Social Inclusion & Rights Based Approach

By Sunil Tiwari


3. 2. Disease Disability Disadvantage .Disabling Factors There are three types of disabling factors: 1.

• Give people ordinary opportunities to participate in the wider community through person-centred care planning. including the skills of older people gained in previous employment. • Identify. . respect and use people’s skills. • Resolve transport issues so that they do not prevent people from participating in the wider community. community centres and schools to increase levels of social contact between people from different generations.How To Reduce Exclusion • Promote and support access to social networks. • Build links with community projects. • Involve people in service planning and ensure ideas and suggestions are acted upon.

all citizens are free and able to participate in the life of society.• Social inclusion In simple terms it means. • Rights Based Approach Right based approach aims to enable claim holders to claim their rights and duty bearers to meet their obligations under law .

• Investment . Inflation Affect by monetary and fiscal policies . Increase number and quality of growth sectors.Economy of the country affects the aviation industry • • • • • Trade improvement Recession.

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