ART E11, Creative Art for Older Adults This course assists older adults in incorporating the process

of creating art into their lives in unusual and inspiring ways. The course provides an atmosphere where older adult students can use their hands, minds, and eyes to express themselves in their art, as well as interact with their peers, unlock their creativity through guided visualization in art and relaxation techniques, and improve their sense of well being by holistically blending mind, body, and spirit through art. 9505 10:00a-12:15p M EC 1227 205 San Pietro R I

Above section 9505 meets for 5 weeks, Jan 09 to Jan 30.

English - Creative Writing
ENGL 30A, Beginning Creative Writing (3,3) 3 units Transfer: UC, CSU Prerequisite: English 1. This course is designed to introduce students to the craft and technique involved in writing short fiction and/or poetry.

Students will explore a general history of storytelling. 1998 4176 4177 . This introductory critical thinking class covers the fundamentals of storytelling and story structure. Storytelling 3 units Transfer: CSU Prerequisite: None. This class includes an overview of different cultures and how these cultures use story to entertain and disseminate social values. 1997 11:15a-12:35p MW DRSCHR 211 Padilla M R 12:45p-2:05p TTh DRSCHR 210 Cano D R 6:45p-9:50p M DRSCHR 211 Krusoe J A 6:45p-9:50p T DRSCHR 211 Padilla M R ET 2. from its pictorial roots of cave paintings to its modern forms in entertainment media.*Maximum UC transfer credit 3 units.

2125 2:00p-5:05p T AET 208 Keeshen J F Above section 2125 meets at the Academy of Entertainment and Technology. 4196 6:30p-9:35p M AET 235 Keeshen J F Above section 4196 meets at the Academy of Entertainment and Technology. .Emphasis will be on how story is used in modern Western society and how storytelling impacts moral issues. Guest lectures from the entertainment industry will come to share with the class their ideas on storytelling in modern media. 1660 Stewart Street. Students will learn to prepare and tell effective stories. 1660 Stewart Street.

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