I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS A true story of life, love and prison breaks by Glenn Ficarra John Requa

(Based on the book by Steve McVicker)

PINK DRAFT 4.27.2008


EXT. SKY - DAY Fluffy white CLOUDS drift across a clear blue sky. TITLE CARD“This really happened” FADE TO WHITE: TITLE CARD“It really did”


A dull WHINE is heard building in volume until finallySMASH CUT TO: 2 INT. TEXAS STATE PENITENTIARY HOSPITAL WARD - 1998 - DAY Startled, STEVEN RUSSELL (40) opens his eyes. Gaunt and pale, he seems to be on death’s door. The whine we once heard is now the high-pitched ALARM of medical equipment. The door BURSTS open. NURSES enter, rushing toward him. The nurses pass him and attend to the PATIENT in the next bed over, frantically administering CPR. SUPER: “TEXAS STATE PENITENTIARY INFIRMARY - 1998” A DOCTOR appears and pushes the nurses aside. DOCTOR Where’s the crash cart!? He straddles the patient’s chest and pushes down hardthe sound of a sternum CRACKING can be heard. Steven returns his gaze to the ceiling. A CHEERY VOICE counterpoints the bleakness of this scene. STEVEN (V.O.) (upbeat and happy) Love sure is a funny thing... It makes you happy. Makes you sad. Makes you do all sorts of things you never thought you’d do before. Love’s the reason I’m here actually. SMASH CUT TO: 2

"I Love You Phillip Morris"

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EXT. MARSHLAND - CHESAPEAKE BAY, VA - 1966 - DAY A group of FOUR NINE YEAR OLDS lie in the grass atop a hill. They stare up at the clouds, playfully arguing. RED HAIRED BOY I still don’t see it. LITTLE GIRL It’s right there. A young STEVEN RUSSELL (9) is among them. YOUNG STEVEN It’s really big. STEVEN’S MOM (O.S.) Steeeeeeeeeven... Steven looks down the hill to see his mother calling. STEVEN’S MOM (CONT'D) Steeeeeeeeeven...



INT. LIVING ROOM CHESAPEAKE BAY, VA - 1966 - DAY Young Steven sits in the middle of the couch. His PARENTS and 11 year old BROTHER stand before him. He stares at them- innocent and doe-eyed with a big smile on his face. STEVEN’S MOM Are you a happy little boy Steven? Steven smiles and nods. STEVEN’S MOM (CONT'D) You’ve always been such a happy little boy. (then) Now Steven, we want to tell you something very important, but I want you to understand that it doesn’t change a thing. Steven awaits, smiling. STEVEN’S MOM (CONT'D) We’re still gonna love you, you’re still gonna be our happy little boy and you’re still gonna-STEVEN’S BROTHER You’re adopted.


(then) It’s true. (best of intentions) . No way. We love you just as much as we love your brother here. I was gonna be the best son. STEVEN’S DAD Your Mother’s right. Not like your brother here who’s natural.. Her face says it all. then turns back to his mother. STEVEN’S MOM WHACK! She SWATS his brother in the head. the best person I could be. Yes Daddy. STEVEN (V.O. but I decided I wasn’t gonna let it get me down. are you okay? Steven smiles wide. . Okay? STEVEN’S MOM It doesn’t change a thing honey.. we didn’t want you to hear it from anybody but us. STEVEN’S MOM (CONT'D) Your brother overheard your Dad and I talking and well. Shut up! YOUNG STEVEN He glares at his brother. Steven starts putting things together. Steven’s VO comes full.) It hurt a bit. You know why? Because we chose you..and he’s natural. You’re a special little boy. STEVEN’S DAD So son. So we put some money in a brown paper bag and gave it to your real mom in the hospital parking lot so you could come home with us."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 3. It’s cause we love you. It’s true. YOUNG STEVEN As his parents prattle on.No..

MANDI (CONT'D) Something came for you. hits a sour note or two-. She covers the receiver and whispers.. We can tell he’s well liked. The crowd continues to enjoy the inspiring hymn. Steven. Hey fellas. how may I direct your call? Steven enters in UNIFORM. etc. Mandi waves happily. OPEN ON the LETTER BOARD of THE VIRGINIA BEACH CHURCH OF GOD.DAY 6 A police receptionist (MANDI) at a switchboard in a smalltown police station answers the phone. MARCH 1984. BRENDA” 6A INT.1984 .DAY A joyous Sunday. As the joyous flock whoops it up. 5 6 I/E. He turns it around to reveal writing on the side.1984 . VIRGINIA BEACH . smiling wide. As he nods and moves on he’s greeted by a VARIOUS POLICEMEN. VIRGINIA BEACH CHURCH OF GOD . mornin’. MANDI Virginia Beach Police Department. STEVEN VARIOUS POLICEMAN Hey Steve. “BASHAM. Steven winks to his wife (DEBBIE) and their 4 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER (STEPHANIE) who sit in the first row..playing the organ with a happy-stick planted firmly up his ass.but keeps on playing with happy abandon. 1984 . It reads. Steve. 6A . STEVEN’S HOUSE."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 4. A congregation packs the church to the rafters as a Lawrence Welk-ish CHOIR praises Jesus to the tune of Hallelujah! We Shall Rise. 5 I/E. The date reads. Steven arrives at his desk to find a large FILE BOX. oblivious.NIGHT Establishing of the empty parts of the home. VIRGINIA BEACH POLICE STATION FRONT DESK. Amidst this white-man’s paradise sits a smiling and healthy STEVEN.

This man who works so hard to make us happy without even a thought for himself. STEVEN Steven moves to get up but settles back in when she continues. He kisses her forehead. 1984) . praying.and if it wasn’t for you Jesus. STEPHANIE (smiling) 7 Okay. STEVEN AND DEBBIE’S BEDROOM (VIRGINIA.. Again he moves to get up when-DEBBIE (CONT'D) This man who pursued me to the ends of the Earth and promised me a life of eternal happiness.. Amen. And finally I want to thank you for this man Jesus. STEVEN Have lots of dreams. Every day. 7 INT.NIGHT Steven switches off the small lamp beside Stephanie’s bed. 1984) . I always knew it was in your plan for her to enjoy nuts. STEPHANIE’S BEDROOM (VIRGINIA. Amen. 8 INT. Then- . DEBBIE And thank you for Steffie’s allergy screen coming back all negative.NIGHT 8 Steven and Debbie kneel at the edge of the bed. DEBBIE . Steven smiles at that sentiment. I would have never found that last coffee filter and Prayer-Girls would have been ruined. STEVEN Steven tries to get up again."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 5. A promise he has kept oh Lord.. So thank you for that. Amen..

. In bed with Debbie. as a cop. they are rocking with the gentle rhythm of everyday sex. back to back in the bed. DEBBIE Sometimes when I think of how happy I am. Steven switches off the light and lets out a hearty YAWN. you know. In moments. Me too. Amen. Steven rolls over and puts his arm around her."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 6. DEBBIE And in your gracious name. DEBBIE 9 They turn on their sides. Just as things are peaking. STEVEN Deb. gently feeling her breasts.NIGHT . Steven suddenly STOPS and strikes a conversational tone.LATER CLICK. I just want to cry. After a few moments of SILENCE. I have lots of access? You know. Debbie turns on her back and they kiss quietly as Steven quietly gets on top.. STEVEN AND DEBBIE’S BEDROOM 1984 .You know how. to use that to find my mother? . STEVEN I’m absolutely bushed. unethical. STEVEN CUT TO: 9 INT. I find thee and praise thee. Amen. Like the time when you-STEVEN (politely) Okay let’s wrap it up.records and things? DEBBIE (surprised) StevenSTEVEN (oblivious) Now do you think it’s.

STEVEN AND DEBBIE’S HOUSE 1984 . STEVEN There. Oh. She’s been right here all this time. DEBBIE Yeah. STEVEN You’re right.what’d you find? Steven shrugs. DEBBIE Steven thrusts and tenses. Steven takes umbrage. well I don’t know- STEVEN I swear honey. It’s downstairs. No one would even know I did it. that. What? DEBBIE STEVEN She’s right here.. DEBBIE Really? Well let’s go! She moves to get up.DINING ROOM . I shouldn’t have done it. STEVEN I haven’t looked. but you need to think about this. Debbie quickly realizes where his head is at..let me finish. right. reading through various pages. Eventually he cracks an incredulous SMILE. DEBBIE I know you want to find her Steven. . 10 INT. Debbie watches with compassion as he reads. Steven."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 7. Oh. STEVEN Well hold on. DEBBIE You did it!? Oh my God.getting around the system’s so easy.that’s got it.NIGHT 10 Steven flips through the file box. um.

MRS. replaced by a look of dread. BASCOMBE (alarmed) Is something wrong officer? STEVEN Are you Barbra Bascombe? MRS. Debbie grows concerned. Steven can see that behind her is a small FAMILY GATHERING at the table. His smile fades. grouped around a BIRTHDAY CAKE. You gave up a baby for adoption. DEBBIE It’s really her? STEVEN Yeah. DEBBIE (CONT'D) What? What is it? Steven? He cannot believe his eyes.DAY Steven walks up to a middle class home and raps on the screen door. 11 EXT. No question. correct? An ashen look overcomes Mrs. that’s wonderful. 11 . Is something wrong? Is someone hurt? STEVEN (lip quivering) In a manner of speaking. VIRGINIA."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 8. Basham’s face. BASCOMBE Yes. BASCOMBE HOME. She removes her hat. BASCOMBE I don’t think I know what you’re talking about. DEBBIE My goodness Steven. yes. 1984 . BASCOMBE) arrives behind the mesh wearing a birthday PARTY HAT. MRS. his smile ever widening untilHe comes across something that concerns him and his voice trails off. A kindly woman (MRS. He reads on.

But I can come back. I know everything. (suddenly furious) WHY YOU ABANDONED ME AND KEPT YOUR OTHER TWO CHILDREN! I WAS THE MIDDLE CHILD! WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME?! WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME!? Tears stream down Steven’s face. butListenShhhhhh. We to us we STEVEN (CONT'D) all make mistakes.let me finish. STEVEN Elizabeth City? St Jude’s Hospital? Remember? MRS.. . STEVEN No. What I came here say is. I forgive you because none of is perfect but now with a fresh start can build -From behind the door- She SLAMS the door in his face.) I have no idea what you’re talking about. it’s okay. BASCOMBE (O."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 9. I understand. I’ll bring us some coffee and we can talk about.S. BASCOMBE STEVEN Mommy please. okay... STEVEN You were young.. Just tell me why-Go away! MRS. What color that remains in her face drains away. BASCOMBE I don’t know what you’re talking about.S. It’s a lot at once. it’s fine. MRS. How’s that? I can come back later. He gets in his car and slams the door. And as he sits there trying to make sense of things. MRS. Steven. I know that you made a mistake giving me away.) But STEVEN Okay. BASCOMBE (O.

"I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 10. What do you call that color? NEIL Oh we’re changing it. I packed up the family and moved to Texas. DEBBIE Steven you haven’t met our new neighbors down two and across the street.1986 . Steven? DEBBIE (O. Steven shows off the house.HOUSTON . . They all burst into loud breaking-the-ice laughter. STEPHANIE I can’t find my blue fish. STEVEN No I haven’t.S. his family and his new corvette.DAY The ideal suburban American barbecue is in full swing at the new Russell household. Continuing past the buffet he enters the dining room to find SIX YEAR OLD STEPHANIE (same actress) happen past. STEVEN (V. CUT TO: A happy Steven moves through the backyard with a plate of meat fresh off the grill.O.) 12 He turns to see Debbie across the room talking to a YOUNG COUPLE.Neil and Sara. 12 I/E RUSSELL HOUSE . In a series of brief vignettes. She waves him over. He puts her down and heads over to Debbie and the couple. STEVEN (to Stephanie) In the laundry room. I got a great job and got to living the American Dream. I hope you’re planning on changing the paint.) (CONT'D) I quit the force that day. Steven lovingly scoops her up without a thought.

SARA Ooooooh! Watch out! . NEIL That’s a big outfit. good. good. STEVEN DEBBIE Great benefits.. Which is? NEIL Got back into STEVEN Produce. Sorry. I work for Sysco."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 11... the family business. They give you that Corvette out there? Yes sir-ee.. NEIL So Debbie tells me you used to be in the police force back in Georgia. NEIL Right. STEVEN Good. get plenty of home time. STEVEN And the hours don’t crush me either. STEVEN Virginia Beach. SARA (embarrassed) Neil.. STEVEN (suggestive) Among other things. good. kinda lost interest. too. STEVEN Yeah.. I DEBBIE It’s good to have him where I can keep an eye on him.. Debbie gives an embarrassed GUFFAW as he smooches on her..

I’m gonna come.O.DAY WE’RE BACK on the hilltop from the beginning of the movie.. they stare up at the sky. It continues. MARSHLAND . MOUSTACHED MAN DO IT MAN! COME IN MY ASS! SMASH CUT TO: 14 INT.. VA . LITTLE GIRL I see a pony! What do you see!? 15 13 .DAY 14 We are back with Steven in his hospital bed at the Penitentiary.) Oh did I forget to mention I was gay? Yeah. STEVEN I’m gonna come. TEXAS STATE PENITENTIARY HOSPITAL WARD . I’m gay.. the THUMPING of VIGOROUS LOVEMAKING is heard. Nine year old Steven and his three young FRIENDS crest the verdant hill. Suddenly we see the face of the MOUSTACHED MAN he’s fucking. They all collapse into the long grass like the splayed arms of a starfish. gay. Gay. Steven moans with pleasure.searching for shapes in the clouds.1966 .1998 . sorry about that. gay.running and laughing through the backlit dandelion fluff of an idyllic summer day. getting louder and louder until we make out two forms doing it doggie-style in the bed.CHESAPEAKE BAY. STEVEN (V. Catching their breath. SMASH CUT TO: 15 EXT... Have been as long as I can remember. gay.. Building to the climax. 13 INT. HOUSTON APT. gay.NIGHT Amidst the moonlit shadows.1986 . BEDROOM (TYLER) ."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 12. And as they giggle and play wrestle.

LITTLE BOY I see a diesel train! RED HAIRED BOY I see a whirlybird! YOUNG STEVEN I see a wiener.. MOUSTACHED MAN DO IT MAN! COME IN MY ASS! Steven drives it home. LITTLE BOY Shut up! There’s no wiener! Uh huh! YOUNG STEVEN RED HAIRED BOY No there’s not! There is a long silence..1986 . Then- LITTLE GIRL Oh I see it.O.. 16 .) Anyway where was I? Oh yeah-SMASH CUT TO: 16 INT. the MOUSTACHED MAN throws his head back in the throes of lust. RED HAIRED BOY What?! What kind of wiener? YOUNG STEVEN A man’s wiener."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 13. There it is! Told ya. They look at him with incredulity.NIGHT Once again. HOUSTON BEDROOM . STEVEN (V. YOUNG STEVEN And as the other boys squint closely..

So I told myself it was just a little lie and it was better for everybody if it stayed that way. My family was all I had and they needed me. STEVEN (V.) Now just because I was screwing around doesn’t mean I didn’t love Debbie.violently propelling steven and his corvette out of frame. HOUSTON STREET . STEVEN (V.NIGHT Steven drives his red Corvette. 19 20 18 17 . Stephanie too. 18 EXT..O.) I had been living a lie for a long. He glows as the Pet Shop Boys’ “West End Girls” plays on the radio. The remains of the corvette are all around.LATER THAT NIGHT The Moustached Man and Steven say goodbye at the door. STEVEN (V.1986 .) You might even call it an epiphany. hard top removed.O. long time. MOUSTACHED MAN You be careful out there. Steven stares intently at the night sky with his one good eye as Paramedics remove him from the ditch on a back-board. I loved her with all my heart. DITCH .LATER THAT NIGHT Badly mangled and triaged. 19 20 OMITTED EXT. 1986 .O.. But life has a way of forcing these things into the light. HOUSTON APARTMENT DOORWAY.. hide things. I tend to do that. STEVEN (V. (beat) That’s what I told myself. CRASH! A CROSSING PICKUP TRUCK smashes into the driver side door-.) (matter of fact) And I did.. you’re a little drunk. 1986 . 17 EXT. with a contented look on his face. I did.O."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 14.HOUSTON.

