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I Time Allowed: Three Hours 1

IMaximum Marks: 3001

INSTRUCTIONS Candidates should attempt ALL questions. The number of marks carried by each question is indicated at the end ofthe question. Answers must be written in ENGLISH. Note: You must not disclose your identity in any of your answers in any way.
1. Write an essay, in about 800 to 1000 words, on any

one of the following topics ;
(a) Land acquisition and the rights of farmers. Universities in





of' Indian


education. The effect of Green resources,

Revolution on our water
the ·responsi~ility of





developed countries.
Should India invest in nuclear crisis? reactors in the wake of Fukushima




50 OR Write a report on the annual function held in your college or company. Attempt a precis of the following passage in your own words reducing it to about one-third of its original length. one kind or the other. (Note: Marks may not be awarded if the precis is not written on the special precis sheets provided. stratification is about how people are placed in different social categories.) Most generally understood. The precis must be written only on the special precis sheets provided for the purpose and then these sheets should be carefully fastened inside the answer book.] .' 3. stratification takes two forms. of. Broadly speaking. There is a second kind of social 75 O-VSF-L-TR 2 [Contd.2. Give a suitable title and mention the exact number 'of words used in your precis. The first kind of stratification is based on a ranked scale where inequality. Write a letter in about 200 .250 words to the General Manager (Sales) of a car company complaining about the delay in the delivery of a car that you had booked six months ago. is the defining factor.

be hierarchies power hierarchy. for a long time. Similar or the most power while the multitude have very little power. separate based IS of difference. if any hierarchies could also be worked out for status D-VSF-L-TR 3 [Contd. In was only a ranked of wealth there are the rich and the poor) There could also and a variety of people in-between. of power. A ranked do~s . social stratification another hierarchy term for social inequality. If difference social orders more important. then the various each other as horizontal hierarchy and equal blocks. the If inequality the can then stratificatory system characterized as a hierarchical one.] .not make that much sense here. those at the top wield at the bottom at all. In fact. fOT or influence. that In this case the relevant people are - social on key be is face categories conceptions feature. of income or rank quite clearly Inequalities belong to the hierarchical order of stratification. status. In a instance.ordering ranking possible where" stratification IS not about or inequality.

influence. placed crust. Looked at closely. O-VSF-L-TR 4 [Contd. then the geological model cannot be easily invoked. however. and religious bigotry to cultivated prevails. They usually to get hierarchized popular' consciousness.. at work. much like the Earth's If instead account of power or wealth based one takes into forms of stratification on' difference. deemed linguistic groups are held to be less civilized than others. certain and Men are This is where prejudice takes to be superior to women. neither should in between men and women be understood of 'inequality. In an such cases we see the geological is model of stratification. For example. tolerate all because most of us are not conditioned difference qua difference. where one layer on top of the other. over.] . such differences allowed to retain tend their horizontal in are never always status. Sadly. linguistic differences cannot be placed in a hierarchical differences terms order.

It IS to issues of social stability as well as to potentialities for social change. alone would that is of interest. real need terrains to study If it is 'social within there stratification hierarchy inequality' as a special area of interest.] . D-VSF-L-TR 5 [Contd. As social stratification and difference are sensitized continuously however. it is only difference that is of concern then the tried and tested term 'social differentiation'. is or of social is about the way hierarchy act upon each other.1 The conceptual need to separate these two orders arises because in the sociology of social stratification. then rubric be a good enough which to organize our study. If hierarchy and could hold on to their respective would be no . attention is directedto relate the manner in which hierarchy ~ and difference difference then to each other. not a synonym of either social inequality differentiation. The term 'social stratification'. on the other hand. should do adequately. we and order. If.

a if world that where world One can. stratification is also of critical academic concern as there are no known societies today that are not stratified course. to a poet or from one religious O-VSF-L-TR 6 [Contd. prejudice. carry traces should be free differences One move In a Utopia. Utopians are keen to further no hierarchical of all stripes knows would an image of a society 'that differences. in one form or another. differs position The scope with dynamism stratification Social vastly different systems. Yet they or class baulk at the notion that these societies of differences would not and variations.l . of hierarchy in them. and without from being a fisherman set of beliefs to another. there were also are to of no be imagine but inequalities.because occupies social of this dual aspect that social stratification both in sociology and for change kinds and of such a central anthropology. could with equal facility. characterized by sameness then it would certainly ~e a very boring place to live in.

l . (a) Write ten sentences words: (i) using each of the following lxlO=10 . serial cereal ensure insure (in (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) imminent eminent beach (viii) beech (ix) (x) course coarse (b) Change the following words into adjectives: (i) (ii) lx5=5 beauty "haste friend (iii) (iv) "noise (v) faith 7 [Contd.4.

English is excellent.5 -(0 (ii) cat duck lion goose deer lx5=5 (iii) (iv) (v) 5. (d) Write down the appropriate words which stand fOT the names of the young ones of the following birds and animals: lx5.] D-VSF-L·TR . accident . _ have (iv) He speaks (v) food on the table. (i) It wasn't your fault. It was (ii) There are millions of stars In space.. _ (iii) I don't unhappy Rakesh's English There is like stories endings. (a) 'Write down the nouns of the following words: (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) true beautiful argue WIse judge 8 [Contd.(e) Fill in the blanks with appropriate words: lx5=5 .

I would (iii) (iv) She asked we that why we had not written .1 (x) D-VSF·L-TR . not some milk in the bottle. (ix) There is. I am reading days. have brought a jacket for her. this book for the last . 9 [Contd .. Unless you work hard.. Her mother was nurse in this hospital.. par excellence. you will pass.(b) Use the sentences: (i) (ii) following phrasal verbs to form . isn't (ii) Where you have kept the apples? If I would have gone to Amritsar. Apple is good for health. to her. five (v) (vi) (vii) (vii i) My mother is seeing the TV. 2x5=10 turn on take off drop in carry out call off after correcting lxlO=10 (iii) (iv) (v) (c) Rewrite the following sentences all grammatical errors: (i) Sachin it ? is a batsman .

(Use 'to-infinitive' for the underlined words) Rita met Mohan at the railway station. (Change it into the passive voice) (vi) That we attend the lecture is important.} . (Change it into the passive voice) (v) We must obey the law. "Get me a cup of tea. (Use 'Unless' in place of 'If) (ix) She told me that I should finish the work. (Change the sentence into a wh-question) 10 (x) D-VSF-L-TR [Contd . "When will' you come again ?" (Change it into the indirect speech) The college has announced a new fee (iii) (iv) structure.(d) Rewrite the following sentences as directed: 2xl0=20 (i) Can I have please? (Fill in word) milk in my tea. (vii) (viii) If you visit your grandmother. (Rewrite the sentence beginning with 'It') I could meet you at the airport. (Change it into a yes-no question) I'll help you." (Change it into the indirect speech) Monica 'said to me. with an appropriate the blank (ii) She said to him.

Write the antonyms of the followi~g words: (i) heavy (H) (iii) regular safe (iv) (v) logical beautiful • D-VSF-L-TR 11 .(8) .

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