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Dear ~1r. I am organizing an International Exhibition of the "work" of 31 artists during each of the 31 days in March 1969. The exhibition is titled "One Month." The invited artists and their dates are: ~1arch
1 2


5 6 7 8
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15 16

Carl Andre Mike Asher Terry Atkinson Michael Baldwin Robert Barry Rick Barthelme lain Baxter James Byars John Chamberlain Hon Cooper Barry Flanagan Dan Flavin Alex Hay Douglas Huebler Robert Huot Stephen Kaltenbach

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19 20 21 22 23 2~


28 29 30 31

On Kawara Joseph Kosuth Christine Kozlov Sol LeWitt Richard Long Robert Morris Bruce Nauman Claes Oldenburg Dennis Oppenheim Alan Ruppersberg Ed Ruscha Robert Smithson De Wain Valentine Lawrence Weiner Ian Wilson • 1969.

You have been aSSigned March

Kindly return to me, as soon as possible. any relevant information regarding the nature of the "work" you intend to contribute to the exhibition on your day. Your reply should specify one of the following: 1) You want your name listed, with a description of your "work" and/or relevant information. 2) You want your name listed, with no other information. 3) You do not want your name listed at all. A list of the artists and their "work" will be published. and internationally distributed. (All replies become the property of the publisher.) Kindly confine your replies to just verbal information. All replies must be received by February 15th. If you do not reply by that time, your name will not be listed at all. Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely,-

SETH SIEGELAUB 21 January 1969

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The following 31 pages is the record of repl ies (or non-replies) from each of the 31 invited artists.


1 .

2 .- /.

Warwickshire.. . The work will be sent to you within the next two weeks. I" te' TERRYATKINSON.. It will comprise three or four sheets of typewritten 'work.i from each of us. England 3 Both Michael Baldwin and myself accept the day we have each been allocated.

Warwickshire. It will comprise three or four sheets of typewritten 'work' from each of us. England MICHAEL BALDWIN. . The work will be sent to you within the next two weeks.. 4 Both Terry Atkinson and myself accept the day we have each been allocated.:It .

. 1969. 2 cubic feet of Helium will be released into the atmosphere. 5 ROBERT BARRY. Helium (2 cubic feet) Description: Sometime during the morning of March 5.. 1969. New York Inert gas series. . .

New York 6 use -. Four individual Being. • • • RICK BARTHELME.facing south facing east -. Being. Being.. and as such exist as fields of potential delimited by the physical condition.. The works can only be accomplished personally.facing west I have set down below the relevant information appropriate of which will avail anyone anywhere of the work. . Being. in in in in the the the the works physical physical physical physical condition condition condition condition About the works it can be said: 1. 2. The works include and accept but do not determine everything (perceptual and conceptual) that occurs while in the condition.facing north -.

March is printed in 7 newspapers using type style of paper and country. is presented on 7 billboards one each in Calgar~ Spokane. Pres. Number 4' .March is flashed 7 times on T. V.March is shouted 7 times during the day by SS. Vancouver. from midnight to midnight. lAIN BAXTER. (project department). Number 6 could be also performed at the Met in concert form.• • II • N.March rocking rubber stamp. in large letters. Pullman. in 7 areas of New York City.March is spoken on the radio 7 times from midnight to midnight. Numbers 3. E. NETCO says may we March 23? SS says no you may only March 7. Vancouver.5 and 6 could be coordinated to happen simultaneously. ita Iicized. Cenede 7 March 7 Variations SS says lain you may March 7.March. Number 7 . THING CO. March 7 Variations: Number 1 . maybe all at once or spread throughout the day. is stamped with rocking foot Iike action. Number 3 . .4. Number 2 . Number 5 . He may designate friends to help. Please note Number 3 could also be performed as dance. Number 6 . Middlesborough and Banff.March is presented in any form in 7 cities from sea level to highest city. Kyoto. N.

