavements Guidelines & Specifications for Expansion Joints (First Revision) Guidelines for the Design of Flexible Pavements for Low Volume Rural Roads Manual of Standards & Specifications for Two Laning of State Highways on B.pdf IRC-SP-58-2001. Repairs & Rehabilitation of Cement IRC:SP:83-2008 Concrete Pavements Manual for Specifications & Standards for Four Laning of IRC:SP-84-2009 Highways Through Public Private Partnership IRC:SP:78-2008 IRC-SP-83-2008.pdf IRC-SP-84-2009. Layer Bitumenous Embankment geotextiles Rural & Low Volume Rural & Low Volume Cement Concrete Cement Concrete Rural & Low Volume Two Laning Bitumenous Pav.pdf IRC-SP-53-2010. Thin and Ultra-Thin Whitetopping IRC-SP-73-2007.O. Basis Tentative Guidelines for Conventional.T.35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 IRC:SP:39-1992 IRC:SP:46-1997 IRC:SP:49-1998 IRC:SP:53-2010 IRC:SP:58-2001 IRC:SP:59-2002 Guidelines on Bulk Bitumen Transportation & Storage Equipment Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete for Pavements Guidelines for the Use of Dry Lean Concrete as Sub-base for Rigid Pavement Guidelines on Use of Modified Bitumen in Road Construction (Second Revision) Guidelines for Use of Flyash in Road Embankments construction & Maintenance Design Materials Materials Materials Materials Design Design Materials Materials Design Manual Materials construction & Maintenance Materials Materials construction & Maintenance Manual Bitumenous Rigid Pav.

1999 Seminar.-II Seminar. 2011 International Seminar on Reducing Carbon Footprint in Road (Technical Construction 17-19 February. Agra. 2-4 September. 2011 Papers) IRC:SP-87-2010 Manual Materials Manual construction & Maintenance Manual Manual Seminar Seminar Seminar Six Laning Stabilization HandBook Bitumenous Six Laning Expressways Rehabilitation Cement Concrete Flexible Pav. New Delhi.pdf IRC-SP-89-2010. 2004 Seminar on “Design Construction and Maintenance of Cement (Proceedings) Concrete Pavements”. 2004 Seminar. 2006 International Seminar on “Innovations in Construction and (Technical Maintenance of Flexible Pavement”. 1999 International Seminar on “Highway Rehabilitation and (Proceedings) Maintenance”. New Delhi 8-10 October.pdf MORT&H_6LaningM anual. MORT&H 2001 Manual of Specifications and standards for Six Laning of MORT&H National Highways through Public Private Partnership MORT&H Guidelines for Expressways Part-I and Part-II Seminar.-I & Vol.pdf MORT&H_Bitumino us Works_2001. 2002 (Second Revision) Manual for Construction and Supervision of Bituminous Works. 2006 Papers) Vol. Road Construction IRC-SP-87-2010. 12-13 November.53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 Manual for Specification and Standards for Six Laning of Highways through Public Private Partnership Guidelines for Soil and Granular Material Stabilization Using IRC:SP-89-2010 Cement Lime and Fly Ash MORT&H Pocketbook for Highway Engineers.pdf Seminar .

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