What happens in one minute ?

136,274,820 litre goes over the canadian Horse shoe Falls (part of the Niagara Falls) 6000 lightnings strike the ground. 14,400 km. the distance the solar system moves around the Milky way galaxy. 30 hours of video uploaded on You Tube. 47000 apps downloaded. 2 million+ search queries on Google. 204 million emails are sent.

100,000 tweets sent Births: Globally 250 babies are born. In India 51 babies are born. Deaths: globally 107: in India 10 OIL : US consumes 22,966,596 litres. India consumes 269187 litres A cheetah runs 2 km.(120 km per hour). A peregrine falcon dives 5 km (100km per hour). Buhatti veron super sport zips 7 km (420 km per hour) Human kidneys filter 1.3 litre of blood. 0.6 gm of Co2 generated because of breathing. A blood cell makes a complete circuit of the body. 200 million+ new cells produced by the human body. 10 average no. of times a man blinks. Women blinks more. 26 calories burnt in a 1 minute kiss. M.S. Dhoni earns Rs.20/Naveen Jindal executive vice chairman and M.D , Jindal steel and Power earns Rs.1,300 Courtesy: The Economic Times dated 27th May 2012 **********Brought to you by: Brooklyn Vijay President -Brooklyn Business Success Inc* Mumbai. Corporate Trainers of Repute. Not just in The Taj or Le Meridien but also On-Site basis, anywhere in India. For Senior Mgt. To Middle Mgt to Staff. Super specialists in Time Management and Relationship Building.... for skill development which results in Efficiency enhancement. 32,000+ employees got benefitted. Just have a look at our webpage: www.brooklyn-hrd.com/CEO.html

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