What is a Pset File in Abi nitio> pset file is an input values or input parameters set file.

By using the air sandbox run command we can run the .pset file. Internally calling the .mp file and passing all the inputs parameter during run time.

Creating a set of input parameter and value pairs(psets)

Therefore you shld place it in a graph so that it processes the smallest number of records possible . it sorts the records it has read and writes a temporary file to disk Note ** sort can be used to order data records before you send them to a component that requires grouped or sorted records Sort is relatively expensive in terms of computing resources becoz it writes files to disk . thus breaking pipeline parallelism.SORT:BASED on key dat is sorted ParameterS: -Key: click on key Source fields can be sorted in ascending or descending Last updating records on top then descending -max-core is 100 megabytes When sort reaches the number of bytes specified in the maxcore parameter.

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