16. . 7. 19. l.• • (Fic. 11.). 2l. 5. 8 What's the difference between asking and telling? Edit the attention of each artist in the show and edit the total attention. 25. 29. 8. 27. 18. 14. New York IJ BYARSPh. 9.D. 24. Total 13. 30. 17. 4. 6. 12. 2. 33. 5. 20.5. 26. 3. 23. 10. 15. 22. 31. 28. 32.

• • JOHN CHAMBERLAIN. Sincerely yours. New York 10021 Dear Mr. It was a very unfortunate accident. New York 9 September 1. John Chamberlain c/o leo Castelli Gallery 4 East 77th Street New York. 1967 Mr. Chamberlain: I am very sorry about the situation regarding your sculpture. I hope it won't be too bad. Director GvG:cs . Our men have had a great deal of experience and are sensitive and responsive to contemporary art.

2. 23. Letter from Copyright Office (Julius A. 1. 1968) Photograph of Eight and One Quarter Inch Spherical Body of Atmosphere. Letter from Copyright Office (Dorothy M. 1968) 9. 1969) Letter from Robert Smithson to Ron Cooper (Mar. Map of California with location of 5 mile cubic pyramid of atmosphere (not dated) 11 [The above information is owned by Mr. Culp) to Ron Cooper (Apri I 2. California • v RON COOPER. 21. 1968) 8. Schrader) (Feb." (not dated) 6. " 1. Calif. 4. 1965) Envelope for above letter. William Pettet. 13. 10 Outline of correspondence concerning the copyrighting of a work entitled "Eight and One Quarter Inch Spherical Body of Atmosphere.• • Los Angeles. 3. Letter from Seth Siegelaub to Ron Cooper (Jan. 5. Letter from Ron Cooper to Robert Smithson (Feb. 1 . 26. Letter from Ron Cooper to Copyright Office (Dorothy M. 1968) 7. Schrader) to Ron Cooper (Feb.

instruction (what) 4. instruction (conditions) 7. copyright? sold? IV. \I III. II. London. England 11 {who} information 1. 1 . not at all [The artist replied with an anotated photocopy of the letter. good 2.k. with a description of your 'work' and/or relevant information.. [checked off:] "l) You want your name listed. instruction information/ reprisal (conditions) 8. shall I reply in time or not? I. occupying no space/ no plans/ no instructions/ no ideas V. information (how) 6. location? space? 5. fine 3. The abstracted anotations above refer to each paragraph in the letter. • • BARRYFLANAGAN. o. 9..

12 . .· . .

Aarch 13 for whatever it accumu Iates .• • • ALEX HAY.. Manhattan for the 24 hours of thursday f. New York 13 I will place a piece of chemical filter paper 60" x 60" x .052 on the roof of the building at 27 Howard St. .

for each name and all locations that are actually reported will serve as a document that will join with this statement to constitute the finished work . A list of the 31 artists.• • o DOUGLAS HUEBLER. the assigned moment in time. Each has been asked to report his physical location in space when that moment actually occurs. An alphabetical chronological equation has been created that assigns to each of the 31 artists invited to participate in this exhibition a specific moment in the series described above. 1969 have been equally divided by 31 moments in time into a series of 30 forty-six minute intervals. Massachusetts 14 Site Sculpture Project Duration Piece *10 United States. South America The twenty-four hours between midnight and midnight on March 14th. England. His particular time zone will determine his actual time and he may interpret "locetlen" as he so chooses. .

At 5 pm the driftwood will be set afire. It will burn thru dusk into darkness.• o ROBERT HUOT I New York 15 Staten Island. I will go to Oakwood Beach. . I will select approximately an acre which will be cleared of Driftwood. New York City Bonfire A Civic Art project for 15 March 1969 location: Oakwood Beach At dawn 15 March 1969. This wood will be piled in the center of the area in an essentially conic form.

The chain and its branches can develope in any direction. The chain can branch at every link. The power of the chain can increase. Desire often results from an understanding Understanding ing chains. The direction and strength of the chain may be determined at every link by an artist who has th e desire to do so. New York 16 Every art expression has a effect. may be gained through observation of exist- The critical opinion expressed as a result of this show provides opportunity for observation of a secondary link. of the process. . Every effect is a causative force producing another effect.• • • STEPHEN KALTENBACH. The chain of influence can diminish in power.