PARAMEDIC STEVEN PARAMEDIC Alright. HOUSTON HOSPITAL CORRIDOR .. Buy what I want. I’m going to live my life... 21 INT. STEVEN (bleary) Fuck you. (to other paramedic) Let’s move.NIGHT . PARAMEDIC Okay sir whatever you say. STEVEN (low murmur) I haven’t lived my life."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 15.NIGHT Debbie walks alongside a DOCTOR. A big fag.O. 22 21 . PARAMEDIC Try not to talk sir.1986 . Be the real me..) Yep. I was born again. deeply concerned and listening to his assessment. HOUSTON HOSPITAL . fuck who I want. STEVEN (V. My way. No more lies... just like that I decided to start my life over and live it like the real me. My way. No more lies. Okay. bandaged and bristling with tubes.) It would be hard to break it to Debbie.1986 . No one is going to tell me what to do anymore. but I knew I’d find a way. do what I want. 22 INT.O. STEVEN I’m gonna be a fag.CONTINUOUS Debbie enters the room to find Steven. Time for some good living. STEVEN (V.

O.. stares at his smiling face in shock.) (CONT’D) To my surprise. had two adorable pups."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 16.MIAMI.DAY VINTAGE MAMBO MUSIC. I could do anything I wanted. 24 23 .. Well-heeled nabobs cruise the boulevard.. he raises his glass and let’s loose a PARTY HOOT. GAY CLUB ..O. STEVEN Honey. Steven’s pajama-like clothes. I moved to Florida.) But it didn’t take me long to realize something that never occurred to me before. she can’t believe her ears. perfect tan and loose demeanor make him the very essence of a man with new found freedoms. I was dating a cute guy named Jimmy. FADE IN: 23 EXT. When everyone is served. I’m gay! Debbie freezes. (then) And I was finally free. Actually no one ever talks about this but. They concur and drink. Everything was falling right into place. STEVEN (V.O. Palm trees line an upscale Palm Beach shopping district. STREET . 1992 .. And as she STEVEN (V.1992 . STEVEN (V.) Life was good. shopping and being seen. He turns his head to her and smiles wide.. got a new job.SOUTH BEACH FLORIDA . Two MINIATURE DOBERMAN PINSCHERS on a tandem leash appear from around a corner soon followed by the NEW STEVEN with a handsome young man on his arm (JIMMY KEMPLE).NIGHT DANCE MUSIC THUMPS as Steven passes around a tray of drinks to friends. we stayed friends. 24 INT.

every closet case is a con anyways. So I needed money.) So I had no choice-(beat. Steven leans over and makes out with Kemple.O.O. HAUTE CUISINE RESTAURANTS.. 1992 .. it goes on and on and on. etc. GYMS. he grasps his neck and moans litigiously-27 INT. (beat) It is. resorts. my options were limited.MIAMI. Your check.DAY Steven inexplicably pours cooking oil out onto a grocery store aisle with a basket slung over his arm. The paralegal hands him the envelope.. And for a guy without a college education. STEVEN (V.. giddy) I became a con man! SLIP-WHAM! Steven throws himself in the air and falls flat on his back with a scream. it’s hair.) Of course that was easy for me."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 17. big labels. LAWYER 27 26 25 . RESORTS. GROCERY STORE .. 1992 .O.) . LAW OFFICE . STEVEN (V. SALONS.O. STEVEN (V. She opens a briefcase and removes an envelope. fine dining. CUT TO REVEAL Steven holding crutches at his side. It’s wardrobe. 25 QUICK MONTAGE QUICK CUTS of Steven enjoying his gay life with Kemple at BOUTIQUES. STEVEN (V.DAY OPEN CLOSE on A PARALEGAL.) I mean it’s not just sucking cock. personal trainers. across from a few LAWYERS.being gay is really expensive.. And as people gather around.MIAMI. 26 INT.

. 1992 .. U. STEVEN With great difficulty. GROCERY RECEIVING DOCK ... Steven gets on his crutches and makes his exit.) (CONT'D) Now it didn’t happen all at once. STEVEN (V. 29 INT. . But frankly it wasn’t enough. MIAMI JEWELRY STORE . he passes Steven."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 18.DAY An OLD WAREHOUSE MANAGER emerges from a darkened AMITY FOODSERVICE trailer with a crate of tomatoes in hand. Tomato crates are all around.) It started with work. I could clear three thousand dollars in a good week doing that. As he steps out onto the dock. PRODUCE MANAGER These are gorgeous. SALESWOMAN Cash or charge? Charge. STEVEN 29 28 Steven flips through a handful of identical CREDIT CARDS. who is talking with a 500 pound PRODUCE MANAGER.MIAMI 1992 . I used to buy low grade tomatoes in the field and sell them to clueless chain stores as higher grade. It was sort of a gradual thing.) (CONT’D) It’s called ‘field buying’..MIAMI.DAY Steven stands before a SALESPERSON at a counter. Tomatoes. And as they talkSTEVEN (V. Thank you.O. 28 EXT.O..S-1 right? STEVEN (big smile) Finest in the land.O. STEVEN (V.

. STEVEN (V. 30 INT.. 31 A 30 INT. the slip and fall always came in handy.LIVING ROOM . Painful tumbling is heard..DAY Steven stands atop a escalator. SALESWOMAN Thank you.. KEMPLE STEVEN What do you think? Yes? . Can I see some ID? Of course.Mister Evans. At the BOTTOM of the escalator a hard THUD is heard.. Oh wow. Steven’s feet slide into frame. He throws himself down the escalator. STEVEN And as Steven riffles through an equally large stack of DRIVER’S LICENSES.. looking around.. Steven G Russell.. Steven and Kemple sit cross-legged at the base of their Christmas Tree.. surrounded by torn paper and strewn gifts. beat later. (seeing one he likes) Ah! He gives a card to a smiling SALESWOMAN. PALM BEACH APARTMENT .MORNING 31 CHRISTMAS MUSIC.MIAMI 1992 . Kemple opens a hinged case to reveal a GOLD Rolex watch. Doctor Steven M Russell. Dressed in pajamas."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 19.O. Steven’s arm is in a cast. (reading card) . DEPARTMENT STORE . Steven M Russell. STEVEN (CONT’D) (sotto) Steven A Russell. out of frame to the floor below.) But when money got really tight.1992 . Doctor Steven J Russell..

no. is. KEMPLE Is it the STEVEN That’s why I got you the stainless! He takes out another box and hands it to Kemple. is INTERCUT.. It really STEVEN You don’t like it. No. Kemple smiles broadly as he admires his new watch. opening gifts at the base of their tree. KEMPLE Well Steven it’s beautiful.CONTINUOUS Debbie. 1992 . KEMPLE I’m menstruating. gold? Well. STEVEN Tell me what’s wrong with it. Stephanie is in the background. DEBBIE Merry Christmas. DEBBIE’S HOUSTON HOME. Hi Debbie! STEVEN 32 . STEVEN (CONT'D) Merry Christmas! 32 INT. dipshit. Don’t listen to me.MORNING . The PHONE RINGS. Steven grabs the gold Rolex. Steven rushes to answer it. on the phone. KEMPLE I do."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 20. Steven! KEMPLE As he opens it. STEVEN The gold one is for me. STEVEN You don’t like it. no..

"I Love You Phillip Morris"

Green Pages



How’s Jimmy? Good.


STEVEN Did you get the gifts?

DEBBIE Well that’s why I’m calling... CUT WIDE to reveal a GIFT BOX FILLED WITH STACKS OF CASH. STEVEN You’re welcome! DEBBIE I can’t keep this. Why not? STEVEN

DEBBIE Well... it’s not Christian. STEVEN Not Christian? Why’s that? DEBBIE This is not what the Lord wants. STEVEN So you’re saying you know what the Lord wants? DEBBIE No. I would never say that. Why? Do you think this is what he wants? STEVEN It’s the leap of faith Deb. knowing that’s the answer. This gets traction with Debbie. DEBBIE Well I never thought about it that way... Mommy look! STEPHANIE (O.S.) It’s the not

CUT TO REVEAL Stephanie has her own BOX OF CASH. Steven! DEBBIE

"I Love You Phillip Morris"

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And as Steven listens to Debbie’s rant-STEVEN (V.O.) Of course, Jimmy and Debbie had no idea what I was up to. For the time being, at least... 33 INT. AMITY FOOD SERVICE - MIAMI, 1992 - MORNING Steven exits an elevator and saunters into work, happy as ever. He passes the AMITY FOODSERVICE Logo and a CHERUBIC SECRETARY. STEVEN Morning Sandy! CHERUBIC SECRETARY Morning Steven. You have visitors. Okey-dokey! STEVEN 33

Steven quickly gets a deeply concerned look on his face as he approaches his office. The door is slightly ajar. He secretly peeks in to see... TWO FEDERAL MARSHALLS wait in Steven’s office. He instantly knows what’s going on. STEVEN (V.O.) (CONT'D) Federal Marshalls... CUT TO: 34 INT. AMITY FOOD SERVICE - MIAMI, 1992 - MORNING Steven paces nervously outside the elevator, growing more and more anxious as he waits. STEVEN (V.O.) They wanted me for all sorts of stuffInsurance fraud, identity theft, passport fraud. They were probably gonna extradite me all the way back to Texas. I had to decide what to do next. 34

"I Love You Phillip Morris"

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EXT. PALM BEACH APARTMENT - 1992 - DAY Steven’s Ford Bronco cruises past the apartment building to find a few POLICE CARS parked outside. He drives on.


SMASH CUT TO: 35 EXT. ABANDONED LOT - FLORIDA, 1992 - DAY Steven BLUBBERS TO HIMSELF inside his Bronco which is parked in a bleak lot near a looming billboard. STEVEN (V.O.) But one thing was for sure-- I was not gonna let them put me away. I was a cop and I knew what jail was like. And there was no way I was going there. I had a plan. He continues to CRY uncontrollably as he raises a PRESCRIPTION BOTTLE and dumps all the pills into his mouth. He reaches into the back seat and pulls out a bottle of Galliano to wash it down. He starts up the car. STEVEN (V.O.) Yep. Everything was gonna be just fine. 36 EXT. ROAD - FLORIDA 1992 - DAY CARS PASS through frame, quickly heading wherever it is they are going. Moments later, a car horn is heard, incessantly blaring and building in volume until-STEVEN’S CAR IDLES INTO FRAME AT 1 MPH. The Heights’, “How Do You Talk To An Angel” is barely audible over the car horn and STEVEN is slumped over the steering wheel. Moments later, it veers off down into the grassy shoulder and out of frame. FADE OUT. 37 INT. PALM BEACH HOSPITAL - 1992 - MORNING Steven awakes in a hospital bed. He looks around and eventually looks through the observation glass into the hallway. He sees Debbie talking to a COP. 37 36 35

) He readjusts to see Jimmy sitting nearby. I can’t. KEMPLE But suicide.. Steven is 38 .. I can’t."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 24. visible in bed through the glass. 38 INT. KEMPLE Like the fact that he was a big queer? DEBBIE Yeah. KEMPLE Okay-okay calm down. KEMPLE (O. DEBBIE He likes to keep little secrets sometimes. STEVEN (bleary) Sorry.. DEBBIE Did you know Steven was wanted? KEMPLE Not until just now.CONTINUOUS Jimmy joins Debbie and the Cop in the hallway. PALM BEACH HOSPITAL CORRIDOR ..S. KEMPLE I feel like I don’t even know him. I can’t.1992 . Jimmy steps into the hall. Jimmy. It’s okay. I can’t go to prison. KEMPLE Why didn’t you tell me? STEVEN I can’t go to prison. I just want to tell them you’re awake and we can take it from there. my god. DEBBIE Well he does tend to overreact. Hey. like that. Confident that Steven is calm.

missing the pan completely. DEBBIE Don’t blame yourself Jimmy.. say to myself he did it just to buy me things but I don’t think that’s true. forgery. KEMPLE Denial is a powerful thing. reaches into his gown and absentmindedly PISSES-.. I should have known he was gay when he started shaving his chest.. they fail to notice Steven getting out of bed and looking around blearily. I did the same thing. embezzlement.. What? DEBBIE KEMPLE I should have known. DEBBIE I just never thought. But now stealing? KEMPLE He’s probably been doing it for years. I should have said something. I’m not really sure he knows who he is. KEMPLE That would be a warning sign.. KEMPLE (to cop) Can you tell me exactly what he did? As they CONTINUE TO TALK. that’s the thing."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 25. He picks up a bedpan. DEBBIE Well Jimmy. COP He has several warrants out in Texas. I . DEBBIE And all that Peter Allen music on his Walkman. There were always signs.. I’m just not sure he knows what it is he’s looking for. at least that’s how I figure it. I don’t feel so bad now... Fraud. He’s searching.

I’m sure. Steven! KEMPLE (CONT'D) 39 Steven looks down again. KEMPLE But why then? DEBBIE And why suicide? I mean. They spot him running across the open air lot and give chase.just like that? After that. Steven!!! 39 DEBBIE EXT. Kemple and the Cop exit the hospital and look around frantically. ONE FLOOR DOWN is an OPENED DUMPSTER. DEBBIE It’s bigger than that.DAY Debbie.1992 . he dresses and walks out the door behind them. KEMPLE (CONT'D) Steven I’m serious! You stop or you’ll never see me again! (no response) I mean it! . KEMPLE (CONT'D) Wait Steven. Steven glances over the guard rail. Kemple knows what he’s thinking. KEMPLE Steven!!! Stop! Kemple.he seemed so happy and-Just then Debbie notices Steven is not in bed and looks up in time to see him disappearing around the corner. The soft bags of trash below beckon him to freedom. Steven comes to a stairwell door. Debbie and the cop slowly approach. PALM BEACH HOSPITAL PARKING STRUCTURE . He runs some more and finds himself cornered at the guard rail. KEMPLE I know. It’s locked."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 26. Don’t! Steven looks down.

STEVEN Hi. 1995 . I was so scared when I first got here.DAY The unseen inmate continues past the open cells of his new home and eventually the unseen inmate enters a cell to find-41 INT. TX STATE PENITENTIARY BREEZEWAY. First time? He nods. But you get used to it. a new inmate walks the line to his new cell clutching his prison issue belongings.CONTINUOUS 41 STEVEN is reclined on his bunk. Steven looks to Kemple and then to the Cop right behind him. INMATES (yelling) 40A INT. I’m not gonna hurt you. TX STATE PENITENTIARY CELL BLOCK. Terrified. Arnie is scared. I’m Steven.DAY As inmates CHANT and STOMP. Although we can only see him from behind. STEVEN (CONT'D) Shit."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 27. relaxed and ready to greet the inmate (his new cellmate ARNIE) with a smile. 40 EXT. (MORE) . TX STATE PENITENTIARY PRISON CELL. 1995 . 1995 . 40A 40 Speechless. He continues his walk amidst a shower of stares and JEERS and THREATS raining upon him. STEVEN (CONT'D) Oh don’t worry. FADE OUT. Welcome to prison. HE JUMPS and-STEVEN! KEMPLE (CONT'D) They run to the guard rail and look over to see-Steven lies MOANING and delirious on his back NEXT TO THE DUMPSTER. we can only assume this is Steven.

Your choice.DAY Steven escorts Arnie through the prison. He’s the guy. TX STATE PENITENTIARY BREEZEWAY. TX STATE PENITENTIARY LAW LIBRARY . 1995 . Arnie has no response. 42 EXT. Anyway. Win or lose.DAY Steven and Arnie stand at the door of the prison’s law library.it’s gonna cost you a lot of money. drugs. Or you could suck his dick. Ask me anything.DAY Steven and Arnie stand outside the empty cafeteria. whatever. Your choice. I pretty much live here. He moves on. 43 INT. cigarettes. STEVEN (upbeat) You’re gonna catch a beating any day now. just fight back. he’s the guy. You just need to know a few ins and outs and you’ll be fine. that’s just the way it is. 44 43 42 . Over there? Him? Anything you want from outside."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 28.1995 . Candy. waving to various inmates and guards along the way. (then) Or you could try to suck the guys’ dick. Steven points across the library where a menacing OLDER INMATE studies a law book. STEVEN (CONT'D) Only took me a year.so I just hunker down here learning everything there is to know about the law. 44 INT. TX STATE PENITENTIARY CAFETERIA . all you need to do is fight back.1995 . STEVEN (CONT'D) See him. (then) Just keep in mind. STEVEN Law Library. I don’t really have anyone on the outside except my ex-wife. I lost three teeth and cracked a vertebrae.

