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Use the parts above creating sentences that make sense: if Mary arrives late every day (A) Mom will be very angry ( ) Ronald will take you to the school ( )

We use If + Present to express the condition: If it rains today (the condition we want to state) And we use Future with will to express what will happen: we will not (wont) go to the beach.

Lets practice:
Complete the sentences according to what you have learned: 1- I you with your homework if I the time.

if I have the money ( ) the boy will die ( ) she will never know ( ) they will fire her (A) Ill go with you ( ) shell lend you the money ( ) if you ask ( ) Ill buy that expensive dress we saw yesterday ( ) if the kids eat the whole cake ( ) Dad wont let me go ( ) if you dont tell Linda everything you heard about her boyfriend ( ) if you dont go to the zoo with me ( )

We can invert the order of the if part (condition) and the will part (consequence): If you study hard this semester, you will pass. or You will pass if you study hard this semester.

2- Sarah and Joan .. very happy if you .. them the good news. 3- If Mom . early today, she me to the zoo. 4- If you .. with faith, God certainly .. to you. help pray listen be have take arrive - tell

We use this construction to talk about something we think is possible.When we use if + Present will the listener understands we are talking about something that may happen since the condition we stated happens.

Keep up the good work! See you next time

if you pay my way ( ) if you promise to pay back soon ( ) if the ambulance doesnt get here soon ( )