Sinn’s Inner Circle: February Edition

Introduction to Day Game – Transcript

Hey Guys! Welcome to another edition of Sinn's Inner Circle. I get a lot of emails from guys every month asking different questions about various elements of the game and differences between environments. So this month, I wanted to give you guys kind of an introduction into picking up girls during the daytime, as that's a question that I get kind of a lot of the time. People want to know what the differences are, what they can do to be better with girls during the day, they walk around all day and they see all these girls they want to approach. Some guys are really comfortable and confident approaching women at night, but you see a girl out during the day and it becomes a little bit harder. So I have a full course on day game, called The Day Game A to Z Mastery Course which we came out with last year, and I'm pretty much recognized as the best guy in the world at meeting women during the daytime, so I figured I'd give you guys a brief introduction that will let you guys get out there today, after you listen to this audio and start to really practice meeting girls during the day. So the first thing I want to talk about are some of the differences between nighttime and daytime. The first key difference is that most of the times when you meet a girl at night she's going to be in a big group. Now that doesn’t mean that it's impossible to meet a girl when she's out by herself at night, and that doesn’t mean that you're never, ever going to approach girls in groups during the day, but for the most part, when you meet a girl during the day, you're going to meet her one on one while she's out running errands, or shopping, or going to the bookstore, and you're out doing the same. So a big part of day game is one-on-one interactions with a woman, which has some benefits and some problems. One of the benefits is that you're instantly in a one on one conversation. That's really important. A lot of the times you go out at night and you maybe meet three girls and it's really hard to get one girl isolated from the other girls, you have to get all of them comfortable with you first, then you have to have a reason to isolate her, have a place to go, etcetera, etcetera. Here, you meet girls one-on-one, so that's really good. The second thing is the energy level during the day is a lot lower and people are not going to be on different substances. One of the things that I think is not given enough 1

attention and time is that when you meet people at night, most girls are drinking, so they're a little tipsy, or at least on alcohol, if not on various other drugs and substances. So during the day you're going to have a chance to meet a much more real "version" of that person. So the energy level will be a lot lower, like 30 percent of what it is at night. That's one of the reasons it's tough to do moving groups during the day, is to keep that group's attention you have to have a really energy level, but it's kind of weird to be super high energy during the day. Another big difference between night and day comes in the idea of legitimate time constraints. When you meet a girl out at night at a bar or a club or restaurant or party, whatever, she's pretty committed to being there for at least a few hours. At least an hour, it's very, very rare that girls go out at night for less than an hour; and they may even be available there the whole night. Well, when you meet girls during the day, very often, they're going to have legitimate time constraints, meaning, they have to get back to work, or they have to meet their friend for lunch, or they're late to pick up their dry cleaning, but there is a real reason that they can't sit there and talk to you for 20 or 30 minutes, so your sets are going to be a lot faster, and that means you're going to have to do more things and different things during the day than you would do at night. So there are some pros and cons here. I want to examine a couple of the pros and couple of the cons. First we'll start with the pros. The first pro is that you meet a much, much better quality girl during the day than you do at night. Literally the difference between night and day, so if you're looking for a quality relationship, you're looking to meet a girl that you're really going to connect with; a girl who's really together. You're going to have a lot more success finding that type of a woman during the day. The reason is, bars and clubs attract a certain subset of people and it's not necessarily the best quality, you know, you're probably not going to meet a hot med student on Wednesday at 2:00 am at the bar. It's probably not going to happen, but you might meet her at a Starbucks, or at the mall, or at the grocery store, any of those places that they have to go through in their normal, everyday life. Another pro of day game is that there is not as much of a stigma against it. Meeting guys in bars and clubs is not the coolest thing in the world for girls—in fact some girls even have a no-random rule. Meaning they won't even talk to random guys at bars let along actually want to meet up with them or go on dates with them. So it's important to look at the fact that any girl kind of would think it was a cool coincidence to meet a guy at Subway or John Bajusz or CVS or Whole Foods or Target, or any of these various places. On the subway, at a park, all these places that you're at on a day to day basis and you have the opportunity to meet women in. So that's a cool thing, there's not much of a stigma. Girls are not going to be as bitchy; girls are not going to have their guard up so much because guys are approaching them