1995 .DAY Steven and Arnie arrive at the doorway of their cell.it all goes through unmolested.. he doesn’t work here. Arnie notices one of the INMATES working in the kitchen SPITTING a loogey into the mashed potatoes. shit like that.. Five bucks per item or you can suck my dick. or porn or brownies or whatever-.letters. Steven pays no mind. But if Grandma’s sending you cookies. GARY (mid-sentence) . uh. Steven turns to Arnie. Your choice. magazines. TX STATE PENITENTIARY CELL BLOCK .1995 . STEVEN (CONT'D) Let me introduce you to the mail guy.you’re gonna have to pay for it if you wanna get it. STEVEN Well that’s about it. He mixes it in and CACKLES with glee. 46 STEVEN 45 INT. do I need to suck your dick? 46 . Alright? Arnie thinks a moment. Just make sure if you make enemies with someone. STEVEN Three meals a day."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 29. You’re gonna be fine.DAY A mean-looking con named GARY mans a mail-cart while he talks with Steven and Arnie. 45 EXT. Don’t worry. Not so bad. His name’s Gary. And if you need anything you just let me know. TX STATE PENITENTIARY BREEZEWAY. Otherwise you’ll wake up one morning shitting blood and find out you’ve been eating ground glass in your cornbread for six weeks. ARNIE So.

. Sometimes it’s just nice to know there’s someone out there who still cares about me since Jimmy left and all."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 30. STEVEN That’d be great.. Rapt. Sorry I missed you. drifting) Do you think I broke his heart? (snapping out of it) Sorry.S. Steven gently shoves his new cellmate into the cell.) Hi this is Debbie and Steffie. a loud RUCKUS across the COMMON AREA gets his attention. DEBBIE (O. God Bless! BEEP. Just then. Don’t forget. CUT TO: 47 . As the prisoners resume their activities. STEVEN (CONT'D) (thinking. Thanks for the picture and the article. He regards it wistfully. Steven notices a GENTLE LOOKING INMATE approaching the bird. The men LAUGH and HOOT as the bird is struck down and lies motionless on the ground. TX STATE PEN . Sorry we missed you. Hi Sweetheart.. 47 INT. Steven watches as the inmate sympathetically scoops up the bird and walks off. STEVEN Hey Debbie. he has a moment of repose. He hangs up. So. I sure miss you guys. Steven watches as a group of ROWDY PRISONERS throw whatever they can find at a small BIRD as it flies around.PHONE BANK/COMMON AREA . Sometimes I forget it’s just the machine. uh. I thought one o’clock was our time but maybe not. Bored and lonely. Leave a message.DAY Steven is on one of the many pay phones.. I’ll try you again next time... One O’clock.1995 . Steven is quite taken. Steven is holding the stainless steel ROLEX he gave Kemple as a gift. trapped in the cavernous hall.

Their eyes lock and they stare in a short silence.. I’m an attorney. TX STATE PENITENTIARY .maybe I could-. handsome blonde boy-man. he is surprised when Steven reaches in to help retrieve the book. is a slightly built.. PHILLIP MORRIS. PHILLIP It was for the best.DAY The gentle inmate.he’s real sick. untilPHILLIP (slightly Blanche DuBois) Thanks. I don’t know. Not here.he’s in the infirmary now. He’s sick. STEVEN Oh. AIDS..1995 . Helpless and irresistible.LAW LIBRARY . Guess I need a few extra inches. STEVEN Does he have a lawyer? .. STEVEN (referring to law book) Civil law? You know.."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 31.I mean real help. I thought maybe I could find a way to get him some help. There’s a guy I know.I don’t even know what I’m looking for. Really? PHILLIP STEVEN You suing someone? PHILLIP I don’t know what I’m doing. How’s the bird? Huh? PHILLIP 48 (realizing) Oh. Steven acknowledges his kindness with a smile. he’s at peace. 48 INT. He was suffering. STEVEN Glad to help. Steven is intrigued. I’m sorry. He struggles to reach a book on a high shelf. Him. yeah..

. Grand theft? STEVEN PHILLIP Theft of service. PHILLIP Well thank you. PHILLIP STEVEN Why are you here? PHILLIP I rented a car. STEVEN It is kind of rough out there..."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 32. STEVEN Insurance fraud. . PHILLIP STEVEN Have him get in touch with the Prisoner Rights Committee. You know what happens to blonde haired... and kept it too long.. PHILLIP Pleased to meet you Steven Russell. (then) You don’t look like you belong here Phillip. PHILLIP No. I don’t. Yeah. Just theft of service.pro bono. They deal with this all the time. STEVEN I haven’t seen you around Phillip. blue eyed queers in the yard. I’m always in the yard. my name’s Phillip Morris. PHILLIP I don’t go to the yard. I-STEVEN My name’s Steven Russell. I’ve got the number.

A large open law text lies between them. we’re both in a mess aren’t we? STEVEN Don’t seem fair. didn’t I? Phillip smiles. Insurance fraud. I think you’re gonna be just fine. STEVEN (playful) I guess I’m inclined to believe you. I keep finding that life’s a little shittier than I thought it was gonna be. Steven takes this to heart. listen to you. No. 49 INT.LATER Steven sits close to Phillip at a table.LAW LIBRARY . PHILLIP Oh. Why’s that? PHILLIP STEVEN I met you today. STEVEN Me.... STEVEN (mid-sentence) . TX STATE PENITENTIARY .1995 . 49 .. STEVEN You know. PHILLIP Damn. Steven Russell. does it? PHILLIP No. Gloomy Gus. And next thing you know. she sounds so sweet. it don’t."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 33. PHILLIP Ohhhhh. my ex-wife catches her putting the neighbor’s puppy in a box to mail to me.I made the mistake of writing her and saying I was lonely in here.

STEVEN Oh she’s an angel. (then) I think I’ll be sure to write her back and tell her I’m not lonely anymore. In fact. (MORE) . It’s just across the yard. but soon Steven notices the smirk turn to a reticent frown. STEVEN It’s not gonna change a thing. Phillip smirks for a moment. STEVEN Listen. This is destiny. What? STEVEN (CONT’D) PHILLIP Why’d I have to meet you today? STEVEN Something wrong? PHILLIP It’s just. STEVEN PHILLIP STEVEN Don’t be sorry. PHILLIP Well I don’t go into that yard so it might as well be Oklahoma. this right here.I’m being transferred to Michael Unit today.... so I recognize the feeling. And I’ve been around. Don’t worry. PHILLIP But we only just met. I’ve loved a lot. (then) Just figures with my luck. What? I’m sorry. Friday the 13th’s my lucky day.. Phillip."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 34. I was born Friday the 13th. that I made a good friend.

"I Love You Phillip Morris"

Green Pages



STEVEN (CONT'D) That one you and me are having right nowthe one you’re trying to forget exists because you’re going away. But there’s about 6000 volts shooting across this table here and you know you can’t deny it. PHILLIP Don’t you think you’re coming on a little strong? STEVEN I know you’re trying to protect yourself, I get that. It’s fine. Give me a chance to prove you wrong. Phillip is melting but tries to hide it. PHILLIP I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about. Steven smiles wide as if to throw down the gauntlet. Good... STEVEN

Phillip turns to walk away and hides his giddyness. 50 INT. TX STATE PENITENTIARY - MICHAEL UNIT, 1995 - DAY Phillip passes the cells of Michael Unit, clutching his belongings and soon enters his cell. He looks around sheepishly until he is interruptedYou Phillip? CLEAVON (O.S.) 50

Phillip turns to see CLEAVON- a huge black inmate mopping the hall outside his cell Yes. PHILLIP He catches it and looks

He tosses Phillip a folded note. at it with a smile. Already?


Phillip opens it up. As he reads, his face brightens considerably.

"I Love You Phillip Morris"

Green Pages



STEVEN (V.O.) Phillip, hope your new place is nice. Nice enough anyway. I hope the chocolate made it to you okay. Check the T.P. Phillip looks at the spare roll of toilet paper and turns it over. A small chocolate bar is stuck in the tube. STEVEN (V.O.) I hope you try to make some new friends and not be too shy. I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself... DISSOLVE TO: 51 INT. TX STATE PEN - MICHAEL UNIT - PHILLIP’S CELL - DAY OPEN CLOSE ON a note as Phillip scrawls it. PHILLIP (V.O.) Dear Steven. I keep thinking about you saying I’m shy. I guess you’re right, but I don’t feel shy around you. I think that means something... As his VO continues, Phillip folds up the paper and passes it through the bars back to Cleavon. 52 INT./EXT. TX STATE PENITENTIARY, 1995 (MONTAGE) VARIOUS SHOTS as we follow the note being passed by different hands and means throughout the prison on its way to Steven. PHILLIP (V.O.) Anyway thanks for the chocolate, but I should tell you I’m diabetic so I probably shouldn't... but I did anyway. It’s been so long since anyone’s shown me any kindness and well, it means a lot. I just wish you were here... 53 INT. TX STATE PEN, 1995 - STEVEN’S CELL - CONTINUOUS Steven reads the letter on his bunk. PHILLIP (V.O.) ...Write me back soon. Phillip. Steven finishes the letter and folds it up, looking strangely expressionless. 53 52 51

"I Love You Phillip Morris"

Green Pages




INT. TEXAS STATE PEN, 1995 - PHILLIP’S CELL - DAY Phillip peers out of his cell to see Cleavon working his way nearer with his mop. He’s giddy. Moments later, Cleavon passes him by. Phillip is bummed.



INT. TEXAS STATE PEN, 1995 - PHILLIP’S CELL - NEXT DAY Again Phillip watches as Cleavon passes his cell without leaving a note.



INT. TEXAS STATE PEN, 1995 - PHILLIP’S CELL - NEXT DAY Phillip lays in bed, impatiently. He seems upset. He anxiously peers out the bars and catches a glimpse of the mopping Cleavon working his way closer to his cell. PHILLIP Hurry up would you? CLEAVON I ain’t no motherfucking DHL, faggot. Besides I ain’t got nothing for you anyway... PHILLIP But it’s been three days. CLEAVON You got a tracking number, motherfucker? No. PHILLIP


CLEAVON Then shut your faggot ass. Phillip slumps back onto his bed, depressed. PHILLIP Congratulations Phillip, scared off another one. A few moments later, he’s startled by the CLANG of his cell door sliding open. He looks up - a CORRECTIONS OFFICER stands over him. CORRECTIONS OFFICER Morris - you got a new roommate.

This is no consolation to Phillip. 57 INT. then a realization. gonna take care of everything. Phillip grabs Steven’s ass. clutching a pile of belongings.THAT NIGHT 57 Phillip and Steven spoon in a glowing post-coital cuddle... There’s a moment of silence. Then suddenly. STEVEN What’d you do for him? PHILLIP I mainly just rode around town in his limo. Phillip is overwhelmed as the cell door slams shut behind Steven.. PHILLIP And for a while I was Executive Assistant to a Broadway Producer. 1995 .. STEVEN Really? What’s a Broadway producer doing in Atlanta? PHILLIP I didn’t ask. TEXAS STATE PEN. I’m Steven gently caresses Phillip’s face.... PHILLIP Enough romance. PHILLIP Oh my God.PHILLIP’S CELL . STEVEN I know a guy. drinking and sucking him off. let’s fuck.. I took care of it. FADE OUT. Phillip is melting. . How the hell did you do this? Steven slowly moves closer. He heaves a heavy sigh until he sees STEVEN enter his cell."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 38. They launch themselves onto the bunk and as they get to business.

He does it all night.a piercing human SCREECH interrupts him. PHILLIP What? He was a nice guy too. I only dated him for a little while anyway.you only see the good. STEVEN That’s what I’m saying. PHILLIP STEVEN Phillip.SCREECHER’S CELL . PHILLIP That’s the Screecher next door. STEVEN Apache? What was his name? Melvin. 1995 . he was a nice guy. STEVEN You poor thing. I think he was just some rich chicken hawk. Phillip shrugs. PHILLIP (CONT’D) Now that I hear myself say it. I never get any sleep.."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 39.you amaze me.. TEXAS STATE PEN. SCREECHING at the top of his lungs. Then I dated this full-blooded Apache who made me dress up like a baseball player. 58 . but before he can reply. They get a GIGGLE out of this. This is “THE SCREECHER” BACK TO: Phillip continues to talk. How awful. PHILLIP (CONT’D) Oh well.NIGHT The inmate who spit a loogey into the mashed potatoes in the cafeteria is sitting up on his bed. He drives me crazy. STEVEN (CONT'D) What the hell was that? CUT TO: 58 INT.

Steven sits up..he ain’t in our block. PHILLIP What does he care. 59 60 OMITTED EXT.. He wanders over to see a LARGE PRISONER beating the crap out of the Screecher.. the Large Prisoner continues to beat on the screeching SCREECHER. 1995 . Phillip enters. 61 INT. Get up. 1995 .DAY Phillip emerges from the line munching on a candy bar when he notices a ruckus on the other side of the fence. As guards descend on the two. LARGE PRISONER I’m gonna cut out your motherfucking tongue with your screeching all night.LATER Reclined on his bunk. standing by the door. FADE OUT. Steven does a crossword puzzle. Phillip sidles up next to a BALD PRISONER..PHILLIP’S CELL . PHILLIP (CONT’D) Did you pay to have the Screecher beat up? Me? STEVEN PHILLIP 61 59 60 PHILLIP Don’t bullshit me. TEXAS STATE PEN.. The Screecher continues his routine."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 40. BALD PRISONER Someone probably paid him. TEXAS STATE PEN CANTEEN. Did you pay to have him beat up? .

62 INT. Ten. TEXAS STATE PEN. PHILLIP A tear comes to Phillip’s eye. PHILLIP (O... CLEAVON How important? Phillip’s hand disappears for a moment and comes back with a FIVE DOLLAR BILL.put this in. PHILLIP (O. PHILLIP (CONT’D) This is the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for me. Yeah..S. I did. 1995 . Steven. CLEAVON (CONT’D) 62 . STEVEN I just want you to be happy. Eventually a hand enters through the bars holding a cassette tape.. He clamps onto Steven and hugs with all his life.) Cleavon.NIGHT CLEAVON lays on his cot staring at the ceiling.) It’s important. PHILLIP Just answer me. baby. STEVEN Yeah.CLEAVON’S CELL .S. CLEAVON No man. STEVEN Well you said he bothered you."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 41.not now. PHILLIP You are so amazing!!! And as they roll on the bed playfully.

STEVEN No. STEVEN ... PHILLIP STEVEN No I can’t. Cleavon takes the cash and puts the tape in a BOOM BOX. you’re queer... A familiar romantic TUNE begins to play.. CLEAVON Yeah.) Fine.it comes with the package.. No. I can’t dance.. TEXAS STATE PEN. 1995 . Steven reads a LAW BOOK by pen light. Phillip grabs Steven’s hand and tries to pull him off the bed. 63 INT.PHILLIP’S CELL .S. He buries his head in the pillow as “Chances Are” plays.my word’s my bond motherfucker.. I’m serious.. alright. CLEAVON (CONT’D) Fuck man. But you gotta play the whole thing. PHILLIP Honey. Promise? PHILLIP (O. PHILLIP (O.Johnny Mathis? Fucking whiteass nigger. C’mon. Well not me. Yes you can. Dance.S.) CLEAVON Fuck you."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 42.NIGHT As the MUSIC seeps into their dark cell. What? PHILLIP STEVEN 63 PHILLIP C’mon..

CAFETERIA . 1995 -PHILLIP’S CELL . Steven nods at the Slopmaster and offers a wink to a very impressed Phillip.NIGHT MUSIC plays on as Steven and Phillip continue their romantic dance.. Okay watch.NIGHT The MUSIC CONTINUES as a group of prisoners watch a VHS copy of GHOST on a TV.. PHILLIP C’mon. PHILLIP (CONT’D) Hold me here. 67 INT. Soon they are nestled into each other. 66 INT. LATINO MAN Yeah you fucking bitch. They are unfazed as the lights in the cellblock go out with the loud sound of circuits tripping. TEXAS STATE PEN. They dance on.. He drags him up and begins his lesson.) 67 66 65 64 . Phillip wipes away a tear and Steven holds him closer while. but with Phillip’s help he begins to settle in. I’ll show you. a ONE-EYED LATINO jerks off to the sight of Demi Moore. Steven stumbles his way through the slow dance for a while. TEXAS STATE PEN... TEXAS STATE PEN.MORNING MUSIC CONTINUES as Phillip and Steven shave side by side. and here. 64 INT.SHOWERS . swaying sweetly to the music. This persists until suddenly two of the trays receive a beautiful STEAK and some SHRIMP. in the front row. 65 INT.S. 1995 ...COMMON AREA . smiling at one another."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 43. LIGHTS OUT! GUARD (O.DAY MUSIC CONTINUES as tray after tray is filled with gray slop. TEXAS STATE PEN. 1995 .. 1995 .