• • 0 • 17 .

. New York Investigation 3) . pgs. 1960. 293-303.• '. 5 introductions (1 in each chapter). an anthology.B. The Table of Contents to: "Man and Time" by J. An announcement of the information of their availibi lity (library and private purchase) and public notificati_on of their "Art Condit ion . . The Table of Contents to: "Time in literature" by Hans Meyerhoff. Galer published by Doubleday and Co. 2. 1-8. pg.. published in los Angeles by University of California Press. " To be seen in subway and/or bus placard advertising space: four works as one work titled: IIOne introduction and three contents. The Tab Ie of Contents to: IITime and its Mysteri es". JOSEPH KOSUTH. xiii . pg.65-85. 18 (Art as Idea as Idea. edited by Richard M. 4. 1967. The introduction to: "The Philosophy of Tlme". published in New York by Dell Publishing Co. pg." 1 . 3.387-396. published in New York by Collier Books.. 11-12.xiv.169-178. ix . Priestley.

• • • CHRISTINE KOZlOV. New York 19 Conditions: Duration: Date: Time: Continuous recording 24 hours March 19. 1969 12 am to 12 am loop tape I Tape spec ifications: duration 1 hour 24 hours 1 hour Actual amount of sound recorded: Actual amount of sound on tape: .

• I) ~ • 20 .

. . 6:30 P.Photograph of the dawn from Bristol Suspension Bridge. . Bristolsex.1 flash photograph showing the tide level of the River Avon at Hotwells.1 flash photograph showing the tide level of the River Avon at Hotwells.Photograph of the dusk from Severn Bridge. M.• • o RICHARD LONG. England 21 Midnight I March 20/21 . M. 6 A. Midnight I March 21/22 .


• 0 • g 23 .

. o • CLAES OLDENBURG.. New York 24 My work: "Things Colored Red" .

350 3/8" plaster characters (calcium compound) representing the letters used in constructing these pages will be shoveled under the soi I. Aldiss will be buried in soil deposits within New York City. Project subcontracted to Randy Hardy. 7. 1969.150 years. and left to decompose. .• • DENNIS OPPENHEIM.. Estimated time for calc ium breakdown . the first four pages of Earthworks by Brian W. New York 25 Buried Nove I On March 25.

The course will be plotted on geological maps. the experience. to walk from daybreak to dark. . We work alone. we primarily live alone. and there is a tangible result means something only to someone else. on the 26th of March. There is.• • ALAN RUPPERSBERq. is a solitary act. as life. the work that we do is for our own benefit. the theory that the work need only be thought. California 26 Art. through the Mojave desert in a predetermined straight line. of course. but that lacks a vital ingredient. los Angeles. I propose.

27 .

Overturning Rocks. Next"1 will trace the trail on a map. Mirror Trails. I don It know where yet. 2. I will select a site or network of sites. I wi" select a trail and photograph a mirror on the trail at various indeterminate intervals. . and show the points where I overturned the rocks.• • • ROBERTSMITHSON. The trail will be traced on a map. New York 28 My project may be one of two possible things. or both th ings. and photograph what is under the rocks. 1.

Venice. and planerly alligned to their respective corner demarkations. California 29 Proposed Krieg Light Slab for Central Park Position a Klieg light vertically at 89. parallel to each other.5 degrees relative to latitude respectively at each of the four corners of Central Park.5 degrees relative to longitude and 86. vertical.• OEWAIN VALENTINE. thus demarking the four vertical edges of the light Slab. Similarly form the Central Park South and the IIOth Street walls with 38 Klieg lights each thus completing the four walls of the ligbt slab. Form the vertical walls of the 5th Avenue and the Central Park West sides by positioning 198 Klieg Iights equal distant. .

. New York 30 An obi ect tossed from one country to another.p LAWRENCE WEINER.

New York 31 .IAN WILSON.

. .'- SETH SIEGELAUB ." .. i .. ~'.. I. . t.