left and right. You're going to have a much better chance of being the only guys who approaches at Target than you do of being the only guy who approaches her at a bar. So it's going to be a little bit more unique. She's going to be a little bit more relaxed, she's going to be sober, you're going to not have the loud lights and sounds of the club, she's not as distracted. She doesn’t have the aid of her friends around. There is a lot of focus and attention that can be paid to you and the fact that you're trying to talk to her, and once you get her kind of associated into a social mode, then she's going to be 100 percent paying attention to you, and no guys are going to come and try to steal her away, for the most part. So those are the pros. Now there are definitely some cons to day game as well. One of the cons is that there's not always a lot of approaches. You can go out with the intention of doing day game and walk around the mall or sit at a coffee shop, or hang out in an area where a lot of people walk, like Third Street Promenade or something in Los Angeles; and no one can come. So that's one of the problems, is there is not always a high concentration of girls at any one time. There is often a lot of time in between approaches which helps your approach anxiety to creep back in, keeps you from getting in state, forces you to be really in your head, and gets you weird—just gets you weird. So that's kind of not a cool thing about daytime as well. Another con of daytime is that not everybody can do it everyday. People have jobs, you guys have to be at work and stuff so you can't just run around approaching girls all the time. You have legitimate time constraints and things you have to do during the day as well. Another con to daytime stuff is that oftentimes you'll get girls who have circumstances outside of your control. Some days you go out and you do six approaches and you run into six girls who are married or have boyfriends, and legitimate boyfriends. They're not just telling you that because they don’t like you; and that sometimes happens. Sometimes you get into situations you can't control. Sometimes there are no sets, other times you walk around and there's not really anything all that interesting going on. So that can happen as well, you can't really plan, like "Okay, I know it's going to be crowded these times and these times, it's just more kind of hit or miss. Another thing is there is not as much distraction so a lot of guys find that they have much more anxiety about approaching women during the day and they get really worried about it. They worry that other people are going to hear them, which is true, other people are more likely to hear you when you are approaching girls during the day than at night. People are more likely to care, but it doesn’t really make that big of a difference most of the time that people worry about it, is because they wish they were able to do it themselves. So you shouldn’t really sweat all too, too much. And the last con of daytime is that it's kind of difficult to stay warm because the sets come in different time frames. You can't just bounce around and use social proof and use a lot of these mass influence tactics that you can use at night, just because it doesn’t lend itself. Things like social proof, jealousy, emerging sets, a lot of group theory. It doesn’t really get into it. So you're kind of stuck with the idea that if this girl


doesn’t like you right off the bat, there's not really a whole lot you can do because you can't really talk to her friends, or show social proof by walking by other girls, you done. If she doesn’t like you off the bat, you can try to keep the conversation going and turn it around, but chances are it's not going to turn. So that's kind of not the coolest thing either, because you don’t have the group there. Further than that day game is great for meeting really high quality girls and kind of living a life that isn’t obsessed by and taken over with pick up. So the next thing I want to talk about is high versus low probability approaches because during they day there are a lot of different environments and a lot of different types of girls you can approach. So I just want to go through a couple of them—let's just give you guys a mall-type area as a starting point. If you guys live on the East Coast, your shopping blocks are like Fifth Avenue, stuff like that. Indoor malls if you live anywhere else. Just take that as a starting point, because if you're a guy and if you want to get out there and start trying to use the tactics that I'm going to teach you in the CD, what you should do is go to the mall on a weekend. On a Saturday, during the day, head down to the mall with the idea that you're going to approach five girls; so let's look at some of the different types of sets you're going to see as you go into this environment. So you go into the mall and the first thing I like to do is head to the food court. Heading to the food court is great because it gives you a chance to warm up, you might want to grab some food to kind of fuel up for your approaching. It gives you a chance to talk to people who are sitting next to you or in line waiting for food, etcetera, etcetera, it's a great place t go. So the first thing I'll do is I'll check out and I'll look to see if there are any girls sitting down by themselves eating. Those are the first girls I'm going to approach. We’ll get to the how of approaching later. In the Day Game course I'll give you guys a lot of different ways to approach girls in different environments. On this CD I'm going to stick just to the mall, just walk you guys through the mall so that you can take the CD, listen to it and then go out to the mall and start to practice. On the Day Game tapes I talk about gyms and coffee shops; I'm going to ignore all that for now. So let's look at the type of set that I'm looking at when I find a girl sitting by herself by the food court. It's a single seeded girl; that is ideal. During the day if you can find a really hot girl sitting down by herself, that is perfect because you know she's not going anywhere for 5 to 10 minutes at least, she's not on her cell phone, which makes it difficult, there's no really great way to get a girl to get off her cell phone. I've heard various experts try different tactics. I've tried different things, none of them seem to work that well, it's just a little too rude. I've heard various guys lines like, "I'm more interesting that your cell phone." Or, "Tell her you'll call her back." Or just approach her like normal, none of that stuff works that well.