VOICES (O."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 44.) (CONT’D) They continue to dance. GUARD (O. Footsteps approaching are heard. the hollow sound of Johnny Mathis reverberating through the block is the only thing we hear. A CLAXON blares and their cell door OPENS. 1995 . TEXAS STATE PEN.accompanied by the sound of a dozen others. They dance on. CLEAVON (O.) Turn it off or we’re coming in. LIGHTS OUT! GUARD (O.PHILLIP’S CELL . 68 INT. CLEAVON (O.S.CLANG-CLANG-CLANG! A GUARD hits the bars with his club.) Well come on in. GUARD (CONT’D) I said lights out.S. GUARD (O. Russell! GUARD (CONT’D) Get up! 68 Steven and Phillip are rudely awakened.S.) ON THE GROUND! FUCK YOU! MY WORD IS MY FUCKING BOND! MY WORD IS MY FUCKING BOND! And as the sounds of a horrendous beating echo through the cellblock. Phillip and Steven dance their danceoblivious to all but each other.MORNING Phillip and Steven sleep soundly together in the bunk. Eventually. . Turn it off.S.) Rise and shine! They barely stir until-. CLANK! OFFSCREEN we hear the cell door open and the sound of a scuffle is heard. FADE TO BLACK.S.) Fuck you pig.S. I got a dick that needs sucking.

MORNING Phillip runs after Steven. You’re going to Ramsey Two. 1995 . 69 68A .COMMON AREA . fighting tears. 1995 . GUARD (CONT’D) Grab your shit! Let’s go! The GUARDS enter to roust Steven. 68A EXT. STEVEN They grab Steven and yank him out of the cell. 69 INT.CONTINUOUS Phillip marches through the common area. Wait! PHILLIP Phillip tries to follow but a guard knocks him back down onto the bunk. still being escorted away. They drag him off."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 45. Finally.. Ah shit. Nonney snitched you out about the Screecher. quickly arriving at a LOCKED GATE. Steven is on the other side. the guard leaves and Phillip exits his cell and bolts down the tier after Steven..I’llGUARD Shut up and move. TEXAS STATE PEN. Phillip watches with deep worry as another guard keeps him there. STEVEN Don’t you touch him! StevenPHILLIP STEVEN Don’t worry Phillip. TEXAS STATE PEN BREEZEWAY. pacing and working himself up. PHILLIP What’s happening? GUARD You’re transferred. He grows more and more upset. Phillip is forced to find an alternative route.

CONTINUOUS Phillip runs through another cell block until he comes to a window.M BLOCK . The Yard Guard pushes a button that opens the gate and Phillip bursts through.YARD GATE .SALLY PORT . but he fails to get Steven’s attention. manned by a YARD GUARD. 72 73 EXT. 1995 .DAY Phillip runs down a breezeway.CONTINUOUS PHILLIP’S POV: Steven is waiting in line with some other prisoners to board a bus. 70 INT. 1995 . He knows what he has to do. TEXAS STATE PEN. You do? YARD GUARD 73 PHILLIP I WANNA GO IN THE YARD! YARD GUARD Hold your horses Dorothy. He looks outside. 71 72 INT. Eventually he reaches a heavily populated gate. He bangs silently on the glass. TX STATE PEN BREEZEWAY. 1995 . TEXAS STATE PEN.M BLOCK . Phillip can be seen through the small window. 1995 .CONTINUOUS Phillip continues in vain to get Steven’s attention. PHILLIP I wanna go in the yard. Steven! PHILLIP 70 71 EXT. . TEXAS STATE PEN."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 46. PHILLIP STEVEN!! STEVEN! He sees the line at the sally port start to move and stops to think.

"I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 47. hanging on to hope. the bus disappears from view.YARD . STEVEN!!!! PHILLIP 74 Boarding the bus. STEVEN What the hell are you doing!? I love you! PHILLIP STEVEN I love you too! VROOM! The bus starts up and begins to move. Phillip marches right toward them and as he draws closePHILLIP GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY WAY!!! Startled. And eventually. passing GIANT WOLFWHISTLING INMATES as they put down their weights and stop their basketball games. Phillip clings to the fence a moment. 74 EXT.DAY Phillip runs through the yard. STEVEN! PHILLIP (CONT’D) Steven gets in his seat and yells out the window. 1995 . . Phillip maintains his focus on the sally port on the other side of the far fence. Delighted. he’s forced on board by a Guard before he can respond. they split to let Phillip pass unmolested. Steven hears him and turns. STEVEN (CONT'D) We’ll be together soon! I promise! The bus drives off. He slumps and turns-only to find himself confronted by several HULKING MEMBERS OF THE ARYAN BROTHERHOOD with one thing on their minds. Phillip runs along with it for a while as they share a long goodbye. TEXAS STATE PEN.

DAY CLANG! exits. 76 77 INT. 1995 . TAXI DRIVER (harelip) Sure. STEVEN (V. 79 INT."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 48.1998 .DAY 75 Back in the present.LATER 78 The same taxi pulls up in front of the prison and Steven emerges with a BRIEFCASE.SALLY PORT . You mind if I tell you the word of our Lord. 1995 . 77 78 EXT.CONTINUOUS Steven gets in. TEXAS STATE PENITENTIARY HOSPITAL WARD .) And once I did. The gate of the prison closes behind Steven as he He approaches a waiting TAXI. wearing a THREE-PIECE SUIT.DAY Steven approaches the DUTY OFFICER. I wrote to Phillip every day until I got released.O.SALLY PORT . STEVEN (V.GUARD BOOTH . TAXI. TEXAS STATE PENITENTIARY.) Those were the longest three months of my life. how are you? TAXI DRIVER I’m well. 1995 . TEXAS STATE PEN. STEVEN Hi. 75 INT. Where you headed? The Greyhound? STEVEN Nearest thrift store please.O. 79 . Steven remains in his hospital bed at the Penitentiary Infirmary. He rings the buzzer at the front gate. the prison receding behind them. Jesus Christ? The car pulls out. 76 EXT. TEXAS STATE PENITENTIARY. I was determined to get us back together as soon as possible. 1995 .

But I don’t ever want you ever to lose that innocence. They share a smile. Rousseau. 1995 .DAY Phillip enters to see Steven waiting for him on the other side of the glass. 81 INT.. Thrilled. I want to build a life with you Phillip. The law don’t sleep baby. DUTY OFFICER Mmm hmmm.. you are the sweetest.DAY Steven stands over a desk. I got motions to file. Phillip Morris. I want to protect you. STEVEN Phillip. The guard checks his roster. 81 80 . PHILLIP Get me out of here. I’m an attorney."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 49. I’m getting you out of here early. talking sternly into a telephone. he rushes to the phone. TEXAS STATE PEN. DELI OFFICE . Like the cigarette huh? STEVEN I beg your pardon? 80 INT. but Jesus! STEVEN I got work to do honey. PHILLIP I love you so much. And I know people have taken advantage of that.VISITING AREA . STEVEN Hi there. most gentle man I have ever met. There you are. My client is Phillip Morris. PHILLIP You said you’d come right away. I called earlier. my name’s Steven Rousseau. I got a hearing tomorrow morning.

I’m not some paralegal. The door begins to open as the Officer stamps some of the paperwork.Morris. STEVEN (CONT'D) (big smile) My boyfriend’s getting out of prison next week! She smiles back. Phillip runs into his arms. RELEASE OFFICER Yep."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 50. TEXAS STATE PEN.I do not understand what the hold up is. HOUSEWIFE STEVEN You want mayo with that? 82 INT. The Officer glances at the paperwork. 1995 . STEVEN The motion was filed.we got him right here waiting. As they kiss. CLANK-CLANG.. STEVEN I have an early release order for Phillip Morris.. He hangs up.I am Steven fucking Rousseau and I expect proper adjudication! PULLOUT to reveal he’s actually standing behind a KROEGER’S SUPERMARKET DELI COUNTER in uniform as a HOUSEWIFE waits impatiently. . RELEASE OFFICER (CONT’D) And you are--? STEVEN I’m his lawyer.DAY 82 Steven slides paperwork through a slot in plexiglass window toward a RELEASE OFFICER. the officer offers a surprised look. I presented to the DA and got a letter from the judge. How nice.PRISON RECEIVING AREA .

.NIGHT A PARTY to celebrate Phillip’s release. Prison agreed with you. 1995 . Steven and Phillip stand at the door as FRIENDS file in and greet him boisterously. BAYLOR Much better than the guy who had you kidnapped. How do I get on that diet? PHILLIP Oh you couldn’t handle it. Phillllip! Another friend enters. 83 STEVEN (regroups. PASSABLE APARTMENT. 83 STEVEN INT. PHILLIP BAYLOR It’s so good to see you. to others) Can I get you all a drink? . I know. Long story."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 51.not unless we smuggled an espresso machine in a cake. PHILLIP You’re incredible. BLAKE Throw in a Sicilian Barista and I’m there! PHILLIP This is Steven. BLAKE (Gasp) This is him?! This is your gay lawyer prison boyfriend?! Pleased to meet you. What was his name? Steven looks to Phillip. BLAKE Oh my God! You look great.Blake and Baylor.HOUSTON .. Steven. perplexed.

Oh what do I know? I’d just be glad to have someone I could trust. He smiles wide."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 52. He eventually arrives next to Phillip.why not? EUDORA I just thought.. Steven doesn’t miss a beat.LATER THAT NIGHT 84 Steven works his way through the crowded apartment struggling to hold a few cocktail glasses for guests.. STEVEN PHILLIP Eudora owns a little building in Montrose and she’s having a hell of time with the builder. 1995 . EUDORA Pleasure Steven. Eudora. STEVEN I could certainly try. He sounds like a real asshole. PASSABLE APARTMENT KITCHEN. She is just the sweetest. PHILLIP Steven I want you to meet my old neighborEudora Mixon. having been to prison? STEVEN Sure. I’ll pay your normal fee. EUDORA Can you still practice law.and older woman named EUDORA MIXON. who is having a great time with another friend. Litigation is my speciality. 84 INT. STEVEN It would be my pleasure. Phillip says maybe you can help. . EUDORA His plans were useless and he’s trying to sue me to pay him! I need your expertise Steven. Phillip beams with pride over Steven’s decision. STEVEN We gotta get a bigger place.

. Oh.DAY STEVEN’S POV: A beautifully ornate courthouse LIGHT FIXTURE hangs from a courthouse ceiling. Mixon engaged Mr. HOUSTON COURTHOUSE CORRIDOR. 1995 . JUDGE (O. She is entitled to deem that work to be unacceptable according to the contract that Mr. then approaches her. HOUSTON COURTROOM. in which Mr. The truth is. all on public record.. Ms. 85 INT. STEVEN It’s a beautiful fixture. LAWYER The terms of that contract were ambiguous at best. 85 86 INT.DAY Eudora waits on a bench in the corridor.S. staring up at it with admiration. I know. STEVEN Sorry I’m late but I’ve been hung up in court all day. Steven stands behind a column down the hall hiding and watching. fourteen other contracts."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 53. 1995 . Gage service in good faith and was given an inferior product. STEVEN 86 (then) Your Honor. Evans entered into litigation with past clients of his! Eudora glances into Steven’s opened BRIEFCASE. ON STEVEN..) Mister Russell? Steven snaps out of it and responds to a waiting JUDGE. He looks at his watch. in my briefcase. STEVEN Your honor I have. Let’s go in. nervously glancing at her watch. defendant engaged my client for three years without full payment. Evans signed. It contains only a SANDWICH and a PHOTO OF PHILLIP. JUDGE It’s your turn.

He’s from humble roots.DAY The Lawyer sits impatiently while Steven peruses a wall of plaques. Russell.. STEVEN I demand to be seen in chambers!! The judge and lawyer seem mystified by this response. JUDGE He is right Mr. Mr. the Judge enters. I don’t have to tell you that none of this is admissable or applicable to the case at hand. HOUSTON JUDGE’S CHAMBERS. He regroups and addresses the judge. Steven bangs his fist on the table and looks resolutely to the judge. 1995 . JUDGE Okay gentlemen. EVANS LAWYER You’re making me look like an idiot. He looks to Eudora as if to say. A moment later. 87 INT. Next to it. let’s get this over with.what do you have to say? Steven is stonewalled. Russell’s histrionics do not erase the fact that his client is in breech of contract. the two for one at the Crab Boiler ends at five o’clock. photos and diplomas. Desperate. He focuses on a law school DEGREE from INDIANA COLLEGE OF LAW. “What do I do now?” and it terrifies her."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 54. LAWYER (whispers) Is this true? No. JUDGE Okaaaaaaaay. 87 .. LAWYER (CONT’D) Your honor. a PHOTO of the judge as a YOUNG MAN on a farm. The shocked LAWYER turns to his client (EVANS).

JUDGE Are you talking about Marshall vs. Seeing this. I grew up on a small farm.. But I passed the same bar exam as my colleague here and I am not going to let him push around this humble woman. sir. Chao? Steven doesn’t know what this means. The Judge slowly nods to himself as he considers this. JUDGE Point taken Mister Russell.. STEVEN I’ll admit your honor. SMASH CUT TO: . And he’s not happy. This scores with the judge. I didn’t go to Princeton. STEVEN Your honor. My education was modest. LAWYER This seems to be cut and dried here. He glares at the other lawyer with scorn. LAWYER (sotto) Shit.. A long SILENCE. JUDGE (CONT’D) . The Judge waits and waits until something occurs to him. Steven puffs with confidence.I’m a plain spoken man... that’s exactly what I’m talking about."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 55. Mister Russell is treating this like an episode of Matlock. I didn’t go to Yale.... I don’t even know why we’re back here. I went to a small school.but where are you going with this? STEVEN I think it’s obvious where I’m going with this sir. But the other lawyer does.

Thank you. I did great! Really great! I’m so proud of myself! You want half my sandwich?! Um.DAY Phillip stands flabbergasted next to Steven in the middle of a large modern apartment. Steven is ecstatic. well I guess I better start packing boxes. Why not? PHILLIP . PHILLIP Oh my God.DAY Outside the courtroom with Eudora.. 1995 . PHILLIP Okay. HOUSTON COURTHOUSE CORRIDOR. STEVEN I mean. 88 INT.. STEVEN I thought you’d like it honey. it’s amazing. NEW HOUSTON APARTMENT. STEVEN YES! I did great! Can you believe how great I did!? EUDORA (wary) Yes. STEVEN Not this weekend. You did very well. Steven. 1996 . EUDORA 88 STEVEN No! We’re going out! 89 I’m paying!! 89 INT."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 56. PHILLIP Can we afford this? STEVEN You let me worry about the money sweetheart.

. PHILLIP (O.A Hammock blowing in the breeze. just. Key West? Phillip smiles.S.) Yeah."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 57. In a SERIES of SHOTS we see where they’ve been and what they’ve been doing in the moments AFTER they’ve been there.) Oh you know.A quaint COTTAGE nestled in the vegetation. The swaying palms are visible through the windows..VARIOUS PALM TREES undulate on the constant breeze.Dirty dishes in the cottage sink. . inviting us to a beautifully solitary cove.) 90 91 DIALOGUE CONTINUES OVER VARIOUS SHOTS of their romantic getaway to the Keys. .Etc..S. STEVEN I think we both need a vacation.1996 . But how? . Yeah? STEVEN (O. KEY WEST COVE . . .S..Two beach chairs facing the surf.. .Half empty glasses of beer on the porch.S.) I’ve been meaning to ask you something.Footsteps in the sand. PHILLIP (O.) That birthday cake you got me in the pen? Where’d you get those candles? STEVEN (O. PHILLIP (O. etc. people I knew. Eventually Steven and Phillip’s voices are heard... I know. The remains of a romantic meal on a table. 90 91 OMITTED I/E..S. ..

you know? Gets people talking.mamma was gone.S.) Lance? He couldn’t been more than 98 pounds. 91A EXT. I just knew I wanted ‘em for you. So I brought it up to him once.S. Something I learned. PHILLIP How’d you know he’d do that? STEVEN I didn’t.. Another guard asked him to pay him back five.. STEVEN (O.S. I just listened. STEVEN 91A ... Anyway he tells me he’s worried about her. That’s all. bedtime. Builds bridges. that’s him.) Yeah. He opened his wallet and I saw this picture of a little girl about Steffie’s age.S.DUSK . STEVEN (O.) Actually.I was in the yard once. PHILLIP (O. PHILLIP Just listenin’ huh? That’s it. eyes never leaving the sunset. there they were.) Remember that guard? Skinny guy? Smoked a lot? PHILLIP (O."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 58. just to get him talking.) Oh he was such an asshole. That’s the thing about having kids. I brought up the candles just one time but mostly just listened. That’s all. Shared experience. We talked awhile. and I found a way to do it.1996 .CONTINUOUS The dialogue continues on the beach as we finally see Steven and Phillip enjoying the sunset by the light of a small fire on the beach.S. STEVEN (O.. And the next day. PALM BEACH COVE . Phillip smiles. You know..

