“I look at people when they talk to me now.

I have learned positive ways to handle my stress and have tried new things I never thought I would have done. I can go to high school and lift up my head high and show them I’ve changed. I’ve learned to be who I am — the real me.” -Halli

“If the kids hadn’t had this oppor tunity, I don’t know

where they would have ended up. I think when Halli came in, I had no idea how to really be a parent. I didn’t even realize I wasn’t acting like a parent. I feel like a new

person. I have learned every bit as much as my children.
Pictured above: Halli and her brother, Shane, who is currently a resident at Eagle Ranch.

When I saw how much Halli was benefiting from the

program, I realized that my son, Shane, needed help too. While Halli is graduating, we’ll still be involved with the Ranch but more focused on Shane. All of Halli’s learning has come full circle. The person person who is leaving; I’m really, really proud.”

that walked in the door at the Blessing Home is not the

The Blessing Home

Halli, 15

Halli’s Mother


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