So that's seeded ideal. That's the best sets. These happen in coffee shops they have on college campuses, they have in buses, subways, restaurants, stuff like that. That's the best set. The crème de la crème as it were. So let's say there are none of those girls there, right? Then I might eat or I might not, I might just leave the food court; and what I'm looking for now, is I want to find girls in a kind of gender-neutral shops, or at least shops that make sense for me to be shopping for someone else in. Situational relevance is really, really important when it comes to daytime stuff. You have to have a reason you're in there. You don't just want to wander in the [inaudible 0:15:35] and start running random approaches. That's going to be weird, and even if you plough through that it's always going to be a little strange that you happen to be in there. You always want to have an idea of what your back story is so that you can build on that with your approach. So if a girl is in Guess, if a girls is in Nordstom, if a girl is in Forever21 even, could be shopping for a niece or a sister or a female friend; then I'd just open her with the classic opinion opener, "Hey, you look like you're really fashionable, I'm buying a present for a friend, and I have no idea what to get her, and I don’t want to get her something she hates because she will think I'm lame. What do you think I should get her?" And then you move on from there. A really easy way to start a conversation with a single girl shopping in a store; there are other ways to do it, I go into a ton of them other places, but for here that's a good default way to do that. So a single girl standing in a store—why is that the second-best set, because if she's in a store and she's looking around she's going to be there a while; 5, 10, 15 minutes. You have some time. Time is our ultimate asset that we're looking for when it comes to approaching girls. So let's say now we double back to that food court, or we check out our Starbucks. We check out our Starbucks in a mall; they have a Starbucks, they have a Nordstrom. Nordstrom, for those of you outside of the United States, it's an upper scale department store that has a coffee area and stuff like that. So we see there are two girls seated having a conversation. This is another good set, you can do groups when they're seated. You don’t want to do groups moving, you can do groups in a store; again, it's not as good as a group seated or a single in a store, or a girl sitting down by herself. It's like the 4th best type of set. But two girls sitting down, fine, you can open them with an opinion opener. You can open them with the direct openers, there are a lot of different ways you can go, and we'll talk about how to do that later. But there are a lot of things you can do. So these are all what I like to call high probability approaches. These are all approaches where, if you don’t do anything wrong, and you have a good opener, and good basic social skills, you should to last in a two to three-minute conversation. So you're going to let the girl know, and you're going to be able to get at least 2 – 3 minutes to demonstrate some personality and start to build attraction, which is better than the next kind of approach which is two girls shopping. These are the beginnings of that I like to call low probability approaches, where even if you're good, even if the girls are not as attractive, it's just much easier when there are two girls, for one of them to think it's strange, that she's getting hit on by


a guy in the store. For one of them they need to go do something. Or for one of them to want to go get some food, or for one of them to do something that doesn’t include you that take the girl away. So we're introducing the element of a cock-block which we don’t need to have, if we pick our sets and go to the mall for a couple hours, you don’t need to take these low probability approaches. A lot of guys do it and they want to know how to do these approaches, the big thing is, don’t do them as much, and when you do do them understand that you're doing a low-probability approach. Then lastly, the lest probable approach, the approaches that are really just kind of better than nothing, or you're stopping the girls while walking around by themselves approaches; and I won't even include stopping girls in groups, I think that's just the biggest waste of time ever, I don’t even do those. But your last line of defense basically is, as I like to call them, it's better than nothing set. It's the girl walking around by herself. It's kind of weird to follow girls and I feel like they subconsciously know when they're being followed, and it always comes off kind of weird, but if you follow her and she doesn’t go into a store, and she starts to head like for like an exit, then you want to stop the girl before she gets out, and those approaches are always going to be direct, and those approaches are always going to be the lowest probability. If you get a couple of those, if you get phone numbers like from like two of those from ten, you're probably doing pretty well, because stopping a girl while she's walking and she's obviously going somewhere on the street, or in a mall in this example, the airport, wherever it is, it's always the low probability approach. This doesn’t mean you can't you do it, it doesn’t mean I haven’t done it and had lays from it, that happened because of those situations, it just means most of the times those situations are going to be just be throw away sets, and you don’t want to make that the focus of where you game. There are a lot of guys who email me about day game questions they have and it seems like they just stalk the streets of their town, like approaching girls in the streets, and it's not a bad idea to approach girls on the streets to warm up, as warm up sets, that's a really good idea, it gets your blood pumping, doing some direct approaches like that, it's not a bad idea when you're in a hurry and you don’t have time to actually game the girl, instead of just ignoring, and then going, "Man, I wish I had more time." And they're better when you have no other chance of seeing the girl, but they're not what you want to base your game on and they're not something you want to be doing a ton a practice on. They're the type of thing you do when there isn’t any other chance to approach the girl. So that's kind of high probability, low probability. Different types of sets that you're going to see in a mall, I go over different environments in the Day Game Course, you kind f figure it out from there. Like you're seeded are always going to be the best. So for places that have seeders are things like Starbucks, bookstores, etcetera. So the next thing I want to talk about is the relationship between attraction, comfort and seduction during the day. One of the things that's really cool about daytime stuff, is that it's much less based on attraction, behaviors, frames, etcetera, as much as it's built on comfort and qualification frames, and a little bit of seduction, but not much.