FADE IN: 96 INT.DAY An empty 21-foot MOTORBOAT bobs atop placid seas. fishing poles dangling over the side.. Something dependable. After reaching their inevitable conclusion."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 59.no more scams..S. you want a Coke? Uh huh. STEVEN (V.. And. And as Phillip smiles and wipe his chin. Steven turns to find Dan Lindholm. I felt invincible.) (winded) I’m gonna get a Coke.1996 . PHILLIP (O. That meant I needed a real job. LINDHOLM I’m Dan Lindholm. STEVEN (CONT’D) Aw. 1996 . (CONT’D) 96 .. the broad-shouldered man himself. OCEAN.. you don’t love me. The SOUND of two men enjoying themselves can be heard.S.. He picks up a small ASTRONAUT FIGURINE and examines it.) * * * * * 92 Phillip spits something over the railing. LINDHOLM (O..S. And as the sun sets on the shimmering water-92 EXT.LINDHOLM'S OFFICE . STEVEN (O.) Sorry to keep you waiting Steven.. USAMM HQ . I promised myself he would never want for anything ever again. the VOICES gasp for air. He looks at PHOTOS on a nearby wall of a broad-shouldered all-American man dressed in a NASA jump suit performing various astronautical training tasks.DAY A bored Steven waits in the middle of a big wig’s office.) With Phillip I felt strong.O.

That’s where USA Medical Management comes in. SMASH CUT TO: . STEVEN A spaceman. Your level of education and your past experience would factor heavily into this decision and frankly. I wasn’t sure what to think.. It’s a critical business. Steven sits across the desk from Lindholm .. Steven puts the figurine back. STEVEN Were you a spaceman? LINDHOLM Yep. LINDHOLM (CONT’D) With the popularity of HMO’s in today’s health care system.you were head and shoulders above the rest. (then) All in the past. LINDHOLM (CONT’D) . Hundreds of millions of dollars pass through our system from the HMO’s to the doctors... NASA’s a real political place... Barely even think about it now.so they can focus on their patients. (draws on his coffee) Have a seat. Steven deflates in expectation.. I could hardly believe it. doctors need help managing their billing-. (beat) So when I read your resume. CUT TO REVEAL a HUGE MODEL of the SPACE SHUTTLE that engulfs half the room. I mean.well they couldn’t speak more highly of you. But when I called your references-. Never got out there though. Never could figure out whose ass to kiss to get a mission.. huh? How do you crap up there? LINDHOLM Ass gasket."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 60. A powerful business.

for example “he’s in a meeting” sounds better than “he’s away from his desk” at least I think so. sure. LINDHOLM'S OFFICE .DAY Dan continues to wax on about Steven.. A real straight shooter. We want you as our Chief Financial Officer. In his own world..let’s light this candle. USAMM . As Steven pretends to mull-99 INT. 97 BACK TO: 98 INT.DAY An uptight assistant (RHEBA) leads Steven into his fancy new office. PHILLIP Brando’s wet debut? Steven covers the phone with his hand. Phillip chimes in.1996 .1996 . 99 98 . So what do you say? I want your answer right now. Mr.DAY Steven makes breakfast in his tightie-whities while talking on the phone. LINDHOLM Employee of the year two years running? Developing software with IBM? You’re the kind of people we need here Steven."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 61. C’mon Steven. but whatever you prefer.. Lindholm .1996 . 97 INT. STEVEN On the Waterfront.STEVEN’S OFFICE . STEVEN That’s fine.. RHEBA . Phillip is in the background doing a crossword puzzle at the kitchen table. We were damn lucky to have him at Prudential as long as we did. NEW HOUSTON APARTMENT KITCHEN . STEVEN I could not speak more highly of Steven Russell.

. He looks concerned as he begins to leaf through. He chimes in. well Q3 is what Q3 always is: Q2 with training wheels.. surrounded by all of the company honchos. NMO and FMO as usual but attenuation is growing more prevalent in Q4 as projected. Steven nods and turns his attention to the sea of numbers before him."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 62. BIRKHEIM Okay Steven.. Everyone LAUGHS... . cup of coffee? RHEBA I’ll do it today but I don’t do that really. She leads him to his new desk which is stacked with folders. As for Q3. Most of it’s routine and I think you can get up to speed in a day or two. 100 INT. files. RHEBA I pulled all the claims for the last two years as well as the statements. Dan Lindholm lords over the gathering at the head of the table while a suit (MARK) reads from a report to the group. Larry Birkheim. HMO penetration still leads PPO. I know you’ve only had the one quarter to play catch up but I tell you.1996 . (then) Anything else I can do for you? STEVEN Uh. transfers and confirmations from the bank. MARK Crossover from traditional markets shows declination and inverse diffusion seems commensurate with net-trade trending. printouts and reams of data. your turn. we can’t wait to get some insight here.DAY 100 Steven sits in a board meeting. but no one quite as hard as Steven who desperately tries to fit in. USAMM BOARDROOM . the CEO of USAMM sits beside Dan Lindholm.

well you’ll see they’re just that.... .. an incredibly hot assistant unveils an easel full of detailed tables.. Oh.... STEVEN Okay. Steven has been up to nothing-Just as it seems STEVEN (CONT’D) Well. STEVEN (CONT’D) Well I did a lot of work here and uh. I think maybe. Dan and Birkheim smile broadly and turn to each other with smug assurance.. Steven fumbles through some folders and vamps a while. The graphs GROW exponentially. BIRKHEIM They seem kind of flat. Steven walks the board through an incredibly well prepared presentation. well I could just read it to you but uh."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 63. The group looks at him quizzically. STEVEN (CONT’D) If you look here at Mark’s projections again for Q3. Projections based on a model set by my predecessor. Todd unveils another card. the men are impressed by the unseen image.. Todd? TODD. STEVEN (CONT’D) Now let me tell you how I did it. What about? BIRKHEIM Mark’s projections.. And as Steven explains himself. I’ll just show you.. STEVEN Sure. Mmm hm. STEVEN Sure. you’ll see. I decided to reject that model and do things a little differently. This is what we actually made in Q3-Todd flips to the next card. I want to show you my results.projections. it might be better to just uh. The group is intrigued. Ummm.

he REMOVES THE CANDY from his mouth and THROWS THAT IN THE TRASH TOO. both win. .“A smile is a flower on your face” He He’s disgusted by the trite sentiment and THROWS THE WRAPPER IN THE TRASH.” ON PHILLIP. Something outside catches his eye.“When two hearts race. (playing it off) Sounds boring. 101 INT. PHILLIP The tux? Where are you going? STEVEN It’s just a work thing. 101 He opens ANOTHER. He puts the wrapper on the REFRIGERATOR with a MAGNET..“Commit random acts of kindness” Again he’s touched and puts it on the refrigerator.. A hand removes the candy revealing an INSPIRING MESSAGE printed inside the wrapper. reads. Just then Steven walks by in a TUXEDO.NIGHT OPEN CLOSE on a candy wrapper opening. Were we supposed to-PHILLIP No. 102 STEVEN I’ll be home early.1996 . Promise.1996 ..I just thought. He chews and reads. Steven eats a canapé by a window.NIGHT A black-tie cocktail party is in full swing. HOUSTON BALLROOM . adjusting his tie. He opens ANOTHER and pops the candy in his mouth.it’s fine. 102 INT. Where you going? STEVEN Some stupid gala ball thing. PHILLIP Gala? Oh. Yeah. A beat later. NEW APARTMENT KITCHEN .. He’s deeply touched by the sentiment as he chews on the candy."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 64.

A GIGGLE infects the group. 1996 . Another WIFE speaks up. LINDHOLM Oh I heard about you."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 65.. 1996 .is it. HOUSTON BALLROOM.. LINDHOLM You see that? Dan points out a small dot of light moving across the sky. 104 INT. LINDHOLM (CONT’D) I want you to meet my wife. HOUSTON BALLROOM BALCONY. MRS.. STEVEN Good things I hope.. then throws an arm around Steven. our CFO.NIGHT . He chokes back a tear. STEVEN (realizing) Oh. FACELIFT WIFE Are you married Steven? 104 . LINDHOLM Bev.CONTINUOUS 103 Dan Lindholm is out on the balcony staring up at the starry sky..? LINDHOLM Yeah. MRS. LINDHOLM Yes and no. Don’s bellyaching about how big your Christmas bonus is gonna be because you’re making him so much money. Nothing special.Ladies. Just touching the face of God.NIGHT Dan Lindholm escorts Steven to BEVERLY Lindholm and a ghastly gaggle of Texas society WIVES. Probably deploying the arm right now. Just a satellite deployment.I want you to meet Steven Russell. No.. Steven approaches. 103 EXT. Steven squints.

sweetheart? STEVEN She works. "Don’t you think that’s a little expensive?" And he says.. VERA (CONT’D) Annie! Come here. You doin’ good? STEVEN Kind of.DAY 106 105 It’s killing Steven sits at a high powered lunch with Dan Lindholm and Larry Birkheim.. USAMM OFFICE . STEVEN Uh. (MORE) ." So I ask. VERA Thanks Steven. I asked him. Lawyers! She turns to a colleague. “What’s your fee?” He says. UPSCALE HOUSTON RESTAURANT ... I just got back from my lawyer’s office.1996 . BIRKHEIM That’s the thing about the back nine at Pebble Beach. engaged."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 66..1996 . BLONDE WIFE Well where is she. STEVEN These are ready for Dan . He is diligently taking notes. "I charge $50 for three questions. Now what’s your final question?" Vera EXPLODES with laughter. you gotta hear this! 106 INT.. Travels a lot. He places some papers on her desk. VERA It’s so true.DAY Steven saunters over to VERA the company accountant who is stamping some checks. And as the wives fret symathetically105 INT. "Yes it is. her she couldn’t be here.

Steven continues to write on his pad.1996 . STEVEN Yeah that’s a good one..BREAK ROOM . LINDHOLM (to cook) Mushroom and cheese."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 67.DAY Steven and Dan Lindholm stand at the omelette station at a high class brunch buffet. "Yes and now you only got one question left!” She laughs LOUDER than the woman listening to the joke. 108 INT. I remember one time.1996 . two SECRETARIES dish. (to Steven) Anyway like I was saying the Northrup guy says to the NASA “well that question’s gonna cost fifty million to answer” so NASA says. I was at Augusta. isn’t it?" and the lawyer says.DAY 107 Steven refills his mug of coffee while in the background. CUT TO REVEAL he’s doodling pictures of SMILEYFACED PENISES. “Don’t you think that’s a lot of money?” and Northrup says “Yep."That’s awful expensive.. Next question please!” This sounds eerily familiar.. 108 ... that sand wedge is gonna get a workoutLINDHOLM I couldn’t agree with you more. now you owe us another fifty million.. As Dan prattles on. 107 INT. Steven laughs a COURTESY LAUGH. HOUSTON BANQUET ROOM . USAMM . BIRKHEIM (CONT'D) I don’t care what your handicap is. SECRETARY The woman says. SECRETARY (CONT’D) ‘Cause he already asked the two! They both laugh loudly now as Steven exits.

Steven passes by in the BACKGROUND with a brand new bag of golf clubs.. I said. (then) Like people care if there’s life on Mars.LIVING ROOM .. I know.MORNING 109 Phillip test his blood sugar by applying a test strip to his bloody thumb. Phillip is instantly puzzled. He compares the strip to small card with a blood sugar chart. you can tell them. fire you for being gay. NEW HOUSTON APARTMENT. Golf!? What? PHILLIP STEVEN PHILLIP You’re a homosexual. And probes. Unmanned probes.. he puts the everything away in a small BLACK LEATHER BAG containing INSULIN and SYRINGES. Good luck! PHILLIP . STEVEN PHILLIP You know. Contented with the result. (to cook) No mushrooms. 1996 . They’re wasting all their money on bureaucracy. STEVEN They can’t PHILLIP I’m trying to be understanding here honey. but golf? Why not just eat pussy? STEVEN (exiting) Wish me luck. 109 INT.. LINDHOLM That’s why there’s so few shuttle missions."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 68. It’s work.

you nigger!” The man laughs to himself. a ball flies out of the trap.” he says.) (to ball) Oh yeah! How ya like that. HOUSTON GOLF COURSE . CLIENT (CONT’D) . Steven is covered in sweat and sand.1996 .S. STEVEN Oh! This is easy! (cocky. There I am. It’s not a good drive."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 69. Lindholm and two CLIENTS are at the first tee. STEVEN (O. HOUSTON GOLF COURSE FAIRWAY . “I’m a Jew.1996 . LINDHOLM Hell of a hazard ain’t it Steven? Eventually. He does his best recollection of a warm up and hits the ball.DAY Steven and the Client amble along a few yards behind Dan and the other client.1996 . 110 EXT. Butch) Your turn Dan! 110 111 EXT. but it does go about thirty yards. a periodic spray of sand flies up from the trap behind them as unseen Steven swings in vain.LATER As Lindholm and the Clients wait.DAY Steven. CLIENT So the black fella says to the jew lawyer“50 bucks a question? Ain’t that expensive?” “Yeah it’s expensive. HOUSTON GOLF COURSE SANDTRAP . Get it?!! CLIENT (CONT’D) 112 He soon spots his ball up ahead. Steven nervously tees up. sister!? 111 CUT TO: 112 EXT.

STEVEN’S OFFICE . MATCH CUT TO: 113 INT.DAY Steven sits at his desk.O.. 114 INT. Steven nods and begins to leaf through various folders.. USAMM . It isn’t long before something catches his eye. STEVEN (V.STEVEN’S OFFICE . leaving Steven standing there. or maybe it was because of my past.. disgusted."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 70. 115 MONTAGE: HOW MONEY FLOWS AT USAMM-115 114 113 QUICK CUTS of Steven researching by leafing through folders and files INTERCUT with a slow push in on a CHECK PRINTING MACHINE as it spits out product as well as TIME LAPSE footage of employees buzzing through one of the USAM hallways. (beat) Whatever the reason. USAMM .1996 .O. detached and fed up.) The thing about U-SAMM was that they took in all this HMO money and distributed it to doctors.DAY FLASHBACK to Steven’s first day on the job as his RHEBA escorts him to a desk piled high with financial reports.. RHEBA Anything else I can do for you? STEVEN Uh. (MORE) . or maybe it was because they were the most boring fucking people I’d ever met in my life.1996 .) Maybe it was because it’s just my nature.. He moves on.. STEVEN (V. I had been robbing them blind for months.. cup of coffee? RHEBA I’ll do it today but I don’t do that really.

VERA It’s so true.DAY 117 116 OPEN CLOSE on a check being signature-stamped with a RUBBER STAMP.I wasn’t the one signing the checks..) It occurred to me to set up an investment account where the held money would earn interest for the short time that the company had it.STEVEN’S OFFICE . Lawyers! She turns to a colleague. USAMM OFFICE .DAY At his desk. We’re talking twenty two million at any given time here. now what’s your final question?” Vera EXPLODES with laughter. you gotta hear this! .) . He leans back to think to himself. It is now we realize we are revisiting an earlier scene. the company accountant and STEVEN is standing over her. STEVEN (V. A hand places the stamp into a small wooden box and closes it..O. Say. fifty percent. The only problem with that was-. CUT WIDE to reveal the hand belongs to VERA.. "Don’t you think that’s a little expensive?" and the lawyer says. Steven leafs through the company finances. 117 INT. not making interest or anything. VERA (CONT’D) Annie! Come here. STEVEN So I ask. so even short term the interest adds up pretty quickly. 116 INT.1996 . I’d be making the company millions virtually overnight.O. USAMM . “Yes it is.and I of course would take a commission. STEVEN (V.) (CONT'D) But in the time between receiving the money and paying it out. STEVEN (V."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 71.1996 .it was just sitting there..O.

They smile wide.. Steven hangs his head.. STEVEN (faux) Oh.NEW HOUSE . Steven brightens up suddenly. HOUSTON SUBURB .DAY A huge MOVING TRUCK is parked before an impressive house in an upscale neighborhood. 119 EXT. Time to overhaul the program. And as ANNIE comes over. Vera lost that stupid rubber stamp again. visibly disappointed. 118 INT. how long till we can get a new one? LINDHOLM Nope. Steven and Phillip oversee the work..STEVEN’S OFFICE ."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 72.each holding matching MINIATURE PINCERS.DAY Lindholm raps on the open door as he enters.. I got a computerized system already on order. yeah. LINDHOLM (CONT'D) Should be up and running in a couple months. LINDHOLM Steven.1996 . Sure. their attention. USAMM . No more room for pilot error. Moments later an OFFSCREEN HONK gets 119 118 . Steven’s hand moves to the wooden box and secretly plucks the RUBBER STAMP. Her office is a goddamned disaster and she’s the o-ring if you know what I’m saying. STEVEN Really?! Great! LINDHOLM You play golf? STEVEN Uhhh. I want you signing the checks until then.1996 . we got a problem. MOVERS unload and roll dollies past two matching MERCEDES COUPES.

Rabbit-rabbit-rabbit. Eventually we find Steven and Phillip in the BACKYARD on a large DOUBLE CHAISE LOUNGE.1996 .. PHILLIP (wowed) How big was this Christmas bonus? STEVEN (covering) Pretty big. PHILLIP (O. All wrecked and turned over and the girl’s inside.) (mid-story) The sheriff is desperate and goes to a psychic. they can find out all sorts of stuff. Mmm hmm. STEVEN . Their sleeping min-pins are between them... NEW HOUSE / BACKYARD . In July? PHILLIP Phillip is slightly suspicious. Well he thinks ‘bullshit’ and he’s driving back home and what happens? He sees a rabbit crossing the street in front of him. So he pulls over and follows it into the woods and he finds the missing car.. still alive. STEVEN 120 PHILLIP I swear. those people. It’s in the Ricky Martin People in the bathroom.. PHILLIP (CONT'D) Yeah.S. Steven smiles and cuddles up. All the woman says is rabbit.. 120 I/E. They look to see a SPORTING GOODS TRUCK pulling up with two JET-SKIS hitched to a trailer.MORNING Various vignettes of Steven and Phillip’s new home."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 73. that’s all. No.

Steven stares back and convinces Phillip with a look.. PHILLIP They can find out anything about anyone... the house.1996 . STEVEN PHILLIP Because if there is. STEVEN Phillip. USAMM PARKING GARAGE . Steven grows suspicious. the building volume of the MIAMI SOUND MACHINE gets his attention. There isn’t."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 74. PHILLIP I don’t care about the money. (then) They could even find out something about you. And there is nothing going on. 121 INT.DAY 121 Birkheim emerges from his parked MERCEDES C-CLASS. I promise. They kiss.all I want is you... I just want us to be together. After locking it he notices a little smudge and buffs it out with his handkerchief. (then) I wouldn’t lie to you.Is something going on? Something you’re not telling me? No. He sees as Steven arrives in his NEW and MUCH MORE IMPRESSIVE SL500 and parks a few spots down. jet-skis. baby. anything.. STEVEN There’s nothing. As he admires his car proudly. . STEVEN We’re always going to be together. stop now. what is it? PHILLIP It’s just-.

Good value. BIRKHEIM Which one is it? SL. Larry. Nice car.DAY 123 Birkheim pores over spreadsheets.1996 . leaving a disgruntled Birkheim in his wake. taking notes and comparing numbers. Mmm hm.1996 . BIRKHEIM’S OFFICE ..A SHORT TIME LATER Birkheim and Steven share the elevator. In the margin of one of the pages is a DOODLING of a SMILEY-FACED PENIS.. Good car. Birkheim raises a brow."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 75. . but it seems to stare at him mockingly. He watches as Steven tries on several watches and tosses them back in the glove compartment before settling on one and exiting the car. DING! The door opens. STEVEN That the C you’re driving? BIRKHEIM STEVEN BIRKHEIM STEVEN Yeah. BIRKHEIM 122 STEVEN Thanks. Birkheim doesn’t quite know what to make of this. 123 INT. USAMM ELEVATOR . growing ever more suspicious until something catches his eye. CLOSE UPS on headings like “INTEREST EARNED” and “DEPOSIT” indicate he’s looking for something He continues to make notes. 122 INT. Steven exits.

He turns his attention to Birkheim's briefcase.. his back to the door. BIRKHEIM Yeah. is on the phone as Steven eavesdrops outside. SECRETARY Hi Mister Ru-STEVEN I’M MAKING COPIES!!! She leaves. Finally. BIRKHEIM (O. I know you usually talk to our CFO but this is a delicate matter and I’d like keep it secret for now. 124 125 INT..) I have some questions about these new accounts we’ve opened. I was wondering if we could compare some numbers. Steven spots Birkheim leaving his office.DAY Steven runs into Birkheim's office and scans the papers on his desk.DAY Steven whistles happily and takes a draw off his coffee mug.S. As he passes an office. Nothing. terrified. USAMM HALLWAY . USAMM CUBICLE . Steven stands over the machine. BIRKHEIM'S OFFICE . Steven is worried. 126 INT. but he can’t get it open. his finger on the button as he keeps surveillance on Birkheim's office door. 127 INT. something catches his ear. 127 126 ."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 76.DAY OPEN CLOSE on blank copies spitting out of a copier.1996 .1996 . 124 INT. BIRKHEIM'S OFFICE . Steven slows to a stop.CONTINUOUS 125 Birkheim. A SECRETARY arrives with a stack of papers.1996 .1996 .

the woman runs away. “Harris County Police. STEVEN CAN’T YOU SEE I’M SHREDDING!? Terrified. He spies an entry that reads. DEBBIE’S HOME .NIGHT The phone RINGS.DAY Steven furiously shreds documents in the company’s PAPER SHREDDER. As he listens he flips through Birkheim's desktop calendar. He hangs up. 129 EXT. Please enter your personal account number followed by the pound sign. AUTOMATED TELLER (CONT’D) Thank you.enraging Steven. This number looks familiar. Steven quickly enters some numbers.1996 . Your account balance is eight hundred-thirty seven thousand five hundred and two dollars and twelve cents.DAY OPEN CLOSE on an ATM keypad as Steven punches some keys and retrieves a handful of cash.502. 130 129 128 . 12:30” He leaps out of the chair and exits the office. USAMM COPIER ROOM . 130 INT. The embossed text reads. BANK . To repeat thisIt’s the SAME NUMBER as on the pad. 128 INT. He stuffs it into his breast pocket and hops back into his SL. Eventually he spots a blank legal pad and looks at it closely. An AUTOMATED VOICE answers. you’ve reached the Automatic Teller at Texas Commerce Bank."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 77. And turns his attention to the calendar. “837. AUTOMATED TELLER Hello. He grabs a pencil and does the old detective trick of shading in the page to reveal what was written on the now missing page above.12” He stares at it a moment. Debbie answers. Moments later the same SECRETARY enters the room with an armload of work. He grabs the phone and dials.

.. you are such a good man and I know that Jesus has a plan for you. are you on the lam again? STEVEN Deb. DEBBIE Steven you really should stop all this. STEVEN Well. How are you? STEVEN Good. Real good. Hello? 131 DEBBIE INT. maybe this is his plan.I just wanted to call and let you know I’m switching all my phone numbers. 1996 . She sure is your daughter."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 78. A CALL-WAITING TONE is heard. DEBBIE Now don’t start. MERCEDES SL (DRIVING) . Steven is on the phone while driving with the top down. How’s Steffie doing? DEBBIE Good. STEVEN She’s interested in boys already? Ha-ha. STEVEN 131 DEBBIE Steven. He says hi. but listen. I’ll let you know when we get a new one. you always knew me best.GULF FREEWAY.DAY INTERCUT. Hey Debbie. DEBBIE How’s Phillip? STEVEN He’s good. DEBBIE Oh Steven..

But I don’t think I’m coming back in. Steven clicks over to the other line. STEVEN Oh. with Birkheim in the background. Steven hangs up. panting. 133 INT. STEVEN Anyway Debbie. we just want to see you Steven. I think we both know why. Where are you? LINDHOLM At the office. You coming back anytime soon? STEVEN Is something wrong? LINDHOLM No. LINDHOLM Steven? Where are you? STEVEN The Gulf Freeway. spreadsheets in hand.DAY 132 INTERCUT with Lindholm on the phone. that’s nice Dan.DAY Steven storms into the house.1996 .1996 . Hello? 132 STEVEN (CONT'D) INT. NEW HOUSE . LINDHOLM’S OFFICE . We miss you is what it is. A worried Phillip comes to greet him.that’s my boss calling."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 79. I love you both and I’ll call you soon. what’s going on? 133 STEVEN . PHILLIP People keep calling. LINDHOLM You sure about that Steven? Bye-bye Dan.

STEVEN Nothing. Steven picks up the suitcase without zipping it up and heads back into the hall. STEVEN We’ll get a place..1996 . You lied to me! You looked me right in the eye and lied! STEVEN Now don’t get angry. yelling out to Phillip in the hallway. Let’s pack. STEVEN (CONT’D) ."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 80. PHILLIP I fucking knew it. Phillip is gone.I might even grow a beard and enter the Papa Hemingway contest! He stops short in the hallway.you did do something. Quick! Okay I’ll pack for you! Phillip follows him through the house. NEW HOUSE BEDROOM . it’s gonna be fun. Steven starts pulling wads of money out of every available pocket and piling it on the kitchen table. Never. I can work on my key lime pie recipe. I swear.CONTINUOUS 134 Steven furiously packs a suitcase. Steven ducks into the bedroom... . you promised we’d always be together! STEVEN Of course we are! We’re never gonna be apart. PHILLIP Are you going back to jail? Steven. Key West. Do some fishing. PHILLIP You lying son of a bitch! You took advantage of me! Just like all the rest! SON OF A BITCH! 134 INT.. Thought we’d take a little vacation. Phillip doesn’t follow.

1996 . This continues for a while until-SMASH CUT TO: 138 INT. I had to get him back.DAY 137 136 Steven exits and heads for his car. NEW HOUSE ..O. Like I said. STEVEN (CONT’D) Phillip? Honey? 135 EXT.. living a lie. TEXAS STATE PEN HOSPITAL WARD . You see.1996 .. STEVEN (V.DAY Steven resumes his VOICE OVER in the penitentiary infirmary.1998 .DAY 135 Steven bursts from the house still clutching the suitcase just in time to see Phillip’s car rounding the corner. but before he can get inWHAM! He’s grabbed by a group of POLICEMEN. Do you remember him? His name was Jimmy. CUT TO: 138 .) There I was.1996 . I tend to do that. there’s something I didn’t tell you.it’s about my old boyfriend. keeping secrets. NEW HOUSE . NEW HOUSE . 137 EXT.. He then proceeds to fill it with the cash on the table. He SQUEALS like a rabbit’s death bleat and flails wildly."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 81. Now I didn’t blame Phillip for running out on me.DAY He re-enters. emptying the suitcase along the way. STEVEN COME BACK! WAIT! 136 INT. but I had to make things right. (beat) .

What? KEMPLE (CONT'D) KEMPLE 139 STEVEN I love you Jimmy. illuminating Jimmy Kemple as he wakes. He leaps over the guard rail and-STEVEN! KEMPLE WHAM!!! Steven hits the ground next to the dumpster. CUT TO: .MORNING The Florida sun bathes the bedroom in a heavenly glow. Steven thinks a moment. STEVEN I don’t give a shit about that. 139 INT. 140 EXT. They kiss.1991 . but never stops smiling. He opens his eyes to see Steven staring longingly at him."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 82.1992 . What? Steven just smiles. We’re back at the scene where Steven tries to jump in the dumpster. Steven. I know. Kemple smirks. STEVEN KEMPLE Don’t fall for me Steven. STEVEN Why the hell not? KEMPLE You know damn well why. KEMPLE It’s only been a month. PALM BEACH HOSPITAL PARKING STRUCTURE . PALM BEACH APARTMENT .DAY 140 FLASHBACK.

He looks ill.PHONE BANK . KEMPLE STEVEN 144 KEMPLE No really sick. I promise.1993 . MIAMI JAIL . My T-cells are. 142 INT. PALM BEACH HOSPITAL PARKING STRUCTURE . I love you. Steven lies MOANING and delirious. reveal it’s Steven making a call. I’ll wait for you.1992 . He begins to cry.DAY . I’m sick. What’s wrong? 144 INT. I’ll wait for you. KEMPLE (CONT’D) Why did you have to go to jail? How could you do this to me? . I’ll wait for you. 141 EXT.1993 . I will. Kemple cradles his head as Debbie and the cop watch nearby.CELL BLOCK . I always call at noon.DAY 141 A short time later. (listens) Well it’s prison honey. it sucks. on the phone at his mother’s home. 1993 . 143 INT. I just came back from the doctor. KEMPLE’S MOTHER’S APT. You don’t know. MIAMI JAIL ..DAY OPEN CLOSE on fingers dialing a pay phone. What do you mean? It’s noon.INTERCUT Kemple. But I’m getting used to it. KEMPLE You need to do the time. I know.. Cut wide to 143 STEVEN Hi baby.DAY 142 Steven pushes a cart of food through the block delivering sandwiches to fellow detainees. is INTERCUT. You haven’t seen me in a year."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 83.

STEVEN Yes I do. He hangs up. STEVEN You’re not gonna die alone. I’m sorry. Something upsets him..DAY 145 Just Steven approaches a section of bars where a BLONDE INMATE is waiting. STEVEN What the hell’s this? BLONDE INMATE It’s all I could get. STEVEN I know. His eyes catch a glimpse of a DETECTIVE exiting the cell block. KEMPLE I don’t want to die alone. STEVEN Did you get ‘em? Yeah. BLONDE INMATE The inmate looks around then shoves a BALL OF CLOTHES through the bars.. Jesus! STEVEN . banging on the GUARD BOOTH glass with his walkie-talkie. Steven gives a look. okay? believe me. long and hard."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 84. tortured by this news. KEMPLE Yes I am. Who knows how long I have. STEVEN You’re not gonna die alone. KEMPLE You don’t know that.1994 . He just stares at the door. 145 INT. I promise. MIAMI JAIL CORRIDOR .

a sandwiches in hand. As the Guard goes through the bag. .. speaks."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 85. he tries to give as authoritative an aura as he can.DAY Steven pushes pushes all is The 147 148 passes through the doors and comes to an exit.1994 . MIAMI JAIL GUARD BOOTH . He gets to a glass security door..revealing a CALENDAR that reads FRIDAY the 13th. MIAMI JAIL EXIT . STEVEN Lunch is served. Steven reaches over the counter and swipes a WALKIE TALKIE. He holds it up before a HUGE GUARD. SKIN TIGHT HOTPANTS. And as he passes the two guards one of them JAIL GUARD (shaking head) Undercover vice. CUT TO REVEAL Steven walking nervously down the hall clad in said hotpants as well as a tight spaghetti strap top.1994 . And with a gentle PUSH..and he’s gone. Steven taps on the glass confidently with the WALKIE TALKIE and signals them to open the door. the door OPENS .DAY OPEN CLOSE on a MAN’S ASS IN RUBY RED. 147 INT.1994 .DAY 146 Dressed in prison orange. And just when he thinks lost-- He looks down to realizes he’s neglected to notice the PUSH BAR to open the door. doors open. Steven walks up to a counter. where two JAIL GUARDS stand. MIAMI JAIL HALLWAY . He on it to find it LOCKED. 146 INT. Steven approaches another set of doors and signals. 148 INT.. They do. He beats a nervous exit. Panic sets in as he repeatedly to no avail. Walkie Talkie in hand.

Steven is perplexed... STEVEN KEMPLE I’m not. KEMPLE I want you to have this because I’m gonna be leaving soon. but you will. Steven tries to give Kemple some water. Kemple resists.. I’m not.1994 . STEVEN Come on. Thanks Mom. You need to drink something. I need you around here. HELEN I’ll be in the other room. And I know you don’t think so. KEMPLE You’re sweet. 149 INT. but no.BEDROOM . STEVEN Well that’s not okay with me baby... Shhhh. You can’t leave. I’ve seen him. She exits.DAY 149 HELEN KEMPLE brings a tray of toast and water into the bedroom where Steven sits over Kemple’s rapidly deteriorating body.... You’re the love of my life. KEMPLE (CONT’D) You’re gonna be so happy. Kemple meekly hands Steven his stainless steel ROLEX. .. KEMPLE’S MOTHER’S APARTMENT . STEVEN You’re not thinking clearly baby.. but you deserve to be happy."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 86. KEMPLE She kisses both Jimmy and Steven. You haven’t met him yet.

okay? Steven gives in gently. TEXAS STATE PEN... KEMPLE Treat him right. STEVEN’S CELL ."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 87. Okay. revealing a very impatient Steven with a few days stubble on his face.CONTINUOUS 150 Helen is on the couch.1994 . KEMPLE’S MOTHER’S APARTMENT BUILDING 1994 ..1994 . It isn’t long before a KNOCK on the door gets her attention. KEMPLE’S MOTHER’S APARTMENT .DAY 151 Steven is dragged kicking and SCREAMING to a squad car by a group of POLICEMEN. you’re gonna treat him right. 152 . KEMPLE Yes I am.SMASH!! The door bursts open. 150 INT. okay.DAY A CLAXON BLARES and the cell door slides OPEN with metallic ROAR.. STEVEN NO! JUST GIVE ME SOME TIME! I PROMISED! I PROMISED I’D BE THERE! I PROMISED HE WOULDN’T DIE ALONE! And as he futilely fights-152 INT. When you find him. And you have to promise me. watching the TV news as OJ Simpson is apprehended. STEVEN It’s about damn time! He rushes out. STEVEN Now drink some water. She gets up. Who is it? HELEN She reaches for the door and-.. SMASH CUT TO: 151 EXT..