So basically, what I mean is this. You're not going to run a ton of attraction material. You might run like a role play, you might tell some stories, you're not going to really be busting out your tests in your games and stuff like that during the day, because it would be weird. So you're going to keep it more to the low energy stuff. Cold reads; humor, teasing, stuff like that, but again, very minimal. You don’t need to disqualify yourself, you don’t need to raise your value really high, because the girl is not going to have her shields up. So what we want to do, is we want to start moving the conversation from a normal social conversation to one where she's qualifying herself. One where we're starting to go a little bit deeper, and that's where comfort, qualification are going to kind of cycle, and I'll show you guys exactly how to do that later on in this audio. So again, the important thing to remember is to focus more on the qualification than the attraction. You'll only need a little bit of attraction. So if a girl is willing to answer qualifying questions, or more deep questions about herself. Things like, what do you want to be when you grow up? What's missing in your life? What makes you happy? What are you passionate about? Those sorts of deeper questions, then she's attracted enough during the day that you can start to move the interaction forward. So that's kind of how you want to think about attraction, comfort, and seduction during the daytime. I want to discuss opening during the day. Opening during the day is going to kind of go through a different process. I know a lot of guys out there listening to this have heard things like The Three-Second Rule; and the Three Second Rule says that you have to approach a girl within three seconds of seeing her. And that's a really good rule for certain situations, but for the daytime, it's not really that great a rule. Because things are a little bit different during the day; things are a little bit slower, when you're out at night, you're in a very dynamic environment. You're out and you see a girl, or you see a group of girls that you want to talk to, and you had better go in right away because they might go dance to the next song when the music changes. They might get drinks brought to them by a couple of guys, they might go to the bathroom. They might move around the club, they might go join their friends at a birthday party in the back. There are a million and one different things that can happen really, really quickly in a nightclub or a bar in most of the nighttime environments. Now, during the day, things aren’t really going to happen quite that quickly, so you don’t really need to worry about jumping into the approach before the ideal time. You can kind of be a little pickier during the day, and pick your spots a little bit better. So that brings me to an idea that I want to, kind of, discuss. Because it's something that I have done throughout my pick ups; I do this at night, I do this during the day, I do this when I go to strip clubs, I do this when I go to restaurants, just to eat, with waitresses, and that's the idea of kind of assessing the situation quickly. For a lot of guys, you're going to be so overcome and flooded with approach anxiety and worry and doubt and fear of judgment that the only way you're going to be able to approach is if you do it right away. For those guys, and you know who you are, if you're listening to this, ignore this part of the audio. But for the guys who can make themselves


approach, get themselves to do it, even if they waited out a little bit; I want to talk about assessing the situation. During the daytime, the first thing I'm looking for is I want to see, is she actually alone. Because like I said, you don’t really want to open groups if you don’t have to during the daytime. It's just a practicality thing. It's doable, a lot more work, doesn’t necessarily open the field up that much, and it gets you blown out a lot, and gets you a lot of interactions that are frustrating. So honestly, make sure she's alone, so if you see a girl walking around our imaginary mall, and she's wondering around the food court. You're going to watch her, trail her for a little bit and just kind of see, is she going to meet a guy, is she going to meet her female friend, is she going to get food herself and then grab a seat? That's all I'm looking for, where is she going to grab a seat? Now I might be getting my own food as I do this, I might be pretending to make a cell phone call, I might just be wondering around looking like I can't decide what I want to eat. Then I'm looking to see if she gets her food and she sits down by herself, I want to seat myself somewhere where I can easily approach her and I don’t have to approach her standing. If that's not an option, then I want to approach her standing, but maybe have a reason to wander over there pretending to use my cell phone. I want to get myself in a really easy to approach, physical situation first, and then pick an approach. So if it's a girl sitting down, I'll probably use an opinion opener, I might try to talk to her about our cell phone conversation I just had. I might make an observation about her, I might run an observational opener like Brad P's Horse Girl. Something like that, I'm not really going to go direct on that set because I don’t need to, there is no need, and direct forces a girl to make a yes or no decision about how she feels about you; and I'd want to delay that if I can. So you want to assess the situation, what type of approaches, is it high probability or low probability? What kind of way should I go in? Should I go in direct, or indirect? That's basically how you assess the situation. Sometimes you're going to be completely off, and sometimes you'll be really dead on and other times you won't know if you're off or on, but get used to making those assessments during the day because you have a little bit more time. So I've said a lot of stuff before that. If you're new, you haven’t really heard about, so I want to talk about the idea of direct versus indirect. So direct and indirect are basically styles of opening, a direct style of opening displays intent towards the girl. That could be something like, "Hey, I know this is really random, but I noticed you and thought you were really cute, and I knew I'd be kicking myself if I didn’t come over here and meet you—I'm John." That's a direct style of opening; I'm displaying interest in the girl right away. It could also be something like, "Hey, you’re cute hold the door." You know, it's just expressing some interest in her at some level. An indirect opener will be something like an opinion opener, Brad P's Horse Girl an observational opener; a functional opener like getting a girl to watch something for you. A pre-opener like we're going to talk about later.