WE’RE BACK outside Steven and Phillip’s house in a POLICE CRUISER. TEXAS STATE PEN .DAY 154 OPEN CLOSE ON the stainless steel ROLEX. Through the glass wall outside the phone room. 1996 . STEVEN HOUSTON COP Diabetes huh? Yeah.HOUSTON POLICE CRUISER . 153 The look on his BACK TO: 154 I/E NEW HOUSE.. ThenSTEVEN Hi Helen it’s me.. we watch as Steven continues to absorb the bad news. The door opens and a HOUSTON COP hands him a black LEATHERETTE CASE. 153 INT. I just don’t like talking about some things."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 88. He nervously awaits an answer. Steven stares at it. STEVEN (CONT’D) Okay. reflecting on his memory of Kemple. HOUSTON COP This what you wanted? Oh thanks... STEVEN The cop gets in and they drive off.DAY Steven hurries to the phone and dials..) I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before. .O.. face says it all. STEVEN (V. He hangs up the phone and falls to pieces as the CACOPHONY of the prison masks any sound of his grief. mmm hmm.PHONE BANK . Is-He’s interrupted and proceeds to listen.1994 .

pleased and very excited. HOUSTON POLICE CRUISER . hops out of bed and heads for the window when- 157 . he prepares another. A little bleary at first. I was gonna make everything alright. HOUSTON POLICE CRUISER . He pulls out his IV. They begin to look around. STEVEN (V.. And then ANOTHER and ANOTHER.DAY Steven wakes up in a hospital bed. DRIVING COP (CONT’D) 157 INT.1996 . No way. The Driving Cop glances back to see Steven CONVULSING AND FROTHING AT THE MOUTH like a rabid bobble head doll. He gives a quick look around and prepares another syringe. No matter what it took. I was going to escape. what is that? The other cop smells it too. HOUSTON COP Ahh! He shit himself! Get us to the hospital! The SIREN WAILS."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 89. 155 INT.. He’s alone.O.A SHORT TIME LATER 155 The HOUSTON COP and a DRIVING COP ride up front.1996 .1996 . In the REAR. his eyes scan the room.. DRIVING COP Fuck. After another injection. HOUSTON HOSPITAL ROOM . I broke Jimmy’s heart and I was not gonna break Phillip’s. He sits up. not paying much attention to their passenger. Steven nervously and quietly prepares an INSULIN SYRINGE and inexpertly INJECTS IT in his belly. 156 INT.. Fuck! They turn around.A SHORT TIME LATER 156 The DRIVING COP watches the road blankly until his nose catches a putrid scent in the air.) I wasn’t going to lose Phillip.

He’s up. follow a CORRECTIONS OFFICER into the Processing Area at the Harris County Jail. CLANG! He stops short to find his ankle is shackled to the bed.. clutching a mop. Shit! STEVEN The door opens and the Houston Cop peers his head in. . Take a seat. Each of the men are still in their street clothes and manacled separately. He looks back to his unseen partner..DAY Three manacled PRISONERS.. The FIRST PRISONER turns to the SECOND PRISONER. HOUSTON . CORRECTIONS OFFICER 158 They take a seat on a bench outside a large steel door as the officer talks to a PROCESSING CLERK..1996 . Steven stands in an elevator amidst a group of lackadaisical JANITORS. SECOND PRISONER You? FIRST PRISONER The Second Prisoner turns to Steven. The man looks around. FIRST PRISONER What’d they get you for? Grand Theft. SECOND PRISONER How about you? . B and E. Across the room. 158 HOUSTON COP INT.but STEVEN IS GONE. The prisoner watches in awe as the doors CLOSE. HARRIS COUNTY JAIL. one of them Steven. Steven is visibly agitated and ignores the other men on the bench with him."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 90.

DAY OPEN CLOSE on Steven’s BLOODY FACE. STEVEN C’mon Phillip. Steven heaves a sigh. (picks up phone) Can you hit me in the face with this? And off the inmate’s quizzened expression-161 INT. LEAD OFFICER This slippery son of a bitch is going straight to lockup.. HARRIS COUNTY JAIL PHONE BANKS.DAY Steven. but with a GROUP OF OFFICERS-..INFIRMARY . The LEAD OFFICER talks to the clerk. HOUSTON .re-emerging from the elevator and back into the processing area. C’mon. We notice Steven is wearing WHITE SCRUBS (as opposed to the doctor who wears GREEN SCRUBS). A PRISON PHYSICIAN is examining it closely. pick up. HARRIS COUNTY JAIL . 159 INT."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 91.. Just stay still. PHYSICIAN That’s a pretty big gash. it’s me. 161 . A nearby inmate chimes in. paces while talking on the phone. sorry. HARRIS COUNTY JAIL.. 1996 . STEVEN It sure hurts.1996 . in a fresh prison jumpsuit. I’m 160 NEW CELLMATE How long you in for? STEVEN Not long.LATER 159 The elevator doors OPEN to reveal Steven. 160 INT. not with the janitors.1996 . (then) Dammit! He hangs up.

STEVEN Nine hundred thousand!? It’s a white collar charge. 164 EXT. HOUSTON JUDGE Set bail at 900. His skin is stained green but his expression is pure resolve. 163 INT. 165 INT. Steven stealthily plucks the doctor’s ID BADGE and slips it in his pocket. awaiting exit on the other side.NIGHT 163 The NIGHT GUARD watches his monitors when a rap on the glass gets his attention. And as the water turns GREEN. Steven stands before the judge flanked by his attorney and a bailiff. Steven removes his white scrubs and plunges them in the sink. NIGHT GUARD He pushes the buzzer and Steven pushes open the door. HOUSTON COURTROOM .DAY 162 Steven finishes filling the sink in his cell and pulls out a GREEN MAGIC MARKER. ‘night Doc. ATTORNEY Your honor.1996 . As Steven talks and the doctor looks. a shirtless Steven is removed from his motel room by a pair of OFFICERS. HARRIS COUNTY JAIL CELL . He looks up to see Steven in newly (and badly) dyed GREEN SCRUBS.1996 ."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 92.. He breaks it open and drips the ink into the water. HARRIS COUNTY JAIL GUARD STATION .1996 .000 dollars.1996 .. TEXAS MOTEL . 162 INT. Your honorATTORNEY . holding the stolen ID BADGE against the glass.DAY 165 OPEN CLOSE on a GAVEL striking.DAY 164 Seven State and Local police cruisers sit in the parking lot.

ATTORNEY (off this) Your honor we’d like to set a reduction hearing. Friday the thirteenth. He barely looks up at them. Steven interjects. STEVEN This is bullshit."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 93. ATTORNEY We’d like next week if that’s okay. (sotto to attorney) Set a reduction hearing. HOUSTON JUDGE That’s your right. The attorney looks at him quizzically and turns back to the judge. STEVEN (sotto to Lawyer) Next week. As the Attorney PRATTLES ON in the background. It clearly reads his bail amount. HOUSTON JUDGE (CONT’D) Fine. Now go away. STEVEN (sotto) On the thirteenth. everything. The judge finishes filling out the form and PLACES IT AT THE EDGE OF HIS BENCH for Steven to see. Steven just STARES AT THE FORM LONG AND HARD. Nine hundred thousand. but I strongly advise you don’t. The judge begins FILLING OUT A FORM. his charge. The bond is set. HOUSTON JUDGE Fine. HOUSTON JUDGE Mister Russell is a flight risk. You can have your hearing tomorrow. ATTORNEY Oh the thirteenth if possible. .

Steven spots a HARRIED woman approaching with an armful of paperwork. We soon come upon Steven who is furiously SKETCHING OUT A COPY of the form from the judge’s bench from memory.O. As Steven ‘reads’ the letter we reveal a MAN hacking away on a computer nearby. I won’t beat around the bush.1996 . STEVEN (V."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 94. Great! STEVEN 168 167 He grabs a pen and begins filling it out. As we move closer. 168 INT.1996 .NIGHT 166 A block of holding cells well stocked with men waiting on the legal system. annoyed. jail again. we see that he’s the MOUSTACHED MAN from the night of his car crash and he’s not wearing pants. Anyway I was wondering if you could type up this thing for me on your computer just like I sketched out. That’s right. I got into a spot of trouble here in Houston and find myself needing help.1996 . Courthouse staff are everywhere. Long time no talk. HOUSTON COURTHOUSE CORRIDOR .DAY Manacled to a line of prisoners.1996 . .) Dearest Tyler.DAY OPEN CLOSE on an opened envelope next to Steven’s sketch and a letter. 169 INT.HE DROPS IT.. HARRIS COUNTY JAIL CELLS ..DAY Steven opens a letter and pulls out the FORGED FORM. HOUSTON APT BEDROOM (TYLER) . Ma’am?! STEVEN 169 The woman turns back. He reaches into his jumpsuit and pulls out the FORGED DOCUMENT and as she passes. 167 INT. Steven shuffles through a crowded hallway. HARRIS COUNTY JAIL CELL . 166 INT.

170 INT. a CLERK answers her RINGING PHONE. HARRIS COUNTY JAIL PHONE BANK. STEVEN (as woman) Hi.I got a bail adjustment coming through. Friday the 13th” CLERK This is Julie. He smiles as he watches her walk away. STEVEN (CONT’D) (gruff) This the clerk’s office? It is. Steven switches to an authoritative JUDGE VOICE.DAY Steven dials the phone. HOUSTON COURTHOUSE . Alright.CLERKS OFFICE. sent it over today. STEVEN (CONT’D) Dropped something. 1996 . CALENDAR reads: “September.DAY INTERCUT. Steven puts on his best SOUTHERN BELLE VOICE. . CLERK Got it right here. She picks it up and puts it on her pile. What’s the name? STEVEN Russell. CLERK Sure thing. CLERK STEVEN Charles Hearn. I have Judge Charles Hearn for the clerk’s office. Steven Jay. 171 INT."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 95. CLERK Her desk 171 170 STEVEN I’ll put him through. 1996.

) Go away Steven! Steven is surprised.) Get the hell out of here! I’m done with you! STEVEN Don’t say that.S. Because if it don’t. He approaches the door and just as he’s about to knock-PHILLIP (O. Know what I mean? Julie GIGGLES.) (CONT’D) You think I didn’t know you were coming!? PhillipSTEVEN 172 PHILLIP (O. I need that to go through right away."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 96. . I’m gonna have to chug about a quart of Tidee Bowl on account of all the shit I’ll be eating. GALVESTON HOUSE . PHILLIP (O.1996 .but we love each other.S.S. CLERK You got it Judge. STEVEN Good. 172 JULIE EXT.) They probably have a psychic after you right now! Did you see any bunnies!? STEVEN Honey. PHILLIP (O.DAY A LIMOUSINE pulls up outside a modest Galveston house.S.Julie? Can you save me a dime and connect me to a good bail bondsman? Sure thing. STEVEN And say. I know you’re upset. The CHAUFFEUR opens the door and Steven emerges dressed in new linen suit and clutching champagne and flowers.

This time.S."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 97.) (CONT’D) THE DOOR SWINGS OPEN. STEVEN He slams the door shut again.they weren’t supposed to find that. just trust mePHILLIP (O.S. PHILLIP (O. PHILLIP (O. STEVEN (CONT’D) Well what am I supposed to do? PHILLIP (O. STEVEN I’m sorry about that. No response. you figure it out..S.S. revealing a SEETHING PHILLIP. it’s Steven who remains silent.) FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING LIAR! Do you realize how bad you’ve fucked me over!! You made me an accomplice! You fucking liar! I don’t want to see you. STEVEN C’mon Phillip. PHILLIP (CONT’D) You’re not even a lawyer?! You fucking liar! Well.) You’re the lawyer. PHILLIP (O.) Fuck off! I’m in enough trouble. Go away! I never want to see you again! STEVEN Phillip don’t say that.) You opened a bank account for Doctor Phillip Morris! Now they think I’m in on everything! I’m facing real time! You know I can’t go back to prison. PHILLIP (O.S.S.. It was for your own good... So we could be together.) What the hell’s going on?! Who the hell are you!? . Oh my God.

Just open the door. he’s had enough.S. And eventually it does. STEVEN Open the door Phillip. Steven waits longer than he should with the certainty that it will open. No. Through the screen door. They stare at the floor in miserable uncomfortable silence. GALVESTON POLICE STATION .1996 . A long silence. STEVEN (quietly) Open the door. I just want to say one thing. PHILLIP (O. I love you.S.DAY 173 Steven and Phillip sit manacled. (beat) Open the door. . Phillip can only sit and stew. Please.. DOWN! DOWN! SWAT COMMANDER (CONT’D) NOW! And as they comply and the armed men descend-173 INT. Please. Steven looks into Phillip’s soul. their eyes are just inches apart.) Steven walks up to the door and pleads gently. He opens his mouth and-SWAT COMMANDER (O. Please. Just one thing."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 98. That’s all. Phillip? Don’t. No response. side by side. STEVEN PHILLIP STEVEN And stew. slowly and tentatively.) Down on the ground faggots!! Steven and Phillip are shocked to see a small SWAT team surrounding the front porch with automatic weapons.. Until finally.

cat-calling convicts. Our whole relationship. 174 INT. Jimmy.S.just like all the rest of them. Before he stands up.) You’re up. Eventually a POLICEMAN stands before Phillip. So how am I supposed to love something that don’t even exist? You tell me. Phillip.."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 99. TX STATE PEN. TX STATE PEN. 1997 . Morris. He enters his cell.O. lies to keep them from leaving me and lies to make them give me their money. STEVEN (V. Phillip manages a terse statement. PHILLIP From the moment we met. 175 INT.) .but you’ve done nothing but make a fool of me. My whole life was nothing but a bunch of lies. And you expect me to love you? How can I love you? I don’t even know who you are.DAY PHILLIP carries his belongings past a line of hulking. POLICEMAN (O. You took advantage of me. You were supposed to protect me.But I knew he was right. Debbie.MICHAEL UNIT BLOCK..O.) That was the last time I ever saw him. you’ve done nothing but lie. SLOW DISSOLVE TO WHITE: STEVEN (V. 175 174 . Never... PHILLIP I will never forgive you Steven. I’m such an asshole. Lies to make people love me. And you know what’s sad? I don’t even think you know who you are. 1997 .DAY Steven carries his belongings to his new cell in Michael Unit. Steven is speechless as he watches Phillip walk awaydisappearing down a long corridor.they’ve all been right.CELL BLOCK . just lies.

MORNING 180 Months later. SOBBING as he stares at a SNAPSHOT of Phillip in Key West pasted to the wall. 1997 .) Whatever the case.O.. 1997 .MICHAEL UNIT CELL . 175A INT.MICHAEL UNIT CELL.MICHAEL UNIT CELL .DAY 178 Steven sits over an untouched tray of food. PUKING reverberates.DAY 175A Steven stares at his distorted face in the polished metal MIRROR in his cell. STEVEN (V.he doesn’t. TEXAS STATE PEN. TEXAS STATE PENITENTIARY CAFETERIA. 178 INT.NIGHT 176 177 Steven is curled up in a ball in his cell.S. 180 The sound of 179 INT.NIGHT Steven kneels over the toilet in his cell.MICHAEL UNIT CELL .. Pale. how does a person who doesn’t exist go on existing? Well the answer is. I’m trying to sleep. TX STATE PEN . 1997 . 1997 . 1998 . STEVEN (V.) And in the process I lost track of who I was. Maybe Barbra Bascombe had me pegged right from the beginning and that’s why she gave me up."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 100. . He now has a grey beard and with his shirt off we can see he has lost an unhealthy amount of weight. 176 177 OMITTED INT. TEXAS STATE PEN. Steven sits up in his bed. BUNKMATE (O. He looks thin. staring at it detached. TEXAS STATE PEN.O.) Shut the fuck up. 179 INT.