So how to pick direct versus indirect comes down, for me, to time and situation. So for example, if a girl is sitting in the coffee shop, I'm probably not going to go direct on her. If a girl is getting coffee and walking out of a coffee shop, I might, because I don’t have the time to actually go through all of the indirect. You have the time to go through an indirect opening or a seeming situational opening; or getting the girl to watch something for you, those are better because they're more low-pressure. A direct opener makes a girl instantly decide whether or not she wants to look at you in a potential romantic light. So if you're really tall and good looking, that's a good thing. If you're kind of short or out of shape, or not classically good looking, or you don’t dress well, that's necessarily a good thing. That doesn’t mean you won't be able to get over those obstacles, it just means you don’t want to open directly because then you're bringing up those obstacles right away, so keep that in mind. Like to open directly when I have like less than 10 minutes or it looks like the girl has less than 10 minutes. That's my general rule for direct because it's going to take you further in the 10 minutes than you could get in ten minutes, than you could get in 10 minutes of an indirect opener. That's a good, general rule to observe. So keep that distinction in mind for deciding when to go direct and when to go indirect. You can go direct all the time, you can go indirect all the time, they are just less useful in those situations that I just outlined. The next thing that I want to talk about is an indirect opening tactic called a pre-opener. This is something that's really good because one thing that I haven’t talked about yet, is that when women are walking around during the day, they are not necessarily in a social mode. So they may not even necessarily hear you because they're preoccupied with their own thoughts, expectations and kind of ideas as they're going about their day. So pre-openers are good because they are auto-pilot things that women are used to getting asked as they go along their day. These are things like, "Hey, do you know where an ATM is?" Or, "Do you know where there a Starbucks is around here?" Or, "Do you know where Hollywood Hits Wilcox." Everyday easy – what I like to call social questions that anyone will, as long as they're not a big jerk, kind of answer. "Do you have the time?" Stuff like that; so we use these to get girls into talkative modes. If you walk up to a girl who's walking around the mall, and you go, "Hey, I need a quick girl's opinion on something?" Maybe some of them will stop and be like really into it, but for the most part they're going to be really confused, and they're going to be thinking it's kind of weird to be asked about an opinion in the middle of the mall. So basically, a preopener is a social question designed to just get the woman to start paying attention and associate into a social mode. So let's talk about what to do after pre-openers. Pre-openers are good, but what do you do after them is going to make the difference between being the guy who asks for the time on the street and get some response like "It's 11:05" and the girl walks off, and getting a girl into a conversation. So there are a couple of different things we can do immediately after the pre-opener that's going to start to hook a girl into a conversation. The first one, is a simple role play. Something like, if I'm sitting in a coffee shop and I see a girl, and I'm like "Hey, can you watch my stuff real quick?" I come back from the bathroom, and I go, "Nobody tried to steal it right?" And she's like, "No." And I go, "And


if they did, you'd beat them up?" she'd be, "Yeah." "Okay, you're totally like my new bodyguard, high-five." Just a little bit of role play to try to sucker her into a conversation. From there I can make an observation, I can ask her what her name is, I can do a bunch of different things, but we're not there yet. So let's give another example of a pre-opener. Let's say I see a girl on a street corner, and I want to talk to her, not a hooker, obviously, an actual girl on the street corner not selling sex; that's sounded a little bad after I said it. And I go, "Hey, excuse me. Do you know if there's any Starbucks, or anywhere to get a cup of coffee right now around here?" What's going to happen? The girl is going to say "Yes, it's over there." She's going to say, "No, I don’t know." Or, she's going to completely ignore me. Let's [inaudible 35:43] completely ignore and let's look at the other questions. So she goes, "Yes, it's on 17th and Lennox," and I go, "Okay, great. You're totally hired as my new personal assistant. I'm going to dress you up in a little suite and with a fake British accent, and you can totally start lining stuff up for me, because as a writer, my day is hectic as anything." Now I gave a little bit of information about myself, I threw my identify out there, and now she's either going to laugh and play along or she's going to kind of politely smile, at which point I can then transition. I can ask her a question, I can ask her what her name is, etcetera. What if she says, no, she doesn’t know. I'd be, "Oh my God, you are so fired as my personal assistant. It's too bad too because I was going to dress you up in these really cute little suits and give you a fake British accent and an expense account and everything, and now it will never, ever work out. Well, that sucks;" and again same thing. And no matter what her response is I'm going to go with this little role play. Another thing you can do is make an observation. So for example, I could say, "Wow, that's an interesting finger you wear your ring on," and then I could follow up with that, I could go, "Wow, you make this really weird facial expression, have you done any acting?" Make any sort of observation, and go, "Wow, you have a really cool sense of style, I like that, do you do art of any sort?" Anything like that, observations are really good, and another thing you could do after the role play, you could ask her name, and ask like a basic social question. This is just to start getting her socially comfortable with the conversation, so you role play, she's laughing, and you might say, "Alright, what was your name?" And she'll say, "Jenny," and I'd be like "Okay, Jenny, and what brought you to the mall today?" Again, nothing crazy or over the top, just something to get her to step back and calm down and become a little more present in the interaction, because sometimes girls—it takes them a while to associate when they're meeting guys randomly during the day. So that's kind of what you do after a pre-opener. So those are pre-openers, then you can use an opinion opener if you really want to. That's another thing you can do after that, or you can use an opener like Brad P's Horse Girl opener. The other way you could open is you just open. For example if you see a girl sitting at a table and you want to use an observational opener, you could be like, "That's a really


interesting style that you have." You could run Brad P's Horse Girl without pre-opener. You could just be, "Oh my God. Do you like horses?" You can find that opener online. You can also use direct openers without any sort of pre-opener. You don’t want to go direct with a pre-opener, and then again you can. It's a funny way of going direct. If you're going to use a pre-opener with direct, you would do something like, as a girl is sitting in front of Starbucks, it would like, "Okay, excuse me, can I ask you a really important question? Do you know where Starbucks is?" Then you go, "I'm totally just messing with you, I thought you were cute and I wanted to meet you—My name is John." That can be fun, it gets a little laugh and it takes direct a little less seriously, but you can also do direct seriously and in a pacing way. I like to do it like this; so I'd say something like "Hey, I know this is really random…" that's important I used to not like that line because I thought it was drawing attention to the fact that it was random, but I think it's a good little pace of where the girl is at emotionally, because it is random to get stopped by a guy, "…but I thought you were really cute and I wanted to meet you, I'm John." Or, your name obviously; that's a really good one, just because it's direct, it's to the point, and it's a good way to start a conversation when you've had less than 10 minutes. So those are kind of regular openers. A lot of the time people ask me, "What do you do after the opener?" Now there are a lot of things you can do based on different situations, that's why at one time I taught a 5-hour seminar on day game; that's why we recorded it and turned it into another Day Game course, but I want to give you guys a little structure, that my buddy Doc Holiday actually came up with, after he had taken my Day Game course and done some work on his own for a little while. I think this is a really good beginner's structure for day game, for kind of getting started. So you can basically – let's assume you use any of these openers, you can use a direct opener, an indirect opener, or it doesn’t really matter. The next thing you’re going to do is you're going to throw out a little vague, mini cold read. Something like, "You totally don’t look like an East Coast girl." If you're on the East coast, "You totally don’t look like a West coast girl." If you're on the West coast – or, "You totally have an L.A. vibe; you totally have a New York vibe." Or, "You totally have a Miami vibe—Toronto." Whatever the nearest big city to you is. And what that's going to do is one of two things. If the girl is from whatever city you say she's from or from whatever area, she's going to agree and think that was cool that you were able to figure that out. She's going to want to know how you knew that. So then, you can kind of just give her a little generic compliment. Something like, you have a really cool style. People from here don’t usually dress that different, you obviously stand out and have taste." Sometimes I'd go, "Because you seem nice." That's another good one if you live in a place like Miami, where I used to live, that's really stuck up, then that's a good one. A little joke, like have a good follow up for how you knew that. You can kind of field test around. Sometimes I say, "Because I dated a girl who looked just like you," or, "had the same style." A little bit of social proof, a little bit of togetherness frame, but again, what you say after that doesn’t matter. Or, she'll say, "No, I'm from here." At which point, again, same thing, you give her the same kind