STEVEN How long do I have? And off the Doctor’s grave face-- 182 DISSOLVE TO: 183 EXT. 181 182 INT. MALE NURSE I’ll be right back. TEXAS STATE PEN. building until-SMASH CUT TO: 184 INT.1966 . Young Steven smiles at the sight.the four kids lying on the hill.DAY The first hospital scene in the movie...INFIRMARY OFFICE . DOCTOR Where’s the crash cart!? He straddles the patient’s chest and pushes down hardthe sound of a sternum CRACKING can be heard.. YOUNG DOCTOR I’m sorry to have to tell you this Steven. 1998 INFIRMARY ."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 101.DAY CLOUDS drift slowly across the sky. He looks concerned. The cardio ALARM blares. Steven sits expressionless. Steven watches from his bed as a DOCTOR appears and pushes the nurses aside. A MALE NURSE places a thermometer in his mouth and looks at Steven’s medical history. SKY .DAY OPEN CLOSE on the gaunt and grey-skinned Steven.. uh. 1998 .1998 . 184 183 . Well.DAY Steven sits before a YOUNG PRISON DOCTOR who looks through his records. A dull WHINE is heard. 181 INT. staring at the clouds. your t-cell counts indicate that. TEXAS STATE PEN HOSPITAL WARD . The OPENING SCENE again. TEXAS STATE PEN. you have AIDS.

SMASH CUT TO: 187 INT.."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 102..CELL . He returns his bleary gaze to the ceiling. Phillip looks to him with curiosity... Steven’s eyes roll back into his head as he slips into unconsciousness. CUT TO: 185 INT.LATER A sheet is pulled over the cardio victim’s corpse and Steven watches as it is wheeled out of the ward.O.O.) I’ve been in this bed for months now. Look. TEXAS STATE PEN. 1998 .. TEXAS STATE PEN. SAMUEL Got a minute? Samuel. 186 INT.DAY Phillip flails as GUARDS hold him back from a DOCTOR.DAY A slightly built.INFIRMARY ENTRANCE . (beat) But I don’t know how much longer I can do this. effeminate inmate (SAMUEL) raps on Phillip’s open cell door as he enters. Waiting to die. where you first met me.he’s a nurse at the infirmary..1998 . STEVEN (V. LET ME IN! PHILLIP Just let me in! 187 .) So here we are.. PHILLIP You want some crackers? 186 185 SAMUEL No. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought that I might get a chance to see Phillip one more time.. STEVEN (V. TEXAS STATE PEN HOSPITAL WARD .I just talked to my friend. I don’t know if you know this or not but uh. 1998 . thanks.

. Steven can’t respond. It’s just a matter of time now.1998 . The nurse picks up the phone."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 103. but he’s very sick. CARETAKER (CONT’D) (into phone) Okay you can put him through. He can muster only a few words. He’s conscious now. leans over him as he tries to focus.S. There was nothing we could do for him here. Phillip listens in devastated silence. We had him transferred to a private care facility. RESTFUL ACRES CARE CENTER . Steven? CARETAKER (O. She puts the phone to Steven’s ear. looking out the window at the clouds with a catatonic gaze. He’s driving us crazy. Phillip calms himself. 188 EXT. CARETAKER (CONT’D) Steven? Someone wants to talk to you. DOCTOR He’s not here! PHILLIP I need to see him! DOCTOR I told you he’s not here! You need to calm down.) A nurse 188 Death will have to wait another few moments. He’s at peace. What happened? DOCTOR He slipped into a coma for a few days. It is the moment of his death. PHILLIP Just tell me where he is.DAY Steven looks worse than ever in his semi-private bed. He keeps calling.

DAY Phillip is INTERCUT with the helpless Steven. He steels himself as best he can. Okay? I’m right there. Even if sometimes I don’t know who you are.CONTINUOUS As a single tear runs down Steven’s face. (smiles) You and me are just fools for love I guess.in your fucked up way. Steven lies motionless. 189 INT. Tears surface again.. Always for us. I had to talk to you Steven. Forever. go. PHILLIP Steven. (tears) But it was never better. but I need you to know something.. It’s okay. 190 He chokes back a sob. It takes my breath away. TEXAS STATE PEN INFIRMARY OFFICE .. And even though I can’t be with you now. who did this? (then) It doesn’t matter. 190 189 INT. (tearing up) I am still angry with you.. He gazes out the window to the passing clouds in the sky. I love you. the nurse puts the phone on the hook and leaves. It’s time. I’m right there. PHILLIP (CONT’D) Now if you have to go. Why didn’t you write me? I don’t know how this happened. You are the most amazing man Steven. STEVEN (wisp) I didn’t want you to find out. I realize now that all that crazy shit you did. I never stopped loving you."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 104.. Oh God.1998. I will always be yours.written in the stars or some crap like that.1998 . they say I’m fine. DISSOLVE TO: . RESTFUL ACRES CARE CENTER . Oh God.. never more real than with you Steven.it was always for me.

.. Phillip is aghast. frozen. Morris.CELLBLOCK . at the door of his cell.1998 . . SAMUEL 191 A BOSSY GUARD stands Phillip composes himself and follows the guard out. A sound gets his attention.my friend in the infirmary. “MEETING ROOM 2”. Still coming out of his mournful haze. 1998 . well a few days ago Steven(then) . He sends Samuel on his way with a look."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 105. 192 INT. BOSSY GUARD Come with me. Phillip nods as it washes over him. SAMUEL (CONT'D) Uh.DAY Samuel walks past cell after cell with a grave look in his eyes.? Phillip looks up. he becomes curious. PHILLIP Where are we going? BOSSY GUARD Your lawyer’s here.I’m so sorry Phillip. Once he’s alone. alive and well and wearing a thrift store suit. Uh. 191 INT. After a long whileCLANG. TX STATE PEN.. Phillip.. they got a call from that long term care place and uh. Eventually he arrives at Phillip’s cell to find him sitting on his bunk.DAY 192 The guard leads Phillip down the corridor. Phillip lets go and SOBS. They arrive at a door marked. He buries his face in his pillow. He swings open the door to reveal STEVEN.. TEXAS STATE PENITENTIARY CORRIDOR ..

.MICHAEL UNIT CELL . STEVEN (V.S.‘stead of crying like Whitney Houston looking for her crack pipe. We see now his Bunkmate is Cleavon.. sobbing as he stares at a picture of Phillip pasted to the wall. BUNKMATE (O. I’m trying to sleep. Steven is curled up in a ball. STEVEN Yeah I know. CLEAVON Well then do something about it mother fucker. I got a broken heart here. Ain’t you ever read the Bible? So get off your ass and go forth unto the Canaanites you faggot bitch. Long pause."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 106. Steven takes his kind words to heart. I didn’t die..O.NIGHT FLASHBACK. TEXAS STATE PEN. CLEAVON Damn right.. Steven returns his gaze to Phillip’s photo. Faked the whole thing.) Shut the fuck up.) Did I forget to mention I didn’t die? Yeah. SMASH CUT TO: 193 INT. STEVEN When you’re right you’re right Cleavon. CLEAVON Wanna suck me off? No thanks. 1997 . STEVEN 193 CLEAVON Well sweet dreams then. . STEVEN Fuck you. Love creates miracles motherfucker.

.NIGHT FLASHBACK. believe me. STEVEN (V.I ate half as much every day for ten months.O.MICHAEL UNIT CELL. STEVEN (V.) Lying there in all my misery. staring at it detached. 80 pounds.MORNING 196 FLASHBACK. TEXAS STATE PEN. STEVEN Hey Lawrence. Steven kneels over the toilet in his cell. I thought I could make it convincing.) But the hardest part is falsifying your records. 195 INT. He now has a grey beard and with his shirt off we can see he has lost an unhealthy amount of weight. 194 INT. TEXAS STATE PEN. Steven sits up in his bed. LAWRENCE 195 194 . Months later."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 107. TX STATE PEN. sticking his finger down his throat until he pukes..O. 1997 ..DAY FLASHBACK. I had a moment of clarity. After that. 1998 . 1998 .O.MICHAEL UNIT CELL . 196 INT. 1997 . Even if it meant dying. No matter what. TEXAS STATE PEN. STEVEN (V. But after watching Jimmy die. It became clear to meI had to get to Phillip.) Faking your death from AIDS is no easy task. you have to fake all sorts of symptoms. say.) You gotta keep this up for months until you lose about.. First. Steven sits over an untouched tray of food.O.MICHAEL UNIT CELL(LAWRENCE) DAY 197 Steven enters an inmate’s cell (LAWRENCE) with a BIG BAG OF COFFEE. STEVEN (V.you still work in the infirmary? Mmm hmm.CAFETERIA . you have to starve yourself. 197 INT.

stuffing them into the folder.a doctor’s entry reads “HIV+ since 91” A few flips of the pages reveal FORGED BLOOD TEST DOCUMENTS. Steven sits expressionless. Reading from a scrap of paper. Lawrence then reaches into his pants and pulls out some forged forms. YOUNG DOCTOR . 1998 . Buzzwords like T-CELL COUNTS and other terms catch the Nurse’s eye. Steven holds up a three pound BAG OF COFFEE. Steven sits before a YOUNG PRISON DOCTOR who looks through his records. OPEN CLOSE on the gaunt and grey-skinned Steven.you have AIDS.DAY FLASHBACK.INFIRMARY OFFICE .INFIRMARY . STEVEN You like coffee? 198 INT. A MALE NURSE places a thermometer in his mouth and looks at Phillip’s medical history."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 108. 1998 .. After some searching. he scrawls something with a pen. STEVEN How long do I have? And off the Doctor’s grave face-200 199 198 . He looks to see if the coast is clear and bolts for some file cabinets. Lawrence pulls out a file entitled “Russell.INFIRMARY EXAM ROOM . TEXAS STATE PEN. TEXAS STATE PEN. CLOSE ON THE FILE. 199 INT. Steven A”.. 200 INT. MALE NURSE I’ll be right back. TEXAS STATE PEN.DAY Lawrence sweeps up in an empty office.DAY FLASHBACK. He looks concerned. 1998 .

RESTFUL ACRES CARE CENTER.O. Steven looks around and picks up the phone.. He secretly places it into a small HOLE in his mattress for safe keeping. A FAT NURSE puts a pill in his mouth and follows it with some water. TEXAS STATE PENITENTIARY HOSPITAL WARD . It’s standard procedure for late stage patients. Again.DAY 202 FLASHBACK. but convincing them I was about to die would involve taking a few risks.DAY 203 Steven is helped from a corrections van into a wheelchair outside the Restful Acres facility. RESTFUL ACRES CARE CENTER. She exits. 202 INT. The cardio ALARM blares. TEXAS STATE PENITENTIARY HOSPITAL WARD . 1998 . they were convinced. Steven watches as a DOCTOR appears and pushes the nurses aside.1998 .) But the hardest part by far is getting transferred to a private care facility. Houston."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 109. we are at the first hospital scene of the movie.. Steven reaches into his mouth and pulls out the pill. 204 INT.1998 . STEVEN This is Doctor Rios from the Hamblin Center. STEVEN (V. STEVEN (V. Once she’s clear. 203 EXT. DOCTOR Where’s the crash cart!? He straddles the patient’s chest and pushes down hardthe sound of a sternum CRACKING can be heard. I’m looking for AIDS patients for a study we’re. He stuffs them into his mouth as fast as he can.O.DAY In his bed at the care facility. 201 INT. 204 .) After a four day coma. 1998 . He talks with a FOREIGN ACCENT. Steven reaches into his mattress hole and pulls out scores of pills.DAY 201 Steven lays in his hospital bed. He chases the pills down with a glass of water. With the staff distracted.

O.. 206 I/E. Rios imitation on the phone. all those nurses and all those facilities.DAY The calendar reads “FRIDAY..O. The door SLAMS and off he drives. 1998 . (then) As luck would have it.) And for all that time. 207 INT. Oh you do? Steven Russell? Could you spell that? CAMERA SETTLES on a nearby CALENDAR. RESTFUL ACRES CARE CENTER. not one of them ever thought to give me an AIDS test.DAY Later that day.O. Steven continues his Dr. Steven speaks to the driver. 1998 .... the clinic sent a taxi here to pick you up. 1998 .. JANUARY 5” It reads: “MONDAY."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 110.. TAXI. An ORDERLY enters 205 ORDERLY Mister Russell. Steven is helped out of his wheelchair into a waiting taxi. MARCH 13” with a WHEELCHAIR.) Fucking Texas. 207 206 .) (CONT’D) And once I got settled in.DAY Once clear. I just called the Department of Corrections and convinced them I was a state-sponsored doctor looking for late stage AIDS patients for an experimental treatment. STEVEN (V. And as he talks-STEVEN (V. MATCH DISSOLVE TO: 205 INT..all those doctors. STEVEN. RESTFUL ACRES CARE CENTER. they had one patient that was eligible. STEVEN (V.

O.You weren't supposed to find out. I only did it so I could get here to you. Did they tell you? TAXI DRIVER Yeah. 1998 . telling them Steven Russell had died undergoing treatment. I couldn’t. STEVEN I had a special request when I ordered the cab. Phillip stands frozen before Steven Funny. And here I am. He lifts a GREASY BROWN BAG into view. angerWHACK! He slaps Steven across the face."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 111. SLAMS SHUT behind him. STEVEN Steven grabs it and begins to gorge himself on BURGERS. relief. TEXAS STATE PEN MEETING ROOM.) The door The guard pushes Phillip past the threshold.DAY 208 BACK TO MEETING ROOM. the hospice was to get a call from Doctor Rios. Well I did! PHILLIP STEVEN I couldn’t take a chance telling you.O.) (CONT'D) A week later. huh? STEVEN (V. Bewilderment. PHILLIP You’re such a fucker! STEVEN I know.I’m sorry. . STEVEN (V. joy and finally.right here. (then) Just to talk to you. He staggers toward Steven as a kaleidoscope of emotions plays across his face. sorrow. And after all that hard work dying? Where’s the first place I go? 208 INT. Thank God. You know that. But Phillip.

Hell I’m not even an escape artist.. STEVEN I’m fine. Just hungry. PHILLIP How do I know you’re not bullshitting me again? Steven pauses. LONG SILENCE..but underneath all those lies there was always something that was real. PHILLIP Steven I don’tSTEVEN Wait. I’m just the man that loves you. I’m not a cop. Phillip is listening."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 112. I thought about what you said to me... A LONG. After a moment. You said you don’t know who I am. believe it. And now. (then) And if you can see that. I mean. He looks Phillip square in the eye. STEVEN You don’t. Listen. all that’s left is the man that loves you. I’m not a CFO.I’m not a lawyer. Those Steven Russells are dead. And as Phillip stares at himCUT TO BLACK: .I know now. STEVEN (CONT'D) I know you thought we were nothing but a lie. You don’t have to take me back. That’s all. Phillip tries to take this to heart. I just want to say one thing. But I have to tell you.. I know who I am.. PHILLIP You’re so skinny. then I promise I’ll never be anything else ever again. Nothing else. Phillip looks to him. I just came here to tell you one thing and that’s it.

argues her case. TEXAS COURTHOUSE CORRIDOR .A.1998 . with only one hour a day for supervised showers and exercise. who prosecuted him was the Sister in law of Dan Lindholm.DAY At the urinal.Steven’s former boss” 212 INT. Steven SMILES at him. 210 211 INT.DAY At a window. SUPER: “An embarrassment to the State of Texas and Governor George Bush. SUPER: “Steven sits in 23 hour-a-day lockdown. 212 . 209 210 INT.” She nods to the audience where Lindholm sits smiling. Steven exits the line and ducks into a nearby bathroom. LOCKDOWN CELL. FADE IN: 209 INT. SUPER: “Steven Russell was arrested two weeks later trying to secure Phillip’s release.. The cell brightens.NIGHT Steven smiles wide.DAY 211 Steven sits in court while a FEMALE D.. TEXAS COURTROOM . shackled in a solitary 6 by 7 cell.” Steven stares at his Key West CALENDAR with a small photo of Phillip attached to it. It’s a very surprised Birkheim with a badge affixed to his jacket reading. everything around Steven blooms with white light. Steven whistles to himself. a CLERK stamps a few documents and hands them to Steven. Then finally. “JUROR”."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 113. TEXAS COURTHOUSE MEN’S ROOM .1999 . who is dressed in his lawyer attire.1998 . 1999 .A. SUPER: “Coincidentally. the D. Steven was given an unprecedented life sentence. He looks to see.” Steven turns his head to find the man at the next urinal staring at him. A long SILENCE.

213 FADE TO BLACK. OCEAN . Steven smiles back. there are 1.7 Friday the 13ths a 214 EXT. THE END 214 . we see Steven running from the prison gaining ground on the two guards chasing him. 213 EXT."I Love You Phillip Morris" Green Pages 5-23-08 114. TEXAS STATE PENITENTIARY . “On average.DAY STEVEN’S POV.DAY A SIREN BLARES over a wide of the facility. Small in frame. SUPER: year. Phillip also enveloped in white light. sits on the bow of staring at him with a smile.

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