of compliment or you make the same joke that she seems nice, or this, that or the other. The idea of the cold read is that there's something different about her. You will want to differentiate her from most other girls. That's kind of an overall theme with pick up in order to balance the fact that we tell a lot of social proof stories, and you have a lot of social proof, and later on, we have a lot of girls in our lives, we have to balance that with kind of the idea that she's different, and the idea that there's something unique about her, and something flattering about her that made you want to talk to her. That's always going to be a good thing. It doesn’t mean there's like some deep connection between the two of you, but it means that every girl wants to believe that she's different in some way. So almost every girl will say things like, "I have mostly guy friends, I don’t get along with girls," stuff like that because in girls' minds it's all social competition, so it's all an edge. But keep that in mind, that's the cold read. Any cold read about why she's different can work really well right off your opener. So then, what do you follow up with? Then you follow up with a grounding story. A grounding story – the story about yourself that kind of gives a little bit of background information, explains, kind of, why you are the way you are. Gives us kind of a frame; it sets the stage so to speak, as my friend Shaft used to say in Dallas, for the entire interaction, because it gives them some sort of understanding into who you are. So for example, I might say something like, "You know, for me, because I'm a writer, I find that a lot of the times I say things that aren’t necessarily appropriate, because I don’t censor and I'm always trying to describe two other people, situations and experiences that I'm having, and give my opinion on something which makes me overly opinionated, I hate your shoes by the way." And I'll throw a little joke in there at the end to make it funny and tease the girl, but that's kind of the beginning, because now that you've cold read her as being a little bit different, you're kind of now framing yourself as also being a little bit different, and that the reason that you guys are getting along is because you both recognize differences in each other, so to speak, and that's kind of the overall theme. But the point of the grounding is whatever your story is, you basically want to take a weakness and turn it into a strength, so there I talk about how I'm overly opinionated, which anyone who's ever met me—ever, will attest to; and it talks about how I'm a writer and I'm always looking to describe things, and kind of explain things, and that's why I have a lot of opinions. A, kind of, good thing about myself, because I do try to explain and get different takes and perspectives on things as a person; so that's kind of the idea of a grounding story, and that's going to come after your cold read, and it's going to come right before a qualifier. So then what you want to do is you want to kind – you can use the idea of bait, the idea of using compliance triggers to get the girl to do something first, to build some compliance here, because you're going to get her to work a little bit more, and get her to qualify herself; because next, what we want to do is we want to get her to start work. You want to start building some compliance, building some qualification, so I might do something like, wait, "Why am I even telling you this?" Like, "Are you an open-minded


person?" And that's just a small qualifier to keep the conversation going. But it's a small little qualification, and always keep it to a positive female stereotype. Are you independent? Are you smart? Are you fun? You're not crazy? But something just to get the ball rolling on her qualifying herself, and then I'll ground again, and I'll use another grounding story. So maybe I'll ground about something that I'm interested in talking about. If I see them at the mall and I'm getting lunch, I'd be like, "Yes, I don’t cook." Which again, it's a weakness and a strength. Weakness and strength make your stories more believable, and that's one of the reasons those old DHV stories about fighting off Grizzly Bears and saving your stripper girlfriend, like Rambo with your shirt off, didn’t work that well, is that they weren’t believable, because they were too hard. Now what they were doing, they were relying on the fact that the guys didn’t seem that cool. They just seem like normal guys and that would kind of [inaudible 46:58], but the problem was, they weren’t really normal guys doing it, a lot of the times it was kind of socially inept guys, so it just seemed like lies. So the weaknesses and the strengths about yourself and your life, really help to add balance to the stories and to help get you kind of in the right realm. So I may say something like, "Yeah, I don’t cook, so I come to the mall and eat a lot, and I always think that people watching really interesting." "Here is a new topic. I like talking about people, I like making fun of people, it's one of the things I like to do." So again, I'm just grounding about myself. There's no magic to the idea of people watching or anything like that, you can take almost any activity and use the same model, you'll just have to workshop it in the actual real world, talking to women—scary; but yes, and I'm always amazed by the people who work here, so I love to sit at the tables by the elevators and watch people come down the stairs; and then I think what were those people like as kids? What decisions did they make that made them there? And this is like too deep, and then I'm going to run another qualifier, and I'm just going to run that rhythm until I start to see that she's really ready to open up. Then the next thing I want to do, is I want to do an instant date. An instant date is basically just moving the girl. Movement is so key to pick up, and to dealing with girls in general, because movement just changes everything. Like it literally makes girls feel like they’ve known you longer, it makes them more likely to come home with you, it makes them more comfortable, it makes them feel – it gives you an excuse to touch, it changes the entire dynamic of the interaction. I love instant dates and I always go for them because it changes the dynamic of the interaction. When you start talking to a girl in a book store or coffee shop, or the mall, or wherever, it's guy talking to me kind of random. When you move the girl, even if you just move her inside the venue, it changes the dynamic because now she's with you in the new place, and that changes the entire way that she's processing the interaction, psychologically; so let's keep that in mind. So I might say something like, let's say I'm in the mall going with our mall theme, and I say something like, "Oh my God, you know you were awesome, but I am so thirsty right now. Here, I'm going to get a lemonade from Wetzel Pretzel, come with me." And then I'd just keep taking, go back to what I was talking about, and I may go, "Are you romantic? Let's walk French arm in arm," and again, keep the thing going, but the


instant date is key because it gets that movement, it changes the dynamic, you can start to touch her more in the second venue. Even if you move a girl around the mall, you can start to touch her more in the second place. If you move her from a store to the food court, you can touch her in the food court in ways that you couldn’t have in the actual store. So then, what I want to do is I want to start seeding the date. In the middle of my grounding and qualifying which is basically now comfort and qualification; if I need to build attraction or do a role play, or a cold read, or tease the girl or something like that, something fun. But now I'll want to start seeding the date, and the idea of seeding the date is just telling a story that takes place in the venue I'm going to ask her on the date with. So I'll use an example that I used just a few days ago, on Monday, I'm recording this on a Thursday. I met a girl in a book store, and we've been talking for like 30 minutes. I moved her downstairs to look for the Jersey Shore people in Life and Style, and I moved her back up and I was like, "Have you ever been ice skating at the ice rink in wherever we live?" and she's like "No, they have ice here?" And I'm like, "Yeah, it's crazy, it's like a West coast city in the middle of the desert, it's crazy they have ice there. I went there last week with my friends and we saw this crazy hockey-style fight break out between these two little five year olds." Just a made up story, it doesn’t have to be a great story, "Yes, but it's so cool to go ice skating in the middle of the desert," and I'll oversell here, I'd be like "Yes, it's crazy, it's amazing, it's unreal." But I won't actually invite the girl. The key is the oversell, the story about the place that brings it up, and overselling it without inviting her, because if I tell you about the coolest place in the world, and I'm trying to get you to go there with me, it's not that cool. But if I tell you about the coolest place in the world and I don’t invite you, you're thinking, this place must be fucking amazing, your imagination fills in the blanks in a positive way when you're not invited in a way that does not happen when you are invited and it looks like they're just trying to convince you especially when it's a guy trying to convince a girl. So I oversold it and then I didn’t invite her and then about 10 minutes later we both needed to leave the book store and I was like, "You know what I want to go ice skating with you later this week." And she goes, "Oh yes, let me give you my number." And very easily got the phone number and that was about it, and now I'm going to go ice skating with her this weekend. So it can be that simple, but the idea is the last step of kind of meeting girls during the day is you want to seed that date and get the phone number. So let's review quickly. • First we talked about the differences between daytime and nighttime. You're dealing with singles during the day, groups at night, energy levels, intoxication levels. We talked about some pros of day games, particularly the fact that you meet great quality women during the day, all of the long term girlfriends I've had since I've been in this have been girls I met during the day.


We talked about the cons; which are sometimes slow, there are real time constraints, you don’t have as much time, you can't really go for same-night lays, same-day lays. You can once you're better, but it's really a matter of logistics, much more so than at night. We talked about high versus low probability approaches—lowest probability approaches being moving single girls on the street, or what not. We talked about different environments and sets, the best ones being the seeded girl by herself in coffee shop, bookstore, college campus bus, wherever she is—10, 15, 20 minutes to chat. We talked about attraction, comfort and seduction during the day and how the attraction phase is kind of shrunken, and it's mostly qualification and comfort which you guys saw when we talked about grounding and qualification later. We talked about opening during the day. Assessing the situation and the type of approach—deciding direct versus indirect. Pre-opener or no pre-opener, both direct and indirect, you can use pre-openers. A pre-opener on direct makes it funny and playful, and a pre-opener on the other one makes it just easier, less yes or no decision. We talked about regular openers. We talked about cold reads right off the opener, like "You don’t seem like a Dallas girl, you don’t seem like a Miami girl." We talked about grounding stories, turning strengths into weaknesses. Giving an idea of who you are, I gave some examples of my own personal grounding stories. We talked about qualification—pinging, which is the idea of getting the girl to answer a qualifier that may or may not be true, to build momentum, to get her to open up more in order to get more cold reads and grounding stories. We talked about instant dates, why they're so important, because they build momentum, etcetera. We talked about seeding date ideas. We talked about getting phone numbers.

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I know I gave a lot of information in this CD today. There's a lot more in Day Game Course. If you want to really get good at day game, in specific environments like the gym, coffee shops. If you want to learn tons more about all of this stuff that we taught today including more tactics for attraction, then I highly recommend you guys get the Day Game course and because you guys are special Sinn's Inner Circle members the course is usually $697 but we give you guys discounts because you're members of the Inner Circle and you're up to the cutting edge of pick up and dating technology; we're


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